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12 Lessons (2h 19m)
    • 1. Introduction Watercolor Moonlight

    • 2. Materials required

    • 3. Colors & Quick Tips

    • 4. Exercise 1 Blue Moon

    • 5. Exercise 2 - Blood Moon

    • 6. Composition 1 - Moonlight in the Pines

    • 7. Composition 2 - By the Evening

    • 8. Project 1 - Part 1 - Dramatic Moonlight

    • 9. Project 1 - Part 2 - Dramatic Moonlight

    • 10. Project 2 - Part 1 - Reflections

    • 11. Project 2 - Part 2 - Reflections & Conclusion

    • 12. Bonus Lesson

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About This Class


We all have admired the beauty of moonlight some day or the other and if you can replicate the same on paper its pure love. This Watercolor Moonlight class is focused on helping you to see through objects and paint them with watercolors. The course structure is worked in a way that it would help any art enthusiast to improve watercolors in stepwise manner as well as learn to be patient, alert and let go off the control so that water and pigments can perform their own Magic.


  • Wet on Wet
  • Wet on Dry
  • Multiple washes - Flat wash & Variegated Wash


  • Blue Moon in Monochrome
  • Blood Moon in Limited Palette


  • Moonlight in Pines
  • By the evening

There are two class projects and each one of them use different techniques. All the paintings are inspired by nature and all the learnings can be used in any of your future compositions.

Materials required

  • Arches 300 gsm Cold Pressed paper (100% cotton)
  • Any brand of artist grade watercolors available with you
  • Silver Black Velvet Brush (4,6,8) and a Flat Brush (1 inch by Princeton)
  • Watercolor Palette
  • Masking Tape (.5 inch, 1 inch & 2 inch)
  • Masking fluid
  • Pencil & eraser

