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Watercolor HOLIDAY CARDS - Easy Illustrations & Landscapes

teacher avatar Dhritikana Nath, Watercolor Artist and Instructor

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

9 Lessons (1h 12m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Materials Required

    • 3. The Lantern

    • 4. Freezing Cold

    • 5. The Bird House

    • 6. By the lake

    • 7. Lets Pack it

    • 8. Bonus Lesson

    • 9. Conclusion

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About This Class

Watercolor Holiday cards to celebrate the holiday season. Quick 15 minutes class for illustration and landscape painting and then converting the beautiful paintings into holiday cards as the hand painted holiday cards do communicate an emotional bond to the near and dear ones. This class can fit into anyones busy schedule as none of the paintings is going to take long as well as the entire process post painting and packaging is also included. Any level of artist can take this class as the holiday season is all about having fun.

Finally the bonus lesson covers one of the important aspect that we should consider incase we are on social media platform.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Dhritikana Nath

Watercolor Artist and Instructor


Hello Peeps, I am Dhritikana Nath an artist instructor, teacher, content creator from Delhi (India) and from the time I have started painting landscape was the subject that I did fall in love with. Among landscape painting lights with vibrant colors is my favorite. Overtime I am smitten by the beauty of water, clouds, sea, animals, flowers and everything that is there in Nature. I keep exploring all these subjects with different mediums like watercolor, gouache, markers, soft pastels and more.

I am a strong believer of the idea that anyone can paint if you put an honest effort and for excelling in painting there are only 2 rules practice and frequency of painting. I did start my journey in 2018 and I would say it’s been calming, meditative and even helped me a lot to improv... See full profile

