Watercolor Mandala Dreamcatcher : Step by Step | Vinita | Skillshare

Watercolor Mandala Dreamcatcher : Step by Step

Vinita, That Crazy Doodler

Watercolor Mandala Dreamcatcher : Step by Step

Vinita, That Crazy Doodler

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8 Lessons (20m)
    • 1. Hello There!

    • 2. Materials Needed

    • 3. Dreamcatcher Design

    • 4. Final Project : Mandala Design

    • 5. Watercolor Basics

    • 6. Practising Backgrounds

    • 7. Final Project : Background

    • 8. Thank you and Beyond!

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About This Class

Hey everyone! Welcome to my second skillshare class. We take things forward from the first one where we learnt how to create a basic mandala and add in the magic of watercolors.

I hope you enjoy the class and try out some mandalas with fun backgrounds

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That Crazy Doodler


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1. Hello There!: everyone Amany. I'm just from India. My seconds good shape. That's so. The first class is all about the basics of banalities like grids, patterns and drawing a complete from start to finish. Now, this one, we go on no child, and we try something fun like this. Trying out the catcher design has been working background. So I needed in you to somebody six off watercolors or how to choose the guns and some frantic needs to try out for the background. I hope you enjoy this on crying. So you know, some private backgrounds create some simple dude. It's so I hope you have fun. It's not. 2. Materials Needed: So let's get started with the audience that would require for the project lead on the basic mandala stuff. Like like probably because we be raising the outlines Leader Reza a campus process, Time for reading and for pence I get We're going for a waterproof pigment basements here. Um, using a universal Unipol, you can use any friend that is water use. Just make sure that it's then for some highlights using the ball signage in greeny white. This is a an auction. If you don't want to go over the highlights, give me sight in my house. I think this creamy like them for people. Since we're going to use water colors, I would recommend using smooth textured water kind of people anything about 200 Jesus. Since we're going to apply in Washington, you don't want people to move because of that, so just use a port quality, smooth textured water about 200 years for brushes. You can go with any basic precious that you believe one plant brush to apply the water on one ground to brush toe crop so you don't need to go for professional because this is extensive watercolor class. Just be using this for the backgrounds. Indians. Any pressure here here amusing off because synthetic crush Zeist in singles for the colors . You don't need a professional great color, but I would recommend using it least amount of three colors and not the students. What overlooking Sydney's reckons? Because thes convene mood segment on there s a student great one baby feet over time or just off balance. So this one that I'm using its this water thes are available in here for once, that's like under $3. So anything, any artistry, watercolor. Then you leave to shoes to wipe off the excess water. I just don't want to lift clean water and want to wash. Wash the brush, so make sure you have jobs. And not just wonder, it is the water. It's muddy after some time, and you don't want to makes that woken. Didn't need asking toe. Fix your outlook. Now this is an offense trip. I like fixing my people through a surface. You don't wonder you could skip this. You need a palette to mix the colors and some sort. Is this one of predicting that he had made and that's it. These are my ideas they didn't need. We'll see in the next class way over the design of catches 3. Dreamcatcher Design: Let's go have some fun designed to bring catches. So this one I have so green catches are part of Native American culture. They use just productive jobs. Do you have a along with ribs on beads and friends? So this is a basic structural dreamcatcher nonlegal would have been. I just use a device interested? It's my explanation designed Just just live with this one, Did you? And way So the basic structure of our green vaginal reason This you have coming down, it'll a connecting spring have people. Then you have evidence, anything we here on a last longer so that would be a basic structure will be adding with these points. So we'll be working on this outline in other segments, people logic. So before we start without mandala, let's just practice. So since we're growing Dreamcatcher off, brothers will be freezing. So the normal shape would be like this. No, you can draw for those in a couple of these, so you can either have a simple feathers like this and he can just draw simple lines. You can also have a bit off bangu pattern in your presence. So for that you just need sections Layton's the neck and draw some something like this so you can fill it up with patents. One movie through it, ISS just fiddles and just finished up with a little bit off lying patterns. All cheating make you make your own Klein stock. It is just a rough sketch and doing obedience pattern, you know, finding things just to give you an idea of what type of weather so you can choose from one of these feathers. I'm let's get started. 