Watercolor Manga Portraits #2 - Pisces Dreamer [DOWNLOADABLE ART TEMPLATE] | Watercolour Witch Eliza | Skillshare

Watercolor Manga Portraits #2 - Pisces Dreamer [DOWNLOADABLE ART TEMPLATE]

Watercolour Witch Eliza

Watercolor Manga Portraits #2 - Pisces Dreamer [DOWNLOADABLE ART TEMPLATE]

Watercolour Witch Eliza

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11 Lessons (27m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Tools

    • 3. Tracing the lines

    • 4. Inking the lines

    • 5. Skin

    • 6. Crystals

    • 7. Moon

    • 8. Background

    • 9. Hair

    • 10. Extra touches

    • 11. Do You Want a Gift?

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About This Class

Do you want to learn how to paint this?


In this class you will get to know how I painted:

  • those flowy hairs
  • the green crystals
  • the splattering effect int he background

… and many more watercolor tricks.


This class is suitable for beginners and for intermediate watercolorists whose aim is to learn portrait painting in a fun and easy way.

 I provided a downloadable line art template, so you don’t need to worry about how to draw this. All you need to do is enjoying the paintinng process!

So what are you waiting for?

Enroll in the class and paint with me!


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Connect with me on: 

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/watercolourwitch

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/watercolour_witch/

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCug9Sgonz6UbWiaMpCwBnXA?view_as=subscriber

Meet Your Teacher


Watch my video if you want to know how to become a successful watercolorist: 