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1. Introduction: you guys, I am critical or not. Anarchist instructor and art educator from Delhi, India. You might be knowing me from Instagram as what a color dot illustration. Don't let go, because I post a lot off videos, tutorials and paintings, cornerback in particular handle Now to celebrate this season, I have caught four beautiful holiday cards. Would be illustration and you would be landscape paintings. This class is all about having fun and making your new and dear ones feel special. So any level off artists better off signal or an intermediate artists can take this class and explore off you ideas and possibilities. The foster illustration goes US Christmas lantern, Victor's. It's to celebrate the Christmas season, and the second is a birdhouse. The to landscape. The force would be on monochrome landscape on the second would be off from a photo reference. That is a beautiful evening by the lake. Not on. This illustration is going to take you more than 15 minutes, and it can actually fit into your regular schedules. I would be covering the entire process off, making the handmade far starting from all the materials that you need, then fainting these whole day carts to packaging it over the last one. You're my IittIe family has grown many force more than 40,000 off you have come closer to me. Now it's time to share the few tips n tricks, which has helped me to gain the momentum on the social media platform. Hola. That's the bonus lesson I was talking about. It's all about the Flatley's Let's talk about Flatley's how we prepared the background of the flatly What are the problems that we use enough lightly, whether the prompts are organic or whether the prompts are inorganic, how we balance off lightly Tartus how much problem we should use and even around the painting for giving a proper impression off the painting to the spectator and finally, how you did the photograph, I would be taking you through the company Tony off this flatly hand super excited to meet you all in the next lesson 2. Materials Required: We need a lot of medals for this whole hand make aren't making as well as baiting. But let's to start going over each one of them. The forces so masking tape that you need the second was the power down, but you mix the colors all colors. Now what are the colors that you need? One. Keep a wide wash on a Posca marker. Details of all the colors has given. Attend off the video half or tissue for your disposal. Keep a bone folder. Now. This is very important. When you are doing the painting half a pencil. It is a scale on These are the four brushes that I would be using the 1st 2 size, some of force of a black velvet brush. The second nous size six. A little black welfare brunch, the tortas, a wash brush. You can have any flat brush for your washers. On the last is my heart, Michaela Brush. This is basically a script liner brush, or you can say origo brush. I have taken arduous 100% core press paper now being 100% cotton. It's really important you can take any other 100% hungry people or Fabbiano people or any other choice off paper people. Cattle Ondo. Then this is the holder of the back seat. This is a seal that I would be using. And there are some wax in this small box, two glasses of water for your painting, and we need this brown paper for making our own lobs. You can take any other cards, stalk off your choice or pistol papers, whatever you like. Two important things that I would be using as an acrylic paint on O M g of both. This is for preparing our Flatley's, which would be covered during our bonus lesson. Now you can make a note off the colors that I would be using for, although for for the guard painting. 3. The Lantern: Christmas is the most beautiful time of the year. It's a celebration not only for kids but also for people who gives that heart just like the way I am. It's the time to celebrate the current year and look forward. Toa a prosperous New year. So here today we will be painting the first that this the Christmas land tone. I would ask you toe, take help off your skill toe sketch this lang toe cross month, the middle off the people with the help off your scale on pencil Marco, 1.2 centimeters go at both sides off this rectangle shape that I would be making make some points and then it would be easier to join. With help off the scale, we will make a geometric lantern and you, me to just measure about 5.5 millimeter towards the left, on towards the right. Once you complete this rectangular shape, keep joining the points with help off a scale. Since this class has focused to approach any subject and a very easy on a beautiful way because watercolor during the holiday season is all about having fun, All Antone's are made up off would or some metal, so we will need to our thickness along the main rectangular lines. Usually I love to place a candle and during the cool evenings off the winter, because that helps me to feel the light, even when everything is dark and gloomy. On the top area on the bottom area, toe the line tone on, We would be connecting the holder off the langdon with the dry tree branches, branches, countries, a random in nature. So I would ask you to even draw them randomly and not following guidelines or pattern. Once you complete the sketch justly and even goat off, wash on the people with the help off any flat brush that you have, and then we will start painting our lights. The concept off light is very simple. People have lights that a small off yellow and few white spaces around the lantern because that is where my candles burning on the rest of the spaces, which are basically the corners of the painting Ruby Darko. There's a simple rule if you can keep this in mind the whole off the painting fallen face very quickly. First time applying some lemon yellow in a very randomly over on around the line tone. Second, I will go ahead and add some quinacrine. Don't go now. If you do not have this color, do not need to worry. You can go ahead and art some yellow local. And then father, we will go ahead and aunt some bon sienna on the last would be when I came from just also that I am only Harding some deeper tones on the side of the painting, whereas the light it alls I've kept in the middle of the painting. In case you do not have a Nike cape around. No need to worry. Just go ahead. Use some, say Pia. If you even do not own any sepia, you can make