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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

12 Lessons (42m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Materials required

    • 3. Practise florals

    • 4. Practise leaves

    • 5. Practise fillers

    • 6. Color palette

    • 7. Warm up session

    • 8. Class project - part I

    • 9. Class project - part II

    • 10. Bonus lesson - part I

    • 11. Bonus lesson - part II

    • 12. Final thoughts and NEXT class

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About This Class

If you are a watercolor enthusiastic and love flowers ?? This class is FOR you !! However even  If you aren't a fan of them , this class will make you fall in love with painting loose florals . You will find your style by trying out the loose brush techniques I teach you in the class . It one of my favorite and most  gorgeous ways to paint florals in watercolor.

What you can expect in this class - 

  • How to loosen your brush strokes to paint flowers , leaves and filler flowers 
  • How to choose a color palette with a mix of bright and pastel colors to paint florals 
  • Hear suggestions to tackle many common floral-painting hang-ups such as composition and color balance 
  • Step by step lesson for your final class project 
  • A bonus lesson on how to paint a soft background and lay florals on it 
  • motivation to paint more floral pieces

Through learning these techniques, you'll find your own loose style as you practise these more .The best paintings were a joy to create. Enjoy this class, let loose, and move forward in your bold  watercolor florals!

Happy painting . 


Viddhi Kantesaria 

Also if you loved this class ,. I would appreciate you to leave a feedback . Your feedbacks are very valuable to me as it helps my class reach more students . 

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Viddhi Saschit

Limitless Art | Watercolor Artist



Hey there,so good to see you here! I am Viddhi Saschit known on Instagram as Limitless Art . I am a passionate artist,instructor and an entrepreneur based in southern part of India . I love working and exploring different art mediums but I have been hooked to watercolors more than a year now. 

Since early childhood I have loved to draw and paint and I unconsciously developed a deep interest for art. However it wasn't until the short break after graduation in architecture that I took to brushes and paints once again and realized a hidden artist within. I spent months practicing and exploring before I realized that art was truly a possibility for my life's work. I have written a blog post about my entire journey on how I ended up being a full time artis... See full profile

