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Watercolor Loose Florals in Multi-Tone

teacher avatar Jaya Gupta, Watercolor Artist & Calligrapher

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

6 Lessons (27m)
    • 1. Welcome!

    • 2. Material Required

    • 3. Colors Used & Color Mixing

    • 4. Painting Multi Tonal Flowers with Side flowers

    • 5. Painting Multi Tonal Leaves

    • 6. Final Thoughts

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About This Class

In this class, I will be teaching how to paint loose Florals in multiple tones. You must have seen loose Florals in single color on various social media. Those paintings are beautiful, but they become boring, therefore bringing more tones in the floral takes it to another whole level. The multi tonal flowers are gorgeous and a lovely way to paint flowers. 

As always, I will be sharing with you watercolor techniques like wet in wet, color mixing and Painting different shapes of leaf and floral petals. At the end of the class, you will have your very own floral arrangement which you can gift to a loved one or frame it for your home decorations. 

Connect with me on Instagram: @TheDivineButterfly 

Please give your review after watching the class, it helps to reach out to other students. Thank you! Happy Painting :)

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Jaya Gupta

Watercolor Artist & Calligrapher






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1. Welcome!: Hi, guys. My name is Joe. A watercolor Artists and Cary Grant for Welcome to when your Siskel share class and this last I will be teaching you how being loose florals. But they are going to be in multiple tools, which is we're going to pain loose lowers in multiple colors, so they're going to become very, very beautiful and you're going to love them. So what are you waiting for? Their skin started. 2. Material Required: This is how our brain thing is going to look. It's an example of it. And you can see them of Dubuque. Doors created on these bedrooms and so on. This flower is well so to make this painting, we will require a watercolor paper off 300 GS and thickness 100 person Corton. And this is buff. Hello, Mysterio. Classic. I recommend you buy to use particular people off three judges. Um, thickness, if you don't have according paper than, say, lose would also work. But I prefer important people, Hillary. Then you will definitely require a glass of water. Then this is the only president I'm going to use. It is graph to move size six detail brush on. It can not only pain flowers, batters, but it can also do my new dealings like painting statement and Poland's. All right, you will need a drop of to draw water on the palate. And this is the manage that I'm going to use. This is these all pains are from sin, Ilia. Except these two, these a van Gogh. This time I'm going to use professional quality pains because on these are important in the make up in things look more gorgeous and more catchy. All right, 3. Colors Used & Color Mixing : No, we will be mixing pains. We will be mixing pains, different colors to get these kinds off tones in a painting. So don't do that. You will definitely require a pallet where there are mixed singles as I have this, so you will definitely need that. Moreover, these are the colors that we're going to use syndromes. Flu appear arose for his screen. Batalla green light balm. Sepia sad. Agree. This is bourbon broke. Send us your light, Ben Scree French for a 1,000,000 suddenly of it. These are the colors we're going to use now. I'm going to makes few of these colors, and that is how we will get different kinds of Don's enough being things. So when you make singers fluent opener rules thes are the two colors you get here. There is more singles flu. Unless Opara rules here, there is more appear arose and less in response. Similarly, I'm going to make Sandra's blue and metallic green light, so these are examples of mixing off thestreet colors here. Symmetries Louis Maurin, Patella green. Laters, less. That's why we get a color towards blue. Similarly, I makes these two colors, but this time I use more of the Calabrian Laker. Therefore, we have this color work towards screen or right to make leaves. We are also going We're also going to use these colors. I did. It's going to be for his green plus form sepia off the Calabrian light response sepia or Cyprien press form C p A and occasionally. And what's going to use Panya screen, which I will be showing you Senate Laila Light is used to make the center part of the forum and to make this reddish kind off color in this flower, I used either friends for a radiant or suddenly evade and warm sepia. So this is how you're going to get a color off reddish brown color, which is used to you. OK, that is it. And we're also going to make some, you know, for for a screen and pains creates all this. These are some of the examples that I have