some bone sienna with some black pigment on. Get a deeper tone off brown colors don't matter the most. We need to just go by the mood on their sense off the painting. If you also off closely, you can see most of the colors of warm in nature because I want this painting to be more vibrant. But you can go ahead and use the other cool colors. Ask for your choice as we are just handing off your colors onto our paper. I have fast forwarded it open. You can always go ahead and adjust the speed off the painting past. For your choice, just clean out the middle off the line turn because we will have the light of the candle burning there on a deeper, more on the white side, we will not be adding any wash or any kind off masking fluid toe. Add our mosque, the white spaces we will just be removing. It would help off our tissue on allow the white off the paper to show off our main walk off the lantern will start. Once our people is completely trying. You need to see that your paper is absolutely drive before you start painting your London or else the colors will get displaced from below. So start with some Mancina can had on top off the lantern. Just use your tennis brush because this people is really small, and we would be doing some good amount of detail while you keep coming. Toe the middle off the painting just departing some yellow. Or you can also use quinacrine own gold as per your choice, and then completely wash your brush and add some water to join in the middle. Whenever I feel that I have more pigments, I would go ahead and use my tissue and have off the extra pigments from the area where I have painted. We will paint the this line also in the similar way we did the 1st 1 This painting involves two different techniques that we help use the force does the wet on wet on the second would be the wet on dry the wet on dry is how we paint our lanterns do keep in mind Whenever you are painting around the light, it has to be more branzino and less off. And I keep running and Ben avoid. You are going away from the light. It has to be more off and I keep around on bless off Mancina. I will complete the top on the bottom of the lantern by adding something I keep around on some bones, you know, When do you keep painting? Yolande? Don't always keep in mind that you have to get inside the geometric shape. We are not going anywhere out of the geometric shape. We have toe paint only inside used a deeper shade off round that you have and start painting these random tree branches on, start extending it randomly onto your people. Once we finished all all the branches, we have to be very sure off the branch that we are painting near the Landen. When the branch of a tree comes near the London, it has to be in like a tolls on. I'm applying Mancina to show the same. And when it goes away from the lantern, it has to be in when I k brown or C p A. Or any other shade off the problem that you have the whole off. The painting is concentrated on only painting that is one subject, which is mainly landowner. So I don't I have had it thes creep branches because our my tree branch has to walk this line down. We're not going to complicate this painting. That's the first day that you need to keep in mind. What is the subject that has to be in focus? Sometimes less can be more in case off subjects like lantern on dry trees. My technique and watercolors does evolved a lot over time, but still the limited palate remains one off my favorite. I really like the idea off transparent watercolors and leave the few of the spaces and my painting more white so that the paper can shine through the painting on it adds more life. Toe my work. Once your papers try, you need to re set off you this offices inside the langdon the way I am doing hand, then had some bone sienna. Do it. Pick us. Our langdon has glass in it. Under glass is always a peak, so we cannot see everything through that open class are therefore toe. Show that capacity. I need toe act in some colors. I think that are successful. Painting is only by the mics off very few colors, and it looks more cohesive that way. I know that this wash that amounting is very, very light wash on the middle off the lantern. I'm trying to keep us empty, or you can say I am not applying much off colors in the middle, just the side off the landowner time, adding this opacity, which I want. I always try to keep the white in the middle off the langdon, and you can always pick up extra colors with the help of your tissue because we will have the candle light in the middle on the tree branch that we could paint. Polio will also be big opaque on. People have very, very light image off that branch within this particular land tone. Now it's time to splatter some snow on, and it is the similar way we splatter the stars and the sky. Take some white in your silver black pepper brush or whatever brushes available over to on just hard thes like snow. On though the doctors basis will show up. The whites know that you are adding because of the light in and around the lantern. The lantern will also shine at a few places on. I am going to use my Posca marker toe act that shine toe my Langton. Only very few shot lines. Not that I want to cover it entirely. Now it's time to remove the tape on half the final look at our painting and pretty happy and satisfied on. Now it's your turn to make this beautiful illustration. 4. Freezing Cold: This is the second painting off the day on it is freezing cold outside. We see some trees in the background that are blower hand in the foreground, one or two branches, which are curing in the focus. That's what we're going toe paint. Now we will do our real rough sketch off the tree branches. Hang pen, really, and even Goto Wash. I would take only one color for doing this painting. Hand batters pain scream or Hindi ko, depending on whichever she was available with you. When you leave and even Goto wash on the people, just make sure that it is done in across. Watch me so that there are no white spaces left in between. Load your brush with the pains great and start applying it for the background. It's a very, very simple kind off a wash that we will go on and just lift it from the bottom to the top . We are not going toe paint the entire people again. It's a random strokes that you're applying again. We have started with the wet on wet technique for this painting, and you will have solved that how we will work in stages even for