Watercolor Manga Portraits #3 - Black Forest Fairy [ with COLORING PAGE] | Watercolour Witch Eliza | Skillshare

Watercolor Manga Portraits #3 - Black Forest Fairy [ with COLORING PAGE]

Watercolour Witch Eliza, create art that sells

Watercolor Manga Portraits #3 - Black Forest Fairy [ with COLORING PAGE]

Watercolour Witch Eliza, create art that sells

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17 Lessons (46m)
    • 1. Class intro and GIVEAWAY info

    • 2. Tools

    • 3. Tracing the Line Art Template

    • 4. Inking the Lines

    • 5. Applying the Masking Tape

    • 6. Painting the Background - Base Layer

    • 7. Painting the Hair

    • 8. Painting the Skin - Base Layer

    • 9. Painting the Background Trees

    • 10. Painting the Flowers

    • 11. Painting the Skin - Second Layer ( Part 1 )

    • 12. Painting the Skin - Second Layer ( Part 2 )

    • 13. Painting the Jewels

    • 14. Make Your Portrait More Outstanding!

    • 15. Bonus Lesson - Behind the Scenes

    • 16. Your Class Project

    • 17. Do You Want a Gift?

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About This Class


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Overcome the challenges of watercolor portraits and take control of your painting!

…The place is HERE, and the time is NOW!

If painting the human portrait is a challenge or mystery, then come learn Fail-Proof yet Simple Techniques in a class offered by an illustrator and watercolor art teacher: Eliza, the Watercolour Witch.

She has taught more than 6000 students all over the world on how to watercolor the easy way and will be sharing her secrets to painting facial features and skin tones to capture the likeness of your subject.

In this painting class, Eliza have made the entire process easy. That means…

  • You won’t be learning how to draw a portrait. You will have a line art template ready, so all you do is color the line art into the finished painting.
  • The portrait you will paint won’t be in realistic style but in Eliza’s signature style. So, if you like her artworks, you can learn her techniques on how to paint portraits like hers.

This class will combine instructions, demonstrations, and discussion!

This class is perfect for Beginners (even if you’ve never handled a brush before) and Experienced Artists (who can pick up some new techniques).


I’m sure by now you must have guessed what we will be painting in this watercolor portrait class. And if you guessed “a magical being that lives in the forest,” then you are absolutely correct!

Since childhood Eliza was interested in folklore and magical things, so that’s why she decided to paint this faery-like creature and teach you how to paint it too.

This fairy in the painting is a wood wife and according to Germanic mythology, wood wives are a class of fairy people who inhabit the forests of Germany and Scandinavia.

Wood wives are generally gentle and helpful to humans who happen to pass through the forest. They may show lost travelers the way out or teach what herbs to use to treat sickness.

If you take the class, you can upload your fairy painting so Eliza can give you support if you got stuck during the painting process. You can as well ask Eliza anything that’s related to the painting process.



In the class Eliza is going to talk about:

  • How to paint this forest fairy from line art to finish.
  • How to mix skin color with just a basic color pallette.
  • How to create colorful hair.
  • How to create an effortless monochrome forest background.
  • Techniques which will make your portrait more outstanding.

And much more...

Moreover you can discover and practice basic inking techniques with Eliza.

While in other classes you need to sketch the project yourself, in this beginner-friendly class a downloadable line art template (coloring page) is included, which takes away the stress of having to produce a sketch before the painting.

What more could you ask for? Enroll in the class now!


Class credits: 

All right reserved to © Eliza Stolmar ( Watercolour Witch)

I used Movavi video editor for editing the class

Fonts used: Lora and Playlist

Music used for tracing the line art onto watercolor paper lesson: Coy koi by Anonymus ( https://freepd.com/world.php )

Class intro music:   Blacksmith by Alexander Nakarada (http://www.serpentsoundstudios.com) Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 4.0 License http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/

Meet Your Teacher

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Watercolour Witch Eliza

create art that sells



Watch my video if you want to know how to become a successful watercolorist: 


