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8 Lessons (32m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Supplies

    • 3. Sketching

    • 4. Macaroon One Part 1

    • 5. Macaroon One Part 2

    • 6. Bonus Painting Part 1

    • 7. Bonus Painting Part 2

    • 8. Thank you

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About This Class

Hi Everyone!!

In this class I am going to teach you how you can paint delicious macaroons using watercolors. I have divided this class into small bite-sized lessons to make it easy for your to follow along. 

I will walk through the supplies that I have used, then will teach you how you can sketch a macaroon. In case you are not comfortable in sketching, I am providing a line drawing of the same, so you can print and trace on your final watercolor paper and start painting.

Then I will teach you how to paint a single macaroon. And then there is a Bonus lesson on painting a salt egg macaroon placed on a glass plate with a glass lid(shown in the cover image).You will get to learn how to paint transparent glass dish too :)

The techniques used in this class is Wet on Dry. If you want to learn the basic techniques of using watercolors, I recommend taking my first class - How to Paint realistic citrus fruits using watercolors in which I have explained all the basic techniques of watercolors.

Also I am excited to see your projects for this class.I will love to share them on Instagram and my website http://www.d-designz.com

If you may have any questions,please feel free to ask in the discussion section, I will try to answer back as soon as possible.

And you reviews matter guys!!

If you like the class, please give a thumbs up and I will highly appreciate if you can leave a review after completing the class.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Disha Sharma

Artist and Illustrator


Hello Everyone !!

My name is Disha. I am an artist and illustrator who loves to dive deep into the world of watercolors and gouache. My work includes loose watercolor florals, Realistic botanical paintings and fun gouache illustrations. 

I love combining traditional and digital media and bring life to the illustrations for commercial design, patterns and product packaging. I teach classes on many subjects from traditional watercolors, gouache painting and digital tools including Procreate and Adobe Fresco. 

Here you will find classes by me taught on various subjects from watercolor paintings to tips of using different apps like Procreate, Adobe Fresco and Photoshop. 