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1. Introduction: Do you want to learn how to paint this? Hi, I'm Eliza, the voter Cholera Bridge. I'm now served more than 4000 voter. Call our students. And guess what if they could learn how to paint it? I bet you can do it too. In this class you will get to know how I painted those flowing hairs. The green crease stars the spluttering effect in the background and many more voter color tricks. This class is suitable for beginners. Toe intermediate water colorists whose aim is to learn portrait painting in a family. I provided the downloadable line act in the class. Resource is so you don't need to worry about the drawing. Just enjoy the painting process. So what are you waiting for? See you in the class. Yes. Please don't forget to follow me here on scare share so that you will be always notified about my upcoming voter color freebies and gift 2. Tools: doers. For this painting, you would need to print out the Leinart a tick watercolor paper masking tape to stretch the paper Buiter proof black pans or inks the shadow for water, water, color paint, watercolor brushes, a big round rash and the smaller brash for the details optionally asi ever j happened for the embellishment. 3. Tracing the lines: tracing the lines. First, put the Leinart facing towards the voter color paper. They them together so the papers won't slide where you trace with your pants. Here goto a bright, sunny window and put the papers on the glass. With the voter polar paper facing towards us, can you see the lines shining through the voter color paper? Now all you need to do is to trace the Leinart feet capacity for victory drink pants here. 4. Inking the lines: inking the lines for inking the lines. I use micron sakura waterproof black pans vie voter Cruyff pans because I don't want the voter polos to smudge my lines. First off, all please be sure to wear eye. The size off depends for the smaller details. You should use a tener pan size one. Size too is either for the other parts. You may want to use bigger sizes like size five or even besides, eight man, don't forget to rotate your paper Why you are in king so that you can work in a comfortable hand position and last but not least, focus on your briefing. Try to stay relaxed and warm up your muscles before you are thinking. And most importantly, that you draw a stroke cry to drawing it while you are exhaling. Trust me, this mattered will help You drove smooth for lines. All right, that's it all. I'm speeding up the video to finish up the inking. See you in the next video where I will explain how to color your Leinart 5. Skin: painting the skin first, I makes a skin color from poker and dread. I had voter toe the mix until I got a light, peachy toe. You paint the color evenly on the face and the body. You only leave the eyes blank. When you are done, let it completely dry. Second layer again. I'm using Oakar and dread but less water in the mix. As I went this color mix to be more intense, I will use this color for the shadows on the skin. I put the shadow under the chin and on the side, off the neck. I follow with the side off her shoulder, clear your brash and soft in the shadow. Here, my brash doesn't contain pigment. It's just that with clean water. Now I do the same on the arms I put Big went on the sides off the arms, and then I'm done. I clean my brush in water and blending the edge off the shadows. Six. On the face. I pain the pigment on the side, off the face, around the eyes and on her forehead. I pick up excess water with the paper Tabar. I blend the shadows as usual. I put shadows on the nose and under the leap. I think the lips be tread. Then I paint shadows on the hand side and on the fingers. Blend them with a vet clean brush. I repeat the process. On the other hand, I put some extra colors on the hand. Finally, I think the shadows with the tiny beetle. Fred, I used the red on the fingers and around the joints like the Abou and the shoulders. Okay, I also use the red as a blush on the cheeks. ValueAct finished, let it completely dry. 6. Crystals: painting the Kristers. I start with sub green on the top of the crystals. Then I can t new we Clyde blue on blended well with the greens on the bottom. I you start blue. I blended with the light blue. I repeat the process on the other, Krista's sub green on the top, light blue in the middle and dark blue at the bottom. If you are interested, I dedicated a whole quest on how to draw and paint voter color. Krista's in an easy and fun they you can find the class link in the description. 7. Moon: painting the moon. I start with a yellow color. I'm using some Petersburg Hansa yellow color. I covered the whole area with yellow. Then I add some orange pains on the outer edge off the moon. I blend the yellow and the orange. Well, it's an extra finishing touch. You may want to use metallic good watercolor pains. Here I use find a Coolio Gord color, but you can use other brands to, or you can skip this step completely. 8. Background: painting the background. Be sure to fix your paper to your drawing board with a masking tape. I use a big, round brash for the background, and I start with a vibrant yellow. I used some Petersburg Hansa yellow paint here. I carefully paying the yellow on the bottom. You may want to use a smaller brush around the line act I can't renew with an orange color. Uh, I painted until around the middle off the painting. I blended 12 with the yellows, then I can t new with a pinkish color. It's very pale, but I like its pastor color. It makes the painting more dreamy. Uh, I put some light violet colors and blended with the pinks. Finally, I add light blue on the top. Uh, I carefully blend everything and then led the pains completely dry, splattering after the paints tried. I did my brush into the purple paint and in tow, the voter as well, so that I have a very rotary purple, a color loaded up in my brush with the help off another brush. I pet my brush gently so that it can create those purpose platters splatter evenly around everything. But I'm careful not to splatter the person, only just the background. You may want to put a piece of paper on the person so that you can completely avoid splattering her. 9. Hair: painting the hair. I use a light purple color for the base layer off the hair. I'm painting curved flowy lines and I don't mind if some areas on the hair remains right. I continue to be the more vibrant purple I, following the outlines off the hair with my brush strokes again. I don't paint everything toe Perper. I leave some white areas. Then I paint something her sprints to. If there is an access pain, you can soak it up with the paper power. As usual, I followed the direction off the hair. Then I at some light violet as well as usual. I follow the direction off the hair with my brush strokes. I tried to remain in the purple pink, violet blue color range when I'm variety my colors When valley Eurest right eye glaze over it with another color, I jumped from one area to another so that the pain to have enough time to dry. Basically, that's how I bid up the hair structure. - As I'm going to finish, I start to use more intensive colors, so I use less water. But I use more pigments. Can you see those vibrant purple hair strands? They made the hair look more interesting. All right, There you are. Finished. Let it completely dry 10. Extra touches: extra touches. In this step, I use a silver metallic J a pan. I add embellishments here and there to the outlines off the Krista's. The sign on her hand or toe the hair strands Fear free to put that Natalie glow wherever you think it would look nice. You can't make a mistake with it. Any Berries? Can you see how shiny it is? All right, now you are really finished. This painting? I hope you enjoyed painting it with me. 11. Do You Want a Gift?: So now that you may then tear the last lesson you will have only wanting to do Please follow me here on scare share to get notified about my future classes on. Do you want a gift? Now that you watch the class and paint in the long with me, I think you really, really deserve a gift. So I would like to introduce you to my exclusive art newsletter. If you subscribe, you will instantly receive some off my am publish Leinart templates. Moreover, you will receive my top secret painting. Tips and advice is so what are you waiting for? Help to my profile page to subscribe and your lineup gives your immediate land right into your inbox.