**Highly recommend you to use 100% cotton 300 gsm Arches watercolor paper.

 **Resources -



1. Introduction Watercolor Moonlight: way. All have some or the other day admired the beauty off Moonlight on If you can capture the moon in a piece off people, it's your love. Hey guys, I am critical, not an artist. Instructor and scale share details from Delhi, India Welcome to my class. Many off you might already know me and to the people who are joining me for the first time , you can find my artworks on my instagram profile. What color? Not in frustration dot later. Most of my artworks are displayed over there. I am a person who is completely inspired by nature, and I love to express it all. Through the media important colors, Watercolors has helped me to be more a lot patient as the last LegCo off the control to create the magic off water on the pigments on top off the people, this class is goingto be relatively simple on you. It is really so to go for ignored toe intermediate level artists. In case you part and advanced level actors, the last two projects might be off interest to you. We will start by discussing ultimate fields required understanding the kind off moon like a monochrome moon which would be with a Prussian blue on, then moving on to a small composition with the head often limited politics size. Once we are done with the limited politics size we will have for the compositions. The first could be the moonlight in the pines on the second would be all moonlike in the evening in the Arches National Park. All these ex ices and composition is not going to take you more than 10 to 15 minutes timed . It would help you to explore relaxed castles, reflect your and ourselves. Even during the busy teas, I would encourage you all to take the class in the structured way. Finally, the last step is to pain to large composition. The Forster's in the multiple colors, Thank you will solve Over here on the next would be the one in a limited color that would be painted for me. Painting each other piece Moonscape has bean relaxing us the last therapeutic. It does even help you to improve the watercolor skills in a step wise manner. So let us not waste any further time and start with our first lesson 2. Materials required: let us sell first, discuss all the materials that we will need to complete heart class projects on different exercises as well as compositions. The first and the foremost in store people and I will go for archers. Core press 300 GSM paper. I'm taking an a four size paper. You can open it and see the greens on, and this is not very greeny. Asprilla's it is not very smooth. This is dumb most preference paper off my own. But you can also go for a crane in case you want to go for a rough cream. There is another size off people that I would be using for months forced to exercises on. And that is the one I'd show in the landscape size for the final project. I'm taking a custom size time, though for paper, and it is a bit smaller than the four signs. If you have solved so you do not need toe again, take this size. You can go for any four size and paint over it. Okay, then the Lysol monograph pencil that I would be using for my sketching hand. There is for need Abou it hazel, one masking fluid form asking life a few areas off the water, enduring my final project. And then there is all it is all which helps me to pick up the masking fluid. Once it is trying, we will. Now this constant brushes the force brush is a flat brush. One inch by Princeton, you can go for any brush status available with you, then, is a civil black velvet brush size eight, size four and size six. In case you're using a size six silver black velvet brush, you do not need to use the other. Kolinsky Sable is called a brush, which I'm showing you. Now Whenever you dip this Escada Kolinsky sable brush in water, you will see that it would give very nice and find tip which can be used in case you do not have all 10 brush with you. I always are people. 10 brush with myself because you don't know where you really need it. And this is our rosemary rigger brush that I am keeping but myself handed a size you we will need to shoot adap off all the X trappings that you have on your brushes or ALS in case you want toe mask out a few areas while you had the stars. And then there is two jars off water. One would be or fresh supply of water, and another would be for washing the brushes. Ballot ballot can be off any time that you want to use. I'm just using a simple ceramic palette for myself on you have a receipt that I have taken up some paints on them. The result. Winsor and Newton, Wash. Hand. Then there is a neutral tint by Winsor and Newton, which I would be using other than the PWC paints, which you see over here, there is a range of PWC pains, which are Torito in total hand. You may not own all of these pains. It is perfectly fine. Whatever is available with you in terms of the artist, great pains, you can go ahead and use them. And finally, the masking tape masking tape. I'm keeping off one inch cast Poulos off two inch because the two inch I won't need for masking the moon area. We will work on the detail off all the colors that meaning for each of the paintings. Later 3. Colors & Quick Tips: We will be discussing the colors and some quick tips that would help you toe walk toe these projects, exercises and composition easily. The 1st 1 is my blue moon, and we would be using only ocean photo pain. This one. The second is quinacrine own goal Red Crown Carmine and Neutral Tint For the first composition. Deveney Pollution Blue Neutral Agree on White Wash. For the second composition, it iss prominent yellow deep Opara. Bright ballot indigo red brown, hand burnt sienna. While we go to our first project, it is bombing. Elodie Opara, Rose model Brightwell it indigo who cause green on vendor K. Green. On the last project will have quinacrine own gold red brown, yellow ocher, white course, indigo pollution blue, French ultramarine. Let's discuss the quick tips. Watch the plus on a bigger screen. To understand the subject better either a laptop or the stop use any kind of watercolors and other materials available with you except the paper, which should be 100%. Quarter 300 GSM house a tree for better results. Watching the lessons first at any speed at which you feel comfortable and then come back and attempt a painting at first cool. It's good to have an overview, and in the second it helps to paint better. All the exercises. Compositions projects are uploaded under the resource section. Go ahead and downloaded. For your reference, you do not need to take the class together, preferably break it into three parts exercises, compositions, hand projects. This way, you don't need to rush and understand the class at your own speed. Lastly, highly recommend you toe upload the projects in the project section. 4. Exercise 1 Blue Moon: Let's start with the first text size this oneness Really simple. Annecy. Don't take Munch. Just go with the flow. Is the idea again? Mostly, we will be using Wet on Wet on on some areas might be wet on try. It's a blue moon. You can many times of soap, various colors of the moon, and there is a small scientific reason behind it. The moon depends on the sun for their natural light, which basically gets reflected on the surface of the moon. So our son's position, which has contrast IQ effect on the moon. There are different colors, like one is a blood moon do do, scattering effect off the light. It is same phenomena which you will absolve in the evening when there is a sunset the red and orange sky. Let's start by wedding the sofas with the help off our civil black velvet size Kate brush. Now my brush has some blue in it, but do not worries. This is a blue moon. Therefore, in case if there was some amount of blue also in your brush, you can easily cover it. This one is goingto be monochrome on. There will not be much a complex city involved. I'm going but Prussian blue. But you can take Khobar blue or any other blew off your choice. Or what is the real Bouvet You just load your brush with or very watery? Mix off blue and apply on top off the rates office. Keep in mind. Do not cover the entire area, has I will. They say it's difficult to get back or fix your mistakes and watercolor, so let's try to avoid it as much as possible once or this part is Stan, you can drink your brush and pick up cool saturated makes a Prussian blue can apply it smoothly on the weights office. It is going to be just dropping in some pains randomly. Do not think why my pains are moving more and they're moving less. It also depends on the property of each of the pains that you won't. I would ask you to go for an artist. Create pains which does fit in your