Watercolor : How To Draw Flower With Touching Technique | Hanny Agustine | Skillshare

Watercolor : How To Draw Flower With Touching Technique

Hanny Agustine, Illustrator | Designer | Founder www.digikidz.id

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8 Videos (19m)
    • Introduction

    • Tools and Drawing Leaf

    • Draw Flower 1

    • Add Leaf to Flower

    • Draw Flower 2

    • Add Leaf to Flower 2

    • Apply It !

    • Your Project


About This Class


Watercolor is hot and everybody loves to draw florals ! Find your style by trying out this TOUCHING TECHNIQUE, a gorgeous way to paint florals in watercolor. Hanny will guide you on how to paint two flower just by touching a bit of paint and bring a magic ! and then she'll show you some product examples that you can make from your new drawing skills.

What you can expect from this class: 

  • Painting inspiration!
  • A variety of slow motion demos - - it's important for you as beginner to watch how artist moves the brush and draw with her style
  • Complete videos from drawing each flowers and adding leaf

This class is for beginner and everybody can join this class, what you need only :

  1. Watercolor paper (This time I used Daler Rowney Aquafine Aguarelle 300 g/m2)
  2. Brush (Daler Rowney - Graduate no 1/2 and 6)
  3. Watercolor (Dr. Ph. Martins - Olive Green, Mahogany and Quinacridone Magenta)
  4. Water
  5. Paper towel

Through learning this easy and fun technique, you'll find yourself drawing flower in magical way. Everybody is guaranteed to be success in this easy technique.

At the end, you will see some example of applying your drawing flower skill into some products.


The best process of drawing were a joy to create. Enjoy this class, let loose, and touch the paint ! Your florals are expected in this class "Project" very soon.

Just enroll now and I am waiting for your project very soon.

Happy Drawing,






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Hanny Agustine

Illustrator | Designer | Founder www.digikidz.id


Hi there, my name is Hanny Agustine. I m an engineer who loves to draw.

I am living in tropical heaven, Jakarta, Indonesia. In Indonesian, when you call my name Hanny, it sounds perfect as "Honey" in English. So everybody calls me "Hallo, Honey" :).

My background is Electrical Engineering and I have spent my career mostly in IT world before I established my passion for Education + Technology + Creativity for children 5-18 years old with www.digikidz.id in 2...

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