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Watercolor Illustration: Learn how to paint a baby shoe in Watercolors

teacher avatar Mukta Changmai, Watercolor Artist

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

10 Lessons (36m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Art Supplies

    • 3. The Drawing

    • 4. First Wash

    • 5. More Washes

    • 6. Painting the laces

    • 7. Refining the green padding

    • 8. Starting the details

    • 9. Adding shadows & Finishing the painting

    • 10. Bonus: My Sketchbook Tour

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About This Class


Watercolor is a very wild medium. Trying to tame it will only make things worse. But once you give it a free-flow, you will see wonders. Happy mistakes, daring brush strokes, experimental techniques, are all allowed in this medium & it creates beautiful pieces of Art.

Join me in this class, where I will teach you how to illustrate/paint a baby shoe in Watercolors

This class is aimed at students with some basic knowledge about watercolors, and it also suits the intermediate artists very well.

This class is great for freelancers, side hustlers, or even hobbyists because you can use these skills to capture the day to day objects in your sketchbook with watercolors & make the moment or the object even more relevant & memorable.

Another way you can utilize this technique/skill is to take quick notes of complex scenes for creating more refined paintings later in your studio.

What you will learn in this class?

  • Learn to paint fearlessly in Watercolors
  • Learn how to illustrate baby shoes or any still-life with watercolors
  • Learn drawing
  • Learn how to mix Watercolors
  • Learn how to document/capture a scene/moment through a painting
  • Learn how to make an object look three-dimensional with minimum brushwork


Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Mukta Changmai

Watercolor Artist


Hello, I'm Mukta Changmai, a watercolor artist based in Assam(India) & professionally a Banker. I was introduced to watercolors around 10 years back & it has always been my true love since then.

I also run a watercolor blog named THE WATERCOLOR STORY, which helps beginner watercolor artists get a dose of inspiration & knowledge of the medium. 

My favourite part of watercolors is quick illustration in my journals. This is something I do whenever i feel like capturing a moment & keeping it as memory. Trust me this is such a stress-buster.

Now, I feel its time to give back to the community & share whatever little knowledge I have of the medium.

Also please do join my MAILING LIST to stay updated on latest projects, courses, contests, freebies & giveaways. M... See full profile