budget. Wet on wet will have its own randomness on. Let's enjoy the blooms, which we also on the people. I am using a size forcible Blackwell with brush for completing the spot because I can easily use the tip of the brush to apply small dots, with spreads less compared to the larger strokes. As a progress on the moon, I will always supply smaller and broader strokes because the moon surface is on even in nature. And similarly, the light reflection from the moon will also be uneven again to get the best off the whole process. Starting from wedding off the sofas to applying the colors till now shouldn't take you more than 3 to 4 minutes. So stop at that point or ALS, you might end up working more on the subject many off. You might wonder why I do always use water colors for my project. This medium basically gives me an opportunity to explore experiment a lot and yes, there are many risk involved. But nevertheless, I'm always so happy to witness the magic off water and pigments. Through these exercises, I would love to take you through the entire process off various aspects of watercolor process, which can help you discover and express yourself over time as you keep exploring water. Carlos. It would become an expression off your personality, our reflection off your emotions, usually most off my paintings are bright, and I use a lot of warm as well as vibrant colors because I always want to spec positivity through my heart. But there are days when I do paint in monochrome with any off the cool colors, which does even reflect my mood so we can seriously reflect so much off emotions on the people that most of the time I am myself spellbound on another note. Yes, the medium does push our limits, and seriously there is no end to what we can learn and discovered what colors through these exercises and final projects. I do hope that you get the knowledge off basic tools, techniques, composition, which can act as a foundation for any off your future projects that might involve working around with the moon. Getting back to the moon, as I also have. A few areas are trying, so I will apply color with my size. Four silver black velvet brush and blended went the size eights of a black velvet brush. Blending is are very important process, and most of the paintings, as for my experience, always take something water to blend the colors with the background. We will keep repeating the process of many off the areas on the moon so that we get the depth and create the uneven sophos, which you were usually witness. While you also have a moon closely in your day areas where you might feel that there are extra colors which you have applied, just go head on and remove it with help off a damp brush. This is a quick way to fix any mistakes, which you might have committed during the watercolor process. So there is a time when your sofa system that is not to bed as well last. It is not to try a quick trick to know that particular time is when your watercolor loses its shine. That's the exact magical time when you can use the Lord techniques off you off them. We will be exploring, like adding water droplets on more. But for now we will just take a small brush unloaded with seclusion blue minus a rigger brush. Pireaus May I don't craters on the moon. It's very simple. Make a small circle and then add some lines around it. If you are not too confident, please add some pencil months and 10 paint on top off it. Now it's time to take some white wash and add on top of the Blue Creator area. This needs to be added in Vegas. Quantity compared to the blue as it is a bacon nature on some random thoughts here and there. Let's do a quickly capped off. What are we did loan during the whole process? No. 5. Exercise 2 - Blood Moon: Hey, we are on to our second project now, which is all about painting the blood moon. I will use four colors in total, three for the moon and another for the background to complete the painting. We're not going on. Gold is my most favorite for the background off the moon. And then people are carmine on Dredd. Prom. This moon will be more often abstract, kind off a moon and will be less defined compared to the last one, which we did paint most common method to paint the moon is toe. First, let the area completely wet. Use one off your flat brush to apply, and even goat off washing on the paper. You do not need to use the same flat brush that I am using. Go ahead with anything that is available with you. Load your brush with some quinacrine own gold and allow it to become the bass player for the moon. And then while the area is wet, go head on at the other colors. The first will be carmine or any dark pink, which you have then at the Red Pony. If you don't own the color, do not worry. Go ahead and add some red in your brown. About 1/4 the measure. You can get something similar. No, if you done is a bit different due to the pigments, which they used to manufacture their pains. Therefore, it might need some adjustment in terms of the ratio off the red. Tow the brown. Once you are completely happy and satisfied with the moon, let it completely dry. You will also beautiful splash of colors which are freely moving into each other, and this is only possible in wet on wet technique, which I want toe even like you know, a little bit is very random on. It is very difficult to get the same effect if you try the second time because water does all the magic here. Therefore, I want to make it a point that you guys only need to work on the moon. Tell you people is wet once the paper starts trying even a bit. Don't work any further because the colors will not spread any border on the paper. A nice trick is to let your people dry. Suppose after the first layer has dried in few off the areas, you should not beat yourself up. Let the paper dry completely and apply a gentle wash up clean water and then the second on the total here so that you get or there is something similar which you can off solve once you apply the second and third lier off, Carmine has Wallas rain problem. As we keep painting the moon, people sometimes be carried of a and therefore might not know where to stop. So as a Tom rule, do not work on room for more than 4 to 5 minutes if you are making it more abstract. If you work more than that, it might be a possibility that you end up spoiling major tee off the areas. I always say this to all my workshop at spend students and anyone who approaches me to stop at one point or else the results will not be asked for the expectations. Painting the background with a flat wash off neutral tint from Winsor and Newton John some off you might think that I am stressing a lot on a flat wash. It is the first thing that we need to learn as a big ner. Ah, good Platt Wash should be clear, even constant on all of the areas. I'm using a silver black velvet brush to apply the splatter wash. My most common sizes are silver. Black velvet crush that I own is 46 in it. They usually have a very nice step, so you can use that even around the moon for good position on another, don't you? Do not need toe own thes rushes. Whatever is available that you is good to go for flat wash, there's a Tom brewed squeeze out and off paint and motto. If you are a big norm, mix it well and start applying it, even being from talk to bottom area. Still, it is even you can go for a second. There it The 1st 1 looks patchy or als if you are not happy. - The complete painting Israel Time excluding the drying time so that you get to understand what's the maximum time I end up working on a small excise off a blood moon while you fill up the background areas around the moon. Just go slow with the brush movements so that we don't end up messing up the moon. This is very important because we are going with a ready dark shape, and many mistakes can be fixed in watercolor as the new Trident is more staining. So if it gets into your moon areas. Even if we try to apply Clearwater and dab off the color with a dry tissue, it might leave a few marks, which is never the intent. You can leave the painting here itself as it looks complete, but I would like to add some pine trees, which will make it look more expressive. It would give the final look and make it complete landscape painting before you pick the trees to check that your moon is completely dry and then take any size four brush and start making small points. If you are not confident about fines, you can make a few straight lines, which will also work. But I start by making a small line with the tip off my brush and then randomly extending it on both the sides a bit. You don't need to add a lot of the mention to your tree as it is nature and things will be random. If you will be small off, you will be Dodger, so don't think much while you