been using in a painting. That is it that is it the color scheme that we're going to use now That is start of painting 4. Painting Multi Tonal Flowers with Side flowers: before we start painting multi tonal, loose florals. I just wanted to show you the paintings I did using the same technique and concept. So this is one of them, The other two Arden on mysterious paper. These two on these occurred to the size of a bookmark so that I can use them for my books. This fun, the one that I'm holding in my hand is done on our registry energy. Assume cold press paper. And as you can see, this is more vibrant and more colorful. Okay, so now we're going to start painting the flowers, and they're going to be too mean. 1st 1 of them is off purplish tone, this one. So to do that, we will require a combination off syndromes flu and Opie Rose. So I'm going to make centuries blue in Opie arose on my palette, and we have to make it in a good quantity so that we do not run out of this color combination. Right? Painting One thing is very important here. The flies that I'm going to paint will also have the combination off syndromes blue and open eros and a single color off popular rules. In it as well. So let's begin. So this is going to be a mein Fuhrer. And the patterns of these little will have a shape off teardrop, dear. Drop pointed part is going toe be at the centre off the for as it can see, and the curved part is going to be outside, and you can move the paper through the direction which is convenient for you. Okay, I'm zooming in so that you can see the pointy betters towards the center. And I'm also using color combinations centers when Oprah rose but also alone open arose to the second floor. Second battle is just off open arrows, and so is this better? No, I'm painting batters this time dome at the downward part of the flower, so the downward are going to have a smaller size of patterns. But Vaida, they're going to be sh shorter in the size, but they are going to become invite. Is there? The words don't. All right. Upward ones are going to be a bit dinner a bit longer, and the Logan's are going to be thicker and shorter in height. Now I've added, I've added Senator yellow light in the battles. I'm so sorry for the noise that is coming. Um, that is it. So that this yellow color gives another tone toe a flower. That stuff just added a very little bit amount of Centralia relate. It brings more attention towards this is basically dance. It'd the attention goes towards the center of the floor Right now I'm going to wait for it to dry eso we're going to now being our second for okay, This is also going to be the main for And to make this flower, you're going to have a color combination off the tele green light and syndromes. Prue, I want my flower toe have more off a syndrome is blue or like bluish tone in my flower. So I will have more of sonorous flu and less of the tele. Great, right? So as you can see, these are almost like a deer dog drove shaped flowers But the outer word the older partners pointy and the center part is also pointing. There is no days, no curve in these in these battles. This look closer there is no curving them. The outer and the inner points. They all appointee much. You can see there like the leaves that we have painted in our childhood. This is a simple flower with simple battles. Or right now I'm going to add a different color in this. So this is basically similiar red. I have picked apps in your rate and a little bit of warm C p A. Now this is looking more bonus. So I started reading more off similiar red, and I just washed my brush so that the Senate rate rate doesn't get affected by Mom sepia. Now, this is a perfect color that I want there. Now you will see a magic. I'm going to add these battles in the center off. Bluest screeners betters, so not only it gives a different color tone to your far. It catches your attention. It makes it more beautiful and more colorful. It is that simple, and you don't have to be very perfect making the shape of the battles. You can go the way you want. Just do the floor. Just go with the floor. There's no need to do it like in a very strict manner. And since you have seen the first love was done with open arose Major Columbus Open arrows So that's why it took Oprah Rose and I started touching the center of the battles off all these off the second far. I have just used opener rules at the point of these flowers. Okay, now I'm going to take pains. Cree and I will start painting Poland's any statements. At this point, I'm painting Poland's. This is done by using your brush, using the tip off your brush and making very, very small dots. Occasionally you're going toe make a bigger daughter as well. Okay, Same similar thing I'm doing here. I'm making Poland greens and I'm also making a statement Esteem in on, I think in 10 lines at the center of your flower. Ok, again, a bit combination off Poland's and a bit off statement. See