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1. Introduction: Hi there. This is me with condensed area artist behind Limitless are in place. Plus, I'm gonna teach you the most requested topic, which is my flute. So my thinking is simple. I'm very happy to you. This class structured for big No spread. I'm gonna teach how to paint. Lose Florida step by step. I'm gonna show how to lose in your brush strokes and help you believe in your own style Off paintings. This class is also going to include how to paint these needs and different sizes and make your compositional of more interesting a long teaching counter pain some fellows and after throwing all the practice listen, I'm also gonna teach how to pick a color palette for painting Florence on by the end of the class. I assure you that you will have a beautiful on a simple class project with this. And your floors are never going to be the same again. Your strokes would have been much include on also your choice off picking colors for any floral art workers also gonna improve. So what are you waiting for? Let's look into the next lesson and see the materials required 2. Materials required : the supplies acquired for release clause is very simple and easy. You just need to have some watercolors, people data. It can be a watercolor. People by are a sketchbook. If you're using a watercolor, people meet sure that it is cold press and is 100% quarter. You can use any brand off work elope, but there's no specific brand just required for this class. Into this class, I would be using those lovely Qadi people sketchbook and for the pains you can use any watercolor pains you have. I'm going to use my prima tropical palette with a mix of colors in the center line, and along with that, a multi gonna use these colors, which are custom picked from the friend prima confections. And the next one you would need is the brushes. You can use brushes off size six or eight and also have a size to brush to do final details and 10 lines. Additional supplies would require some people napkin a glass charge, and for the bonus class, you would need a flat brush to do some Baghran washes and offensive 3. Practise florals: in this video lesson, I would be teaching you how to paint Florence with simple basic strokes. We will start by painting a simple but like this. I will repeat how to paint the same battle in a slow motion so the begin would paint a 10 line and then slowly applied pressure on the brush and at the edge. You need to swore your paintbrush Lecter's and bring it down to finish the battle. That's how you bein a simple badly and now try repeating the same stroke in all the directions to make a flower. And when it is still a threat, I usually add a drop off darker color in the center to give a dynamic look to the floater. You may need to practice more off these flowers because not everyone gets it right in the first trip. The more you practice, the more easier and effortlessly it becomes for you to paint these simple petals and with my experiences in personal book show, have always formed that students find it difficult to paint battles in all the direction. So here is the easy way to do it. First you need paint a petal and then at the bottom. You can drop 10 lines and spread out in different direction, which would act as a guideline for you to be in petals in each and every direction. And since we are falling a news floral style, it's not necessary that every petal should be very similar and very symmetrical to each other. It can baby with a little bit off size. Okay, so now you have learned how to paint simple petal Florence like these. And now it's time for you to losing a pure strokes more and to practice florals, which should look more dynamic and expressive. Watch me carefully how I paint a similar floral, which I cleaned it before. But in of even, we'll do those start to make a flotus look even more loser. All you need to do is paint a petal with different strokes. The key to paint a loose Florence is to keep your petals different than each other, not to make it very symmetrical and keep losing your strokes. Every time you pain, you can practice more off these loose florals. The more you practice, the more easier it is for you to paint lose loads. You can also explore with trying to different shades like this and we created on. If you have observed thes, FLOTUS might not always look appealing to you when they are separate, upended individually. But when you paint him as a group or a bunch, it looks very expressive and beautiful, and that is the very reason why lose totals are trend these days in watercolors. 4. Practise leaves: in this lesson, I would teach out of pain, basically leaves and how to compose them a. Mixing some greens to paint My moves I generally don't use direct colors, are mixed greens with gray and black toe. Get a really chertoff green to begin painting leaves. It's very similar to how we painted the petals, but we're gonna paint more longer strokes to give a stroke, which would look like a leaf while painting leaf. Remember what leave? A little gap between that little wide gap actually makes a lot of difference. When you put a bunch of leaves together, you can practice and paint one of thes leaves. The more you practice, the more easier it would be for you to paint in the final piece. Also, when you're painting, you can baby with different size and shape off to leave, so you know how it looks and which looks better. After practicing some larger leaves, you can try to paint smaller needs, which would require minimal strokes. After practicing some leaves, we would know try to paint a branch off Leaves here are mixing the same green, which damaged before onda, mixing a larger quantity off clean so that I don't have to keep mixing again. First, you need to feed a very thin line like thes, which would make it look like branches. If you don't get 10 lines with the size eight brush, you can probably take a smaller brush to draw. These nights. After drawing the branches, you can start being Bingley's in different sizes. You can really with small and larger shape leaves, and also you can change angle of the leaves, which would make the composition off the branch look very interesting. You can try to fill in leaves in between and create additional branches. You don't painting the leaves in keys. If you did, you can taken up the stem off the brunch. 