keep painting the trees. I have already covered Major tee off the instructions for this painting. So now I will put on the music and you can paint along with me on add as many trees as you want. I look up my cousin when it is needed. - Oh , - you might have absorbed first. I do cover the entire bottom media where I need to paint the trees and then I will make it more uneven in nature. Some trees will be taller and some will be shorter. At some places, there will be more number of trees and at some there will be few. This is a bit long and tedious process, but believe me, once you finish it completely, the landscape will look way more beautiful. Dina Wadia. After finishing the major areas for the tree, I do off soft and the colors look more concentrated towards the bottom. Even it out on all the ideas by adding more off neutral tint, toe the entire area off the flat wash 6. Composition 1 - Moonlight in the Pines: we are moving on to our force composition and it does moonlight in the points we will be working with wet on dry as the people is really small, it is half off a four size paper. The speed of the video is 1.2 weeks. Kindness is really Ah, very simple composition. Stop. I'm asking out the moon area. I usually cut out a so called from my toe, which masking tape. If you don't have a masking tape off the size, please go ahead and use any masking fluid or else leave the white space while you pink in the night sky. Just that it would take a bit more time for painting the night sky when you leave the white space for the moon pushing blue and neutral tint. Other dominant colors, which I'm going to use for my painting, will start with Prussian blue. I'm learning my one inch Princeton flat brush with pushing blue can start applying it from the bottom of the painting while you apply. Just also off that we get a seamless plan. I would start with the new treatment after this towards the top off the painting. You can even use pain screen or indigo in case you do not have a new student in your palate . No, we will have moonlight reflecting. I found the moon so we will have more off writer values and on the moon, which is more off pro Shinto on. As we move off the from the moon, we will have more off new treatment 2 to 3 minutes since the ideal time in which you should finish the bank long layer on this size off paper because we're just going for a very basic sky, and then you should allow it to dry. Most of the processes wet on dry throughout this painting except the moon area. Once the paper is completely dry, just removed the masking tape from top of the moon. And then we will start with our moon painting, apply and even got off clean water on top of the moon area with the help off. Any brush that you have. This area is really small, so just be a bit more careful. Once done, just load your brush with some Prussian blue and add some small random strokes and dots, as we did learn during the first text size to keep in mind to leave the white spaces while you picky painting the mood had some more Prussian blue on top off though poorly applied base layer in the moon. A. Let the year dry completely and then people will start with our minds. - I would like to give a close up you while we paying the pints. In case you want to learn how I paint my pints. I have another class light in the points, which covers the complete process off painting the pines and details. Here we will be drawing some random 3 to 4 pine trees fall of the painting process, and I'm pretty sure you would be able to paint these simple points. Load your brush with some neutral tint. Handan. Start from the top off the pine tree to gain more confidence. Always start from the sites it would be left or be right in case B even go wrong with any off the pines on the side. We will have the focus area in the middle of the painting, which can be improved as we paint along the process off. Painting my pints is very simple. I will draw a straight line from the top. They'll have off the size of the pine and randomly extended on both the sights. The bottom media off the pine will be broader compared to the top radio, which is sharp and 10. Keep painting the pines and listen to each other. No need to differentiate it while you are at the bottom off the pine tree. So what's the bottom? Make more broader on border strokes to cover the area. Keep in mind that most of the pines pure random in nature, so make a few of them taller and few off them shorter. Only the pine in the middle of the painting pulled start from the top off the moon. While I moved towards the extreme right, I will make $1 pine tree, which means that it would be broader compared to the others, which we did paint. And now I am not giving a lot of definition on Lee a bit off loose strokes on, then we're kind of done. It's always a good idea to try anything new, which you are not confident off on a rough paper before you finalize it on your painting. - When I moved toe the middle and the tallest pine in this forest. I need toe first. Check that my moon is completely dry or als. If there is even a bit off my show, I will not get a well defined tip off the pine tree. Make a straight line. If you are not confident, just use your pencil and scale and then start painting on top off it, as we all are in the learning process. On these are small tips n tricks, which will help you to become more comfortable while you are doing any off your own painting. The process remains seem just as before. Load all your randomly extending it on the left and on the right. This one would be bit more defined. Done the others Only difference. Rest would be how much confident you are. And do not worry. Just let your brush do all the magic. - Keep filling up the middle area off the pine, and then when you reach a stage where your interest in fines are also present, just go ahead and fill up with the broader strokes until you reach the bottom area. Time to play with some white gosh just to let you know cautious, opaque and Kahlo. It adds a different dimension to your painting. I will use my Winsor and Newton White Wash toe and the stars handsome stole on my finds. But in case you're interested to know more about the medium, gosh, I have an exclusive class big nose. Listen for gosh where you enter painting five beautiful, gorgeous landscapes For now, you need to cover the area below the pines after last the pines and tap your brush, which is loaded with coorsh with the pencil or another brush. This will creates plateaus, which will act like stars. Other alternatives will be to use your wife, Julie rope in tow. Add the stars or the postal marker, even using an open quarter. Kahlo or post Tokelo can be amongst the options. The white wash on the pine to denote the snow will be quick. Photo. Three random strokes. We are going toe. Cover the entire tree just one or two strokes on the left hand on the right. For the larger point. I'm for the smaller points. It is goingto be 4 to 5 random dots in a plateau. It's kind of go as you like. There are no defined rules for this. Just adding a bit more dimension. Is the idea off adding the gosh, Let the people dry Now, once you are done on 10 people go. Oh, quickly, cap off Whatever we did learn in this first composition. 7. Composition 2 - By the Evening: We will be painting a second composition now and it is going to be all about evening and Arches National Park. When the sun has just gone and you have the sunset sky still doing the magic, the moon is slowly coming up. This is why don't the easy yet a bit longer than the paintings. But you don't need to think much as I'm here to guide you through the entire process. We will start with the pencil drawing, make our off outline off the rocks in the same way I'm doing it now. I would request you don't download this painting for the guidance from the resource section before you start doing the sketching has worse. Painting the speed of the video is 1.2 weeks. So in case you find the speed to be a bit higher, you can always go ahead and adjust the speed. - Cut out a small soccer from the masking tape for the moon and then place it on top of the people in the middle of the roads. Once done, it's time to start with the sky area, skies mart, ecology. I would be using permanent yellow deep. It has a beautiful orange in it, then a scar mine Opara Wallet on indigo. If you don't have any anti shades, go ahead and use what you have a real big with you. The idea is to paint the evening sunset sky, and we will start from the bottom of this kind area with the permanent yellow deep moving onto a para carmine violet in legal on the top video, we will be harming more off violet on in nickel. This is one of my favorite combinations for the sky. Always, it's bright