Watercolor Meets Surface Pattern Design

Jenn Coyle, Skillshare Teacher, Designer, Illustrator

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11 Videos (48m)
    • Intro to Watercolor and Surface Pattern Design

    • Gathering Materials

    • Motif Brainstorm

    • Drawing

    • Painting with Watercolor

    • Digitizing and Vectorizing Your Motifs

    • Illustrator Basics for Surface Pattern Design

    • Basic Repeating Pattern Types

    • Creating Repeating Patterns in Illustrator 1

    • Creating Repeating Patterns in Illustrator 2

    • Thanks! Remember to Upload Your Project!


About This Class

Follow along with designer and illustrator Jenn Coyle of Hello Brio as she creates seamless repeating patterns with a watercolor touch. Interested in watercolor? Interested in surface pattern design? This course is perfect for you! You will learn the basics of digitizing and vectorizing watercolor and creating repeating patterns with a beautiful handmade look in Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. Have fun with your pattern motifs: branch outside of florals and nature and make silly patterns with things like breakfast foods, robots, monsters, or whatever your heart desires! By the end, you’ll have a unique surface pattern design or a suite of designs to add to your portfolio.

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I kept missing the command to send the rectangle to the back (I though it was CRTL + V, and not CTRL + B. whoops.), but this process was so much easier than I anticipated! I hope to make more patterns in the future using these simple tips.
Lots of great tips and illustrator shortcuts for making surface patterns! Very easy to follow and fun too!
Yes! Clear step by step instruction. Great bridge between traditional and digital media.
Jean Ruth

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Jenn Coyle

Skillshare Teacher, Designer, Illustrator

I'm Jenn Coyle, a Philadelphia-based designer, illustrator, and blogger. INFJ.

I live for funky-cute illustration styles and have a passion for typography. Follow along with my tutorials on HelloBrio.com to learn about digital illustration, or take my Skillshare classes.

Fun facts: I have a degree in Interior Design; I don't use it. I'm mildly allergic to peanuts. I play the ukulele. Fueled by burritos and pizza. I've watched The Office at least 4x through. Things that rock my socks: beer, brunch, pens, puppies, and indie music and films.