how beautiful these flowers are looking, isn't it? So these two are done. These two flowers are done. Now what I'm going to do is I'm going to paint smaller flowers which are going to be our side floods. Okay, fillers that you call them. These are just going to be there so that we can have water attention towards main flowers. So we're going to make them a smaller and not very multi total. This is a small floor and I have just used in risk blue here. As I'm making this, you can see a major difference between main foreign This Saifullah that main fell off small , more prettier than this for by because we have used multiple tones in it. OK, now again, I have done in a rear flowers I have just added little bit off Poland's here and have touched the tip off the patterns at the center with pain scream. Okay, now, as I can see, I've used a bit more off pain screen. I removed it with my damp brush. OK, if you have made a mistake like this, you can all visit Move that with a damn brush But duly when the painters red and your brushes red Okay and you can see the color bleed now. So this is again a site for a I'm using open a rules and, um cinders Bruegel a combination which is purplish. You can see there but I'm also using senators fluent but hello green light color combination toe which is a bluish color. And can you seek any notice? I have not given gap at the center of these flowers off this for particularly actually, I haven't given any gap at the center. This is the only for so what I'm doing. I'm adding a pinch off Paynes Creek. Then I ready a potential similar yellow light. And again I'm going to it a little bit off pain scream at the center because I haven't given any gap at the center of this small site for and that is that You can see how pretty it looks. It's Marty Don't know far, but it is very small. Okay, so it's not catching your attention very much as the mean to first. Now we're going to 5. Painting Multi Tonal Leaves: So now our flies have right. We're going to start painting leaves. Leaves are green and nature, but if you look closer, they are just not only green, but they have different colors. Toe. This is what I'm trying to bring in my painting. I will pick for screen color, and I will make the stem of the leave using the tip off my brush. Okay. And I have started renting the leaf to make believe. What you will require is you're going to apply pressure on your brush. Therefore, you will get a take a stroke, and that take a stroke is nothing but the leaf. Okay, I'm doing it in two halfs. I'm dividing my leave in two halfs. The left, Half the right half. Okay. So again, we'll make a side single line using the tip of the brush. Then we're going to apply pressure on the brush to make belief, Okay? To make a take a stroke, which is nothing, but I leave. Okay, so this was done using for a screen. And in between I have added a few color off form C p A two. Okay. No, I have started printing another leaf. This is towards the bottom part of the fly, and I have again added the same. This is going to be warm, CP. And for the screen, these three leaves are going to have a bomb CP and for the screen. OK, you can see that. And a little bit off pain is great. Swell. So you can add for screen warm C p a and Penis free all you can even go for four. Scream and pain is create The destroyer together gives a deadly combination, which is like a very beautiful color. Okay, not picked up sap green. This is saved Wrinkle. And this is this leaf this time is just going to have some green in it. Okay, so there is nothing. You just make a center stem off the leaf. Then you start making the side small lines on board size and you start applying pressure on the rush to make take a strokes. And those six strokes are nothing but leaves. I would advise you to have fun being tingling leaves. All right? Just go with the floor. This type of fun exercise make any shapes that you like, Just enjoy. Just see the potential off your brush. OK? Your brush can make periods shapes. So this is a very important part where you should actually understand how your brush beeps . Okay. See, like I'm making the sleeve. No, this time this is a very different kind. Off leave. You can see I'm just extending my brush and that is it. I'm with a different guy to know. Fleet now. Different shapes and different baton. All right, so just have fun with your brush. Try to see what kind of ships you can make with it. And please do not be afraid. Do not be very perfectible turd My leaves, you can see they're not perfect. But all together they look perfect. So you don't have to make a even shape of believe. A perfect shape of the leaves. You just have to make a leaf. OK, that is it. And keep on adding different colors as I have discussed use for his green and bomb sepia or Potala green light and warm sepia. In fact, like I have used you, you can see these leaves somewhere abused. Hello. Green light, warm CPR sap