and beautiful. Hospital is very appealing to the eye of the spectator. The technique is wet on dry because theory off the people is really small, so I would prayerful, wet on dry, matured. Always remember what you see on the people will become one shade lighter on trying. - Keep finishing the sky idea with a few more blue strokes off. Prominent yellow deep has blast your open ah mix. Once done, you will start with round area. You will evil you so the permanent Elodie color toe work on the base layer of the crown. You just need to load your brush with some prominent yellow deep pain the crumbs, let it try. Once done, Ross is the only tricky part of the whole painting. I'm painting this in one off the ways which looks simple to me. Take some red brown on your brush and start painting the bottom off the rock. Apply some clean water to cover the entire area and then just drop a bit off color on the area that is still were, and you will see some beautiful blooms. Continue painting the other rocks in the similar way you can alternate between Dredd. Prom hand bones. You know this time I'm using PwC pains mostly, but I will say say that each and every band has a bit off a difference in name and the pigment ratio that they you sometimes view of. The pains are a mix of 2 to 3 pigments in various issue where Estado plan might use only one kind of pigment to achieve the result. So just try to use the colors which you think is close to the painting that you are observing. I have so many students who always asked me what is the brush and the pains you use, and mostly my answers you're missing the most important point, which is always paper. I would like to stress again that people is the most important factor for a watercolor painting. You should always use at least 300 GSM for my class as we always do. Lot of heavy washes. Asset. 300% Corton Mourn Made people Choosing Archie paper is a huge mistake. We all have done while the are big ners. So you get watercolor people has sheet roll and regular blocks, the cheapest really I buy. My paper is in the form of sheets. Then I cut them into the size I need like and a four a three a five, depending on my practice routine as well as I do love. Working on blocks as they don't need any kind off mounting, they have a board at the back. Only there are two downsides off. Using or block. They are expensive on the second is your first painting needs to drive before you can use the second paper. The next point is why I always stress upon using an acid free paper because once you're painting is ready, the people will not don't yellow on. There will be no deterioration So if you can keep all of these points in your mind and choose a correct people, most off your paintings will turn out well. There will be times when I will not be giving a lot of instruction because you can easily follow how I am alternating between colors like red, brown, Bonzi and are under bit off into goto. Finish the bottom media off the rocks. Just follow the brush movements on the process. They relate for me. What a color process has bean more part of solving the other person painting and then trying it on my own. This starts the same that big nose to intermediate level artists. So whatever you feeling or wearable, you feel you are stuck. Just post a video and watch it again as a best practice. It is always good to have a quick look at the video at any speed, and then start with your painting by watching over it again. That's how I always to it when I am also learning anything new as I'm a huge watercolor and toes es and keep trying on so many different paintings on a regular basis. Seriously, watercolor is a vast ocean where you can keep learning new things every day, irrespective of the fact how much experience you are at the current stage. Always there is something or the other that you can learn new. While I moved towards the right off my painting, I will make my rocks a bit more darker, compared toe the left. No specific reason for the same, just starting a bit more dimension. I know the rock painting process is a bit long, but once you get these were planning effect correctly to stop and then let the idea drive. Now the metodo would be more off wet on dry once the people is completely dry and has zero humidity. I would be loading my brush with or darker value on start making lines, which article at a few places and 10 or a few so that they look like rocks. You need to keep repeating the process off, making Tina lines a few places and tickle lines. A few areas toe aren't that extra dimension. I will be even using the dry brush technique in a few rocky areas while we moved towards the top, the above the X trappings from the brush on a tissue and then apply some loose strokes. Keep applying this process for majority off the rock areas towards the top. Off the painting rob painting processes repetitive, so my holy suggestion would be to go slow and keep coordinating the strokes rest. Once we're done with the rocks, we will start with the moon area. There's all background layer off mountains, which I would be painting now. Andi, this park lonelier. I will do in the darkest value possible. So makes some intercourse with your bon Sienna and start handing this background layer here . I want to take a minute to let you know how I get inspired from a photo and then just consider it as a print book for the final painting. So I do have a photo for my reference, which I did download from a corporate free website on Splash. I did adjust a bit in terms off how I place my background mountain. The Evening Colors has well has placed a beautiful moon at the center off the ark. The colors of the sky are quite similar to the ones you off solve in the photo, but it's more inspired, and I added My favorite combination off purple, and then they go on the top. This is one off my painting process by which I convert or simple and easy photo in tow, a painting off my own. You can also try it for your future projects, as getting inspired from a photo is always a good starting point for a full composition beyond On the last point now. And the final thing is just to paint their moon, Andi get done with this whole composition. So to start with the moon, I would make it really pride on. We will start with some permanent yellow deep on then at some red from on top offer on a few areas. Wilder people is wet now. Once this that Brown is added, you will know that there are for the critters on the moon, which we want to show on to show them we need another dear off dark red brown, and I usually do it with the help off a mix of red, brown and indigo on only on a few areas. Once that is done, let it dry completely. We will do, ah, quickly cap off what? All we did learn in composition toe. After that 8. Project 1 - Part 1 - Dramatic Moonlight: This is the first project that we will attempt now is something similar toe the last composition we did paint. That's one of the reasons it has placed us the project one rather than it being project. Oh, so there is a multicolored dramatic sky off the evening with the stars. For many off you, this might look a bit challenging, but the people who have already taken to off my other classes exploring skies and clouds with watercolor Asprilla's easy and simple way to paint clouds of seven different types. This one will be like a cakewalk once you are done with these two classes, so many concepts, which I did explain, will help you to work through any kind of clouds or skies off your choice. Divide the paper into 3.5 parts on Make the Horizon line, which would be just above one part from the bottom. We will be expressing a lot on the sky area as that's the point, which will set the mood of the painting that is bright and beautiful. Break your sky area completely and then start with permanent yellow deep applied below the moon area. We will use Rose Matter Opara push into on right. Valid along with in the go to complete the sky. Since I am in the northern side off India on my paper stays wet for less amount of time. Therefore, choosing or 300 years um, passive three people is the need often are for me, but you can always see passport, the climate what people is suitable for you. This will be like a radiant sky Darko values will not only be on the talk but some purple, even at the bottom. Many off. You have written to me that there is a certain way off painting which is you start from the top and end at the bottom of the painting. I would like to tell you every artist have their own preferred way off approaching the subject or a particular painting which they are teaching on. There is no best way whatever works for you. I always say that's the kind of approach you should follow over time. As we all progress in a watercolor