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Watercolor Landscape - Mountains and Reflections on Water

teacher avatar Chiara Mazzetti, Artist

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

8 Lessons (52m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Materials

    • 3. Practice: Mountains

    • 4. Practice: Reflections on water

    • 5. Demo: the Sketch

    • 6. Demo: Sky and Mountains

    • 7. Demo: Forest and Water

    • 8. Thank you! Class Project

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About This Class

In this class i will share some simple techniques to paint mountains both in the foreground and in the distance giving the illusion of depth and reflections of trees on the water which will make your painting lively and fresh.

The course will start with practice and exercises: you will learn how to paint confidently the mountains and obtain the effect of aerial perspective; then i will guide you to achieve the realistic feeling of greenery reflected on water and sparkles of the sun on it.

We will finish the class by putting all together composing a beautiful scenery starting from the sketch to the very last details going through mountains, trees and reflections on water with watercolors .

By the end of the lessons you will have all the tools to confidently paint your own watercolor view with elements of nature.

- Let’s paint together! -


Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Chiara Mazzetti



  Here's the Artist behind the Art :)
  Hello! I'm Chiara Mazzetti and I live in Italy.

After completing classical studies, I graduated in 2016 at the University of Pisa in Digital Humanities and later I specialized in Graphic Design in an academy in Milan. After finishing the studies I worked as a Graphic Designer in a historic and famous art gallery and at the same time I designed websites together with my partner.

At the end of 2018 I became interested in calligraphy and lettering, whose arts taught me the patience and the importance of practicing every day. From this point on, the passion for watercolors began almost spontaneously, findin... See full profile

