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Watercolor Mini Paintings - Composition and Elements

teacher avatar Panchami Shetty, Watercolor Artist and Instructor

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

11 Lessons (1h 44m)
    • 1. Hello and Welcome!!

    • 2. Material needed

    • 3. Elements for minis part-1

    • 4. Elements for minis part-2

    • 5. Some color mix and match

    • 6. Lets talk about Composition of minis

    • 7. Final Project - backgrounds

    • 8. Final Project - adding elements

    • 9. Final Project - detailing

    • 10. Bonus class- minis with pastel

    • 11. Conclusion

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About This Class

 Hello everyone.. In this skillshare class I have compiled fun lessons for u guys on composition and ideas for watercolor minis with different elements and subjects.

Watercolor minis are something I always paint for fun and to let myself free and get creative. I have put up my thoughts and process to paint watercolor minis. I hope you guys enjoy the class.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Panchami Shetty

Watercolor Artist and Instructor


I'm Panchami.

Friends call me Panchi, I am a watercolour artist. I love to paint everything beautiful I see. I love colours as they bring such positivity and cheer to life. I am always etching to try out different subjects. I paint landscapes, recreate pictures from my travel, my thoughts and imagination, illustrations, flowers. Nature is my inspiration. 

I'm constantly exploring and learning new things. Every time I try something new and get better at it with practice, it brings me so much joy. Which is why I find joy in teaching as well. I love to teach watercolor and concepts and help people rekindle their artistic side.

Come join me, let's make art together...