You can have a look at my complete portfolio on my Website o... See full profile

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1. Introduction: - guys , Thank you for joining me back on scale Share. This is my third class on skin shirt on. For those who don't know me, mining was the shot off. Freelance illustrator and graphic designer based in India, I work with digital as well as traditional medium On these days Water dollars is my obsession in this class. I'm going to teach you how you can paint realistic looking French macaroons using border way to make do painting in this class is going to be this single macaroon which I'll explain how you give realistic aren't really look to your meeting and there's a bonus which is this painting in which I'm going to teach you how you can paint a mag crew placed on a glass plate with last night So exciting, right? So I'm really excited to see your projects. Please share your projects in the product section off this class and if you can please share them on Instagram. Also by that would be using my instagram handle that this month Isha also you can use the hashtag bathrooms with the show. Apart from that, I'm also providing line points off these paintings. It gives you a comfortable with sketching. You just don't know bread on. Dress them on the water, babe. Fanatically and stopping on. If you're a beginner in what you're familiar with a technique, I recommend taking my first class on how to be a realistic Citrus fruit with Warner Brothers. I have a dedicated section in that class on what a basic technique. So if you want to get to stay that lasts all, just listen that plus. So let's jump into a neck section in which I'll talk about the supplies that have used in this class. 2. Supplies: in this video. I'm just going to talk about the supplies that I used for this class. Starting with the paper for sketching, I used a regular printer paper. You can use any sketchbook or any paper that you want to on the pencil that I'm using as a tool. Which pencil? Which leaves a very light mark on the paper. I really recommend using it sees then the Siri's on. Then I am using an razor on the paper for watercolor painting is cancelled. Excell. It is £140 weak. And I really recommend using a paper which is at least 1 £40 in weight or 300 GSM now coming over to the brushes amusing around six and around eight. Brush on. The pains that I'm using are from military Newton Cartman. There can be, um, orange and yellow Bowman and Rose from its in a Newton Payne's gray from Sandy earlier and the White Wash from Winsor and Newton again. And apart from all the supplies and using a palette to mix, the colors are hand double toe Greek clean the precious on a job for water to rinse off the brushes Now we're done with The supply list will jump over to our next section and ritual, start doing some stretching exercises. 3. Sketching: Hey, guys, welcome back on this lesson. I'm just going through the basic structure off mark. A role will talk about how we can sketch America Room. So looking at this image, I took it from on splash dot com and I'm just taking this particular the first back room from this image. If you look at the macaroon, you will see that it is like the oral shape off the macaron is an oval, and it was like divided into two parts having some cream in between. In case your love too comfortable with sketching, you can just download the line drawing that I've provided in your project section just printed out and trace it on your watercolor paper and then just start being dig directly. Now I'm going to sketch it on the watercolor paper, and I highly recommend to use the pencil marks as light as possible because it becomes very difficult to embrace the pencil marks after you're done with the painting, you can see I just started with the outline off the macron, making an oval shape, and then I will start dividing it into three parts when you don't need to do all these steps you can directly start with an oval shape. Start making the force layer with the like paint. I'm just doing it for the sake of this class. If you are more interested in making a very realistic Mac room so you can just follow these steps refering to the image, I can see that the top is quite flat, not like mine. So going toe. Make that correction, making the lightest possible marks. My marks are quite visible in the video because I intentionally made them little Dockers so that it's possible for you guys toe see them on the screen. So we're done with those sketching part. And now let's we want to a next video where we'll be starting with the painting. 4. Macaroon One Part 1: All right, So let's start paying thing now on. I've taken diluted pain in my palette. Amusing permanent rules for this I'm going to use but on dry technique and going to cover the top and the bottom off the smart room like this. And if you want, you can also use of it on the technique. I'm just using wet on dry technique with the very dilute form off the paint so that I have more control on the paint just to raising the doctrines of Marx wherever I feel their two dogs. So just be careful. If you find any dog marks, just raise them before you start spending on that area. And in case you want to learn the basic techniques of watercolors I have covered all those are tips and techniques and my forced class on how to paints a realistic Citrus fruits using more DeVillars. I really recommend taking that class if you want to learn the basics of watercolors, and now I'm going to do the same thing in the lower section off the macaroon. After we're done with the first layer of the paint, we are going to apply the second layer and now, looking at the reference image, you can see that the light is falling from the left inside of the back room. So right inside is going to be darker as compared to the left inside. I'm going to apply a thin layer again on the right inside, using wet on dry technique. And now I'm going to use a damn brush too soft in these edges so that when the paint dries , it doesn't give very hard edges. This drubbing over do blend the colors properly, and now I'm going to repeat the same step for the lower portion off the back room. So after we're done with the second layer of paint, we are goingto let it dry for viol, and then we'll start on making the dots for this portion. This is called off feet off macron if you find it on Google, and it's like some bubbles are maybe holes. So for this area, we're going to use more saturated paint, so we will load our brush appointed brush