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Watercolor Landscape & Its Elements

teacher avatar Sweta Kaushik, Watercolor Artist & Urban Sketcher

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

10 Lessons (48m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Supplies

    • 3. Mixing Hues for Fresh Landscape

    • 4. Landscape Element - Human Figures

    • 5. Landscape Element - Tree & Foliage

    • 6. Fresh Landscape - Sketching Shapes

    • 7. Fresh Landscape - Sky & Road

    • 8. Fresh Landscape - Tree, Human figures & Sign board

    • 9. Fresh Landscape - Foliage, Greenery & Details

    • 10. Let’s admire the beauty!

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About This Class


 Learn to make a fresh and crisp watercolor landscape! After learning to make Sky and foreground, we are often clueless so as to what elements to add to an landscape. In this class you will learn the various elements of landscape like Tree, foliage, Human figures, Sign board, road, grass and distant trees!

Human figures bring life to any painting, and its easier for a viewer to connect to that painting. To make more effective figures we need to create contrast and use highly saturated bright paints!


I know we all have struggled to make trees in watercolor, I will teach you to make organic foliage that can change your landscape. I am gonna use wet in wet technique for that:)

After that we will make final painting and combine all the elements ! This process is going to calm you down and I am sure you will learn a lot!

so come join me and paint along!





Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Sweta Kaushik

Watercolor Artist & Urban Sketcher



Hello Artists,

I am Sweta, a traditional Watercolor Artist, Urban Sketcher & the Founder of the 'Urban Sketching Circle - A Membership for on-location painting'. I live in Delhi, India.

I am a passionate teacher and present modern solutions to my student's problems, improving their observational skills and allowing them to visualize and interpret the 3- Dimensional world in front of us accurately on paper.

If painting from 3D world is a bit hard for you, then click here and download my free guide on Urban Sketching - 5 steps to simplify what you see.