wet on wet forced. We are making the background that is our grounds kind, a bit off trees as well as creating that atmosphere and mood for the painting. At once that is done, I will paint my background trees on background trees needs to be blower in nature. Biggers. It is heavily snowing, and I seriously cannot see anything much that is there in the background except the current trees, because it's like I'm moving into the painting or embarking the spot myself on. Therefore, the visibility has gone really low on a snowy day. It's very important to know the exact humidity before you paint your trees. You're she should have a very, very minimal humidity that us. Your people should be human enough to take these trees. But it should not be so humor that your trees completely become a blue. Therefore, checking the humidity is really important and the most most important step for this whole painting try to use your tennis brush that is an eagle brush or anything detailing brush that is available with you. It can give you more control for making these trees much off. The work has already been done with the soft look that we're adding to the painting right now on there would be very less work that they would be left with four, though secondly, grounds always have some texture, and once you get done with the trees, we need toe heart, attack, texture, even toe our background grounds that we have. So go ahead and start adding some short and small lines to your grounds. Again. Keep in mind that we don't want to get overboard with it because we need to get the painting really soft. As for the background, because we are not going, Toe had a lot of detail in a background on Lee on four grounds would be very more detailed . Let your painting dry before you start making these rough sketch. This is the sketch offered. Try Tree Branch on You will just make it absolute random. Making our up skaters or piece of good practice compared toa not making any sketch because even if you are an intermediate or inexperienced artist to sketch will always help you toe paint it in a better way again. How one side and the sketching I will load my brush with some more in the go and pain scree and start painting over these random branches do make sure that the pigment ratio off your branches that are in the foreground should be way more Darko compared to the background because that is the only one which is being seen. Buy housewares. The other branches in the park ground on more floor, and they are not seen so well. This painting is really simple. We are making only branches and dry trees. Sometimes you might feel How can this even be a subject on focus? And how can things look so simple and get appealing? But if you go ahead and check the work off many famous artists, we will see that most of the work are really simple and easy, and they have become one of the world's best paintings till date. While you make these branches, I would ask you not to go overboard while you keep painting them because we don't want that our whole painting, it's occupied with this branch. It would be a very simple process. We would be making ah few branches. You run there. Supposedly, they were occupy only 1/3 of the people on the restroom thought off. The people will be with the background crease. I think that I am pretty happy and satisfied with the total number of branches that I have done. I would stop now on, have a look at my painting and let it dry completely and then on the snow. Now we need to show the snow on for showing does no. I would go ahead with some white wash. You can have any other white color that you have supposedly you have by post Tokelo are you can have any other kind off fighting you fight or Chinese wide. Whatever is available with you, I'm I don't care like which exact collar that you are using. Just thought. If it is a bit API, then it becomes very easy so short off Onda since it's snowing. So we will apply the snow on the places where my branch is grouping down because it those are the places where there will be accumulation off more snow. It's very, very cool and it's snowing at the same time. Therefore, load your brush with some white wash on stock out in thesis platters. No, tak, you have to also put some big her snow flakes with help off your brush because sometimes as Flacco's are really small, so go ahead and at thes are bigger us know like flakes on the people with the help off your brush on. That was a reason why I did paint my background a bit gloomy. Otherwise, thesis more effects wouldn't have been seen an important aspect off any painting that you are doing us knowing when you have to stop. Now this is very, very important point for any painting toe. Be successful if you can stop at the correct time, you are not going overboard with any off the places that it's great passport. What I do is I put one layer step aside like a dry, and then again, I put my next layer. Once I put my second layer. Supposedly these branches, I would always step back after I put two or three branches and then think, Do I need more branches? If finding more branches, I would go ahead on make up it more. If I do not need, I would stop there and at the snow first letting and try. And then I did it. In case you find any extra Griff. I'd months on the people who had any, raise it and then clean up on your painting and steady. Now it's your tongue toe. Give a try. 5. The Bird House: way have already completed painted one illustration on the landscape. Now it's time for another illustration, which is our board house. You can take any boathouse off your choice and apply the techniques that I'm teaching. Now. Corals even attempt this one piercing the boathouse from below as it is again on a tree branch. So you will see the bottom of the boathouse really well stopped by possible sketch, just like a house we will do all slanting line on. Then again, a straight line at the portal. You can go ahead and on some random punches after you finish off this boat house, because it is usually hanging from the tree branch on their rupee branches in and around that particular tree branch for the sport house. At some snow on the top of the boathouse, just mark it with a very, very small line on your top off. The area needs to be white, because that is the snow, which we will be showing many off. You have asked me that what is the color choice that I do for my paintings? So today I want to see the colors