Watercolor Magic: The Basics of Color Mixing and Color Harmony

Yasmina Creates, Ink & Watercolor Artist

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9 Videos (24m)
    • Trailer

    • Mixing on the Pallet

    • Just 3 Colors Exercise

    • Intuitive Mixing Exercise

    • Mixing on the Page

    • Color Play Exercise

    • The Basics of Color Theory

    • Inspiration and Final Project

    • Keep Practicing!


About This Class


In this class we will dive deeply into color. Color is very important, it sets the mood for your piece and if the colors you choose are not harmonious, your work will suffer. Mixing colors is equally if not more important, and so many people don’t know the basics of mixing. If you find yourself guilty of using paint straight from the tube, don’t worry it’s not a bad thing, but knowing how to mix will take your paintings to a whole new level. You will have full control of the colors on the page and will make colors that are one of a kind. Not to mention, you will save a lot of money, not needing to buy every color out there. In this class you will learn:

  • How to Mix on a Pallet
  • How to Mix Any Color
  • Tone Down Colors
  • Mixing Brown, Gray, and Black 
  • Make a Color Wheel Chart
  • Mixing on the Page 
  • The Basics of Color Theory
  • Collecting Color Inspiration
  • Make Harmonious Color Combinations
  • Make Your Own Inspiring Palettes

By the end of the class you will feel confident in working with colors and will feel more inspired to paint. If you master the basic techniques covered in this class, you are half way to becoming a color master, with time and practice you will start picking and mixing colors without thinking about it. This class will speed up the learning process. What are you waiting for? Enroll now to start your color journey!


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great class yet again Yasmina, I really learnt a lot, keep up the great classes
YES thank you for pointing out that cyan/magenta/yellow are the true primary colors! I've known that for ages and it always drives me nuts when it's not taught that way! That's the kind of false information that gets people upset when things go the way they're supposed to. This made me happy :)
Sunset VampCat

Paint to Paint, Art to Art

Your classes are so extremely enjoyable. You have great style, and I feel like I learn a lot from your teaching.





Yasmina Creates

Ink & Watercolor Artist



I strive to make every class the highest quality, information packed, inspiring, and bite sized.

Creating is my biggest passion and I'm so happy to share it with you! :)

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