5. Practise fillers: in this video lessons, I would be teaching how to paint basic fellows Phillips on nothing but elements which are used to fill in gaps between any floating piece you do. My day off. Painting fellows is very simple and easy, similar to the petals repainted. But in this, when we being they look like small buds painting a cluster off these this my re off filling gaps in between any floated piece. You need to remember when you being flotus to have long branches which will help you please your buds. And another thing which I love to do when I mean furloughs, is to add a drop off darker shade below where the bird and the stem meats I love watching how beautifully the color bleeds and it makes the filler look even more prettier. See, always you can be cleared to and explored different things like you can really with different color combinations when you being Phylis. Next, I would show you how to paint a different type of filler. I generally don't paint, but it's actually fun to beat if you want to add it in your final project. So just pain blobs off painting this very randomly. Just please it next. What do you have to do? Is trot 10 branches like these to connect all the clubs. You can add the names if you want to leave it as it this. I mean, sure you're not. No one should be very similar toward I painted before, but this one would be more final. So I'm just painting blobs off paint again. Take a smaller brush off size to draw the tinged stem off this Philip, It would look more final when you drop the 10 rush. - Okay , Now that we have learned how to painful loss, let's at enviously branch, which we painted earlier to see how we can compose it. I'm just practicing to add both the flows in this league branch and see how it looks. 6. Color palette: in this lesson, I will help you pick a color palette for our final tragic. It's gonna be a very pride, Some off color palette. The first few colors which I'm gonna swatch is for the flowers that we're gonna be in the 1st 1 I'm adding to this color palette is a very pride here alone and next. I'm gonna add some things to this palette. This one could be a crimson color if you're using a normal 12 shade watercolor pains and for the next one a mixing bit off pink with purple to get a beautiful color. I really love how this beautiful violet color isn't think with the color palette, which we are choosing. The reason why I have makes pink with the poeple is Bacall. If I do you styling bubble, the poeple would look very bull and not be in sync with the entire color palette. Mixing the previous color that you used with the new color is the key to make already soothing color palette. Or maybe that's what I do and to create all the colors or combinations which I meet for my florals. After earning some bright colors, let's add some soft and be still colors like this beach pink. Now you have a color palette, which is right and appealing at the same time. And now for another bases sheet, I'm taking a peach orange. Hello. Having a color palette with bright Carlos and also based ill colored at the same time is ready. I really toe pain. Flotus. After picking off color palette for our floaters, let's pick some greens for our leaves. As I said before in one off my previous lesson that this particle, a shade of green, is one off. My friend admits that concept off bright green makes the with cree and black, which gives a beautiful olive shade green, which is just perfect. The painting leaves, which would really complement our floaters. Well, I'm mostly gonna use the first screen, which I swatch, but I also like to have some try to greens in the color palette, so I hope that you have a similar color palette on your side. Let's one wonder the next listen very would do some warm up with this color palette 7. Warm up session: in this lesson, we would do a woman off all the people on before. Use the color palette that we did before so that we can learn how to balance the colors while sleeping. Begin painting the flaws in the colors that is there in the color balance, so the 1st 1 is yellow painter. Yellow floor in a very low style. Wood is not rule that you need to paint the floods, and according to the color palette, you can mix much and do any colors that you want forced. I'm only asking cure toe follow because I can guide you and help you with color composition on balancing colors as you paint by. The next one is the pink color, so I'm just painting a Pinkola floor next to the yellow one, and the next one is the vile color, some just painting off while flood. Besides the pink and the yellow, you see how the wild flower is not fully done, and it's kind off overlapping the pink one. One thing you need to keep in mind while painting flowers next to each other is the previous flood that you painted is completely drive. I would like to point up to something really important in this. If you carefully look in the center, the yellow flower right has spread so much in the center and come back to the violet going to make you understand the reason why that has happened. I'm painting two different boxes like this, which you can imagine to be a flood one. I've added new to violet color on the 2nd 1 I'm adding concentrated while it so if you're seeing now the 1st 1 The violet has spread so much on the 2nd 1 The wild doesn't spread so much because it is concentrated. Both the leads are beautiful and they're only the sewers Just to me. You understand your watercolors better. OK, now let's get back to this. I'm painting Ordinance, Fla. According to the color palette, now that you have seen in a bunch of flus, let's start adding some leaves. The ideal place to compose the leaves is toe paint them in between the gaps off to flus. It would make the overall composition looked more balanced, and once you're done adding the leaves, you can start painting fellows and between the caps off the floods and the leaves according to my thoughts. What I feel is the best way to compose any