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1. Introduction: I am always of the belief that watercolor is a wild medium and the beauty off it lies in living it to its characteristics and letting it flow freely. Hi, my name is smoke that on my and I'm a Water Clark is based in the noticed and part of India . I'm a banker by profession and then artist by passion. I was the global winner off Emirates Airways art off Travel Contest 2015 with the illustration I did on my iPad, which also happens to be my area of interest. But I paint more often watercolors and love to illustrate on my sketchbooks. This class is very close to my heart as I will be teaching you how to paint a baby shoe. The late I painted all the shoes off my three year old kid. It helps me keep a memory off the time line of his growth in my own style. Apart from the obvious things like photos and videos, this class is for beginners and intermediate level of artists with some basic knowledge of whatever. This here I will simplify step by step on how to paint a baby shoe while also giving you practical tips in between. So in this class, I will guide you true, the art supplies needed drawing the show, starting the first wash, more luscious, refining the bedding off the shoe, finishing details and finally adding shadows So this class will help you to pain fearlessly and watercolors, pain shoes and baby shoes. In particular. Growth Thinks learned to mix watercolors. I learned the importance off light and shade in a painting and make things look really and three dimensional in watercolors, so let's get started. 2. Art Supplies: Welcome to the first Listen where we will discuss a bit about the art supplies needed for this exercise. Well, I always stress on using good quality art supplies. Please don't get this certain. If you do not have his great supplies right now, you can always get them later if you feel the need yourself. Any dissent, art supplies good to start on. Nothing should stop you to paint. That should be the first thing on your mind for this lesson. We will need some very basic things which are paper penciling the razor brushes, watercolor pains, palette and water. In this lesson, I will basically tell you what supplies I'm using for this. Listen, I'm sure you have your own choices. And trust me, you were good with them for paper. Here, I'll be using an artist in Shell Tree and the GSM cold newspaper. You should always try to get a paper which is 300 years or more. You will feel much better while you paint on take papers and the people for every artist differs. You may not like the people that I use, and vice versa. So the only way out is to keep trying samples of paper until you find allies on a few choices. For pencil an eraser, I'll use a very cheap course. Mechanical pencils and the Nonda surrender. I chose mechanical pencil because you don't have the headache of maintaining the pointed tips. But that doesn't mean normal graphite pencils won't work. They're equally good. It just doesn't make a nickel pencil. It's more practical for me right now, and any good razor will also do the work. For brushes. I'll be using three round brushes off size 14 and eight. These artists in shells and rosemary brushes both her. My favorite brands. Apart from a Skoda, if you're doing painting on a regular basis, investing good dresses, the history brands are a good place to start from. But for now, you may use any round words that you have with you. I wouldn't insist on spending just for the exercise for pains I'm using Danielle Smith, Mitchell Omission Gold and Winsor Newton tubes. Watercolor cakes, also called pants, are equally good, but since I haven't airtight folding palette, I have a personal preference off pains from tubes. Again, your choices of colors will come with lots of experimentation so I would say this. You build your own palette of at least, well, colors that you will use to derive more colors by inter, mixing them personally. I feel there's no point buying every shade of color up in that get sold in the market. I have my airtight fooling palette. 18 paint wills and remixing areas, one being very big. These pallets are very good. One time in this meant Andi. You can squeeze in the pains whenever there or not, and finally, the most vital element. Water. But I'll tell you the most obvious thing. Here. Get two jars of water this way. You don't get muddy colors towards the end part of the painting process, so let's get started with the painting Shelvey. 3. The Drawing: hi and welcome to this class where we'll start an illustration off a baby Shoes for our friends will be using this picture. The studies will start to drink. This. As you know, it is the most important part for painting here will be using a simple mechanical principles drink. I love this pencils, because you don't have to worry about happening it on the time appointed permanently and served a purpose. You also free to use any regular pencil won't make much of a difference. Really, Just concentrate on getting the proportion straight when growing. What they usually do is try to get something right. At the beginning of this way, I stay motivated. Sometimes it can be a particular part of the whole thing, but most of the time it's the overall shape of structure. Project Scaling a bigger object in a limited piece of paper can be quite challenging, but in practice, our brain figures it out very well in this train. I'll go for a bit of detail since will not be using a pen for the sketch after this, all our suggested details who depend on the light and shadows being painted properly so to make sure I don't get confused. Midway, I will make my own pointers to the details that I will be willing to suggest this new event if I'm painting from a friend's photo. I love painting shoes, mainly due to the dramatic effect shoelaces. Great. I never skip the joy this drinks the shadow and I Let's this bolt creator so much fun pain you let us see. The twist in the places will create a very interesting effect in the sketch. You really have to make shadows. Now, speaking off the habit of trying, I would recommend you to sketch something for at least 20 minutes every day. Do not worry about setting up a subject. They can range from anything like your cat or to your furniture. I personally prefer keeping a small sketchbook with me. This way I get a chance to sketch anything that I see and almost anywhere I want. But if that is not possible for you, just price catching for 20 minutes in the morning, 20 minutes in the evening. But maybe put here, the idea is to get your hands very familiar with the drying process coming to this drink here, I'd like to keep the lines reasonably light, but at the same time, it should not confuse me. Well, painting over it. Any drawing or going