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1. Hello and Welcome!!: Hello, everyone. My name is bunch of me. I'm a watercolor artist. Welcome to Mike. Skin share class on watercolor minis elements and its composition. Thank you for dropping by. I love painting watercolor meanies. I find them very fun to paint on in this class. I will be teaching you some tips and tricks to compose and come up with your own watercolor meanies. You can find me on instagram at brush, pain and everything. This is going to be a pretty simple and fun class. We will learn some color mixing for the background, different elements that we can add on how to compose your own many paintings. By the end off this class, the final project will be a sheet off nine minutes with a bonus class on minis with basil colors. I will also show you easy way to make your own pistol colors if you don't have them. I hope you guys enjoyed the class, so let's get started 2. Material needed: Let's have a quick introduction on the colors that I will be using to leave. So I have multiple colors here, shades off pink, pink, blue, some green yellow, and I also have a black and white watercolor. Minis are meant to be fun, so feel free to use any color palette that you fancy. 3. Elements for minis part-1: Let's get in tow elements that we can add into armies in the section. I'm going to share nine different kinds off elements that you can add on variations within them, beginning with trees. Here, I'm sketching out some simple trees just so that you get the flu off it. You can also check my YouTube tutorial on how to paint some easy pines. I will share the link in the project. The colors that I'm taking here for this demo is just for demonstration on dumb. In our actual painting, we can decide on the colors off these elements based on the background off the meaning section, about which I'll discuss furthermore, in our future section. But right now, let's concentrate on how we can come up with different ideas and different elements that we can add into our meanies. If you notice I'm not just using green, I'm also using a tinge of Fred, and I can use different contrasting colors to add fun into these elements. - You can add some easy, fully age to a tree. Start off with the light tomb of very light green at some dark blue or dark green toe that light cream color that you had used earlier on with that DAP toe, the bottom off the foliage to give that the depth to your tree. Pints are fun to paint. They usually follow a elongated triangular shape, so once you have that shape in mind, you can just draw your pine based on different brush strokes that you wish to follow. You can either pain by moving a brushstroke upwards or by moving downwards on the easiest street to paint a de tree with a lot of characteristic branches moving on to our next element mountains, you can either paint overlapping mountains are just a single mountain. These dark sections that I'm highlighting are the ridges off the mountain, and we're going to paint these sections darko. To begin with the overlapping mountains, we paint the first layer with the light color. We wait for it to dry and paint the second layer off mountain with a slightly darker color and so on. While we wait for the first section to dry, let's mourn toe the second mountain, so here I'm going to paint the mountain with just single color. Now I'll take a darker mix, either by adding black toe the blue or adding a darker blue to the mix, and I'm going to add this dark shade toe the highlighted area from the sketch This adds depth toe are single layer mountain. Now that the first layer off paint has dried off in my multi layer mountain, I'm going to take a darker shade and add the second Leo. Take a doctor makes for the earlier on once the second layer has dried added, moving on to the third element cactus. These are simple long characters on there, pretty easy to draw and paint similar to the trees. You need not stick to just a single color. Here, you can use multiple colors on ad, some nice, fun character to your cactus. For example, I'm using red, green, purple brown in this third cactus, moving on to our fourth element. Tweaks and leaves. These are lot of fun to paint, too. Just draw some random branches, birds and leaves. You can just paint your imagination here. However, I'm just putting forth few simple ideas to paint these branches and twigs. You need not use the paintbrush all the time. If you're not comfortable painting fine lines with brush, you can also use find liner or waterproof black in to paint these fine lines, - you cannot. Some character toe these simple leaf branches by just alternatively, taking in like the color on darker color every time you load your brush, so some leaves are lighter in color. Some are dark this way. It doesn't look very monitoring us. - Another variation that you can add is with size off leaf. You can draw longer leaves, or you can draw shorter leaves. Some branches with just birds. No leaves at all. So there are multiple combinations in which you can paint your twigs and leaves, - and the next element is cityscape. You can draw overlapping building blocks, which is just really a rectangular box in different shape and size. On DSI. Do it that these rectangular boxes are overlapping. You can also add some variation by adding a triangular roof top or something like that, or maybe different building shapes that you see around you. These are just some simple rectangular boxes that I'm drawing here. Key is pain. Some overlapping boxes. Andi, the ones the boxes that are actually behind that is in the background. Use a lighter color to paint them on the buildings that are in the foreground use a darker color to paint them. Concept is a similar toe how we painted the overlapping mountains in our element. Number two. Now, as you see the foreground buildings that does the building, which are in the front I'm going toe, make them darker than the ones that are behind. Once the first layer off paint has dried, add windows to these buildings with black. 