journey, our approach will also change your sort an extent as we might get more comfortable working in a particular way, so always unknown and loan which has bean my month rot. And now in my watercolors, I can suggest you even Khobar Blue. If you do not own a pollution due to paint the top area off the sky, you don't even the applied a pollution or the Khobar Clue the deeper tones on the top and as you reach towards the yellow off the sky, make it very watery. I will have some amount of indigo and bright violet from the sites of the sky area onto the blue to show a beautiful Grady int. The speed of the video is 1.2 works, and you can go ahead and adjust it If you feel that it is going up it fast. Orbit slow. - The sky looks a bit done. As you won't know. Once the people drives, the color will be one shade lighter. So go ahead and apply the red and Opara below the yellow. And after you have a pliant or red and Opara, I would ask you toe ended with the pope of Kahlo while you come towards the horizon line. This will help you to make the sky more appealing. Toe the eyes off the spectator. - This is one of the favorite excites, which I love to teach as well as paint. I would ask you to load your brush with some purple and at some random dots and strokes and pink, as well as the purple area at the bottom. Why do you approach the yellow and the bright part? Just add some more dots on blue strokes off Opara and Rose Madam makes. Finally, you complete the spot. You will see that the sky has added another dimension in itself. The whole off the sky now looks so organic on. The composition has become quite appealing, but there is a tumble rule, not to overwork. Don't spend more than 7 to 8 minutes on the sky or ALS. It might lead to you overworking on that particular subject. Do not apply any pains on the 80 off the sky, which has only tried. If you feel that you need toe on more pains in certain 80 years, let the people completely try, apply or light, wash off clean water and then get paint over it. - Time to add some greens. It's going to be darker, and Shea does it this evening. Time start with the hooker screen I will start from the horizon line at some prominent hero , deep in the middle of the painting and the initial with something like a green towards the bottom and the sides. You can off self my messy pallet on the Duke Lotina's off water, one for the first supply and another for washing the brushes. I always organize everything, usually on the right inside, because I'm right 100 person hand, it becomes very easy toe work this way. No, - an interesting concept, which we will explore now, is to create some textures on the ground. This is the stage when the paper is not to human and not cry enough and all the magic happens here. Just add some clean water splatters on the green background, Big one brush loaded with some fresh water on, then tap it with another brush or pencil. We will repeat the same process once more after five minutes and then let it dry completely . The stand line of five minutes very across different kind of paper and climate conditions, so you might have to experiment a bit to understand it. Better no for at the small foliage at a distance to show the horizon line better. I will load my brush with someone like green. Unpainted many off. You might not have been dyke a green. You can add a bit off indigo and hooker screen or any other type of bring toe. Get the shade. Once you complete the painting, the foliage blend. It would some clean water along the Rosslyn background, - for I wrote me to in the next lesson where we will complete the moon from ad one Cry tree to finish this off completely. 9. Project 1 - Part 2 - Dramatic Moonlight: Let's paying the stars again. This is one of my favorite parts off any painting. Squeeze out some white wash on why to take what color or some post two colors on your pallet. Load your brush with the white gosh, but it shouldn't be very watery mix. There should be optimum water in it so that the splatters and not too big we want our stars . Few off them big and few of them small. New Cover the idea off the ground with the clean tissue so that we don't end up spoiling it . Now that the brush, which is loaded with wash with another brush and create this plateaus, do not get over port while painting the stars. - Let's pain the moon Now. This time I will be painting the moon with some bright violet watercolor. You can even use a mix a potion lord in right while it You all are now very well equipped with how to paint the wall in wet on wet, so I will let you observe the painting and do so. There will be a watering makes these layer and then adding some more saturated colors on top off it. This is one of the most important part in this painting, where I would ask you to slow and keep the patients. In case you lose two patients somewhere here, all the difficult work which has been Dunton now will go for us, so just be patient on. We are going to be done with this soon. This might take you about 10 to 15 minutes to complete in itself. But believe me, once done, it would take your painting toe another level. Let's start by sketching on rock outline off the bay tree, which we will beat. Make a fuse. Exact lines Lord your size six for size for several Blackwell but brush or any other brush that is available with you with some indigo or pain scream Whatever is available with you, apply the weapons on top off the grip Fight months, which you did create. All the graphite marks always act as a guideline for painting. Any object on gives we better control toe Any artist, the bottom media auditory will get evenly blended with the grounds. - Uh , when we are at the top area of the tree, just branch out a bit with help off the 10 brush quarrels use a brush like the one My half Kolinsky sable is called a Optima brush. It has abated on the top hat helps to produce 10 branches at some more branch. While you move down near the bottom of a tree, I will knows which on the music, as there is not much that I can explain. Branches will be random as it is again nature. So just go with the flow. And I hope you will be happy with the final outcome. No, for this is an optional step. I just wanted to add a quick flight off. Boats were returning home, but I would leave it up to you in case you decide not to add it. I'm perfectly fine with that. Maximum 4 to 6 boats that you need to add, and then we're done, removed the tape at an angle, and then let's do a quick recap off water. We did learn in this project today 10. Project 2 - Part 1 - Reflections: I am so happy to see you all on the last project for today. It's being a bit long, I know. But one of the major reasons for longer glasses to help you step up in a chronological manner so that you feel confident to attempt the last two projects as well as you can take all the learning student these class projects, as well as exercises on your compositions to your future projects. This is an easier one compared Toa the last project that we did in case you have taken my watercolor. What escape class as we are going to repeat many off the concepts that I have already explained in that plus one of them is painting the sky using the variegated wash method on some more techniques. I would highly recommend you to take the class once before you attempt this painting, as I have broken each and every step skin toe, various techniques like the washes, then the movements in the water and much more in the previous watercolor. What escape plus anyway. Now let's proceed by using the masking tape to mask the moon seal on all the edges very well so that the color from the background cannot enter into the white space that we are preserving for the moon. Meet the horizon, mind a bit about 50% of the paper, and then add or small foliage other distance. Below that, we will be masking out the area where the moon reflection will fall on the water. I have mixed some girl. What a color into my mosque in fluid, as usually the mosque include is call Unless and it becomes very difficult. So the person who was absolving to understand how I am making the different strokes on the random lines. But the masking fluid I'm using are very rough brush, which I usually only used for my masking food. See, there are different, kind off instruments that are available in the market for you masking fluid so you can even use those kind of instruments. Or else you can take a very, very cheap brush on user form, asking out the areas in case you do not have the masking fluid, your do not need to body if you have a white wash for a white opaque what a Kahlo like. Sometimes I know what's renewed and has a titanium white, which is opaque in nature, and you can even move for post two colors