through the whole sketch will also guide your brain to be quick while applying the water. It is like going to a familiar neighborhood where you can just go wherever you want. I'm not waiting for navigations or guidance from people as you already know which road leads to wear. Similarly, if you get family with the subject through a drawing, you'll know better which color to apply in which area. And there's also fall planning the pending wear now almost close to finishing a drawing after, which will start spending it with whatever in the next. Listen and demonstrate also start painting over the brain, and we also share a few words of wisdom so that you gain knowledge beyond this exercising and start painting on your 4. First Wash: welcome back to this lesson where we'll start bending over the growing with water colors for the first wash. I like to go with green fending off the shoe first. That's my personal preference, but still, I would against adjust you to start with the bigger part and try getting and good for us first. This way you have confidence in the painting grows. There's a small but very important thing to keep in mind here. For this. Make sure I'm using a separate from middle omission gold on a pinch off Winsor Newton Cadmium yellow to give it there one tone in between somewhere. Be careful. Notto paint a border areas. Here I am trying to paint unevenly. Eso That picture may be created later on with more additions off details. The beauty off painting in watercolors is that you get to enjoy each and every part off the painting process. For me, this doesn't happen with other mediums. No coming back to the green heading. Look for the areas where we'll cast highlights and accordingly will also look for the areas where we'll put shadows. That is darker versions of the green that we're mixing here. I'm trying to maintain the softness of the green heading by not going for very rough strokes are dry brushing. Take strokes. Use a reasonably bigger brush for these types off foundation paintings and take generous amount off pain picture so that you don't have to end up trying dressing No for the brown linen part of the shoe, I started their generous make sure off burnt sienna and ultra marine blue. I will carefully start to pay in the brown Lynn and living spaces for the laces to repaint it upon later. Since the area to be painted is relatively small now I am switching to a smaller brush. This makes me feel comfortable in spite of the fact that I have toe reload paint in the breast again. Not a beauty about painting shows is that you get to learn so much in one single subject. Of course, you get to learn on drawing, painting Donald values, except, but apart from that, we also learned to capture the playoff light and shade to create dramatic effects. For example, look at the leases. These will, by the end of the painting, perhaps be the most loved part I personally have painted all the shoes off my three year old kid and hope to continue painting them as a memory toe. The timeline off his growth, each new shoe print. It is a reminder for me as a parent how time flies. This gave those paintings so much more meaning than just us to life. Coming to front part of the shoe, which looks like a cool shade off white. We will take a mix off ultra marine blue and a permanent rose to get a violet table wash. But much, much later for this part will try not to give too many layers. We will start imitating the surface and texture in the first wash itself. We will maintain the Grady in nature of the wash to imply the form and texture of the area . This will need careful planning before your breast. That is the paper. You will not want to get confused midway and stopped over. Think this will make their just look sharp, which is undesirable in this case? Also keep sufficient paint mix off the color so that you do not run out off it Midway. Now we'll try to maintain the uniformity of the pain tone while painting the other shoe. I think I will not work more on this part except for a few sadistic details later on. Well, this brings us to the end of this. Listen, in the next listen, we will continue with more painting to give it more details. See you there. 5. More Washes: Hi and welcome back to this short. Listen where we'll continue with the first wash and concentrate on the smaller parts of the show will start painting the blue stripes in the central portion of the shoe. Neither concentrate much undervalues here. Just take some blue mix in this case, cobalt blue and pinch off ultra marine blue and start making the stripes as it is in the shoes. Does it look more meaningful once we add the settles in our subsequent lessons? Since we're painting smaller details here, be careful to leave spaces for the laces. If somehow we do this wrong, I'm afraid will not be in a position to correct it. We will now start painting the little rings around the holes of the shoelaces. Just notice that these are metal rings and animal. Could it? Therefore, we leave the white spaces for highlights, which will be later given more debt and curves with the addition of shadows. - We will also set the undertone for the floors and green stripe of the sole of the shoe. Just take a nice screen mix with some yellows to create a lemon yellowish color and fill the desired straight period So this brings us to the end of this. Listen. So you in the next lesson where we'll be adding more details in the painting. 6. Painting the laces: welcome back to this class where we will paint only the laces while shooting for this class . This was perhaps the most exciting part when I was waiting eagerly to start working on the laces. I'm so fascinated by the twists and curls of the leases. They depict the dramatic light and shadows in the shoes. For these leases, we will leave the light portion as paperweights. This means we will not paint those areas which you want to the pictures light falling on them for the saddle areas. We will take the same mix of things that is permanent rose and Algerian blue, as we have taken to paint the front part of the shoes you see with the shadows, everything intends to look flat, even the lighter portions that we left. Those highlights seem meaningless without the shadows. But later you will see when we had the shadows, the object and in this case the shoes will pop off a street dimensional from within the paper. We will have to be careful to leave. White space is in the laces. Littered is aware paperwhite Children more relevance with addition of shadows and find the falls off dialysis Well This brings us to the end of the listen. See you in the next one where we will work on refining the green heading toe, give a lecture and form. Thank you. 7. Refining the green padding: hi and welcome back to this lesson here will