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Watercolor Lettering: Block (Sans Serifs)

Amarilys Henderson, Watercolor Illustrator, Design Thinker

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13 Videos (42m)
    • Lettering Secret Intro

    • Supplies + Overview

    • A Brief History

    • Exercise: Sharpie

    • Exercise: Art Brush

    • Exercise: Round Brush

    • Exercise: Chinese Brush

    • Watercolor Letters

    • Watercolor Block

    • Watercolor Block Final Touch

    • Bonus Bag of Tricks 1

    • Bonus Bag of Tricks 2

    • Final Words


About This Class


Go bold! San-serif lettering sheds all the ornate trappings of other letter styles, lending itself to a fresh new vibe. It can be big and in your face, personal and loose, thick and sexy or clean and structured. 

In these 42 minutes, you'll learn how to approach sans-serif hand-lettering in several styles:

  • Uniform marker line
  • Casual handwriting in a dry brush quality
  • Brush lettering with ink
  • Inky, bold letters
  • Watercolor freehand
  • Watercolor block lettering
  • Bonus section with lots of styles and tips

Fact: clients have asked Amarilys to replace otherwise-beautiful lettering for a sans-serif style that's more laid-back and casual. Since understanding those design nuances, Amarilys has filled her portfolio with more samples and styles in this letter language.  

Gain the understanding and confidence to run with your letters--naked of serif anchors or curly flourishes--and reach a market begging for raw, personable communication.

P.S. Also in this class: a brief history of this font style--great for impressing your friends over a drink! 

This class is the second in a series of Watercolor Lettering classes by Amarilys. 

Go classic! Watch Watercolor Lettering: Serifs


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This was fun and delightful! Thank you for the tips and tricks!
Awesome class!!! Im gonna watch it again!! Thank you... Keep teaching!!! xx
Lisi M.


Another great class by Amarilys! I always learn so much watching her technique. She also does a great job of explaining her process along the way!





Amarilys Henderson

Watercolor Illustrator, Design Thinker

Hey there! I'm Amarilys. I process on paper and I problem-solve with keystrokes.

As a commercial illustrator, I've had the pleasure of bringing the dynamic vibrance of colorful watercolor strokes to everyday products. My work is licensed for greeting and Christmas cards, art prints, drawing books, and home decor items. My design background influences much of my recent work, revolving around typography and florals.

While my professional work in illustration is driven by t...

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