with more pigment and less water so that we have dark tone off the color, and I'm going to just make some random marks or darts like this. And always make sure that the force layer is completely dry before you start with the second layer or second color, because if it is not completely dry, the colors will blend with each other, and we will not get the right results. After the step, I'm going to add some more doctors on the right inside on. I'm going to use a doctor told off pink again. What I'm going to do is I'm going to add a doctor. Don't like using pains. Great to make it a little dark bank. You can also add a shade of blue if you want to, as you can see on the screen. I just added a little amount of pains. Great toe the spink to get a doctor, don't you think? And I'm going to add the slayer on the right inside off this macro to make a little more dark. I'm just going to do the same thing that we did in the second layer, following same steps, applying this wet on dry layer and then going toe used them brush on just softening the edges. And after this I'll start with the center part off the macron, not as the cream in the reference in which you can see the color off cream is cream or off white. So to get this shade, I mix two colors. One is Chinese white, more off Chinese white and a little amount off your love to get a cream shape. Well, you can play around with the colors. In case of Macron's, you can see that they come in a variety of colors. Beautiful soft colors so it doesn't matter if you're using the same colors as I'm doing right now, you just play around with the friend shades soft hunters I would recommend, and I'm just applying a thin layer off cream that I made and let it dry for a while. After that, that's 1121 next video in which had more details to this macaroon 5. Macaroon One Part 2: Welcome back, guys. Now in this video, I'm going to just add more details to this background to give it a realistic love. So starting with the darts again in the middle have added more off beings. Great to those same pink shirt in the ballot on May the doctor don't off pink on. I'm just lowering the brush with the same color and going toe. Make the random thoughts. This time I'm going to place these random strokes or not a little far part so that we'll get more dimension in the backroom, so some dots would be very lying. Someone will be dog that will give you more realistic looking. And in some places, I'm just using P or pigment. That is prominent Truth. This is more big meant and less water. This will help us and getting more training, look or a realistic look in the back room. So once the Spain will dry, you will see that it looks very real estate giving on three d effect on the paper. After that, I'm going to out shadow on as the light is falling from the left side, so shadow will be on the right inside, so just using what? Repaint scree and applying like go a thin layer off big is great like this on. Then I use a damp brush and rinse off my brush and use a damn bridge just too soft in these edges. Because when the pain tries, it gives a very hard edge, which really does not look very good. So it's important to make these edges softer, while the painters now I'm going to add more doctor tones on the right inside on still macaroon. I'm going to work on the center here, which is the cream layer making a little dog using more off, you know, like in the same conduction. I just added a little to make a dark go. Don't off the cream shape on adding it on the right inside of the cream layer on going to do the same thing on the top portion off the macaroon. Now, after the painting is dry, I can see that there's someone showing them shadow. So I'm going to fix this area, which is very light. It has to be a little darker, so I'm going to add a little more pains create in this area and finally I'm going to add more details and value toe the macaroon by adding some of the doctors wherever I think they're required. So I'm using the same dark tone off pain by adding a little touch off pains. Great on added on the right inside of the macron, wherever I think. So it has to be a little darker, and I'm going to do the same thing with the cream layer on this time on adding a touch off beings great toe, the cream shade that I made in the palate. This will help us and getting more dimension in our subject on it will help us and getting more three D or realistic. Look, - we're done with the final painting off this macaroon, and I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did on Let's jump Over to our bonus lesson in which I'm going to show you how I painted a macaroon placed on a glass plate on over the last lead. So it's going to be really fun. Let's jump over to an X section 6. Bonus Painting Part 1: welcome to the Warners lesson in this lesson. I'm going to teach you how to paint this market route, placed on a glass plate with a glass slipped. So I just started with the quick sketch on the painting paper, keeping my Benson monks as light as possible. In this sketch, we just need to understand the proper proportions off the objects that we are looking at. So if you have an experience with sketching, then you should not face any problem like that. But if you're not familiar with those catching techniques and proportions, you can trace the line drawings that are provided in the project section. And now I'm done with those catching. I'm going to take my paints in the palette I'm going to take and leave me alone. Cadmium orange on Payne's gray in the palate, and I recommend using all palette for mixing your colors because macron's are usually very soft and color. So we need very watery paint, a diluted form of bay. So we would be adding a lot of water so you can see I have for my paints and half bands, and it's not possible to add a lot of water and half bands and easily mix the colors in them. Now I'm going to load my brush with the cat Mimi alone, taking very dilute form of Count Me, Me alone the brush. In this case, I'm going to apply the same color toward the whole matter room because the color of the cream, as you can see in the reference images also yellow so we don't have to work in different sections as we did in the first painting. So once I'm done with the force later off the macaroon, I'll just let it dry for some time and then we'll start with the second layer. And now the forced labor is completely dry. I'll add a little cabin orange to yellow to get a little darker. Don't off here, look, and we'll start with the second layer here. I felt that