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Watercolor Illustration: Blue Crab

teacher avatar Taylor Sevy, Watercolor Artist

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

10 Lessons (40m)
    • 1. INTRO

    • 2. SKETCHING

    • 3. CLAWS Pt. 1

    • 4. CLAWS Pt. 2

    • 5. LEGS Pt. 1

    • 6. CLAWS Pt. 3

    • 7. LEGS Pt. 2

    • 8. MAIN BODY



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About This Class

Hello everyone! Join me in a step-by-step tutorial of a watercolor blue crab.

This is an intermediate level painting, but if you follow along with me, even a beginner can have a beautiful finished product!

Supplies needed for this course:

  • Watercolor Paper, Paints & Brushes
  • Pencil & Eraser
  • Paper Towels
  • Water

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Taylor Sevy

Watercolor Artist


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1. INTRO: My name is Taylor and the ammunition you had a paint? A blue crab. I wanted to paint this because my mom loves decorating with crabs. It reminds us of beach and a favorite vacation spot which we get every year. And me eat blue crabs. They're dio basically, I just went on Google. I found a picture of blue crab helps pretty one. The best things about blue crabs is that they have already look like water color. So all those is an intermediate level painting. I think even if you're a beginner, if you take it section by section the way I'm showing you, you're gonna be able to do it. So that's a huge benefit is that it's a lot easier than you think. You got to go one step at a time. So for today's class, we're gonna start out. Um, just how I start out sketching. And then we're gonna other through painting to the fine details. And that's basically how we do. It will go neither sketching. And then we'll do applause the crab legs and was looking back around to the body and do all the fine detailing after that. Um, and I'll kind of jump around a little bit hearing there because I don't use a hair dryer or anything like that. Just speed up the drying process for my painting. So that means when I'm doing the crab legs, for example, do every other part of the legs and then finish on when I come back around and do the ones I didn't get before. Eso there'll be a slight bit of hopping around, but otherwise we're gonna go in almost consistent order of Klaus legs, the main body. And like I said, background to the fine detail ing My challenge for you guys is just paint along with me to take it slow pause video. Do it section by section. Don't be afraid to make mistakes because watercolors actually more forgiving than you think . And I will show you that because I make my fair amount of states, I'm going to hang this cab, um, excited you guys to join me and let's just jump right into sketching. Here we go 2. SKETCHING: all right. So chatting with the cloth and I'm gonna put out a picture of the kind of from the corner there for you guys. You can see I'm doing this free handed for using overly or something bad if you're comfortable drawing oriented. But don't worry too much. This is really just a basic outline so that we have a road map for where we're gonna be putting the paint down later so that you guys were starting. I want you to really focus on the main, the main color ships. Don't worry about all the teeny, tiny details. Those who will bring into the crab when we're doing our painting years. Let's just go ahead and sketch out big details. Um, - all right, says agency, I have really just between the main bigger details crabs are now, then work in the legs. He was on the other side, especially. I'm going to be moving them around just a little bit like a little bit of a different position. Then deep staple Picture that I'm going off. How you guys feel free to do this to movie lakes of the cops. Different directions make caused or something different. You wouldn't go back and do that. Remember, this is a piece of art and didn't have to look just like a crab. Of course you were going to try to get it close to a religion crab, But I want you guys to have fun with what you're doing. And as you're going, remember to try to draw lately. You don't big in dens, and you don't want really dark pencil marks because you don't want that showing through later on. So it must be at the video in just a minute here because, um, basically all the legs are gonna be pretty similar. And then I will catch you at the end for one more detail to finish this off before we start painting. - So , like I said before, you really don't be drawing Teoh to darkness. So what I do is I can't draw ever as late as I want to draw. I always go over it with a pencil eraser at the end, and I just don't race it fully. But I just need the slightest hint of had that outline of whatever drawing so that I have my my blueprint. I have my brother Matt for what I'm gonna do later. But I'm not worried about it showing through. Especially if there's gonna be some white parts in Iran. Let's go ahead and do the whole crap. 3. CLAWS Pt. 1: All right, So we're gonna start here painting the right claw union. Seem just gonna have some water to the upper part of the claw. There. You wanted a covered in water, but not pooling because we're gonna be adding more water with the color we bring in. All right, so I'm gonna start with some bright red. We really want that color to pop up. So don't be afraid to pick up bright red here. Just dad. A little bit of that off before you started. And we're gonna touch right here in the very corner of the clot and drag it upward, and