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20 Videos (1h 21m)
    • Trailer

    • Introduction and Class Project

    • Materials

    • Sage Initial Washes - Stage 1

    • Sage 2nd Layer - Stage 2

    • Sage Veins - Stage 3

    • Sage Cast Shadows - Stage 4

    • Sage Stems & Finishing Off - Stage 5

    • French Sorrel 1st & 2nd Wash - Stage 1

    • French Sorrel Adding Detail - Stage 2

    • French Sorrel Veins - Stage 3

    • French Sorrel a Little More Detail - Stage 4

    • French Sorrel Stems - Stage 5

    • Rosemary Initial Wash - Stage 1

    • Rosemary 2nd Layer - Stage 2

    • Rosemary Cast Shadows - Stage 3

    • Rosemary Finishing Stems - Stage 4

    • Rosemary Flower - Stage 5

    • Preparation for printing

    • Final Thoughts

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About This Class

Professional watercolor artist and teacher Louise De Masi has an eye for detail. She has developed a style of painting where she begins with loose wet on wet washes and ends with fine realistic rendering. Join her in her home as she shares her painting techniques with you.

In this 81 minute tutorial Louise will guide you through the painting of three different herbs in watercolor - Sage, Rosemary and French Sorrel. The different painting stages of each herb are divided into 5 short videos. 


She will share with you different techniques that she uses in all of her watercolor paintings including:

  • Loading the brush with paint
  • Working wet on wet
  • Working wet on dry
  • Blending colors
  • Lifting color
  • Painting negatively

As an added bonus, Louise demonstrates in Photoshop how she prepares her paintings ready to be printed.

This class is suitable for intermediate painters but beginners will also find it useful. Please explore Louise's other class on Skillshare 'Watercolor Rose.'


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Fantastic artist with beautiful work. Step by step with clear instructions on everything. Loved it.
Antonella Brodigan

Lover of all things beautiful to look at

This is such a wonderful class--thank you! I especially love how you indicate exactly where from your palette you're taking the paint, rather than always having the palette off screen like I've seen in other tutorials. It makes such a crucial difference to know the water-to-paint ratio, and this little extra you included was so helpful! Can't wait to use these tips in all of my work!
I absolutely loved this class! One of my favorites! I love how you go through everything in detail; even circling the photos of the plants in the areas you're painting. I love the detail about the materials used as well, such as the kind of paper and why you use it and the actual paint tubes and brush types. The only thing missing was links of the photos so the class could download those and try to paint the same plants you painted for comparison. Thanks for a fantastic class!!!





Louise De Masi

Artist - capturing beauty with watercolour

Louise De Masi is a professional watercolour artist and a qualified school teacher from Australia.

Louise has a Bachelor of Education degree and has worked as a school teacher within Australia. She is co-author of a watercolor painting instruction book by Walter Foster- titled 'The Art of Painting Sea Life in Watercolor'. Her work has been featured in Australian Artist's Palette Magazine, Australian Country Craft Magazine and The Sydney Morning Herald. She is represen...

See full profile