because supposed to. Colors also have capacity in them, so these can be used as an alternative for painting your reflections towards the bottom. The reflections will be broader compared to at the top. Simple reason is that the reflection is closer to us. As they move far away from us, they become smaller. Let the mask include dry completely on. Then only we will start with the sky area. No, I would be performing or variegated wash for the sky. I am choosing three colors that is your yellow ocher, French ultramarine and Prussian blue. We will go from the bottom of the sky, starting with the lightest value, which is yellow ocher than French or Trauma Nin. And finally, the Prussian blue always leave orbit off a gap between the yellow Oko 100 French ultramarine so that you can avoid any kind of money mixes. Vata. Gated wash can be performed either wet on wet or pit on dry, but the blend between the colors should be seamless in either off the techniques. Having said that again, it is very difficult to replicate the same sky if you try it for the second time. So there will be a bit of difference compared to the 1st 1 My suggestion would be only to go with the floor on Get the sky 80 are done. No, I have ordinated Lee used toe my two brushes. One is a round brush from silver Blackwell. Reckon Amado is a flat brush for getting the best in the sky area. Now you know there is no hard and fast rule that you need to use a sort of kind of a brush to anything in effect. Whatever is available with you, you start. I am pretty happy with this kind Now, Andi, I will start with my water 80 0 people will be using to color status my ultra marine on my Prussian blue Stop with the ultra many towards the bottom media. But before you start like your sky area dry completely they should not be any humanity or else the colors from the bottom off the water area will move towards the top. You will absolve that We have to cover quite a Nadiya for the water on. Therefore, I will suggest you to switch to your flat brush that you have on start painting this water area. People go from our Termini in. Then we will use Prussian blue on some amount off even indigo. Why we go towards the bottom area off the water once I am quite happy. But the variegated wash even in the water eager, I will start adding the ripples. TheStreet Couples need to be added when your people is humid enough. Load yourself a black velvet brush size four or size six with a mix a potion, blue and indigo. They just apply straight lines. But this would be just giving a bit of pressure on your brush and then lifting your brush again. Repeat the same process while you are towards the bottom. The strokes would be larger when you go towards the top. The strokes would be to know one important trick is to not get carried away and make a lot of strokes. Only off you on both the sides is enough. I will be meeting you in the next lesson where we will be finishing off the complete painting 11. Project 2 - Part 2 - Reflections & Conclusion: So we are on the second part of the last project and young most off you might be open tired after working on the X sizes and compositions. But I can tell you it's all worth the practice, because when I look back on my watercolor journey, practice is the only thing which has helped me, as well as giving me all the confidence to try different subjects. I know that your paper might be completely dry now, and this is the time to add the next layer off ripples. These movements in the water is exactly done in the similar way I have taught in the watercolor. What escape Plus just the direction is now straight. We are going to make some interlocking ripples, but I need to keep in mind that they will not cover in the entire water idea. Do observe how I progress while I am had the bottom, I make more strokes, whereas when I moved towards the talk, the number of strokes decreases. The speed of the video is 1.2 works on if you are on a browser adjusted from the left hand corner toe, the desired speed you want toe attained I will now turn on the music because there's nothing much to explain in terms off how you being the reports. Just make a brush dance a bit and you are done. I will get back to you when we need to paint the folios using a mix off a Prussian blue and your indigo toe paint these dry technique that IHS wet on dry technique, whereas you might have also solved that even while I was doing a wet on wet ripples, I used to say mix off, pushing the one in the Coto Pain Terrible's Oh, - I will start with the reflection off the foliage. It is just taking more watery mix up in the go and potion blow. Start learning the reflections for the foliage as I was painting the water area so taught to finish this off together. But you can always tell this as a next step. Once you finish painting the foliage, you need to take a saturated mix off indigo color or pains. Great for the foliage as it is a clear night sky, and you will mostly identify object in docker shits. I would take some new Trident as I have been using it in my other paintings to throughout this class, foliage needs to be lose brushstrokes, which will look like three at a distance, nothing much complex on the top. There will be more off brush strokes as we need to give a shape and while we come down towards the bottom, just had a flat wash off new tartan. We are starting from left, and when we go towards the right, the foliage will become smaller in size. Hand will end. - There is a small help which I will be painting at a distance. Use any mix off your choice. I'm using neutral tint and pollution blue mix to complete the sale area. This just help to denote the horizon in a better way. It's time now to start with the motor area. It's quite easy to start with, just removed the masking tape first, Even after sealing the ends, Will I do see that some of the blue did get into the white area of the moon. I will try to do a quick fix with my white wash from Winsor and Newton. You can even use an opaque white water color or post to color toe. Go head on and do this. Start applying the wash on the sides of the moon where you find the blue and then try to blend it with the background off someone we have still no painted the moon in wet on wet. There might be some other way which I don't deny but this is one of my favorite please to explore the moon. Once you are done with the white wash, we will at some quinacrine own gold dread problem and someone's, you know, to complete the moon area. This time it's again Ah, blood moon. Okay, I I have not used to read Kahlo any time for the blood moon because I feel that red brown is a better substitute for the blood moon. Nevertheless, while you want to explore moon in your future projects or in any off your compositions that you want to paint and future, you should always experiment the red color but tried on a rough people forced jacket If it appeals to you then added in your final project Okay, The last part is to paint the reflection on the moon on the water area. I will show you to techniques in this one with the masking fluid and another would quash but will apply on the same painting for step now is to remove the mask. Include I haven't a Result, which pulls the mask, include easily from the people. The color off The reflection would be that of the moon hand. I am taking some Jell O Co dough. I could have used quinacrine own goal, but it reacts with blue to give green. So I am using the yellow ocher, which has unique property off, not giving the money mixes or the greens still try to use it wisely on the white area. Off the reflection. We will not be covering the entire area with the yellow AKEL. Some amount off white. That meted preserve should also be visible, adding some more final details off the reports for the area near the hills and we are done for now. I will even know add or make some more reflection with wide wash after removing the tape. You can also do do that before you remove the tape. This is an order native method that you can use if you don't have the mask. Include we will do a quick recap off water We did loan till now for the last project on. Then you are done Now the blue you might off solve in the sky is not having any stars. You can at the stars too if you want. But I was so much smitten by the beauty off the blue that I wanted toe Leave it like that. - I hope you did enjoy painting along with me And in case you happen to be on Instagram, just tell me as what color dot illustration dot letter on your projects. And I would be more than happy to share all your class projects in my stories. It's being a pleasure to see you guys joining me for this class Do keep sending in your love and support in the feed parks. I always look forward toa everything