4. Final Project : Mandala Design: So let's have I have my regret. He'll be here if you were looking under last. I'm going through my class when l a b 65. They have some media extends on. Great. Get some free downloadable prints. So that practice those battles. So if you are comfortable with just three least Thomas Post on create the outline for the federals on Dinkic. Let's start with fences. No. Okay, give. That's it. Now I'm this. So I usually school correct six indirectly with Venezuela. So I just go in and cause and that's we have a model. Ugly. Ready. Now let's somewhat 5. Watercolor Basics: the way the basics of watercolors. I'd like to start with the color beans quality, really something you must have learned in school. But we just quickly pressure because understanding color wheel is very important to create good wife. Bring backgrounds. So far, we have your primary colors, which is red, blue and yellow. Now these are the colors that cannot be created using any other color. So that's why they call the primary colors. When you mix two primary colors, you get the second regulars, and similarly, when you mix to second Nicholas, you get details. Particulars. So what this means is like if you mix blue and yellows, you get the green. You mix yellow and red Sima, get the orange and same way. If you mix red and blue, you get it open. So why understanding the color bill is supported us because when you're creating a background, you want a smooth, harmonious peace, not something which is very contrasting. Or, you know I would too powerful for the ice. So if you mix a yellow and purple, which are on the opposite side of the wheel, and hence they call the complementary colors if you make something like this in a wrong proportion. It might get end up being very muddy or not pleasing to the eyes, so make sure you're mixing the right colors. We try out a few combinations for you to understand which colors to choose, so decide right from the breads to the yellows. These are the warm colors, whereas the side is the cool colors, so you can do mix of warm and cool. Or you can stay on just a bomb and and cooling. Make sure that if you're doing a mix off of warm and cool color, one of them has to be more powerful than the other. If you mix them in an equal amount, you end up creating a very bland kind of peace. So we'll try out some fun. Combinations for these ones were done with the basic techniques. Also, something important is the value scale. Now value scale is how light to dark you can. You can go, so this is just a good exercise to practise. Just take a Nikola. Start with the darkest segment that have and keep adding water without picking up any more pigment escape, adding water and lighting it up you'll see that at the end it becomes almost transparent. So this is a good excites to cry out when you're starting off with no clothes. So we just grew with some basic watercolor techniques that will be using for the background . First thing is, we don't try. They're in your brush rather than being dissuade and you'll be. But it's wrong. So we just tried assault. So that's your bet on Christ Now with what Convict? What happens is you're people. This would and then you just drop the bean from to the people sadistic Nikkel. It's watercolor do its own thing, which I really like so being extensively using the redundant technique for the background and create some nice of excess with So a Z can see that the big diss right now Yet so if you just use Norman issue lived something up, it creates a nice effect. Just give some white patches if he wanted to try the salt technique right of it. So when you're done with the painting, but just before the bean price put some salt, just don't do it and they're trying. You can just create the sold off minute strike and it will greet nice white badges, so we'll try the South in the final project as well. So let's just price them fund background snow. 6. Practising Backgrounds: Let's try out some fun backgrounds. I'll be doing drop the's backgrounds in this class. Let's read the people nicely. First, make sure that you're not putting on a lot of water. It should be wet, but not just dripping. So they just had some sap green over here. Just drop the colors nicely. Don't be too worried about the pattern right now, and once you're done with the teen, let's make some of you. I want to think that pattern Who's good enough? You can try the soul technique to drop a little bit of salt and let him try. While it's getting great, we'll start with a next back room. You can add as much color as you want. It's all based on your preference. Like I like to keep it a bit mixed like this, and we have some sort of this it done with a background. We'll wait for the soil to dry to scrape it off, and also make sure that your paper is completely tried before you be loved him asking so that you don't get any paper off the masking tape. So let's really put it for this to dry 7. Final Project : Background: So let's get started creating the background for our final project. Just with the people. I'm going to add a wonk. Others to my project. You can choose any colors you want. Just make sure you having fun and creating a vibrant rectum. No, I'm just wipe some lips. Um, problem hole wasn't she? And while it's still a bit and just drop off some sort and we let it try. 8. Thank you and Beyond!: I think this is the final lot look I created using the techniques like me learned in this class, I had it a few brought lighting there on also in even dollar because I love the fact if I like that In case I used my wife jumping to do this, I also feel like some Wardak closings in received Thanks I This time I used a green yellow combination on It's either dissolved effect. Here is much more pronounced, and it is in a beautiful extra yard work. Also this green catchall that I need using big green combination at the background on again soldiers marching. So I don't enjoy this class and you'll be creating some beautiful backgrounds and of us using the techniques that, if you do upload them on social media up to see it so bad that's I had on its your problem and he's so you. So bye.