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1. Introduction : Hello, guys, and welcome to my class watercolor landscape and its elements. I'm shredder a watercolor artist and instructor. Andrada Color is what keeps me going in my life. I believe it's really easy to connect to a landscape. Painting on the process really comes you down. So let's make a freshwater. Colella escaped from a new perspective. My focus would be to teach you various elements off a landscape like human figure. Human figures bring life to any pain. I often imagine myself in their place is enjoying the scene. Another major element are trees. Let's be honest. We all struggle at painting trees as a big nerd. This was the fourth subject I wanted to take a way will also learn about other landscape elements like foliage Sky road grasses sign board on distant trees. We've combined all this knowledge into our final project and make a fresh landscape. We'll start with sketching, then we want to the first layer, and I'll be telling you how to integrate all these elements into the painting. At the end of the class, you have three beautiful artworks with, so let's dive in and explore this fresh landscape 2. Supplies: Hello, guys. Let's discuss that. Boards are supplies to be required for this class. I'm using arches Core Press 300 GSM paper on the dimension off this paper are seven inches into eight inches. It's more of a square. Former Andi, I advise you to use and try this. Form it God's because it's really gives attractive results, especially on this landscape. Moving forward. I will also discuss about what brushes I'm using on the pains so false. Let's start with the pains you can use other brilliant off these beans. Andi, it was still give very nice results. Andi, don't get stuck on the topic that you don't have these specific pains, so the 1st 1 is permanent rules. You can also find it as clinical Don Rose. The 2nd 1 is spiral orange and then the four art colors, which are yellow car, raw sienna, burnt sienna and bond number. And they're easy to find in any brand you use. And now this one is a new Venetian red. You can also use English read in place off this, and if you don't have access to any of thes teams, you can really walk with viral orange also moving forward the blues I'm using our French ultra marine, cobalt blue, cobalt, ill, cerulean blue and permanent sap green. Yeah, and the last one is sort of like general. Other than that, I'm going to use white water color paint instead of religion, and you can also use pain scream. And I think other beans are easy to find. I used these specific pains because they gave they have really nice property to them. You will also require a pencil and razor for sketching on a masking tape. Let's move on to the brush. If I talk about brush, she require a mop brush. Number two, like least is number two because we are the people. I mean, she is really less so. A number two good book, really will. This is my number. Two more brush. It's a school mom. Other than that you require around eight number round brush. Andi, no need to have in squirrel very internally are synthetic would also work here. I'm using more than the brushes I'm suggesting, and this is a recovers. Why would I advise you to get a more brush, a synthetic round and a rigger brush? So this is a Chinese brush. You don't need it for this class. I'm just showing you I made foliate using this brush in bigger artwork on instead off that I have this brush. It's tuned. So I basically cut it from the top and use it to make foliage. And you need only this Yoon brush, but you can easily make 3. Mixing Hues for Fresh Landscape : are you facing difficulties in color mixing when you finally put your brush on the paper, then just stop and take this class. The landscape you're making is really fresh looking and green on. I have used more cooler colors than the warm colors in that painting. I have used masking tape to tell this office I'm walking on, and now I'll be showing you that board color mixes I have used in the bag room toward the sky part really quick. In deciding what gallery require Andi, you won't take much time. So for the sky part, I have used French, ultra Marine, cerulean blue and a little bit of permanent rules. So here, I'll show you a demo off the sky, so get ready and being too long. First, I have applied a lot of water to the surface, but yeah, it's not dripping. It's only on the paper on now I am mixing a technics mixture off ceremony in blue, and I'm going to apply towards the upper part and let it flow towards the door. Hair. It goes soc because the face is stinted, so the color will naturally flow down. On its usually said that watercolor can be done on the flat surfaces, but if you don't talk about it in red application, a large application are done on the flat. But if you need those flowing clouds, you definitely need to tell your surface on. This is a thick application of French Children. Marie Remember, if you're going to use a watery application off any of thes beans, um, the ships will not be as defined as you can see here in my sky and see, I have makes a little bit off permanent rules to cerulean blue towards the horizon. Andi here I'm putting your local. So I basically shown you a demo off. How the color mixes are to be done on the palate in the paper. On when I'll be doing the final demo, it would be really useful for you. Now let's talk about how to make that road. I'm sure you must have been really confused. Many think about how to make those mixes that resembles the road rt concrete. So I'm going to show you the best way you can do that. There two ways in the mix cobalt blue with Venetian red are mixed cobalt blue with viral orange. I'm going to do both and I'm going toe Alton do alternative washes off the mixes. Sometimes I will also be putting a direct bush off cobalt blue and when issued in it and let it makes on the paper if I make Spanish in red more if you give me more off um dusky a museum local towards the site for the dirty sign. Look on, I'm gonna scratch with my name's Andi, that's all. Okay, so we also have to sign boards in our landscape painting Celeste Kidd ready and practice for that. Also, I'm going to make to sign boards really freehand Not going much, not giving much focus on straight lines, and I'm going to use a really watery wash off viral orange like this. And now don't let it dry and at French Ultra Marine or you can also use ultra marine only or cobalt blue also on, then let it mix and mingle on the paper again. I'm going to do to see for the next titled It's Nearly Done. You need some dark brown color way. Mornings are smooth just off 4. Landscape Element - Human Figures: human figures did not only bring life toe any painting but also let a viewer to connect to it easily. We often imagine ourselves in the place off thes human figures, so let's dive in and learn how to make them in simple strokes. So the first thing that I want you people to focus on his head head is always smaller than you think it is on. There is always some gap in between the head and the body, the upper trunk. It's because of the neck and the major block. The major part you have to focus on is the body. It takes the major part. If you talk about legs, they can be smaller than the trunk, the upper part of the body. Or they can even be larger, a difference upon person to person and what they're wearing. Because we're not basically painting the real anatomy beer painting, the people wearing clothes and, as all this see add shadow to make things look realistic. If you see my human figures, they are in motion. You can imagine them doing certain things, and that should always be your goal. Don't make them look like standing straight, doing nothing. Instead, show them in motion and to teach how to show them in motion and how to work on the proportion off human body. I'll have to make an entire new class, and in this class we're mainly focusing on these small scenarios and how we can make human figure for this landscape. So when you next time try toe, make human figures from a reference picture into landscape, imagine them into the three ship when his head one is trunk. Andi thoroughness feet on. If they're sitting, it would be different situation altogether. Now this is how I usually paint human figures. I used the brightest saturated beans I have in my palette like viral orange reds, cobalt steel. Don't hold yourself back. Use the brightest paint you have, because that is the thing that make them look, look more lively on it creates the maximum contrast and bring our eyes towards the human figures. Now I'm using sort of like genuine directly and painting. The legs never tried to paint feeds. If you're viewing from a really large distance because you won't be able to see them, and then again it would look unnatural, Andi. Not realistic Okay, I have just decided to make a hat. And this song is so simple. One to get a hanging off it and then connecting the freeze with the body. See, once it dries, other introduced more beans, more brighter hues to it. I have so much to discuss and talk about on this topic of human fingers. And if you want me to make an entire new class on this topic, do leave comment. So our new human seems to be waving at someone. Let's fill color in this one also, and I'm using Cobalt E and he's wearing some striped T shirt. So using directly cobalt blue on it has basically created maximum contrast the white paper . And here goes here I've used French ultra marine blue and this is our shadow. See, I think these are the simplest and most minimalistic strokes we have used, and they have given the best results. And here are added head. I used a mix off your loca and permanent rules. To me, this color you can also use vanish in red directly in this class. We're mainly focusing on the standing human figures, but I'm sketching a few off sitting human figures. Ah, listening the legs. Andi, let's make a bonfire here. So they are basically camping. It's so fun. Tow experiment. And to make new things, Andi, once you know, on the basics, this is the most interesting thing on addition to any of the painting these air finished. But I'm gonna still add some details. So I'm using my rigger brush along with white water color paint. I have taken a big consistency off the paint and I'm going to make a few months here and there. So if you would have made a red T shirt, you could have made stripes using this white water color paint. So just experiment. Using the brightest pain to have didn't. Now you must have heard that not to use the brighter shade, but human figures are Those places are subject. We can surely do it. I love making stripes. I'm not gonna make hands on the first figures. Let's consider that there at the back, off the body or inside the pockets. I hope you like this class and you are ready to make thes human figures into our final project. For in that class, you can just let me know in the comments. Thank you 5. Landscape Element - Tree & Foliage: Let's be honest. We all struggle at painting trees as a big ner. Discuss the four subject I wanted to tackle and I still remember the joy I felt after successfully painting it. So landscape can work without human figures, but not without trees. And to make these random impressions off foliage, I used a few brushes that a unique So the 1st 1 is the Chinese brush, and I also talked about this in the lesson to I use it. I used this being a brush only in the bigger size, off paintings to meet the foliage off the trees or bushes, so we won't be using this. In our tutorial, I used these pressures to make foliage in the smaller paintings. As you can see, these were stable here, brushes which lost its point and should hairs over the time. Later, I started using these brushes to make beautiful foliage. I've got my brush from top, but you don't need to do that. But he surely need Are you owned fresh on it might be synthetic are stable, but I would surely advise you to use a stable for this work. I know it's a difficult thing to do. But if you have ah, ruined one already, you are good to go Otherwise contrived these from any other brush I wish you don't use anymore, so I've made already rough sketch on. I wanted you notice how the trunk off the tree is so thin in comparison. Toe the foliage on the top. This is required on. We often make mistaking that we often make mistaking the structure off the tree. That's fire. Final outcome is never as we want it to be. I'm using Arches Corp Chris Sheet Andi. I have already between the paper and I'm using You can see how I am using my brush, just flaring it, using the palate and I'm using Think consistency off cerulean blue sap green and so rely genuine. I want to make a cooler version off green, but I also wanted to be a little bit darker. So see, this is how I'm going to use my brush. Hold your brush from far back on using a shoulder movement. Make this parts here and there at random priest places. Don't try to be perfect. This is what we want and let it march because I'm using thicker consistency off pain. That is the only region reason my pains are not spreading and going into all the directions . If you talk about getting rid techniques, this is the stage which you want to master on. It really unlocks so many parts for you. Like if you talk about this part, I have added a little bit more of French ultra Marine on here. I'm focusing and you can see this is what in red application at its best. And it can only be done using thick consistency off pain and don't apply a lot of border only. I mean, if the paper is glossy, that is all we want. I hope you observed that how I used the brushstrokes, how I put them on those random marks are off out most importance, and it also let us experiment with what we want to do. Now, I let this try, but you don't have to wait a lot of time just a few minutes so that it becomes a little bit dry. We still want a paper to be read. I'll show you how, because in the second stage also, we're going to do right in right application, and we don't need to let the paper dry for that. And this is I'm removing water from my brush because now I'm going to use the thickest application even more ticket taker pain than I used in the last stage. And see, my paper is only a little bit more drier than before. And these dark obits these are the parts from there are branches will get connected through the bushes to the foliage. This is really a big hat I'm sharing with you. The moment I realized that these points thes darker points on the places from there the branches are the stems, Aurich, Nate, or get lost into my trees Really changed a lot and the improved. So try it out. I'm sure it would be helpful to yours. Now, I'm using Princeton Accord elite to make the trunk off the tree if you're thinking bias, which to this brush. So whenever I need more precise handling our detailing war, I switch toe a synthetic brush with a much better point. Okay, guys, I have an idea. A super idea. So why don't you try making the human figures we did in our last class just below the street it will give a beautiful sense of perspective and reality. Just try it out on Do Post that project in the project section. A little bit of splattering was all he needed. And now again, I'm going to use white particular pain using a rigger brush on. Put a tiny bit of highlights. I hope you love boat off these elements off landscape as much as I did on Let's move On to our final project and integrate all these elements together. 6. Fresh Landscape - Sketching Shapes: sketching shapes. If you have taken my previous classes, you must be knowing that I always sketch shapes and that's all. I have simplified the sketching part so that even the most signal can make this painting can make this catch very easy. So I started by dividing the paper into two halfs and you can see the upper half is larger than the lower half, and also this line is tilting. That is all you need to keep in your mind. After that, I have focused on the second major shape and that is the tree. First we divided our page into two major shapes in the sky and the foreground. And now the third shape is the tree. You can see how abruptly I'm changing the angles off the stems on the tree. As we teach towards the upper part of the tree. The stems will get thinner and you can divide it in as many parts as you want. And this is our horizontal line. Basically, this is the part. This is the distant really, or land where the skies touching the ground on this is going to be really light valued when you put our final painting together on now I am making the sign board a little more. That is, towards this left part and the bush and finally our human figures. The first element off landscape that we learned. Don't go into any off the details now. Please don't try to do that. And these are the perspective lines. Which village guide the viewer. That how the scene is and that is all. Okay, guys, here is a cheap make 3 to 4 sketches off these kind on. Even if you make any mistake in the final coloring, you'll be good to go again. 7. Fresh Landscape - Sky & Road: for the first layer off this fresh landscape. We're going toe paid sky and road, so just pick up your more brush and start vetting the sky pod. But try toe not to put any amount of water into a tree. Human figures and the sign board. We have to try to protect those shapes because when we start putting cerulean blue into the sky pod, it might enter in tow any off those shapes which we don't want to happen. And because we have learned all the color mixes quiet for this landscape, it's really easy for you people now to just pick up the color and put in the right positions are places. So let's being together. I hope you have already rated the sky part, and now Dechaume or brushed on, take a ticker solution off Cerulean do on just glided into the sky. One thing that I want to share with us that we will not be painting towards the center part of the sky. It's going to be really white, the paper white on. That is how this sky wash will look glorious and luminous on fresh. Just see, I'm adding French ultra Marine now in tilted straw. For the next step, I'm gonna add a little bit off permanent rules to French ultra Marine blue. So this is going to cause a gradation after values. And because of that, the middle part of the sky Well, look even more, writer. And now I have added cerulean blue a little bit off here, local toe, worse, the horizon to create warmed. I hope you have finished this much part of the painting. And now I am going to use silver well, brush because I'm gonna pain that smaller section off the green G in the background. And I have makes sap cream cerulean blue to make it a cooler version off the cream. Philly entire shape off the green patch. But taken mind on, do not be on trees, human figures or sign bulls a little bit off your local again to create warmed. You can also use any other yellow you have, but it should not overpower you wash and spread into all directions. So we're done with the sky and the green patch and let's move on to the road and I'm going to use your Loker or a mix off raw sienna anything. Good book now, using the number two more brush I have. I'm going to paint the dusty part off the road. You can use either of yellow car or raw sienna. Don't let you wash. Try Don't actually, by that I mean, don't let the edges off your washes Try because only that only the new washes will be in a community. Otherwise you would find dried streaks marks. So first I used a mix off Cobalt blue Andi many shin dread on I have found this makes after a lot of trial and error on If you don't have Venetian, red and orange would work But that orange should not being towards yellow to really complement Cabal Blue orange is the best version And now I am I have used a layer off cobalt blue mix viral orange And now again, I'm gonna do with finish in red And lastly, Rosiana towards the left lower part off the rule on the first wash off the sky and road is done And now we can move on to the next spot. Do like this layer