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20 Videos (1h 59m)
    • Introduction

    • Introduction to Watercolor Paint

    • The Watercolor Paint I Recommend

    • Tube Watercolor Paint

    • Watercolor Pan Sets

    • Liquid Watercolor Paints

    • Make Your Own Paint

    • Watercolor Brushes

    • Watercolor Paper

    • Watercolor Paper Showdown

    • Palettes

    • Other Supplies

    • Ink

    • Pencils

    • Erasers

    • Rulers

    • White Accents

    • Masking

    • Gold

    • Next Steps


About This Class


I have a confession to make. I love watercolor. I love everything about watercolor and ever since I first started using watercolor I have been hooked.

I have immersed myself in learning watercolor and now I'm going to share all of my tips, tricks, and strategies with you for choosing your watercolor and ink supplies.
I have to admit it has been a bit confusing to me which supplies are the best.

  • What is the best paper?
  • What type of paint should I get?
  • What brushes should I use?

I started with very cheap supplies not knowing the difference.

However, start where you can. My best advice is to get the best quality supplies you can with your current budget.

I'm going to walk you through all of the options and we will have fun exploring the art of watercolor in this class.

By the end of this class, you will be able to clear the confusion on student grade versus artist grade. You will have a good handle on the supplies you want to purchase.

If you're ready to explore watercolor and want to get a clear understanding of what supplies to get started, then click enroll and let’s get started.

If you want to know when I release new classes, make sure to click the "follow" button on my profile here:

14 of 14 students recommendSee All

Class worth taking. Full with tips, eye-openers, advice and demonstrations of materials. A time saver for the future and great guide for purchases if you are a beginner just like me. Recommend!
Very thorough classes broken up into chunks. Lots of great hints and tips especially for beginners looking to build a palette or add to their supplies.
I learned SO much about watercolor supplies from this class! I had already done a bit of research, so some info in the class confirmed that research, while a lot of the info was new. I enjoyed Shelley's thorough explanations of the differences between the choices of paints, papers, brushes, inks, pens... I took lots of notes and will refer to them as I build my tool set!





Shelley Hitz

Artist, Illustrator, Author Coach

Ready to learn the art of lettering and watercolor, the easy way? I know what it's like to be a beginner. And I know what it's like to battle the inner critic. The fear, self-doubt, and comparison.

But, I have learned to embrace the artist in me and have re-discovered the joy of creating art.

Art can help you:

Relax and have fun. It's been an amazing form of self-care for me. Discover the power of color. Creating art can bring you so much joy. Create beautiful pieces you can...

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