Watercolor - Loose florals | Viddhi Kantesaria | Skillshare
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12 Lessons (42m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Materials required

    • 3. Practise florals

    • 4. Practise leaves

    • 5. Practise fillers

    • 6. Color palette

    • 7. Warm up session

    • 8. Class project - part I

    • 9. Class project - part II

    • 10. Bonus lesson - part I

    • 11. Bonus lesson - part II

    • 12. Final thoughts and NEXT class

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About This Class

If you are a watercolor enthusiastic and love flowers ?? This class is FOR you !! However even  If you aren't a fan of them , this class will make you fall in love with painting loose florals . You will find your style by trying out the loose brush techniques I teach you in the class . It one of my favorite and most  gorgeous ways to paint florals in watercolor.

What you can expect in this class - 

  • How to loosen your brush strokes to paint flowers , leaves and filler flowers 
  • How to choose a color palette with a mix of bright and pastel colors to paint florals 
  • Hear suggestions to tackle many common floral-painting hang-ups such as composition and color balance 
  • Step by step lesson for your final class project 
  • A bonus lesson on how to paint a soft background and lay florals on it 
  • motivation to paint more floral pieces

Through learning these techniques, you'll find your own loose style as you practise these more .The best paintings were a joy to create. Enjoy this class, let loose, and move forward in your bold  watercolor florals!

Happy painting . 


Viddhi Kantesaria 

Also if you loved this class ,. I would appreciate you to leave a feedback . Your feedbacks are very valuable to me as it helps my class reach more students . 





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Viddhi Kantesaria

LimitlessArt_Viddhi | Watercolor Artist




Hey there,so good to see you here! I am Viddhi Kantesaria  known on Instagram as Limitless Art . I am a passionate artist,instructor and an entrepreneur based in southern part of India . I love working and exploring different art mediums but I have been hooked to watercolors more than a year now. 

Since early childhood I have loved to draw and paint and I unconsciously developed a deep interest for art. However it wasn't until th...

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