the first layer was too light, so I decided to apply on the layer on the whole macaroon with the mix that I just made with the Godwin Orange and Captain Yellow. Because if you see at the reference image, it's not very light, so it's just a personal choice. If you want to keep it light it can, but you can simply start with the doctor tune. Then I did. Now my second layer is a little damp. It's not very wet. I'm making a little darker tone by mixing more cadmium orange with Joe cadmium yellow, and I'm going to drop in some off that dark paint on the top off the mark. A room like this. This will help us in giving some dimension to the mark room. So I'm just looking at the reference image and trying to understand where the light is, where the highlights over the shadows are where the doctors are. So I'm just applying the darker color. Wherever I see the doctors of the reference image to create realistic drawings or paintings , you need to have good observation skills. And if you're doing it for the first time, just try to understand the light source, which is going to play a very important role in your drawings. So once you understand where the light is falling from, you will be able tow, understand where the shadows will be. Where the doctor was mid tones or highlights are going to be on. This thing will really help you in you know, making your drawings realistic. Now I like the macron dry, and in the meantime, I'll start with the glass lit. And before that I'll just raised the dark pencil marks. And I'm using Payne's gray for the glass. And just to get the right transparent look, we need very watery pains. Great. So I'm adding loads of water on just attention off pains create for the first layer. I'm a blangger. 10 Layer off this watery pains, great on the glass lid, leaving some white spaces where the highlights are very prominent, I assure you, the closer on, you can see that there some negative space. I just lifted intentionally to give the highlight. Now we'll start with the second layer on. I make sure that the force later still wet, and I'm going to add what re pains Great. This time we're adding more off pains, great, but still it is very light, and I'm going to add it on the edges. And at the same time, I'm absolving the reference of Rich to get the idea. Where do I need to add Payne's gray? And where do I have to leave the white spaces? The right portion is a little dark. You will see two lines, so I'm just adding a little darker stone off pains creator, - and now we'll start with a glass plate. Before that, I'll just raise the extra pencil marks and then I'll apply the same technique on the glass plate. - If you look at the reference, imagine, we'll see some baby lines off dark. Don't which I'm trying to achieve here with, the doctor told off Main Street. And I must admit that value is one of the most important studies that I'm using here in this painting, because you can see that I'm using different tones off pains. Great just to achieve a transparent look in the dish. So for such paintings, like monochromatic paintings are making transparent objects. Value Study is one of the most of bordering studies and watercolor painting. 7. Bonus Painting Part 2: All right. Welcome back, guys. Now we're done with the first layer off the glass plate and the lid and start with the macaroon again, making a second layer going to on a little darker tone off your low. I'm going toe our little cabin orange in the yellow. And wherever I see that there are some doctors, I'm going to just add them amusing, wet on dry technique, as we did in the forced mark room. And when I'm doing this, I'm just making sure that I'll blend the edges using a damp brush so that I don't get any harder. Just when the paint is completely try now having more doctors at the bottom off the market room to give it more dimension. Now I'm going to work on the glass lid and the plate, adding mood doctors were ever required. - Now I'm going to let it dry, and I'll work on the feet off the macron, which is like the center part, which has some bubbles, are holes. I have added a little pains. Graito, my yellow shade to get the doctor to nausea and using this shade, I'm adding random darts in the middle portion just like we did in the previous painting. But as you can see that I got a little impatient here on. You can see that the lower layer is still wet, and these doors are blending with it, so I have to wait for it to dry in the main vile. What I can do is I can just start with those shadow off the plate on the job, some taking very watery Payne's gray again and going to make the shadow as we did in the last painting, just falling the ship off the plate and the jar and looking at the reference image days, the shadow off macaroon, which is falling on a plate. So I'm just using a little bit off your louche a lighter shade aren't going to make a little mark you, Mr. Signifying there's some reflection or shadow off my groom on the plate. And now I think, some more depth using a little bit off pains, great in the glass jar on the class played and the shadow as well. And now I'm going to work. On the darts are the holes in the macaroons, which are called the feet off the macaroon, using the doctor tone, which I made before using appointed brush, taking more pigment in the brush than water, making random marks like this and to give more dimension to the macron. I'm just adding a darker tone off yellow at the bottom, off the macaroon to give it more realistic look. And similarly, I'm going to add some more dark tone on right top off the macaroon, giving it more dimension because the light is falling from the left inside. So left side is going to be lighter as compared to the right inside, and the last step is adding some toppings, and I'm going to add some chocolate Sprinkles. You can use any shade off brown if you want to make it darker. Very dark chocolate. You can just add some black, all some great to your brown and Miko. Nice chocolatey color. I'm just going to make random darks like this, and we're done with the final painting 8. Thank you: Thank you so much for taking this class. I really hope that you found this class helpful in some way. If you really like the class, please leave a review on give a thumbs up which will help me in reaching out to more students. Also, I would love to see your work. Kindly share them in the project. Calorie on If you can please share the same on Instagram by tagging me at the rate Mark Fisher and using the hashtag macaroons with shop See you in my next class.