Watercolor Lettering: Create a Realistic Waterbrush Look Using Procreate | Cristin April Frey | Skillshare

Watercolor Lettering: Create a Realistic Waterbrush Look Using Procreate

Cristin April Frey, The World’s Okayest Doodler

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5 Lessons (22m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Let's Get Real

    • 3. Lettering Base Color

    • 4. Watercolor Textures

    • 5. Class Project


About This Class

Have you looked all over for that perfect watercolor brush for Procreate? Yeah, me too. I never found it.

I searched high and low for brushes that make my lettering on the iPad look like real watercolors. I didn't find any so I decided to make my own and I want to show you how easy it is to get this look! 

I am going to take you step-by-step through using each of these brushes and by the end of the class you will be able to create a realistic looking watercolor lettering right in your iPad!

This class is perfect for you if you have knowledge of lettering as we won't be covering how to letter, but how to amp up your lettering game.

After enrolling, you will have access to my Watercolor Brush Pack for Procreate which includes brushes, watercolor paper, and a color palette to get you started.

All you need for this class is your iPad, Apple Pencil, and the Procreate app. So grab those and I'll see you in class!






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Cristin April Frey

The World’s Okayest Doodler

Hi, I’m Cristin, from upstate NY surviving on coffee, wine, and sarcasm.

I consider myself the world’s okayest doodler. From notebook doodles in high school to publishing coloring books as an adult, I’ve loved drawing and lettering for as long as I can remember.  Creating art helps to escape from the stress of everyday life with my rescue dogs, my rescue husband, and my family.  When I’m not herding them, you can always find me with a sketchbook o...

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