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11 Videos (1h 24m)
    • Intro

    • Materials

    • Painting Pines: The “Straight Lines” Method

    • Painting Pines: The “Swoopy” Method

    • Painting Pines: The “Blobby” Method

    • The Misty Effect

    • The Depth Effect

    • Final Project: Layer One

    • Final Project: Layer Two

    • Final Project: Layer Three

    • Final Project: Last Layer

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About This Class

Ever wonder how watercolor artists achieve that abstract-like "misty" forest look? Are you obsessed with monochromatic forest scenes? This class is for you! Perfect for any level of watercolor artist, this class goes dives into tutorials for simple practices and methods to achieve a misty forest landscape before taking you step-by-step through your final masterpiece! 

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Good class. I have always wanted to learn how to draw a misty/foggy scene like this, and now I know how. I also appreciated that the teacher included information about how to draw pine trees, because I didn't know how. My one complaint it that some of the videos were a bit long.
I always wanted to learn how to paint Misty Forest and this is the best class I found! Kolbie teaches three simple and easy step by step methods to master Misty Forest and I highly recommend this class for everyone who want to learn how to paint Pine trees/ Misty forest. Thank you Kolbie!
Before taking this class, I had been experimenting with trees and forests, but was always curious about how to get the "misty" effect as well as the mountain tops. Kolbie did a great job explaining and demonstrating how to do it.
Jamaica Arvisu

Pursuing Creativity





Kolbie Blume

Watercolor calligrapher and illustrator

Hello, I'm Kolbie. I have a love affair with watercolor, and I want to share that love with you! Whether it's through calligraphy or illustration, paint with me to create something unique and representative of your creativity. 

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