it's okay. Blooms a little bit more than you're expecting. I'd almost rather have more than less here right now, because we're going to push that back with some water. Also using white and that can push that color back into the corner. So that will be just fine for now. I'm gonna dab up a little bit of six. I got a little bit more than I wanted. What I do here is a rip off a piece of paper towel. Some people used Q tips, but I already have this right here and I just roll it up into a nice, fine point. In that way, I can pick up exactly what color went to without touching, uh, other colors around it. Right now, we don't really have that problem, but this is the process that you'll be seeing the use throughout this crab. I really just pick up the color where I want it sounded on that. I'm gonna coming out a little bit of water, and I'm gonna drag some of this red paint around into the other part of the quality painting Now, um, and I'm gonna get some white. I needed pretty thick on there so that my brush doesn't pick up the color on the page, but puts down the way instead. Once you have a lot of weight on that, it's kind of push it back into the corner who gets more weight now and drags and that color along that claw there and money keep up the process. I can keep pushing that red, uh, back into their until I get the colors. Kind of just where I like them. Perfect. Now I'm gonna work in the bottom half of the claw here. I'm gonna add water just like I did before. Just enough, but not too much. And I'm not gonna worry about the upper part of Paul not drawing it. Because if the color seep into it, that's OK. We'll be working with really similar color ballot. It's once again I'm gonna start without bread and I'm gonna drag it along the top, just like I did before. And again, If that color go someone you're not quite expecting, it's okay. We'll put you back with some of the white and just a bit before do that. I mean, it had some of this tan, um, plenty water on there. You wanted Teoh be thick enough to once again get on the page, but not to soak up the killer around it to stab it off real quick before you head over to your painting. And I'm just gonna put a little bit in the corner here in a little bit, the corner up top. And if you put down more than you want, it's OK. We'll add more weight to this. You'll be seeing a lot less tan at the end. So what does that put down this way and really push it back into the corner. It just adds that hint of tan. Um, it has a little bit more dimension rather than shoving plain red and white on the page use same brush and just bring down that color into the bottom part of the claw that just dragging a smidge of that red in this image of the tan along with me, The next point I'm gonna work on, uh, after this is going to be some shading, I'm gonna show you on the other club. But for now, I want to show you the color and using because you'll see it on the page. It's a really, really water down bluish gray and you make your own great with engine blue If he want already have somebody pallets. I'm just gonna grab that. And you could absolutely do this at the end. So don't worry about doing it right now. We'll come back to, and I'll show you on the other clock. For now, we're gonna move on to the bottom part of the arm. You can see I added the had of the shading there, but for now, we're gonna move on right down here and just hope this with some water before we begin. Perfect. And we're gonna start with this beautiful bright blue and Dad's mark. Really? I want a lot on their cause. I'm gonna cover this period in this blue right now. Perfect on me? A little bit more great. I mean, Dobson that up just so the water. I'm still that I'm Marco. And I don't want spilling out over the edges here, um, someone an outline of dark blue after this and get a fairly dark blue Just drag along the top. And it's going a little more toward the center that I'm anticipating. But that's okay. We can work with that Sometimes is your happiness takes trying to keep those little points in there that we drew an earlier picked. I'm coming with a dark brown. Now, just because something's a dark was enough for the shading. But I want a little bit more to mention in the color here, so I'm actually gonna do that. Outlined just a little less pain and go all the way around the bottom here. Just barely dabbing Devin, Devin Gavin long about him. And look, it'll bloom out. Um, so it'll go farther than where I'm putting it. And now I'm gonna move into a comfort Sienna. It's almost like a mud brick color and just a hint of red to kind of tie into the claw and drag along the bottom here and adapt some of it up. It was somewhat blue, but we'll get it back before we do that. Justice Major Tan in the corner just like we did that claw. And then I'm gonna fill the center part back in with that blue, and this is gonna look a lot darker than it's gonna come out. You can make it later to begin with your little nerves. But how dark it's coming out I lose is gonna lighten up just enough for me. All right, so we're only just had the crime now, and I want to do basically the same process with a little variation. It's a little different, and you can see the right side of crops already lightning lighting up a bit. Dad bought some color on the left like I did before, and I'm going to add in, um, let burnt Sienna mud, brick color first and just a little bit different process. But essentially the same Someone speed this up here in a minute. So you guys watch me do the exact same process twice, right? So sexy. Matching