floating piece is to paint the flash first and then add leaves in between the gaps off to flus. And after adding the leaves, start adding fellows in between the gaps off the floods and leaves. So this makes the composition look very structured and balance. I hope that this little dip on composition helps you to get better. When you being florals, you can do a little bit off more warm off, but this time truth your own colors and try balancing it the previous time, which we did waas like we went according to the Carlos and the pilot, and now, after Lord Off warmer, we would move into painting the fire. 8. Class project - part I: in this lesson, I would teach you how to paint the final be step by step. First, you need to draw a square like this. You, Kaneda broad free hand with a pencil or uses kill to draw the square. Or even if you want a perfect border, you can use a masking tape. As I said in the warm Pleasant. First is the floated, so we're gonna spread out floating in the entire school insight. You can keep the color swatch card besides you while you paint, so that it helps you pick colors easily. By now, I'm very sure that you would be very confident in loosening years. Dogs, - as you keep spreading, floated on the page to make sure that you are having some color balance, for example, have painted a hopeful flat at the bottom. And to keep the color balance and sing, I've painted bubble flat on the top of the same vice, have balance with the yellow color. Also, balancing colors in your artwork is the key to make it look ready attractive, even though it has ready simple strokes closely observed, however, balanced with the local by painting some fillers in the bottom This is another type of full of floor which I missed teaching and the awful a lesson. It is very easy to paint this with a couple of brushstrokes now , Slowly, as you keep adding elements, a class project is getting close. The next listen, we would be adding 9. Class project - part II: this video lesson is going to cover how toe are finishing details to our final class project. I'm just continuing to paint more leads next to the floor so that it's a balance in our composition. - After paintings and leaves, you get a rough idea off how your output is coming out. You can start adding more off the fluff lots again in the gifts. - And once you don't retarded more Philo flaws, you can fill in small gaps by painting floods again. Now, if you take a look and observe, you see how beautiful the output is coming along. Even though the strokes are ready, simple and easy, the colors that we use makes it look even more beautiful and aesthetic. The last thing after you paint all the floods and leads to add these fuller elements, filling all the gaps possible with these, I always used darker colors and more concentrate colors to add the's full off last because it actually stands out in the entire Florida piece. - Stop hurting them once you happy with your entire composition, you can add more if you feel that you need to fill in these gaps or religiously with as simple it is, and that's all we're done with the final class project. Let's jump into the next video, which is a bonus lesson. 10. Bonus lesson - part I: this lesson is the bonus lesson where I'm gonna teach how to pay the same floaters with the background. Wash amusing Will flag rush to do this wash for the background the color. I'm using a so very soft blush pink alot, which would look perfect for a background. For such background. All these used like this color in your color palette. Lecter's with your brush. It doesn't even have to be a perfect school, just random one, and then fill it inside like this before it gets tried. Make sure that you read very light background and not dark one. Once you're done with your bag allowed to dry completely before you start painting flowers on it, the background is tried. You can start painting floods on and first paint a flood in the centre off the page like this, and then being floods in different colors around the center flood. I should keep aiding flood. Also, keep in mind to balance the colors. While you're using lighter colors like this, you have to pay more off paint and midst less water so that your lighter shade beans will stand out with the background. - And once you're done painting the flaws, you can start adding the leaves in between the gaps off to flowers. The next lesson I would show how to add finishing touches to this. 11. Bonus lesson - part II: in this video lesson, we would be adding the finishing touches to this When Jordan adding the flood, you can start adding the pillows in different colors, and if you observed that the previous product which we did, we feel the entire speeds with Florence and leaves. But in the spirit is filling in the center and spreading out towards the edges, which would also highlight the bathroom which you paint it before. And the flood which you painted in the center would stand out. When you start feeling that the entire composition is coming out beautiful and lovely, you need to stop adding details to it because the more you keep working on it, the beauty off the minimalistic floating piece would get lost and that's it. You were done with two beautiful floral pieces by the end of this lesson. 12. Final thoughts and NEXT class : I really hope that you like this close and enjoy pink influence in my class today. I would be more than happy if you did share your class project with me on instagram and also in skill share and also really appreciate if you read LIBOR Class Review. Also because your reviews are valuable and it will help my class read more students. Here are a few examples and inspirations for you to follow up. You can try painting thes same slogans in different color combinations and keep exploring with more Palos because, as I said, color combination is the key to make any simple piece look pretty attractive. You can find more floral artwork on my instagram Pito here, and here's a sneak peek off my next class on scale Sha. It's gonna be a simple and a loose floral style again, where we're gonna learn how to paint these beautiful feet. See when my next class thank you so much for watching this class