4. Elements for minis part-2: moving on to the next element lamps. The next three elements will be a bit more intricate on will have a lot of details in them . I'm painting these lambs in these demonstrations as simple as possible so I can just follow them. And you can add these nice curves and intricate details, which are pretty simple but adds a lot of fun and character. Do it. As I said earlier. Weenies are supposed to be fun, so you are not restricted to just using black to paint silver it. You can also use different backer shades of colors based on the background color off your mini. So how fun I just love toe. Add these round curling details to the Islam's. It just makes them look even more prettier. Next element is electric lines. Keep in mind that when you're drawing these electric lines with perspective, the father you go, the electric lines gets smaller, which is why the right most electric line is smaller than the 1st 1 Another interesting electric line are the big ones. - You need not use brush to paint these fine lines. You can also use fine liner or what a proof think coming up next is a bridge. Here's a sketch off very simple bridge. If you want to challenge yourself, here's another demo off a bit more intricate bridge. Now this bridge has perspective involved. The rails in the foreground, on the rails in the background can be distinguished by using different shades off color. When be pain them, - you can add some catchy details to these bridges. I'm also making the spot under the bridge a bit dark toe. Add perspective. As I had mentioned earlier during the sketching, We're going to use two different shades off color so that we can distinguish between the foreground and the background rail. The last element we're covering today will be Gates. Gates are a lot of fun toe ad. You can just have the basic structure that is the main gate on the compound and then with the railings, you can just do countless number off different details on Make them pretty. - Here is an idea for a simple yet elegant gait. Let's paint our next demo gate with a bit more intricate design. I love to add these starts. They make the design look a lot more catchy. Here's how the final the reference sheet with all the elements for the minis look like I will upload this in the project resource section for you to download Andhra for in future . 5. Some color mix and match: Here's a practice I highly recommend for each and every one off you to try. So what I want you guys to do here is swatch out different colors on a rough sheet off paper. What I'm doing here is I'm just mixing random colors and figuring out which two colors I can makes together to give a beautiful color out on which colors I shouldn't makes because they're giving me medical is, for example, here. When I mixed orange on blue, it gave me an unpleasant color vision. I really do want to see in my mini Now I'm mixing blue with pink, and I can see that there is a nice purple coming out so similarly. Just go on mixing different colors and different combinations. This way, you'll just get the muscle memory or the ease to understand which two colors will really react well with each other. You can use any set of colors for water. Kalemie knees. With this practice, you'll have a better understanding off the colors that you're using on. Also, you'll know better which color combination works out for you. Some of my favorite combination are blue and pink, which gives a very nice purple Andi pink with yellow, which also gives a brilliant orange. You can also makes yellow with crimson, some dark red or purple. You can just experiment and have fun with it. Once you're done with this watches, you can marked on the color combinations that you liked on the color combinations that you did not like, so that you can decide on which all colors you want to mix and use in your final painting. I like to paint the background off the many blocks using wet on dry. But on dry is a simple concept where you paint with wet paint on a dry paper to know more about basic watercolor concept. You can go through the concept section in my first skill share class. As you can see first, I applied yellow, and then I applied orange below it on mixing these two colors on paper so that these to blend with each other. If the paint is too dry and some water moving on, I'm applying green as the last color on do notice that I'm blending it in an uneven pattern because I just do not want flat lines off different colors on my block. So I want some uneven edges, and I want some uneven flow off paint on my block. Now I'm going to show you some different color combinations that you can use in your meanies. I have spent up the video here because this is just for your reference on the final sheet. I'll be uploading in the class project so that you can download it and use it for your project. You need not really use the same color combinations that I'll be using in the final project . You can use this as reference, or you can have your own combinations on Create your own final project. - The section off colors that you paint need not always be even, for example, here the light pink. It forms just a very small section in the top left corner, but the purple is forming the major section. Off this block. I mostly used two or three colors and not more than three colors to keep this simple. Here's another fun thing you can try. You can sandwich one color between two. Here I'm sandwiching green between two blocks off dark blue. You can try another variation by getting a nice plead with just adding some clean water 6. Lets talk about Composition of minis: Let's do some talking on composition off minis Numb from the last session, we have seen how easily we can mix colors and make these interesting. Bagram's just two colors are also enough to make a beautiful background. Now let's see how we can add these elements into the backdrops that we already have ready. In my opinion, it's left to a person's personal taste because there is no right or wrong to it. I just explain how or what my thought process is when I decide what elements should go for which backdrop. What I generally do is whenever I see some greens, for example, here, here and in these two, I related automatically to something in nature. So I would like to add some, uh, greenish green element for these backdrop. So that would be the twigs or a green tree or probably