pretty nice. And now their own spirit, I would say. And we're gonna do. Didn't decide at some water and touch right in the corner like a blossom out. And this is gonna be the same process as before. - Rights are closet looking united. But individual, uh, I'm gonna add in that very, very water down bluish gray for the shading. Like I said, you can do this. Appian. Absolutely. I just like that little bit of a Finnish charge. That kind encourages me to keep painting if I do here in the beginning, so feel free to do it later. But you can see I'm just gonna bringing along the bottom here while the lightest went all. Even at a meeting that I prayed that cloth and just gonna shape this. That what I want it 4. CLAWS Pt. 2: All right, we are pawned to the second part of pause. Let's get some water down here and get started. We're gonna use that bright red again, and I'm just going t o make a nice line here. There you go. Uh, this pitiful little tricky. There's really no secret to it. Just, uh, kind of doing over and over again to the way you want it. It's hard to draw lines and finds this way, but I really liked already under water on the page. If you want to do this safely, don't put water on the page first, but I like the way it does unexpected things. So now we have those signs. I'm gonna bring in some that white in the center here, try to keep my lines, although they disappear a little bit. And I'm also gonna put, um, some weight on the bottom side here in a minute. After soak up a little bit in the center, put that line down again, blossoming out a lot. I think I'll be able to push it back in some way. Come into the center one more time. Tons of weight on my brush. Guys, really Don't be soaking up that red. I wanna keep a nice, clear white puddle center here. Do that line underneath. Best I can. Looks like I even need a little more weight on my brush, so keep working on it. Great. Some had a little bit of that. 10 of them. You corner here on this also only come to find this section with a point where my picture had a point there. Just a little in the corner here. Just little details. I can probably honestly be added at the end, but I didn't see them. Now I want to see how they play with the white in the red There. All right. Moving on to the other side. We're gonna do it. Very similar process, except a little easier. We don't have that. A middle red line there, just kind of a line across the top. It's gonna make it a lot easier for us to keep the definition of that line because we just have the pink going one way. Push back those colors. It's OK if they're kind of blending with each other. Looks like that in a real crab. So that's perfect 5. LEGS Pt. 1: all right. So he area on the first part of the legs and a very watered out on my page. And I've got just a little spit of birth. Tana, on my brush, I really dab it off warnings. I don't want to fill the center of the small sections. I want to make sure you're still seeing some water in there. And I'm just gonna go ahead and add that break blue straight away without picking opinion. That color someone some of that burden 10 in a mixing with the boom would make it more interesting. And I want to come back in with my, uh, molded paper towel. Just have a little bit of that blew out. And I want some of the white from the page to kind of show through. It'll give it a more watery underwater. Take a look. I m in a wet this part. The next Probably you can see I'm doing every other section because I'm not using a hair driver. Make sure I could do section beside another section. I'll just come back into the second half of the lakes later. Syria care. I didn't outline the entire part of that section here didn't do a complete rectangle. That's because you're not going to see that in the original crab. It's gonna be darker and replaces in light or another, so just kind of leading upto my own interpretation and doing things a little bit differently in each leg. So it's not so robotic God, that paper towel again. And I'm gonna come back in and dab up some of that color easier to see for you guys on these bigger legs here. I'm gonna do the same thing on this section, um, and for the rest of the legs, and then we will finish up after that. All right, But this section I am gonna dio very similar process. I'm gonna start with that burnt Sienna again, just around the edge. And you see, there's three seconds years. I'm just doing the outer to come back in the middle of later. And instead of having blue this under this time, guys, you're gonna add white. Just get a ton of white on there, so it really fills out the center and hey, let that sit or if you want to come down up a little bit, it's kind of beating up. That's fine. All right. So this is the first half of the legs that we have here in the final touches on the legs. You Maybe that was my water. Adds more blue. We're gonna go ahead, move back to the clause. 