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1. Class intro and GIVEAWAY info: If painting a voter color portrait is a challenge or mystery, then come learn my fair proof yet simple techniques. Hi, I'm Eliza. The voter cholera, which I've thought more than 6000 art students all around the globe on how the watercolor with ease in this class, we are going to learn about how to paint this fair report rate. This class is perfect for beginners. Even if you have never handled the brash before and others, Tartus can pick up new techniques as well. In this class, you won't be learning how to draw a portrayed because you will have a liner template ready . So all you need to do is to color this line our template in tow, the finished painting in the class. You are going to learn how to paint this forest very from liner toe finish, how to make skin colors with just a basic color palette. How to create colorful hair and then effortless monochrome for s background and other painting techniques which will make your port rates more outstanding. Vile. In other classes, you need to sketch the project yourself in this beginner friendly class, a downloadable Einar template, the coloring pages included, which takes away the stress off having to produce a sketch before the painting. What more could you ask for a role in the class now? 2. Tools: who was for this painting, you would need the Leinart printed out atik voter color paper ajar off water, voter color pains, watercolor brushes, a big van for the backgrounds and smaller Vance for the finer details. A masking tape, black voter proof pans. In addition, you can use a black pass here and vied Gordon or C ever Japan's. 3. Tracing the Line Art Template: tracing the lines. First, put the Leinart facing towards the voter color paper. They them together so the papers won't slide where you trace with your pants. Here goto a bright, sunny window and put the papers on the glass. With the voter polar paper facing towards us, can you see the lines shining through the voter color paper? Now all you need to do is to trace the Leinart feet capacity for victory drink pants here. 4. Inking the Lines: inking the lines for inking the lines. I use micron sakura, waterproof black pans vie voter Cruyff pans because I don't want the voter close to smudge , my lines thirst off all. Please be sure toe there I the size off the pans. For the smaller details, you should use a tener pan size one. Size too, is either. For the other parts, you may want to use bigger sizes like size five or even a size eight man. Don't forget to rotate your paper. Why you are in King so that you can work in a comfortable hand position and last but not least, focus on your briefing. Try to stay relaxed and warm up your muscles before you are thinking, and most importantly, that you draw a stroke cry to drawing it while you are exhaling. Trust me, This mattered will help. You drove smooth for lines, so now that we are finished inking out the lines, let's move on to the final details on the flower Petters. I drove tiny strokes starting from the top, pointing towards the centre vile. I also draw tiny lines from the center, pointing towards the top off the petters. I tried to leave the middle area off the petal empty. I repeat the same process on each and every patters. - Can you see the flower became more Freedy because I added that toe the patters with my inclines . So I repeat it on every flower off the ref. Then I in the crystals outlines and I at tiny fest inclines on the Krista. I move on to the eyes. I outline her eye and add the last. She's the secret off. Drawing the lashes is that they are not a flat line, but they are curved, like the letter C. Be sure to add volume to the upper eyelashes because that's what we're made. The fairy more feminine and enchanting. - Where you are finished, your line drawing should look something similar like this. 5. Applying the Masking Tape: using the masking tape for this painting. I'm going to use a masking tape because I want to prevent my paper tobacco lab because off the voter first I saw my paper for run two minutes in voter. Then I take my moisten paper onto my drawing board. The reason why I would suggest you to using masking tape is actually the forest background we are going to paint. Were be really vet. We are going to use much, much water and without the hap off the masking tape, our voter color paper would probably buckle up because off the lot off voter All right, we are finished. Let's start painting. 6. Painting the Background - Base Layer: painting the background. Basically, your so first I'm going to practice with the colors off the background. We are going to use all the van color black for the forest. Here I started dark black, a minimal amount off water with a lot of black pigments. As I add more and more voter, you can see how the black faiths into Gray's. I would advise you to create a practice sheet with the various shades off. The blacks go from the darkest toe, the lightest color. Our base layer is going to be alive gray, so I start with a light gray lots off water. We just a bit of black paint. I covered the whole background with this gray color. When you are finished, lead the background layer completely dry. 7. Painting the Hair: painting the hair. I start with a bright yellow at the bottom of toe hair. I use my big voter color