you did like in the current loss as well as it helps me to improve upon in the future Classes hope to see you soon guys on to stay safe 12. Bonus Lesson: We will be working on an A five size watercolor people for the spending, and the colors are permanent. Yellow, deep, crimson like bright violet, French or draw marine on indigo. The ordinate colors for prominent Elodie pan trims and lake is cadmium yellow, orange. Or you can go for Windsor, Orange and any kind of crimson that is available with you. The last would be white wash or a big white water column for the stars. So we first got the moon with the help of our scissors. You can also use mosque. Include I usually draw small circle with the pencil on my masking tape on and then cut it evenly from all the sites. It's very easy and simple method, which can be applied in any kind of masking area like you want a mask, a son or a moon or any other radio off your choice. This is the simplest way you can go ahead and do it once you have cut out the sun or the moon that you want toe make for me. This system one over here so I will go ahead, put the masking tape on the paper and then seal on all the ends because I do not want any water to get it. Do it with help off a flat brush one and should do better. And our paper And then the fun part begins. We will be painting the clouds. Now I will take some cadmium orange or you can also go for was some Vincent orange Always Whatever orange is available with you, go ahead with that on. Take some permanent yellow deep hospital. The PWC pains in case you're using any other pains off your choice, go for the permanent yellow deep, kind off color. It is a bit off orange on more off Delaware. It just try to get a beach kind often effect on. That's what we are using over here for don't clouds. Now, in all those that off option that I can give you is hot some carmine into your permanent yellow deep on that will actually give you the similar effect that you see over here while I apply my force layer. It would be more off a watery mix tan once I go over it in the next time, it would be more with Sadako value compared to my all your column. Uh, now, once I'm done with my cloud, I will go ahead and at the shadows off these clothes. It is completely wet on wet method that I'm going ahead with. So mix some carmine on some bright violet or you can take any well, and that is a real ball with you on. Then start applying thes shadows onto the cloud area. It's always a good practice to keep. These color makes Grady with you before you start applying it on the clouds. That would actually help you to save a lot of time, and your people will not dry up in the process. Once happy with the clouds, go ahead and make some French heart hammering on. Load your size itself a Blackwell, but brush. In case you do not have this color, you can also go for under sheets. Lie cobalt blue or civilian, but don't make it too dark, like using a pollution do or else the whole painting might not be bright enough. Just keep applying the color, and as you come down towards the bottom of the painting, make sure that the colors become a bit more lighter. Now we can achieve the results better once you move forward in the process and you will see how I apply my indigo while I come down off you off. The areas seem to dry up on for the same. I will use a blending brush. This planning bus should be just stamping off to blend the colors well, and I usually dip my clean brush in the clean water on 10 dup off the extra water on the tissue post. This only applied on the people to blend. The colors will always, always pick up the colors and then again, wash your brush. That's how you should be using or brush or ALS. Whatever is the left out color on your brush will affect the painting, which you are currently doing. Now it's timeto makes something to go with your partner, Marion. I would go ahead and apply only 5 to 10% off into go into my heart trauma team and start applying it from the top eight here Now, once I apply it from the top area, I would slowly take it towards the bottom off my painting on, Then keep blending it in case my paper is getting dry. And if it is still wet. Just keep applying it. - No , I will go ahead and at the Takis Lier onto my night sky. So makes him in to go with your ultra Marine on 10. Added on your people, This is going to be the last thing before I set my people to dry. Always keep up already because that will give you an even Kahlo while you are applying it on the paper. - Now my paper seems to have dried out completely. You will see that the colors that were all your on the paper were way more brighter and vibrant compared to the color that I get now, which is a bit more paler in the look. So that ISS the normal thing which we off solved in all What a color painting? Because while you do what The colors once your colors drying on the people, it would be one shade lighter than what you absolve all you. While you were painting or applying the wet colors. This is the time I will wet half off my paper Now you can also go ahead and with your entire paper. But while you apply the brush, it has to be a very, very light wash so that none of the colors from the below do come up on your brush and you're going to apply some more shadows with help off the Pope Kahlo. Now this pope piccolo off course, is a mix off a bright while it on your Carmine. You can even go for any other wallet that is available with you. The carmine is in a very, very low quantity. That is 5 to 10% compared toa the bright ballot, which I have added. I am not going toe. Fill up the entire space because I want this beautiful peach colored toe show off from the clouds. So on fewer areas only I will add the's shadows on the rest of the areas. I will leave else Pittis removed the masking tape from the bone area and apply or clean wash off water on that area as we will be doing a wet on wet on. Then apply a light wash off your permanent yellow deep on some off your carmine on Toto moon on, Then add some more garment in Toto mixed that we have now this this more off a peach mix that we had. So I'm adding garment to make it a bit more reddish toe big, kind off a color and apply it slowly on a few off the areas in the moon. Now the moon color is exactly similar toe the color that we have in the clouds. I want to go with the same tonal values. Now, in case you want more off a yellow bone, you can go for a yellow bone. But for this painting, I would prefer you guys to follow the same color mix that we have on. Then go ahead and apply some more purple onto your moon. There will be majority off the eight years which will remain in the light of our news off the permanent yellow deep on the car. Mind that we added in our first year on a few of the years won't leave, you become more darker. Some of the ideas I will even pick up with help off my brush, where I feel that the spread off the colors is more and I want a bit off a lighter shade. Load your size four silver black belt that brush with some white wash, or you can even go for white opaque watercolor, or else you can even go for Why, Jerry, Reopen depending on what's available with you and start splattering the stars do. Cover the area off the clouds with your the shoe on, and then start applying some more bigger stars on your paper with the help off your size for brush because the size off your stars will not be seen. Ask. It is nature and few off the stars will be bigger and size view of the stars will be smaller in size. Do not take very, very watering mix because you will get large and utes platters with that. Always, always try to pick up their so pains. Then you will get this fine small, small splatters onto your sky area. - I'm just adding a bit off orange mixed that I already have on my ballot onto the mahmoun hand. This is only because I got some whites platters. You can even cover the moon area with the help off your tissue and then only apply the splatters. This will help you to prevent working on this leader that I'm got include away. This painting is not going to take you more than 10 to 15 minutes, including the drying time maximum 20 minutes using the hair dryer. Do make sure you're implying the hot air from a distance so that the color Stacy for me. I always let the paper dry naturally, as it is pretty hot on the northern side of India. So my drawing and working time both are very less. And, um, I guess you will let this moon dry up and then peel off the tape at an angle. This is any five size paper, so it will quickly dry up. I hope you did like the bonus. Listen, because it's a bit tricky to paint clouds along with the moon and either try my level best to make it simple as well as see hope to see you soon in the next loss.