6. CLAWS Pt. 3: Alright, guys. So we're gonna start here on the third part of the clause, or as I've been calling them the crab solos, we're gonna get just some of our water down here when they're ready, come in with that bright red, like leaving, using, and we're gonna make two lines again, which is a process that is gonna take some time of putting red down and then putting more white and red, making sure we get our lines for you. Want them again? You produce the easy way by not putting water down first, but I think the unexpected blooms make it look really creative. So let's go for it. All right, we're gonna bring in that white and just member, you need a lot of weight on there to make sure that your fresh is sick of the red and we're gonna put some weight on the other side of this to in just a minute. You get a little bit tan in the corner there and some weight on top of vaccine. Funded in a little bit more. Just gonna readjust our lines here. - All right. We got those lines where I want You had some bluish gray that I need from orange and blue and a little bit more so white. I just want to add some shading in here a little bit with that. Gotta retouch up that tan a little bit, so I don't lose. And I don't wanna lose at a corner. Have at a little bit more of this blues grains. Well, I just put some water down because I'm I wanted to blend it some. And as you can see, I'm also gonna add some red appear at the top corner, and I actually take some white in a minute, and I want to blend this into the claw That's already there that this party is dry. So if I get that enough weight on my brush, I can do really smooth, gradual blend into this part of the club that we painted earlier. All right. Moving on to the second side of our crab elbows and we're just gonna there some point on the side. So we're gonna make sure you meet those pretty definitive and you shouldn't have to touch him again. And the process went pretty close to the other side. So it's beat up now. What about those colors. But I want him. I'm gonna add in more of that dark, bluish gray. It's a little watered down this time and again, I'm going to make sure blending this into the later part of the crowd that's already there . All right, just a touch of white. And then we should be ready to move on to the rest of his legs now that they're dry. 7. LEGS Pt. 2: Okay, guys, here's legs. Part two and it's the same process is the other side. So let's speed up and I'll catch you on again for a second detail. - Okay , so no work on these little connector pieces that connect the lakes to the main body. Really? Still aren't the best legs. I'm still having that burnt sienna around the outside, but on the inside, I'm going Teoh, do the light blue or bright boot like we've been doing before. However, I'm also gonna add a little that hunter green and just gonna make it a little bit darker since it's a little bit shaded by the body. There Madaba a smidge of that extra liquid. But because that's about it, just like the other legs. - Okay , guys, here we are at the end of our legs or just having a little bit of a final touches here. A little dab brown from pulling up some that water. You can see it on these bigger legs a lot better. How Pulling up some of that blue and leaving some of the white from underneath gives that beautiful ocean floor kind of feel, and that's we're going for. Let's move on to the main body 8. MAIN BODY: Okay, guys, here we are, at the main body. Now, this one's kind of seem like a race. We got to get this water down and then kind of putting a lot of color in a big section on once, because you don't want to do it in part one. All blend together. So it feels like a race to meet. It could be a little intimidating, but I think we do it together. It'll turn out just fine. Let's put this water down and let's get to work. Start with this dark teal December, parent power on the dark Teal uh, and the other clothes were using what kind of layer we're gonna layer on top of each other until we get I'm looking the way you want to. But for now, I really want to have a good amount of paint prepared. So do that. Would do a burn number here that over there you need a color a little bit dark menu, Mrs Well, so I'm gonna go ahead and get this pre prepared charcoal. You can also make your own with dark blue. Cem for INGE, sometimes out of preparing uses for now, you can also use the hunter green that had been using crabs sticking to the same. Just make sure we have plenty down there. All right, you know, over to the body. Here, just start laying down with this teal. They were gonna spot it kind of all over. You can see we have a lot of water on here, and it's only gonna increases. We put our pink. So have those paper towels and Q tips Handy, dandy handy. Um, using a lot. And that will also change How much? Uh, really putting down different times. Hes ever had to suit up as we go along. Afraid flew in there. Really? All right. Just layers of dimension until we get to the end. And that's where I'm gonna have our fine details of how really ones on the color on this to come out. So now we're just kind of that base layer of dimension with colors. If you do positive you a possibility of public has had this section kind of feels like a race. So right now I'm adding in that charcoal, you can see some of my pain is actually party pulling until I know I'm not too worried. about that right now. That's definitely flexible. I'm gonna be able to come back and fix that later on. Citizen Arianna. Really. Definitely keeping high on that section. Was this audience more charcoal and basically be repeating this process. Like I said, I totally get the colors Where we One thing we can of this final details so we can have it just like a really blew up. Perfect. Alright. Something we're good for. Now you can do some other stuff, find you tune, but I'm gonna add in this birth number around the upper edge of the crab. Been really watery appear. So make sure you stick up a good amount of that before you try doing this outline, and I'm actually gonna want it a little bit darker than this to, So I'm gonna add in some of that charcoal. I don't want to look a completely black. We wanted to have a dark brown kind of work. Just kind