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Watercolor Mixing Greens

Victoria Diaz, Teaching Art

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    • Mixing greens from primary colors


About This Class

Hi! In this class I'll show how to prepare green shades using only the primary colors, red, blue and yellow.

How to tone down or neutralize colors, what is a cool green, what is a warm green.

Hope you enjoy this class, and if there's anything else I should add or help you with anything related to the class please don hesitate to ask!





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Victoria Diaz

Teaching Art

Hi there, I'm Victoria, watercolor and pencil  artist and I want to teach you all I know art related. Techniques, Composition, Color and more technical stuff like how some papers are made, or were do pigments come from! I have a more realistic approach but I also go nuts from time to time and experiment with other styles.

I live in a region surrounded by nature, it's a bit chilly, but every time we have warmer weather I go outside to capture the beauty of what inspires me the...

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