that I usually pick up are more from the warm as well as the cool side, because I would be choosing some yellow on some blue. For this painting, I would be using civilian blue, which is more from the cool side, whereas I will even use our Tremaine, which is from the warm side. So there is always a mix and match of Poland, warm colors that are used for any painting, and that really goes very well with any spectator who is having a look at your painting are just having a look at the greeting card that you would be sending over. Now I make some random ranches on you can make on you one single branch or more branch. I leave it up to you. I would be using the wet on wet technique for my background wash. Go ahead on use your flat brush to apply and even Goto wash to see that there are no white spaces in between Anywhere on, then go ahead with the lightest. I don't have a clue more of Siri Liam and then add it on the people. Once you're done with the city Diem, you can go ahead and at our primary on then you're indigo. Do remember that we will go from lighter tones to the darker tones that is from city on toe , a Tremain to yard indigo rather than doing at opposite in the middle of the painting. Try to keep it more transparent on. We want the color of the paper to be shown on on the edges of the painting. I would have more off the blues. - Humidity off the paper is really important for any painting. Once you paint your background, always speed for a few minutes so that the humidity reduces for 100%. Caught an artist paper. I'm we can paint our branches then where during inter painting is a very important point off an ongoing painting that you are doing. It is just when your people is wet enough on your lines will become floor, but they will not become plumes. That's exactly the point. You should enter your painting hand, start making your branches another important point about the humidity level. Is that where you are actually staying if it is very dry, or is it like very human? Because if you are around the coastal areas or you're staying in the coastal areas than it would be tough to get your painting tried quickly, whereas if you are in the dry 80 years, it is easy. Toe. Get your paint dry quickly on the people. We will start painting our boathouse now I will start with my life has value Tartus, the Naples yellow Once name Police Naples Yellow. Be have applied on the people. We will go ahead with gambles orange. You can use any other orange that's available with you like you can even go for winter orange. Or you can go for any light. Makes off red and yellow, which is a bit off orange, and then add some Mancina and Van Dyke Abram going from lighter don't toe dip it owns always gives me the option off, committing mistakes and again covering it up with help off deeper color so you can even try going from deeper to lighter. But it's always good to go from lighter shades to Dr Shits, the current birdhouse that your painting is made upon food on. That one of the reasons we have taken these mics off yellow orange Monsen and when I k Brown, you have to make some short lines to show that it is a made up off wound on the back. Off the tree. There are some lines, and that bark needs to be shown over here. I will usually move between toe important colors that has been seen and then, like a pound. So show my board house. You will not solve that. I'm using my tennis brush for this painting because it's a very, very small illustration that we are doing. And my tennis fresh gives me way more control over this painting. Rather than using or take a brush, you can go ahead, but any zero size brush or any minute detail a brush that you have for completing these areas. First, take some yellow organ booze orange and started applying it at the bottom off, though boathouse and then you can hard some brown or any other color to it. You might have wondered why are repainting aboard house for on greeting card? Because both houses basically or safe place for any boat doing built their nest now the spa . Similarly, this card that would be going out any off our special family members or to any off our special friends can display the same kind of emotion that we feel really safe when they are in and around us as well as it is a fortunately for any other visiting birds from any other country to also snuggling and stay in the warmth of a from the cold weather. Whenever you're choosing your watercolors, just try to choose your watercolors. Hospital transparency. I love the transparency off the people to be shown off from below. Compared Toa. If your watercolors are opaque, I'm now go ahead and add some highlights. Tow my boat house with the help of my friend I. K. Brown as well as it creates a nice contrast between the yellow and the deep shade off around that I am going toe are now in case anywhere you see that your pains are just flowing out off the space where it should be. Go ahead and use their tissue and up off any extrapolations from the boathouse before you go ahead and make the final branch of the tree which is holding the sport house to check the humanity off the people. It should be completely dry before you apply opens. Even when you start painting your birdhouse, you have to see that your paper is completely dry in and around the eight years of the boathouse, as we do not want our yellows to flow into the flu that they have applied for the background for thinking your branches. Go ahead and make these random strokes. You do not need to think even twice before making these random lines, because again its nature an in nature. Things up your randomly aren't There is a new particular shape and size start happens to be for ordering brunch. Once you are done with your tree branch, go head and NATO handle through which my boathouse is put on the tree branch. I can see that my paper is completely dry Now. I will take toe help off my Posca marker and start painting some more highlights into my board house. You can use either or possible marker, or you can even use a general open. Or you can even use a wash or any kind off postal colors. Everything and anything that is available with you and white can be used. So make these highlights on, then had some more white branches to the background. This is the favorite part off the painting where I will go ahead and at my white caution toe. The people are splatters because it's knowing and there are snowflakes on. It just