brush, and I'm painting with lose vertical strokes from the bottom to the top. I pain the yellows up until the height off her shoulders and her neck. Then I continue with a bright orange color. I blended of avid, the yellows I pain. The oranges happened here, the height off her nose. Then I can t new with a purple color. I painted until it reached the floor of ref. I used a smaller brush around the flowers. I blend the Perper with the oranges. I add more oranges and yellows. He render to intensify the colors. - I paint some hair strands with the orange. I paint the top off the head with purple color. Again, I use a smaller brush to paint around the flowers. I paint some hair strands with purple. I just follow the ink outline. When I painted the hair strands where you are finished, let it completely dry 8. Painting the Skin - Base Layer: painting the skin base layer for painting the skin. You can use either premix skin colors like wrong oaks neighbors yellow, red or you can mix it on your own. You can mix it by combining red with Oakar pains. The ways layer should be a light flesh color, So if you're mixes too dark, please add voter until it become pale and light. I covered the whole area off the skin with this color except the eyes. - When you are finished, let it completely dry. 9. Painting the Background Trees : painting the trees, I speeded up the video first. I start with the trees that are the far artist of A. I used a light gray color, not the slide as our first layer bus, but definitely not as dark as a black color. I paint some off the trees with these gray color I pain branches and little twigs don't go into painting. The details TheStreet are only just silhouettes. Next, I paint the other trees with a darker gray, as thes threes are more closer to the foreground. Davia be darker than the trees we painted before. Finally, I paint the trees that are the closest to us. I used a dark black paint for them. Here you can add the beat. More details for the trees. Beat more intrigues and branches. But don't forget it. Just see through it so you don't need Toby too detailed for these black. I use a lot off pigment and the minimal amount of water. Don't forget to use your great color chart for reference and also notice the overlaps. The trees in the foreground will overlap. The trees that are farther of a where you are finished let it completely dry 10. Painting the Flowers: painting the flowers. I paint like blue loosely on the petters, leaving fight areas on the flowers. Then I put some violets in the centre off the flowers. Not too much. Just a hint off Violet is enough. I paint the leaves and stems with a bright green color. You can mix it by adding yellow to your green pains. When you are finished, let it completely dry. 11. Painting the Skin - Second Layer ( Part 1 ): painting the skin second layer. I use the same flesh color as in the first layer. The only difference is that when I mix the red with the Oakar, I add less water in the mix so this color will be more vibrant and dark. I paint the shadow under her chin. Imagine that the light source is coming from the top, so her chin blocks of aid alive from the area under her chin. Thus, I pain shadows. Here are you are so pain shadows on the sides, off her necks and under her necklaces and clap because again, the light comes from the top. - I paint shadows or her shorter's, then beat a clean brush dipped in water. I blend the hard edges off the shadows. I paint a bit off shadows on the chest area and at the arm. Pete, I paint a bit off red on her, shorter so that her skin tone won't be the dull and boring. Let's move on to the face. I paint shadows under her bottom lip and under her nose. I also paint shadows between her eyes and grows, and on the side of her face, I blend the shadows edges with a clean brush dipped in voter. I paint shadows on her forehead under the flowers, the moon and the sides off her forehead. Then I blend the shadows with a brush dipped in voter. - I move into the nose. 12. Painting the Skin - Second Layer ( Part 2 ): So let's that create the bridge of the nose. Withdrawing to curved lines on the sides off the arch of the nose. I'm leaving a brighter area on the top off the nose and painting some shadows on the in Austria's and under her nose. I paint a bit more colors on the sides off her nose. I put a bit more shadows on the sides off her face. Then I blend the edges with the brush dipped in clean water. I started to create her blush by adding brownish red on her cheeks. - I paint her brows, wheat brown. I paint her eyes with yellow and let it dry until it's dry. I go to the lips and I pain the leaps we tread on the bottom lip. I leave some empty areas as some kind off a lip gloss. Now that her eyes dried, I paint a bit off green on the borders. If it's too much color, you can always move up the excess pigment with the paper Tabar. I paint her eyelids. We Clyde thread. If the color is too intense, you can open a bit paper Tabar. Then I blend the heart that just beat a clean brush dipped in voter. There you are finished. Let it completely dry 13. Painting the Jewels: painting the jewelers for the jurors. I'm going to use up green and light blue paint. We delight blue. I paint here and there, and then I add the green to the empty areas. I meet them together, a beat. Then I continue with the dark blue. I add some blue dots toe the Christa for her other necklace. I used yellow and orange pains yellow for the bays. Then I add orange dots for the moon I'm using in Gordon J. A pan. But a Gordon acrylic or voter color paint can do the job, too. Finally, I add yellow to the Krista to make it more vibrant. 