Watercolor Illustration: Easter Eggs | Lalitha Ragavan | Skillshare

Watercolor Illustration: Easter Eggs

Lalitha Ragavan, Watercolor Artist & Plant Biologist

Watercolor Illustration: Easter Eggs

Lalitha Ragavan, Watercolor Artist & Plant Biologist

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7 Lessons (32m)
    • 1. 1. Introduction

    • 2. 2. Supplies

    • 3. 3. Sketching & Applying Masking Fluid

    • 4. 4. Painting The Nest Background

    • 5. 5. Building The Nest

    • 6. 6. Painting The Eggs

    • 7. 7. Adding Final Details

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About This Class

In this class, we are going to see how to illustrate the Easter eggs by using watercolors. Though there are many colors in Easter eggs, I predominantly used Blue shades in this class. You can change the color of Easter eggs, if you wish. Also I placed my Easter eggs in a beautiful nest to make them more special and I am going to explain you how to create that nest. Are you excited about the class? Then it's time for painting! Let's start!


Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Lalitha Ragavan

Watercolor Artist & Plant Biologist


Hi! I'm Lalitha Ragavan, a full-time watercolor artist and a Plant Biologist based in Chennai, India. I reside with my husband and two sons in a lively and an energetic city which has a delightful beach called 'Marina', connected with Bay of Bengal. 

I am a self taught artist and magical watercolor is my favorite medium due to it's flexibility, beautiful essence and accidental effects.I conduct workshops on watercolor painting both online and in person.

Basically I am a Plant biologist (Doctorate in Plant Biology) and I love to paint Landscapes mostly. During the start of my art journey I have had initial struggles, like every beginner, to paint even a single perfect picture of small size. But constant efforts and practices helped me to a... See full profile

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1. 1. Introduction: what? I just had any less tryingto in this class. We're going to see how we illustrate the Easter eggs by using water. Guns don't. There are many colors in hysterics. I predominantly used blue shades in this last. You can change the color of eggs if you wish. Also, I please my sister ex in your best to make the most special painting along with me. Let's time. 2. 2. Supplies: you need peak energy is, um, well plus watercolor people on a list O Fallon's mention here you can Don't want this Find from your project section on a few wrong brushes from small sense for medium size, your pencil on a need, a teaser You got that night when Gillian will pain. Always goulash. I'm asking for lead if you paper towels and plain water endures. 3. 3. Sketching & Applying Masking Fluid: I'm using point high HB mechanical pencil to make your sketch off the nest. I'm just making your dot to make this inter point off the people. No, I'm making and waffle. She I don't dot This is not what portion off the missed. No, I'm growing the lawyer portion off the list. I'm going takes No, I'm going toe 86. You can increase or decrease the number. Oh, fix if you wish. If you think you can change the position of leads, I'm going to use a silly compression to update. I'm asking for it. You can use any world brush top later. Masking free. Always. I played them asking Floyd assitant Lee, you 4. 4. Painting The Nest Background: by using a medium sized hungers. I'm waiting facilities off the missed in an atom. I know Going toe the hunting people I assume the night sources coming from the right side of the NIST. So I'm going to act like the shapes on the right side off the NIST. No, I'm adding the mix off Grassi in Annapolis City now I mining road genuine from Daniel Smith water color you can use eliciting comes in our union that pink should instead off golden agin you No, I start to add Luneville. This color is hiding laminating one from Daniel Smith I'm guarding this color As you may toe here I'm having more darker colors on the left side Off the midst No, I'm adding Bandic room. You can use any down she'd instead of a handicap. No, I started. I mean this genuine from Daniel sweeper. It's a beautiful on highly grand relating color you can use in purple shade in the place off a Metis gin I wish to add some foliage is on the top ocean off the nest so that I'm adding some will agree on some bring to you. No, I stopped on a play lunar black. This is also from Daniel speak. This color is also having high granule ation. I'm using this color asi darker toe on my marrying this color just below every once. I mean I start to a place some Luna help in between. I make this genuine Unlu, not black. No. I'm tilting the people particularly, You know the colors running towards the boat. I'm taking the paper upon all soup. Don't over do this pig. You can see the beautiful grand elation on floor the colors towards the bottom. This is how granulated colors work. I feel this much off floor is sufficient. So I stopped counting the paper. I'm removing the excess off water by using a tissue. People gently remove the excess water on. Do not distract the colors. Now you need a little more interesting ethics. I'm adding tiny droplets off water on the colors. It will create beautiful watercolor booms 5. 5. Building The Nest: no backing off paper You can take it just when you're riding the background color I'm using . Yes, More sites known brush with pointed to I'm not playing once, you know I don't the list. I'm just trying to make another plane. I don't know Pushing off the NIST I'm making Haris often baby lines on the don't push in off the NIST on. Then I will be adding some vertical arms I people handing the baby lines by using one sienna in the heart is on my direction now I'll be using Bandic prone after that No, I start to use Gandhi prone. I'm making some warm, loving baby on planes. No, I start to add some vertical lines. You bring out the shape off the NIST. It's time complained the bottom portion off the nest. And I'm using mandate Mostly hell no . I'm using you, not black to paint the baby lines on the border portion off dinners. So I'm using three colors to build the nest. One is burnt Sienna on and everyone is romantic, bro. On the next one is Luna black. I keep running the baby lines by using these three colors. Duncan, I feel the business shape off. Honest way 6. 6. Painting The Eggs: the cardinals are completely dried by gently scrambling. I'm removing the masking tribute doing Chris mumbling. I don't the eggs I'm using banned Iqbal. - I'm going to use cerulean blue so blue, purple turquoise on the indigo to paint the blue eggs that, as I'm going to use Davis, agree on Lola Black Paint the waking. I think some rush the blue colors on a painting, the blue hoping some eggs. I am scope culture guys on Go Point Lou, but it's to paint some of their eggs. I use cerulean blue. I am indeed Go see a doctor to on our indigo on the more compassion for each egg. By using a big brush, I'm removing the colors from the door portion off the egg. You grade the highlight. I'm wanting babies green. I feel like that at all on Lord Black as the door kowtow to think this waiting 7. 7. Adding Final Details: I'm Alan. Tiny love notes on the surface. Off digs by using what you lied hoping I'm adding some weight dots on the self. It'll fades. You can use weight quash in the place off, which a little bit having some more extension off the Twix by using valley by using sampling on Pearl in green. I'm learning some leaves. Adam the Mist by using it. Got that night? I'm going to create some highlights by gently scrapping on the Sophie's openness. You know this one? Everybody. I'm just do this protest, Whatever. I want to show some highlights, but no, couldn't be there here.