looks so beautiful and magical to me. I'm adding some more wash on top off the tree branches, which are dead in the background because it's snowing on. There will be some accumulation off the snow on these branches. I have always loved painting these whole Lakers during my childhood as well us now because they just convey that beautiful feeling for your loved ones. On This is one off the illustration that I would love to paint for my holte cuts. You can have any for the kind of illustration like you can go for bills or you can go for candles or you can go for find glasses. Anything off your choice. You do not need to think about only this. You can even go for Christmas reds. You can go for beautiful florals. They all look wonderful when you make a card out off it. Go ahead, peel off your tape and have a final look off your painting 6. By the lake: When you paint from a reference photo, it is important to download it. Only Fillmore Copyright Free Images Website. The elevators website like on splash pics, Obey pixels free range. It's a trough. From there, you can select your photos content being from it rather than going ahead on downloading it from any other website. Before we start our painting, it's very important to make a rough sketch. Since this painting is about a landscape from a photo reference, we need to take care off proportions and perspective. We will be measuring the middle of the people, can't and market with the help off or pencil, starting with a small part off the snow where we will have our dry trees on. This is us no escape painting. There will be a few patches off the ground which are completely covered with snow, and some parts of the land that are exposed on the snow is not there. On top off takes post lined a few trees in focus. When I see this painting, I can in for that. This is a very simple sky and lake. During the cold evening. Either use the finger rule to measure where I want to place my line on water. We will mark the horizon or pick about 50% of the paper on 10. Take 1/3 of the paper size below it to mark the land area and rest to thought will be the water radio. I would continue sketching the trees, asked for my reference photo on the left inside off my paper. And these are some off the bare trees that appears in the snow. Okay, I will start with Naples. Yellow are the bottle off the sky Then will be some areas with the burnt sienna on. On the top is the surreal in blue that I would be applying always as a finger rule. I keep some space between the bond Xena Act the civilian blue that I would apply on the top off the paper. Go ahead and add some lemon yellow or quinacrine own goal at the bottom off the sky exactly in the middle area. Why am applying this yellow is if you absolve closely on the photo. The painting has to be in like a ship off yellow compared to the bone Sina ordinary people cielo for the sky. Go ahead and add some more pollution or indigo. Whichever color case availability, I always prayerful using my flat brush for my blending. Compared toa around brush because it helps me to blame evenly. All the colors on this office off the paper. I have fast forward it off. You are a years where I am blending the colors. This has been done because we are not doing much off it except the blending you car. All these free to adjust the speed off the video passport. Your requirement. Now you will have solved that however, start painting my waters for painting my waters. Havel always cope with my lighter value That is my Naples yellow and applied with help off my simple black velvet brush, giving some lighter strokes, antenna strokes on the left side, off the water. I'm then going on top off it on adding some blue. There are a lot of options that you can use for the bill. You can go for ultra meeting our peacock or plateau blue. The choice off colors depends on how you like to build up your painting. I like to use someone color or cool colors for me. My saree in blue is more from the cool blues, whereas the our family is from the warm lose. The choice depends on you. Go ahead and add some indigo's just below the area off the water. It basically helps to show the shadow off the land inside the water, as well as had some new strokes with a nickel in tow. The water area the reflection off the sky, which has some amount of Ponsana, needs to be added into the water on again. I'm going with some lose street line strokes toe the same. The clear reflection off the sky comes in the water. The Finnish result that you would see will be full off the atmosphere that IHS orderly there in the painting off the sky into the water area, with tones ranging from very light colors starters your yellow bon cno to deep atones off the blue that is your in vehicle. This painting is major intended for a big nor or in intermediate artists who wants to try painting from a photo. Therefore there will be only too washes, and we're not going to complicate the painting much. Go ahead and on some civilian kind, something to go at the bottom off your painting. This is to complete your painting hand at some loose and thin lines off indigo towards the left, on towards the right as you are solved in the reference photo, I had some more shadow off the line area that you have into the water with help off the indigo. Keep adding more shadows. Also ignore or as an intermediate artist, whenever you're approaching a photo, the one important intent er's to understand. What us your photo. Do you really want to get our exact image off the photo that you see, which is not the idea? Often? Artist, you have to go ahead and experiment with the colors with the shapes and with the sizes. Hear what I'm teaching today is more about how you take a photo as a skeleton. I build upon it. I didn't make so seriously omitting to go for the land. Why we keep painting our branches off the trees. I would go ahead and like to explain the method that we have used for this painting. This is a multiple wash method. We usually begin with a soft pencil outline off the main shapes or those subjects in focus and then we will go ahead and start with a light, wash off the lighter areas and then go ahead and add the deeper tolls into our painting. There is another method off painting that you can even follow, which is direct method now. This direct method unique today the doctor tones as well as the lighter tones together. You do not need to go the way we have done audio laying