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1. Introduction: weather colored landscape. One things. Imperfections on weather. Hi and guarantee and so treat to begin discourse with you in discuss a sure, some simple techniques to pay home base both in the foreground and in the distance, giving the illusion of that and reflections off trees on water, which will make your painting lively and fresh. The course will start with practice and exercises. You will learn how to pay confidently. Dimon paints, and not paying the fact off island perspective. Then I will guide you to achieve are realistic feeling off. Riri reflected on water and sparkles off the Sana. Me? We will finish the class by putting all together composing a beautiful scenery, starting from the sketch to the very last details, going through woundings trees and reflections on the water with water colors. By the end of the last one, you will have all the tools confidently paid your own weather color landscape with parents of nature. So let's spend together 2. Materials: Let's take a minute to talk about the supplies you will need or with what you can replace them with. First the star freeze to bank on. I will use this catch book with cotton paper 200 Chisholm, but it's absolutely fine if you use a single sheet of paper. The important thing is the quality of the paper. For a good result, I recommend using cotton paper, and he should be thick enough to handle water because we will do some weapon worked. The brushes we will paint with our three one small wrong, shaped like a number four untangled one. But if you're missing it, it's perfectly fine to just use a flatter one. Otherwise, around brush will do. And finally one big around black, this one number eight with a fine point. Then, for sure, you will need watercolor pains here. I should you, Mike Pollitt. But the colors we use are listed at the beginning off the next lessons, and they will also tell you what you can replace them with. If you don't have the same, are mixing surface like these. I love to use ceramic palette, but you are free to use the material you like most matter plastic or anything else. You can even use a dish, but peak an older one and don't return it afterwards. There you will find a new older rock useful to remove the excessive water or to drive the brushes. Next, I will use do bands. Ah, funding plan. With waterproof sepia being and the white djellaba, you can replace them with dick pain or wash for the sketch. It's just a pencil and the rubber off any kind. Finally, shoot cops off water. What do clean the brush and one with clear water tow. Avoid left overs off colors. Whenever you're ready, let's dive in. 3. Practice: Mountains: to obey the sky and the mountains, we will need the following colors bright blue in legal brand square e violet and say, Pia, it's completely fine if you don't have the exact shades. You can replace the bright blue with the light Otto for the sky. The indigo with a dark, true been square with a black or a dark grey and sepia with a dark brown. The violet. It's not strictly necessary, but a lot to use it in the shadow arias off the moon pains. Let's begin with a light sketch off the subject. Draw the outlines of the movements, one in the foreground and one on the background with the brush of your choice. Start toe, wet the paper in the area of the sky, and the second thing we will painted those with the weapon with technique. Time. Four chords with the right blue and the uncle brush. He paint the upper part off the sky, making a crowded wash while I moved towards the bottom if needed. I have the process with a dump. Wrong brush. If you want, you can darken the brew some more toe. Have a nice contrast now with the light indigo. I paint the wet Ara off the mountain in the distance. The borders will be so, giving the impression off aerial perspective. Now let it dry. Is the turn off the main subject now the big time in the foreground. I want to define the volatiles. So I started to paint on it with the tip off the angle brush and a very diluted Payne's gray, leaving some white parts in the same arias. I dropped some violet on Ben's gray, starting to darken sun spots. If you want, you can also create a putrid thaxter, using the drivers technique in the parts that aren't wet, revealing the great off the paper. Now let's take the last caller. We think in our polit the dark round I eat to the other colors, letting it makes with that in the glory areas that are still well, I drew some lines with a full time plan so that the brown ink flows freely. If you don't have this pan, you can skip this part, not problems. Decide carefully worked out the lines and don't overdo it. Take a dump brush and start to soft in some art edges off the previous brushstrokes. If you like, you can spot there sometime, it drops off water with a brush number four to accentuate the Dexter. Let it dry. We are almost done with this Onley, missing some details in the back bank fuel lines with water in indigo and top over town with your finger to reduce the intensity. The final part is to get contrast with that colors like Payne's gray there are. It's almost dry. The edges are very hard at this point, so in some parts I feed them with dump Bristol's. If you like you can trust, depend in the areas you just blanket and dark and those even more. 4. Practice: Reflections on water: playing the trees and the water we will need or life agree. Or a greenish yellow degree, which is just a dark green, the entangled or brunch it nickel and base gray. Or, as I mentioned before, just that that blue and the gray. Probably They find the main area that the trees and the water will take using the fancy. I don't draw every single tree, but on Lee, the Auckland's, because I will only suggest the presence of a forest with pains. Start with one color and after a bid change, eat with another one, letting them mix together wrong freely into each other. If you like, you can also wear some arias before putting the color scheme. Here I makes life green and in young gold in different values, suggesting the shape off greenery, moving back and forth. A complete the rough shape off the forest, a dark tones with the dark green or there you go if you like it to indicate shadows now what The area below the trees let in the brush touch the fresh pain in some spots in order to create the first reflections, mirror the colors off the force. It's the water. It doesn't have to be perfect, but just believable. The movement off the brush is from up to down, starting from the bottom of the forest and never goes in the opposite direction. I continued to define the reflections with a smaller brush, and they let a small line off. Why, just below the trees in order to create separation between reflections and forest. From the water, I use indigo and starting from the bottom. I draw lines across the area. When I move forward near to the forest, I changed brush toe, have smaller marks. I don't put too many lines near the reflections. Just a few are okay if needed. Adjust the reports with the dump brush. What on? Just under darkened the foreground water with dark blue or indigo. Now, with the funding plan, I draw some trunks here and there, letting the name that's the water. If you don't have the town, continue with a small brush with a fine tape and a dark color like Payne's gray or sepia. - Leave some guards on the reflections, suggesting movement in the water. No, my people is part splatter some clear water in the way it will create the illusion of sparkles from the sun. The fees with a white turban if you want, you can up some light spots and lines and make the separation Ari are more visible. 5. Demo: the Sketch: this sketch will be very simple and schematic. First draw line at wander off the space so that you will have to turds for the mountains and the sky and wondered for the water, then off. Line the forest very quickly and more on the mountains. Let's make one in the four room and one in the distance, refined the beaks and jump right into other colors. 6. Demo: Sky and Mountains: the first thing to do is to what they are off the sky and distant moving toe. Make a weapon wet. Granted, wash All the steps are explained indeed, days in the video called Practiced Mountains. So if you find yourself stock, I suggest you go back there and watch the practice video game. So put the brake blue starting from the top and gradually moving near thermal things with less color quickly. Want to paint the fence in the back with eniko? Let's think the outlines trade in the sky. Let it dry. Time to paint the foreground. Won't I use a lot Brush toe. Make the marks and the very diluted pain square as a first layer. Here, I started to put in some big pain in the previous layer in order to create shadow warriors , - as they did before with Safeya. I continue to shape this tractor off the hunting where I see our heads. I don't want I just scrub Vanek with adopt brush. - Now that it's almost try, I paint some of the darkest marks on it if you want and, like, start their Clearwater toe accent with the texter, take the Clinton plan to drop the last dark details, but if you don't have it, do it with a small brush on the tick pain. 7. Demo: Forest and Water: start working here and there some parts off the forest where you want soft edge. Then, as we have seen in the practice, lest some called reflections on water well, they're like green the Indian gold on the dark wing in those arias, alternating them in their sickness and barriers. - Now what they are below the forest, letting the brush Bachelet trees in some points. Remember to leave a white line between water and the greenery. - It's time to bring the reflection and make the colors of the forest. Remember that you don't want to be perfect. It only has to be believable. Let the caller's flow in the water without retouching them too much. - I see the lake area is starting to dry, so I wet it. Before I start with Indigo. I start from the bottom to paint stripes, and when I need them now are aware I switched to a smaller brunch splatter Clearwater to create sparkles in the reports. - Now , with the Clinton Plan and the white Japan, I refined the ground below the forest to give more contrast to the same. - And here we are with our featured piece, so it's time to put the senator to complete the page 8. Thank you! Class Project: Now it's your turn to paint your weather colored women escape full off lightly nature, Please publish your assault in the tragic gallery below. I'd love to see And if you want to share it on Instagram, be sure to talk me on the photo Caramel city that art. And at their struck sketch with Sarah, I will have the pleasure to report it on my stories. And you so much for watching this class. I hope to see you soon with another course until them after painting.