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12 Lessons (43m)
    • 1. Watercolor Holiday Florals

    • 2. More Florals

    • 3. Red's Challenges

    • 4. Supplies Shown

    • 5. Amaryllis - Fluid Layer

    • 6. Amaryllis- Adding Depth

    • 7. Amaryllis - Darks

    • 8. Amaryllis - Light Final Touches

    • 9. Poinsettia- Fluid Shapes

    • 10. Poinsettia- Adding White

    • 11. Poinsettia- Tight Touches

    • 12. Final Fun Thoughts

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About This Class


Florals are fabulous in every season, but holiday blooms are the epitome of festive flair! Amaryllis flowers and poinsettias shine in their brilliant reds and green leaves... but they're also quite complex in shape. It is also challenging to handle the overwhelm of the powerful color red. This class will walk you through Amarilys' process in painting these beauties in the most fluid of mediums for a bold, elegant take on these classics.

Topics Covered In This Class Include: 

  • Learn how to handle the color red. Its light pinks and dark browns may not be your desired hues. What colors can I draw from to create values and interest? Hint: black is never used in this class!
  • Portray the symmetry of the Amaryllis flower's form and the intricate hourglass of the Poinsettia's petals.
  • Combine colors and allow channels of water for paint to flow in subtle details and create the illusion of folds.
  • Control white medium while shying away from plain whites.
  • Combine several types of watercolors to create texture within your painting. 
  • Receive discounts on watercolor paints!

Amarilys is a Skillshare Top Teacher with 95K students that offer consistent, raving reviews. You're sure to learn something new about the medium and gain confidence through the camaraderie of painting alongside a watercolor illustrator in real time. 

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