green And do not be afraid to use pain is great with green. It does a very beautiful color. Okay, again, you can see how I'm just applying pressure on Miley on my brush and I'm making these kind off. Take a stroke, switcher. Nothing but leaves. All right. The same again. I will pick a green color. A green color that I like. Okay, which is nothing but four is green and a bit off warm. C p A. It is just a part off observation how I'm creating these leaves and how I'm just surrounding my flowers with these leaves. Just three close attention. The flowers are already made, and I'm surrounding the flowers with different shapes. Different patterns off the leaf. Okay. Just to make it look more beautiful and more, um, I can't see. Okay. More attractive. This is Potala Green light color only. And see, this is another way. I'm making maybe another shape you can see. But if you pay close attention, I'm making one Pop. I'm dividing my leave in two parts. Left and right. See? Right and left. This is opening. This is how I paint my leaves. I just think was the left. But then I just joined this right hand part off that leaf. And together they become off completely. Okay, this is a more easier for me. So I hope this is easy for you to All right, So this is a great This is a great idea to surround your flowers with leaves. Okay? And now I'm going to paint this leave in a different way. I will make the left left part of the believe and very part of the leave. But I'm going to leave some spaces in between them, see how I'm doing it. So this makes 22 gaps at the center of the leaves to three gaps. You can see those white parts see another right foot. So this is another relation to leave on when it will ride. Looks very pretty. OK, but I was not able to do it. OK, but you can do this. Wheels will. All right. Just give a little bit vita space. Leave a gap between the two parts of the leaf and you will have these white vita spaces in between, which is a very pretty which this gives a very pretty look to your painting. Okay, this is another leave. I've read it more warm. CP here and less of four screen. Therefore, you can see the color is towards mom CPM or get down and she can see that brownish color in it, so leaves can be made in two ways. Sometimes I just make a simple that a proportion, the other part that you can see. I've just use single strokes for them. But when the leaves have a taker kind off look, I divide leave into two parts left, part and right part. Now I haven't started adding these yellow Centralia gala late color blobs because I realized there was a very big gap between these flowers and it wasn't looking very nice. There was, Ah, there was a visible gap which I didn't like. So for these times, this is a great head start, adding the blobs of the color that you like this time I use a blue light. Okay, because this was already used enough flowers to okay, The pinkish purplish color flat had already sent a really light. That's why used this in a year. Yellow light color toe paint blobs. Now you can see this. This this gap is no more visible and you will understand more when I will start adding these tennis stems using the tip of my brush. And the sculler is pain is green. Okay, you will require a take amount of pain is great like less water and more off the Penis color pigment. Therefore, you will get a dark colored lines in these systems. Okay. For the doctor in for the doctor, for instance, you will require more off Penis, big Penis, gray color and less amount off water. Okay, this is the heck to get the darker lanes. I think this is it. I have completed this floral arrangement multi tonal flowers. And in fact, if you look closer, there are multiple stones in the leaves as well. Since it of just using one single color to make the flowers. We have created different colors in it and it looks so much better and so much a tractor. See? So I hope you enjoyed watching this floral arrangement. And here is a closer for you to see the veteran red effect that you're seeing here. The color mixing how the colors are moving, its of a pretty exercise 6. Final Thoughts: so, thank you guys watching my class and taking up this class. I hope you had lots of fun painting loose laurels and multiple tones. See, because of using multiple colors in our painting, a painting looks more gorgeous and there is a certain kind of beauty in it. See what? Chocolates nor adjustable using bar two colors. Sometimes it's a body was in multiple colors and this was one of those examples. Also here is a small exhibit off five million things. I hope you like them. I love them. So with this, I end this class and I wish to see ever love to see your projects in the project section. And if you have any questions, feel free to contact me on. And there are hoping things that a shared on my instagram um, I handed name on instagram is the divine which apply, So please don't forget to check it out. Thanks for watching. They