of dab it on there. It's more that burn number two can not be quite such a start going. Opponents blend a little bit bettering body. Keep an eye on that crib mind Still pulling a little bit in Salt Lake. Someone extreme keeping my lines. And I'm not painting outside of them, right? You know, as I'm getting into these fine points over here blue and green, my lines here, nature keeping that charcoal number outlined at the top tons of water. Guys, I left him the bottom here. Three white, as you can see And that that was intentional because I'm coming in with white now. Kind of like the outline the top with a remember outlined the bottom with white except a little bit of a lot more of the bottom. Just sweetness at the bottom of crab civilly makes you plenty of light on their practicum. Becker water later and make it even more. Dab it up here and see what it does. This is one reason why you want to do this ball to guys because you want the white to be able to come out into that color. How to do it naturally just won't be the same effect you do it and I'm adding somebody's poke it out and that you see on the back of the blue crab and we can light this up later. They're a little too stark but I'm not gonna worry about that right now. I'm just gonna make sure I'm really letting this main section here out. Always a gamble using this much color monetize. But it really pays off to do this because unexpected things are sometimes the most beautiful. I think we might be good, but now we want to find details. 9. FINE DETAILS: my guys. Here we are at the fine detail ing. This is the last major video in the course today, I'm going to start with the upper outline of the crab here when a little bit darker. Remember, that was the birth number in the charcoal and making no guys. This is when the body is already dry. Some coming back on details after it's dried here. I'm also gonna put some black or charcoal here in the eyes. This is my favorite detail to do, I think because it really just brings that come to life giving it its eyes were gonna bring in some white later on them to make them a little more three dimensional. But for now, just put that base of black or charcoal. I think I just want to work on the outline over here. Just make sure that's a little more defined since it was bleeding into that leg. Um, judge you guys not to be concerned appears was kind of doing that. Uh, it's definitely flexible in the end. And we want to make sure we're getting these nice ridges that you see along the top of the crab. All right, so I'm gonna fix that leg. I'm just gonna bring in that same bright blue were using before, Um, just paid that over that, and then I'll soak some of it up to so that you can still kind of see their deciders. Flat color coming back in with my paper. Town of Dabiq snitch about up. Great. All right. I'm bringing a little bit of shading up here, because remember in the beginning, when I said that you could do the shading that I was doing at the very end, you didn't need to do it in the beginning. Just bringing that really watery bluish gray. If you want to add a little more shame to the clause right now, he didn't earlier It's running a little bit more red appeared the claw. It's a little too white only on inside there, So I just wanted to give it a bit more definition. But I don't want to lose that. A nice white I have inside the red. It just makes you plenty of waiting a rush for this. I want to touch up the white outline. We have the bottom here. I feel like it's looking a little bit messy. So I'm just gonna track that along to give it and much cleaner line here at the bottom. You're gonna wanna make sure it's not to start a blind in the end. Just come back in with water. All right? So I'm gonna blend it here with body, so it's just not too stark of a difference. It doesn't need to be perfect, but I do want itself a little more clean. All right. Soon add in a little bit of a brown here, so my weight that I just put down hasn't put you dried, So it's giving me kind of a streaky look, which is? Actually what I want is just that waiting a little bit tacky to give me that streaky brown when I smooth it out just a little. Um, but there is that little bit of streaky brown lines, The bottom of the crab there. This is the burn number. I'm just coming in with a little bit of that. You, Matt, Another line here. We're setting a little 100 green here. Just continue to blend that I wait a little bit more with the rest of the crab body, so it's not So, uh, start quite against the darker detailing. The crown do the same with some bird number, all right? And I'm actually bringing a little bit watering here. I'm trying t o make these little white dots a little less bright white. And now I'm bringing in a little bit of white onto the crop eyes. This would, given that three D rounded look, Justice Mitch don't want too much. Perfect. All that's left now is to put our signature on here. 10. FINAL THOUGHTS: Congratulations. Everyone you have officially finished were beautiful blue crabs. Great job. He followed along with me, and it resembles what I painted. If it looks a little different, that's awesome, too. I hope that you found this was easier than you thought it was gonna be taking a section by section. Guys, please post pictures of your finished products. I want to see your beautiful flint finish blue crabs. I bet they're twice as beautiful is mine. And please let me know if there's anything else that you guys would like. Meat. A paint section by section for you. Hard, easy. Doesn't matter. Great job, everyone.