pine. So let's see how to go about it Now. Here I see that there is a nice or yellow and orange Sun City effect, So here I would are either maybe draw a mountain range in green or probably add some clicks on add a son probably appear so that that just completes it for me, this one gives a feel off Vincent that is a lot of green her and some distinct a green effect. So I would add a pine tree forest or any other forest with the green foliage so they probably I'll just draw some, you know, tree with the foliage one or two tree here. And that would do the trick for me coming to this one of these two. They just look like a very cool day for me, like a very cool day, kind off effect with pink on just some light blue with a lot of green in the bottom. So I would add some twigs here. Andi, just adding some tweaks, probably will make it look a little plain and boring. So if you find anything which is a bit boring, you can add another element like an electric line. So I would add some electrical and going down this way and some tweaks in the bottom Here. Next up, let's talk about filling the many backdrops which are having minimal color in them. For example, we have this one which has only do colas, a dark blue and a light blue. Similarly, these two they are also pretty simple on it just has a purple and red, pink and purple. So if you just look at them, they look very plain. Andi, the colors don't speak for themselves. So we need to add elements to make this mini look more interesting. Because the colors are not just enough. Let's start with this one. So among all the elements that we have here, we need to choose an element that will make this mini look fuller. That will be the highlight off the mini. And not it won't be just about the colors. So what I think is for this one a bridge would look very nice And it will just fill up the space here on the need on it will make it look fuller. And it looked like a mini bridge is the highlight off it. Similarly, if I go here, I can I can think off probably a cityscape here. I could draw cities, paint a cityscape on this one and probably a moon, so that will make it look fuller coming to this one, since the bottom purple color is a bit light. I think I can add a gate if I add a gate here, it will look fuller in the bottom, and we can probably add some trees or some twigs coming up, or some electric lines and birds sitting on top off it off. Just the gate will also do the effect, because this element as it is, is a bit bigger than other elements, like a cactus or the quick. So this is much fuller. Ah, fuller element. And if we add that here, it will just fill the space up. Even this one, as a matter of fact, is pretty simple backdrop because it just has yellow and orange. Sorry, yellow and green. Which is why I said I, I would feel this one up with foliage forest or few trees, pine trees or a foliage tree. Now let's talk about the backdrops which speak for themselves, for example, this one and this one and even these two. They speak for themselves because I have many colors in them and there is a lot off drama effect going on. For example, beautiful blooms are here on these. We can see that these backdrops are speaking for themselves under having their own character already, So we do not want to overwhelm these minutes by adding too much off elements in them. So what we will do is when there is a backdrop which is already nice and popping out and they're speaking for themselves will just add a few elements or minimal elements in them. For example, if I said this one, it's like, Ah, it's like a very cool night effect. It is black, dark at night and there was something in the bottom and it looks very misty, so I would probably just add one. Just add one single lamp either off either kind of just one lamp here in the corner on add some nice designs and details like how I have added here some different designs and details , just one lamp and since this is a dark night, are some stuffs and that's just enough because this mini already is. The background is already very Ah, nice and has some effects blooming effects going on, and it will just speak for itself on this one also has a very nice color mix going on. So what I would adhere is probably just one single mountain and some stars, because this looks like Northern light effect for me coming to this one. Even this has a beautiful bloom going on here and just looking at it. I just It just catches your eye. So I do not want to add some a large element into this on and fill the space up. Rather, I would just add a dry tree, maybe just one dry tree in the corner and just fills the space here, some dry trees and maybe a bird sitting on it. If not, maybe just some line small electric lines just going through. And that will just be enough because I want the sculler and the bloom to be seen in the money. And, uh, another one is this one. So this one has a nice red, orange and blue going on and some beautiful blooms over here, So I think I can add, and this also looks a bit dry. Does that kind of feeling for me have maybe desert in the night? So I would probably are one or tow cactus here, One or two captors here. And if it still looks a bit plane, probably at a moon, that that would be justice. Because I'm just loving the blooms that are going to. So I think I have spoken about how to add elements on what is my tor process on how to compose once we have the backgrounds and the elements ready, how to mix and match the elements and the backdrops. Let's do a quick recap. Any many background with greens can have elements related toe green in nature, like forest valley or twigs and plants. Any many background, which is simple and composed off minimal colors at fuller elements to it, like bridge gate cityscape, mountain range off forest. Any many background, which has many colors in them and looks interesting as it is, with blooms and layers at simple or minimal elements to them, like twigs, dry trees, small electric lines, streetlamp and cactus. You can add filters like sun moon stars, three brunch on birds to the sky if you feel it looks very empty or blank. Most important, these are just key points I follow. There is no too much or too less right or wrong when it comes