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7 Lessons (53m)
    • 1. Welcome to Watercolor Leaf Prints

    • 2. Supplies and Leaf Preparation

    • 3. Painted Leaf Printing

    • 4. Painted Paper Printing

    • 5. Time for a Project

    • 6. A Few More Things

    • 7. Bonus: Leaf Prints on Canvas


About This Class


This class provides a new twist to the family fun favorite... leaf prints! With these techniques, you'll bypass the mess created by printing with inks and rollers. You'll learn new ways to create stand alone art ready to frame, postcards and notecards to send to distant friends and family, and even a canvas print ready to display on the wall! 

In this class, you'll learn two simple techniques using tube watercolors, fresh leaves, and a few easy to obtain materials to make beautiful prints with minimal mess at the kitchen table. Once you've tried it yourself, watercolor leaf prints can provide hours of fun for the entire family, and even some handcrafted gifts for birthdays and holidays! 

Best of all, no drawing or painting skills are required. Just a willingness to mix up some color, apply it to leaves and paper, and watch the magic unfold! 

This class includes an extended bonus lesson with tips for printing leaves on canvas. In this lesson, you'll also see how to deal with those inevitable times when things don't turn out quite like you had hoped!