14. Make Your Portrait More Outstanding!: make your portrayed more outstanding. Using Japanese can be a nice extra touch for your poor traits I used by J Open for drawing the highlights. I dro highlights on her nose, and though her bottom lips you can throw you drops off her eyelashes me to see ever Japan, and you can highlight the Afghans off the crease. Stop me to see ever. I also draw the outlines off the trees with C ever. You can see it in the video, but in reality it shimmers beautifully in the sunshine. You can strengthen our kinds off the hair and her face with a black pants CIA. - I drew some hair strands with Gordon Japan. Then I carefully tear the masking tape off off the painting. I drove some freckles on her cheeks with a Bordeaux pants here. Now that we are finished, let's see how it shimmers in the sunshine. Isn't it pretty? 15. Bonus Lesson - Behind the Scenes: behind the scenes. In this lesson, I'm going to show you what color choices and composition error was. I've followed when I created this fairy portrait. Now, first of all, this is a fairy. Or rather, it's a food by ferry. A food by ferry is a type of fairy who lives in the deep forests. According to the German and Scandinavia Metal Ogi. This book by Fair Reserve, actually benevolent fairy fogs. They returned the favor. So if you are nice to them, according to the legends, they are returning your kindness. They teach you how toe yourself it herbs or they give you great coins and so on. So for this very I didn't want toe give too much, very personality traits like this huge point years or anything, as that can make you sure that it's not a mere mortal but the ferry. The reason by I try to conceal its very nature is that in legends, it's always the protagonist of the story is a beautiful woman or girl who later on revealed that she's a fairy. So that's why I don't want to make it to copious that it's a fairy, but I want to give some hints that it's not just a mere mortal. So my Heene's are these flora crone, because it's known that this food vibes are no oh, the herbs and flowers in the forest. And there are other like legends, which are saying that there were rude Vives, who gave the food cater's this mood and chips on. Then, later on, these food chips turned out to be Gordon coins, and here is the golden coin on the lack place. One soul. I tilted her head because if her had would be the straight, it would be dial composition. But we didn't think her head. It gave the world trade a bit off cheekiness, playfulness and spilling over. Very folks are cheeky and play for beings. Also, I gave her a slight off little smile or her face, and this is also for a hand single or tow strength and this cheeky play for nature off hers . Now let's talk about the color Chopper sees if you notice there is a huge contras between the background for us and the character, the background for us is small, a chrome. It's full off graze dark blacks. It's a dire, boring background viol in Contras. The portrait is full off colors, very vivid, very vibrant colors. Why I did that. I wanted to push the viewers attention, toe the ferry itself. So from these boring background, you're either, for instance, in jump on the character itself. That's why I choose those colors now. Another important thing is the scheme. I mixed her scheme with two colors written Oakar color and Vitter red. But if you don't want to struggle with color mixing, there's another good choice. These Vanga Oaks neighbors. Yellow red paint. It's a voter color paint, and it's very good for, um, painting skin color. I really like it. I really would recommend you to use it if you don't want to. Makes the skin by yourself. The hair is made of free colors. First the yellow and this yellow istan Petersburg right nights Hansa yellow color, then the yellow turning toe orange, Wasel, Sant Petersburg orange Lee Color. And then it turned to purple at the top. It's actually sent earlier. Scuba violet color the flowers. They are from the same purpose and layers combat violet and also from blue. This blue is shrinking as horrid, um, Khobar, Turkey's blue color and also a bit off May green from Lucas. All right, that's a door 16. Your Class Project: your class Project Congress. You are finished watching this class. So now all you need to do is painting along with me. Your class project is to paint this very portrayed after me. If you have any questions regarding the painting process, please feel free to ask me in the community section I'm more than happy to help you or so please don't forget toe upload your class project in the project gallery s for so that I can see eat. Thanks for watching. 17. Do You Want a Gift?: Thanks for watching this class as a token off my gratitude. Let me give you some gift. Instantly downloadable liner templates, voter cool related articles, toe upgrade, your scares, my secret, our tips and tricks. All the handpicked people know about free access. Toe all the scale. Share coloring crosses for 60 days and much, much more or you need to do is sign up to my newsletter toe. I'll lock your gifts.