to Minnie's feel free to makes combinations off elements on background and experiment. So let's get going 7. Final Project - backgrounds: Let's begin with our final project. We're going to paint six minutes in our final project, so I've divided my sheet off paper into six equal parts. I'm not using masking tape here because I like to have uneven edges for my minis, but if you like clean edges, please go ahead and use masking tape. I have made visible section using pencil because I do not want my minis to go wonky. So once my painting is complete, I'll here is the pencil marks and painting these minis a bit bigger than the size that I usually prefer toe paint in. This is keeping in mind that it's easier for demonstration purposes and much more clearer if I painted a bit bigger. So feel free to paint these minis at any size that you desire. My first mini background is off three colors, which is yellow, orange and opera pink. If you do not have opera pink, you can go with crimson or any other shade off pink that you have. I hope it makes sense now that the margin, which I drew with a pencil, helps me toe decide the area within which I need to paint. So that all my many backgrounds are evenly sized on. They are were tickly aligned and not wonky. Let's go ahead and paint all the background first, and I have the elements later on. As you can see, I don't want toe. Add just multiple flight layers off colors. Make some random shapes when you're mixing color for the background. Since the color for this mini already has a nice blue light and dark green, it gives me a very Foresti feeling. So I guess I'll make this one as a forest mini. So for which I would like to add some distant trees when the paper is still wet. To add some perspective, Soto make thes trees. I led some dark blue to the green toe, get their darker shade and make some tree like structure when the paper is still wet later on, once the paper drives will add the silhouette off darker trees and other elements. Painting fine shaped structure, as we have seen in the elements. Demo. Moving on to the third mini, using my absolute favorite combination pink and purple. After adding a nice layer off pink and purple, wipe your brush clean, take some clean water because we're going to make some nice bleeds and get a very misty effect in this mini painting, the lower section with green probably we can do a meadow. Let's try some wet on with and get the northern light effect. Once you have with the idea, take some light green color and make these were tickle strokes to depict the northern light . Make sure that the green is not too dark because we want to accentuate the light green color. Once we paint their dark blue around it, the greens off the northern lights need not follow the same direction and shape that I have painted here. They can also be painted horizontally so you can feel free and paint the direction that you choose before the paper dries. Load your brush with some dark blue and filled the white space around the green light with the blue. I'm just feeling the rest off the section with dark blue. We can add some elements there later on. Since my paper is still wet, I'll add some dark blue around the northern lights. If your paper has already dried off, leave it as it is. Also, I'm going to show some horizontal lines off northern lights that I was talking about. But this is just for demonstration purpose. You need not paint this in your final project. This is just to show you guys adding some highlights and darkening the northern lights. But if your paper has already dried off, you need not do this and just leave it as it is. I will be using an AR combination for this one, which is yellow. Purple, followed by pink. Just makes the colors that you think will go along well together. First, paint all the backgrounds and then maybe think later. What elements will best suit those blocks? That's what makes many so fun. You don't really have to stress about what you're really going to paint in each of these blocks. I'm mixing these colors with random brush strokes on the paper so that they look a bit more uncharacteristic and just not some simple strokes off lines. And our last one will be a simple combination off dark blue, light blue and light pink. With this, we're done with all the six backgrounds off this final project 8. Final Project - adding elements: here is the sheet, with elements for our minis that be listed and practiced in one off the previous section. We will keep it by our side and decide what to paint on the background. Blocks will be using fine tape rushes to paint the elements. I think cactus will look good for our first block. Let's get painting. We'll paint some dunes with an orange darker than the background, which is a mix off orange and pink, adding some warping to my previous mix to get a darker shade to paint another overlapping doom. Since the background here is mostly off orange hue, I will paint the characters in dark brown, maroon ish Hello. Even black will look good here, a mixing dark brown to our previous mix to get a brown complementing the background. I always like to mix a danger off background color while making our darker shade, because I think it makes the darker color blend well with the background and not look like an organ out painting the characters as we practiced in our element section. Hence I'm speeding it up a bit. - Sky looks a little blank, you so let's add a son and a bird will paint the sun with yellow on bird with the same dark brown mixture that we have used for the cactus. Just a tiny son would do. You can always fill in the blank sky with sun or moon stars, birds and any flying objects like airplane kites, adding a second layer off pained toe. The second doom to make it look darker, so done with the 1st 1 wasn't that simple now for the 2nd 1 since while painting the background, we had decided to paint a forest. Here, you can choose any kind of tree from the element sheet Ah, foliage tree or a coconut tree or a pine tree or just a dry tree. Branches, which is the easiest one, mixing the light green from the background color with some dark blue to get a nice dark green. So let's paint a pine forest Here. You can also go through my YouTube