be refining the green padding off the shoe. The base layer we have already painted previously to make this subsequent layer even more dark will be adding the same green that we have used previously. That is the sap green, and this time for the yellow will be using burnt sienna from Daniel Smith. The only difference here would be the thickness of the paint that were playing previously. We had added just a light picture and this time to make it even Doctor who had left. And to make it more look more treaty, we're adding a tick. Make sure of the almost the same paint that we have used before. No, for the inside part of the green. Pending we'll have to show that death with shadows. We can see that there is darkness under inside and you two shadows, and we have showed it accordingly in our work. So I'm making a even tickle mix of the colors, plus some algae Marine and neutrality makes lying on my palette. The idea here is to make our make sure pick and yet stay true to the base color. Since We're depicting a soft surface. Make sure to keep the it just soft, sharp. It just will kill all the hard work. Now we're feeling the design basis off. We would die. Appreciates of the green. Make sure we're carving out Highlights toe, get the depths. These in turn, will make our painting look treaty. Well, I repeat these steps in the other shoe. Let me tell you a few things that might improve your skills off getting beautiful soft surfaces. The easiest way is to get your tonal value basics right. This means you will have to learn to identify the light, tone it down and dive, turn often object. And let me tell you, there's not rocket science and anyone with a little heartbroken muster it. Try practicing these values with only a normal pencil. Your brain will understand this quicker. Even took a specific. If we speak off this pair of shoes, try to drink them and shading them only with a pencil. You're tonal values in the watercolor painting and that will follow will be off much better quality. Once upon a time, I used to draw my subjects on a normal piece of paper only with a pencil and then shaded until I felt that the tonal value was satisfactory. That was my personal way of making it work. But I'm sure you'll figure something off to I think we're almost done with the green petting. No on satisfied with it. Well, we can always come back later to make mine additions in context to the holes object. So let's proceed to the next listen and work for the on the other parts of the show. 8. Starting the details: welcome back to this lesson where we will work on a few off the intricate details off our subject. These details will make up anything look so much more refined. Here we will be in the shadows. Mainly, they were giving the highlights more meaning, but in this lesson will focus mainly on the tiny stuff. The bigger shadows will be painted in the next. Listen here. In this listen, let's start by making the desired areas. Doctor, by applying a sticker, make sure of the base paint mix. But whenever I feel that the make sure is not dive enough, I add a pinch off neutral tint or ultramarine blue to the paint mix that gives me a short, short, dark. We have to a very careful way, creating the shadows in the blue striped parts below the laces. The saddles need to be depicted very cleverly so that we can create an optical illusion to the ideas of viewer to make it look three dimensional. Sometimes when I do works in the hyper religion general, I give even more attention to the accuracy off shape details, tones except but this is not a work off that Jenner and Since it's an illustration work, we can take the creative liberty off, taking it a bit here and there. Previously, I also missed out painting this red part, which I'll be doing it now. He had shadows also at the same time. I will try to minimalistic Lee refine the front part of the show by just such distinct lines, little trade work and all that is just it will not be painting too much in the front side. Finally, we're finished with the detailing part in the next listen will be completing the whole painting by adding shallows to the overall painting and that will make the painting complete. So see you in the next listen. 9. Adding shadows & Finishing the painting: Hi and welcome to this final listen where we deliver a masterstroke toe successfully finishing this illustration, we will add the most vital Tingo illustration, which is saddled without them. All our hard work illustration. We look flat, Noto at shadows. I generally use a make sure off ultra marine, blue and permanent rose to create a cool purple type wash, but very, very light. I also had a pinch off neutral tint to enhance the darkness off the shadow. We will start adding the shadows of the bigger area first. This is what I usually like to do. First, I will take a relatively larger brush and start adding the first washed. Very likely keep one thing in mind that, well, applying your washing watercolors. It looks very dive on instant applications, but once it dries, the washing look much like her. So let this be a tip for you not to get confused of the amount of wash to apply. You're just looking dark first, but after a couple of minutes we will still have to add more refining and defining layer of the wash mixed with neutral tint. We will try to soften their just to give the shadow of the soft feel to it. Now we'll start to make a bit on DACA mix of the shadow colors by adding a pinch of neutral tint. This we will add to the places where the sole of the shoe and the surface upon which it displaced that just that will the pick that the shoe is not floating in his Indian grounded by gravity, we will have to make a few more places, Doctor, by adding this mix now, we'll start working on the shadows that are in the body of the shoes. Keep this in mind that the surface of the shoe is on even and uneven spaces create shadows , so we have to depict them accordingly. We will know make the Browns even more dapper, thereby imitating the surface of the shoe. Now let's create that in the tiny rings off the laces. By adding shadows in the desired places, especially in centering, these rings will start looking more real now. The same applies to these blue rings. Now we start adding shadows in the blue straight areas. Que the shadows, as you can see, are majorly from the laces s. So we have to be very careful. Well, painting this getting them correctly placed is the key toe making it look convincing. I may look quick here, but I got it all planned before putting the brush in the paper. - And well, this brings us to the end of this lesson Onda painting as well. I hope you enjoyed the process and learned a few things. Thank you for giving your time to this awesome medium. Keep painting. 10. Bonus: My Sketchbook Tour: