Watercolor Landscape: Bluebell Forest | Lalitha Ragavan | Skillshare

Watercolor Landscape: Bluebell Forest

Lalitha Ragavan, Watercolor Artist & Plant Biologist

Watercolor Landscape: Bluebell Forest

Lalitha Ragavan, Watercolor Artist & Plant Biologist

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10 Lessons (43m)
    • 1. 1. Introduction

    • 2. 2. Supplies

    • 3. 3. Creating Background

    • 4. 4. How To Paint Bluebell Flowers - A short Demo

    • 5. 5. Darker Toned Foreground Trees

    • 6. 6. Mid Toned & Light Toned Background Trees

    • 7. 7. Creating Bluebell Flowers & Leaves

    • 8. 8. Climbers: Branches & Leaves

    • 9. 9. Final Details & Adjustments

    • 10. 10

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About This Class

Welcome to my class! In this class we are going to paint a beautiful Spring forest filled with Bluebell flowers. You will get simplified and rejoicing step by step assistance to create a fabulous landscape painting through this class. Let's start!

Meet Your Teacher

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Lalitha Ragavan

Watercolor Artist & Plant Biologist


Hi! I'm Lalitha Ragavan, a full-time watercolor artist and a Plant Biologist based in Chennai, India. I reside with my husband and two sons in a lively and an energetic city which has a delightful beach called 'Marina', connected with Bay of Bengal. 

I am a self taught artist and magical watercolor is my favorite medium due to it's flexibility, beautiful essence and accidental effects.I conduct workshops on watercolor painting both online and in person.

Basically I am a Plant biologist (Doctorate in Plant Biology) and I love to paint Landscapes mostly. During the start of my art journey I have had initial struggles, like every beginner, to paint even a single perfect picture of small size. But constant efforts and practices helped me to a... See full profile

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1. 1. Introduction: in this. Plus, they avoid personally help paint a beautiful spring forest with global plus. You can easily understand that class by step list of assistance on simplicity. Let's don't prepare this beautiful landscape meetings. 2. 2. Supplies: I need 100 years and more trickle of people you can use either. Quit best hard pressed. You can see the historic colors I used for this project along with these clothes you need anyways, Gerry rooting for you. I'm being rude. This is the masking from I instead of this project you need is more size under medium sized, not pressures. Yeah, we're breasted black, fresh A funeral. Ambition, it quantity. I'm getting anal on the small side. Spielberg, push. 3. 3. Creating Background: by using lasting Troy. I can't in the drunk off trees here. I'm 20. Amazing. The surface. So along the floor close, I'm using a flood blush. I'm reading the Sophie's before adding the Carlos. I'm not saying what a goalie in most. You cannot let some green us, the mom playing the color one day at the proportion of the Sufi. I'm a please one amount of what? Burying people. You can see the beautiful law culottes towards the bottom. Once again, I'm getting the bottom portion before having guns. I'm a plane watering new while it ask. You like to that I want the light, Please, No, I'm playing walking. Internment on in Depot makes us in our control. I don't have the shades fall. I just hit the fan brush in clean water. I'm going just black after dining. Organ profits on the Sofi's 4. 4. How To Paint Bluebell Flowers - A short Demo: It's a shock move how I'm going to use this stuff went question. Brush dropping the global house. I show you how painless Johnson had this. I'm going to use cleaning consistency off blue. I hold the brush in medical position on give gentle pressure than you're making for strolls , if not giving more pressure on. If you're using ordinary consistency off the color, it's not possible to Pete view different Florence troops. They come on a portion off the inflorescence, brought in the proportion of thing listens, playing some weights, place in with the inflorescence. Propane believes unproven strolls. I'm using a pointed accomplish on something to pay. The whole bill stops by using this thing taking. I'm creating the lives in Brooklyn Day inflorescence. I'm using that being human. 5. 5. Darker Toned Foreground Trees: just listen to see how not forgotten. Please, I'm using medium sized. It already feel I'm living so days before adding the colors I've random me playing 20 from as you like that too on the selfie Issel Victory Trump I love playing banding problem on nutrient mix to see a doctor toe my using his modern limb bridge I'm creating Chris pages I initially doctor for countries I'm using screens don't colors to paint this creates 6. 6. Mid Toned & Light Toned Background Trees: in this. Listen, they're waiting to see how to take me total, unlike told Mantle groups before handing the colors. I'm reading this off this I'm a playing vogliamo sleeping on bandit comics. I don't think that make under trees. I makes more amount off radical through the chromium oxide. Quickly, I randomly applied the color. I'm no buying thing. Yes, both size, not fresh thinking. The quest changes I initially paid. How many total, please? Huntley like trees. I'm using things that are colors to paint this straight passport. I used medium sites that don't push through a plate and colors on your small size to establish to make us. But just for the trees. No, I'm going toe paint three like 20 degrees before adding the colors on getting us off these . No, I'm a playing for me alongside on the page Banda Green needs, but that's so please, like they have done earlier. I'm losing median since the don't rush. Don't play the fellows. I'm using your smaller sized of not fresh to make Chris agents 7. 7. Creating Bluebell Flowers & Leaves: ask. You have seen your here in the Dingle We have going talking the new business I'm going to use. How old, Mr Nash? The pain, the humiliation oils I used No, I like to think like that Total loss. I'm inter palette to paint me Tony house. Let us toe being the not prudent loss. I use inter violent on pilots cleanings Pull the bridge strain on Give gentle pressure to bring the Florence tropes I think the bottom runner Then the top portion of the medicines I paint very little from the class matter So things is exposed much more leg source I think doctor told us that the three shadows I think we turned flows in the in the later on dark told us things on space between the notes so that you can paint they use under Florida stalls You're screaming consistency off the colors to create view different fast If you are using what any consistency it will be dating toe in the house. - I know that my wondered home brush with something on creating the stocks for the influence isn't I use this thing off Bristol? Fresh Cookie believes I know that the brush picks up going toe clean the later to please that ISS. I use something on Tinus cream mix to create DACA pin, please. 8. 8. Climbers: Branches & Leaves: I want, you know, funding from Amanda Problem Util picnics, toe pain, the branches off claimers. I'm using it in English with the point of you can use regular precious I think so. I lashed. People knows I'm painting the branches. I know it's more. Six people pressure to pain The leaves you can use wants a strong pressures. I'm using only brain. Exactly. Absolutely, Doctor, my child. Creamy indica leaks. They don't all of these following. But residents who don't make your paintings system get a maximum information from water. I paint a few Bangles. No enjoying your help paintings by using this mostly number. 9. 9. Final Details & Adjustments: I have completed banking, there's ask. They have seen in the previous lesson. No, I'm issue absent class. Boy, blame us. I'm using your pinko toe paint the house. But I'm no much satisfied about the color gangs here. So let the put I'm going to change the home. Just follow Castro's how I'm doing here. I'm using human eating being the floor of strolls. I use a usually hoping to take one on top. You can use a log watchespn. I'm nothing. We're actually working to create some readings Later I'm going toe. I'm a new one and forms rules. So this I used No one can ask like that. One being the clause. My mentor ballot Indigo makes as a doctor room. I'm just reading random for strolls. I remove the big color floral strokes. We talk any totals because it's a Leicester anymore. No, I'm using no wallet. Winter. Well, it on in vehicle makes to pain. The floating strokes always take it off. The state level off here colors I use originally hoping on breeding some highlights on the dreams 10. 10: thank you for watching the glass. It's cruelly when they break forest or Lansley's increased beautiful paintings. I'm very much even cops, Iwas people, some paintings in your printed sections. I hope that you enjoyed thinking people entity watch my previous classes to get down on working sentiments.