tutorial to pain Different Pines reference link, for which I have attached at this point, - adding some more blue toe the previous screen makes to get a darker shade off green will be painting few more trees with this darker mix. This gives step to your three bunch moving on to the next one. Let's add some twigs to it. We can choose any from the element sheet or even mixed two kinds. Or just paint some grasses and Twix. I will be using the same green mix from the previous mini. Here I'll be painting some very simple tall grass and some buds. Make sure you don't paint the grass in just one direction. Have a loose and easy brushstroke. See to it that they are wavy and flow in all the directions, adding some light green twigs. I feel the sky looks a bit plane here on this looks like a cool, breezy night, so let's add a moon and some stars. I'm using concentrated white water color here. You can also use gosh or poster colors, or even why gel pen to make the moon and stars at as many stars as you like. And we're done with the third mini for the 4th 1 Let's add Mountain. I'll paint the second kind from the element sheet. I will be painting the mountain with dark blue color. I have not sketched the mountain, but you can't have a light sketch if that helps you, yes, fixing some black toe the blue to get a darker color. I'll be using this to paint the mountain ridges. You can also paint this mountain without the richest or even the multi layered mountain would look very nice with this, since the team off this mini was pretty decided. Toby one off Northern Lights will add some stars to it, adding some highlight to the mountain ridges but black and done with the 4th 1 starting with the fifth mini. Let's add a bridge to it. We'll be painting the exact same second bridge from the element sheet. I'm drawing a rough outline off the bridge as there are many lines in this bridge, and I don't want to mess it up, mixing the purple that I used to paint the background with the tinge off black to get a dark, deep purple. And I'll be using this to paint the bridge for me. The precision off the lines do not matter when it comes to a mini, as long as they are clean and meat, which is why I do the Freehand sketch and I'm just following that thing is a pretty simple one. Once you have got your rough sketch, just fill in the colors, painting in some waves and water by filling in with a light. Make sure off purple and leave some white space in between. We can add a son or some flying birds here, but since the bridge is quite prominent, I leave it as it is. And here we are done with the 51 Let's finish the last mini by adding two elements to it. A cityscape building on a street lamp as discussed while practicing elements will be painting the first layer off building with a very diluted mix off pink and purple, followed by the dark buildings with dark purple and blue on black. - Wait for the first layer off buildings to dry, then pain the next layer on top ofit. Taking a dark comics on, making the second layer off building of a tackle, - mixing some dark blue to the purple to get a bluish purple for the third layer off my buildings. Wait for the second layer to dry and then go ahead with the third layer. - Do adding another layer off dark blue on top off the third layer to make the buildings even more DACA. Now let's add a lamp to the space in the right, content, mixing blue and black in the ratio off. Twist one to paint the lamp. I'm going to paint the lamb directly without any sketch. You can always have a rough sketch before painting so that it helps you paint the window using the same Dhakal a mix. Now I'll add a full moon using white paint. Add some stars and we're done with this one. 9. Final Project - detailing: Now that the first layer off paint has dried, let's add some detailing, mixing a bit off black to brown. Using this color, I'd highlight toe the characters just on its right side to show some shadow. - Also adding some tiny baby cactus Ross um, faint outlines the jelly roll pen. If you don't have a genital ben, you can always substitute date with quash or concentrated white water color or post the color. These white lines need not be dark hard lines. These are just to portray shadow, so draw them faintly. Are in a dotted manner. I'm highlight opines, that can random branches off these pine trees with a color off green mixed with black. This adds some depth to it back in the stars very ever necessary, and also add faint line with white to the ridges off the mountain. Now take some clean water in a tiny brush on blend that white faint line with underlying color so that this why doesn't look too bride or pops out in your money some white lines to highlight the water. Since my paper textured is rough, the daughter faint lines come naturally on the paper. Also, try not to press depend too hard so that you get a very 10 faint line on the paper. Let's add highlights to the windows. What I do here is marked the windows off the darker building with white so that the windows pop out. Since the light buildings already have windows in black, it doesn't need any highlighting. Assuming that the streetlight is made out of metal, we depict shiny part off the street light with some white line on the rims on corners. You don't have to put too much thought into it. You can just outline few alternative parts with white that will also do the trick. My moon looks a bit dull, so darkening the white with squash, adding some stars, and we are done here. Ah, final project is done, and all the minis already. Now I will erase the pencil borders that I had marked earlier in the beginning off the project 10. Bonus class- minis with pastel: thank you for staying tuned to my class. Still now hope you guys enjoyed so far to treat you with something extra for such diligence . Here are two minis with pistols, but wait, If you thinking that you don't have pay still colors than Fred, not I'll show you how to mix colors to make your own pace Still shades on that pickle. It's pretty simple to make basil colors. Really. All you need to do is mix white toe the color off, which you need a pistol shaped example. If you need a pistol yellow mix yellow and white in the ratio off. Two is 21 with