dry completely 8. Fresh Landscape - Tree, Human figures & Sign board: guys in this part, we're going to paint tree, human figure and sign board. It's going to be really simple and easy process because you have already learned that what color mixes we have to use in each of these elements using silver velvet brush number eight and the beans I'm using are burnt sienna burnt umber on to de saturate both off them. I'll be using French Ultra Marine. So to make burnt Sienna or bantam er a little more docker, I'll be adding French ultramarine blue to it on. That would make the darker part off the trees, so observe how I'm going to do it and do the same. Onda the thickness after branches gets lesser as we go towards the top part off the tree. Add a little bit off darts and tiny busy at random places, and you will be done so observed the process and then we'll talk again. - Now I'm making the shard off this ball on to create this dark oh version. You can makes burnt sienna or bond umber bit cobalt blue or French ultra marine blue. We can also use a little bit of finish in red, joining the shadow part with the trees. And here comes though. Sign board. I'm stabilizing my wrist using my other hand, and I'm gonna make these strokes Father Road and I'm gonna use rigger brush for the same purpose. Now it's quick, and it gives better strokes than the other synthetic brushes here I'm applying darker and stronger consistency of rosiana. And as I've already taught you how to paint the sign boards, I'm going to do the same process a game on what remix? Off viral Orange Farm Angels Our friend Children Marine will do the work And now let's paint human figures. And this time I'm gonna use barrel orange the thickest consistency for this human figure making stripes off viral orange And then I use cobalt ill to make the legs See how heads bring out all the difference. Now the last step is to make four years Creamery Andy dates 9. Fresh Landscape - Foliage, Greenery & Details: and now it's time to pain. For years, greenery and D deals you already nor the process. Just apply water and then using one of your brush, which you no longer use. Pick up, pick consistency off cerulean blue and sap green because we want a cooler version of cream for the spending on a flare the tip off your brush by putting it on, dropping it against the palate and just put the old random strokes my brushes at an angle off 90 degree against the paper. So if it held, just keep your brush in that position. I'm also applying directly French, ultramarine blue and cerulean. Now I will let it dry for a little bit, and I'm applying water at the Horizon's because I'm gonna introduce some trees which are in distance, fished back a quick lead. This is basically synthetic sable for some random strokes and green patches. There are a lot off elements in this landscape, but a few Bach on them carefully. They're really going to bring this painting together, and now I'm going to make crosses as we did before I'm going Toe makes cerulean blue. Our friend Children really marine blue to sack creen toe make a cooler version off green on . You can also add a bit of satellite genuine to dock in the U You'll see that as we approach towards the four crown, the value off the color increases, and we're using dark of a new off means here. I'm trying to make a perfect gray for the shadow EADiaz in the tree. I'm mixing ultramarine blue cobalt, and I'm going to put shadows at some part. Oh, but do remember that we still have to work upon the polish off the trees. We have to dock in them to create depth. This landscape is unique in the way that we have to work upon a few elements and then get back to them after some time again. Usually if you have taken my previous classes, it was not the same Onda. We were walking according to layers, and it was it's the totally different approach to what we have done before. Paper is really a little bit right now, Andi. So I'm applying the thickest consistency and the doctors value that I feel is appropriate toe different part off the foliage. So I have mixed sap green with um so did a genuine on a little bit of French Ultra Marine. I have used the variation of these pains only I got an idea to draw cherry blossoms with this technique. I'm not sure if this would book on give pleasing results, but I really advise you to try it out and share it under the project section. So many hold my rigger brush. That means the part of the painting is going to finish, and I'm making tiny coils stems just to a bit more. I'm using the darker version, the sort of genuine directly that's all a little bit off Premji in the background, and I think it's nearly done. Now. I'll be finishing up the entire painting using a wide watercolor paint. Just you have to pick up the tickets consistency you can. You can manage with your brush on the Russians because the brush has to still glide on smoothly. So it's difficult thing to do on. I'm going to make some new additions off Details on this is the best part for me because it means the painting is coming to an end and I finally will get to be off the masking tape and admire the beauty of this landscape. Usually in my landscape walk. The entire book is finished in the second layer, but in this painting the elements were spread it in all the parts. So I had to work. I had to keep in mind that which part is to be approach first. So this was really different for me also, and I also got to learn a lot of things in Next video will remove the masking tape and see the final outcome. I hope you enjoyed this process off, making a fresh landscape as much as I did on day. I would love to see you using these elements and approaches in your own artworks. 10. Let’s admire the beauty!: I guess every artist loves to sign up their artwork and remove the masking tape because that is the time we get to see the beauty off something that we have been working on from a long time. I hope this class held you in owning your skills on you'll be ableto use all these elements off the landscape. We have learned, be it sky rolled three human figures signed bold, fully age greenery and anything else that you might have thought for something new for you on you would apply these into her paintings. I love the crisp edges off this painting and see how those organic brush marks in the sky complements the glowing sky. Human figures give me the feeling as if I myself is walking in the morning or just after the ring. I'm surely going to hang this painting in my room So guys do let me know if you learn something from this plus and if any changes that you would like me to do for the betterment off the class. Thank you so much for joining me on. See you next time