two parts off yellow and one part off white. But initially you might need some trial and error to get the issue and the colors right. So here I was, aiming for a color, which was more off a blue yet with a greenish tinge. So when I mixed a bit off right to it, I realized that it's not the color that I needed, so I added some more blue. Before you do your final painting, I would suggest you guys to do such color mixing practice and swatches this will help you understand the color ratio you need for your desired pay. Still, shade here is a trial on creating paste Alter Course. First, I mixed I blue and light green to get that turquoise color. Once I have that acquires, I need I add white to it to bring out its based all shade. You see the difference. You can add some more white to lighten the tone, so at just the saturation off, your pay still shade with the amount off right. You mix into it, however, for our final painting will be using just simple mix off one color on Dwight. I'm preparing my white color mixed, which I'll be adding colors to get some pistol shades. To me, this pistol makes is not dark enough, so I'll be adding more green to it and make it darker. As you can see, I'm adjusting the tone off my pistol colors by adding more pain. Toe the mix. Now that we have all our mix is ready. We are good to go. I have based all yellow, pink, blue, turquoise and dark green ready. I will use wet on wet technique here for the 1st 1 with some random stroke off colors to get a very colorful on dramatic backdrop, with blue, yellow and pink based all colors that I have just mixed using paint directly from the pan for the lower section off the spread to get a bit darker. Grady int at the bottom, moving on to the next one. We're painting the backdrop. Fit mountain valleys. First layer will be with the pistol colors we just mixed, on top of which will add breast strokes off dark green straight from the pan in the shape off mountain valleys. Clean your brush and add some blue to the sky, - adding some strokes with dark blue on top to get some dramatic sky effect. Now that we have painted the first layer, let's adds a mountain valleys with dark green. Load your brush with light green on add lines under the doctor in Valley you just painted toe at some variation, and we're done without based ill backdrops. You can add some clouds if you wish to, but it's purely optional to learn in detail on how to paint the clouds, you can check out the bonus class section off my dramatic Sky Skill share class Let's add some element. We'll be adding a gate similar to the first kid from the reference sheet, but with the pattern as that off the second gate on a lamp on top off the compound. Since the main color off the background is pink, I'll paint the gate in dark pink or purplish pink color. As mentioned in my earlier section. The element is to be painted with dark color, complementing the background. We can also paint the gate with dark green to complement the yellow that is present in the sky. This will look equally nice. I'm painting most off the Gate Freehand. You can have some basic sketch on top off your background to maintain the symmetry, and if you find it difficult to paint freehand and then once you have your sketch, you can paint on top off it, totally up to your preference. I have sketched out the shape off the gate and compound so that it's easy for me to follow , - adding some texture and pattern here. As you can see, my lights are not necessarily straight, and I don't mind them like that. But if you like straight lines, do draw a sketch on your background using the scale and paint on top of it have darkened some random rails with purple. Now let's add this pattern on the gate. I'll be using a smaller brush for the detailing. Since we're going to follow the same pattern for upper half off the gate, I'll be speeding up the video a little bit from, uh, I would like to repeat myself again here and ask you guys to add your own detailing and patterns and designs to your elements. That's the fun with these minis. Let's add some simple lamps on the compound. Let's make some brown to pay some dry tree trunks in the corner off our mini I will just add some simple tree trunks and not overdo it with a lot off branches. Alternatively, you can skip the tree trunks and just at some birds or any other element that you see fit here like an electric line and some birds sitting on it, or a son, a moon, anything that you find fit, adding that curly pattern that I love so much under I keep adding everywhere. On with this, we're done with the gate for the 2nd 1 Let's add an electric pole and some lines on tiny birds sitting on top of thes electric lines. This one's going to be a real simple one. Will be painting the elements with just black again, I'll be painting Freehand. Have a light sketch off the element if you need to amusing rigger brush to paint the electric lines. If it's not available to you, you can use any 10 brush or use black fine liner. - Yeah , - adding some tiny birds, - adding some mood birds flying around, and we're done with this one as well. Here comes my favorite part removing the masking tape. Let's at some detailing some tiny bulbs into our lamps. Some highlights on the lamp and the gate with fine liner. Applying the same concept as before, for lamps will at the shine on the gate by adding white highlights on it. Some highlights on the electric line, and we're done with our bonus section. I hope you guys enjoyed 11. Conclusion: I hope you guys enjoyed the class with reference element. Sheet handy makes your favorite color to make a lovely background for your meanings on our elements. To it. That's all it takes. Don't forget to let loose and have fun. You need not stick to the background than element combinations that I have done in the class. Go ahead and make your own combinations. I'm sure you'll come up with great ones. Here are some other many paintings off mine toe Help you kick. Start with your own creative minis. If you enjoyed my class, please to leave a review on Do not forget to rate the class. Thank you for choosing toe watch and learn from my skill share, looking forward to see your class projects on your lovely watercolor minis. But by