the lighter tones first on, then going ahead with the doctor tones. It's up to you, which you want to choose as your style. I would always prayerful multiple washes, Biggers. Then there are a few elements which can be corrected in case there is any problem that is echoed in my first wash. We will only think the trees in this painting once our sky is dry. Supposedly, I am not happy with my sky idea, and I want to go ahead and add some more elements to my sky. I can all be school head and add a second layer again for my sky. Therefore, it is important for us to work in layers, even if you're a big nor intermediate or experienced artist on it would always remain one off my most preferred ways to approach any painting. I always love to use my tennis brush. That is my rosemary's reply. No size zero brush for painting my trees because these are mostly bare and they do not have any leaves on. I want to make it a bit more detail because these are winter trees and they're always we more deeply down the summer or spring trees where it was fully blown and it has caught Lord off. Leave sand branches in it for the snow. We will add some texture. How we had the stature is Go ahead, take your brush on, add some into going it. Just press your brush a little bit and then again lifted again. Press your brush up it on drifted. That's how I will make peace textures off the snow depot, Solving your photo on the left on at these simple texture to your painting on the right one off. The important aspect of painting from our reference photo is selectively choosing your subject that you want to detail. Like for this painting, we could concentrate mostly on the trees for detailing rest. All areas are loose and simple. I'm leaving out a lot of details in the water because find even one to start dealing the wetter. The spectator of this painting will not concentrate on my subject and somewhere would be lost. Important part is to know the move that I want to convey. Like for this one. The subject is just in the middle of the painting because it conveys the calm and the cool evenings off the winter. I will go ahead and add somewhat X sure toe my water until my snow area on the right. Now, when I have texture to my water, it is simply taking something to go on your tennis plush on, then adding some straight lines to create the effect off those small ripples. This water doesn't have a lot of movement, so it is more or less. Come on. And it has a good reflection off the trees, which I would be showing next. Once I'm done with the painting off the reports. The reflection off the trees is the last hand, one off the most important things that I want to highlight. You have to just start some water on the try people. You can also add some water when it is very, very likely wet, nor that it should be. It should have a lot of humanity. It should have very, very less humidity or close to no humidity on the people. Then, are the straight line soft the trees sand. I think you can see that we are almost close toe finishing off this painting. Dab off the X droppings with help off a tissue wearable it is necessary and then go ahead and keep out in the shadows into your water with help off your tennis star. The detailing brush that you have. I hope that you did enjoy this painting session, which was more about painting from a direct reference photo on. I tried to make it as simple as possible, and you can again convert this painting in tow a holiday card on. I would be very happy to see all your projects next 7. Lets Pack it: I have already prepared one off the cards and on lots where I have put my card inside it. And I love toe duo vaccine over this envelope. But it absolutely depends on you, and it's not a requirement. We will go ahead and start with our packaging off the guard. First, we need to make the guard. It's very simple process. You can take any card stock that you have or ALS. You can even go ahead and use any cardio people or how many people I really like that because I want to keep that approach off, Everything being handmade. I have taken a small county, people on its double the size off the card or the people that I refused. I always keep a bone for low for my disposal because it becomes very easy than to fool any off the people or anything else that I'm using right now. I even spread my come that I'm using at the back off the painting with a bone folder only and then clean it up with the help Awful tissue. Oh, well, though painting you have to go one signed. Simply use any heavy object on top off it so that it just becomes easy to stick. Total new service. This part is all about measurements. First, you need to see the measurement of the card and market and centimeters, they said. Tomato toe four centimeter more than double off. This measurement, which is right now 13.6 on the double office, would be 27.2. Adding two centimeters to it would make it 29.2 centimeters. You can even at four centimeters to wear it, which would make it 31 point. You said to me, those skitters absolutely up to you to decide. You can now go ahead and cut the people I'm then for like, I want to keep the flap smaller. If you wanted to keep the flat bigger, you can go for those extra centimeters. I was telling you in the beginning, Now you have to open this on Just mark with your pencil in and around the guard on both the sides on. Keep about 2 to 3 centimeters extra from those lines up to you to decide. I have kept majorly about so centime does aunt. I would make a straight line after that. Let's start cutting a gross stole straight lines, keeping toes to centime those extra on this smaller flap off the envelope. Now, hand cutting across. Just make a bit off corner so that it becomes easy toe based. Now go ahead and start holding all the side softness Envelope on. It has already taken the shape off on Blob. The only thing that is left is the pasting part. We will go ahead on based on both the sides off. The envelope on you are ready. You can use this Onley on and send your greetings, Scott or ALS. You can take some beautiful papers off pistol colors and make you an envelope. You can use any kind off your choice. I always love toe take a wax seal on sale my own lob. So I would take about 3 to 4 off this vaccine for making one seal on and then take the hold all into which you would take thes waxy on. I have the sea saying thank you. You can have a Christmas seal. You can have any other seal off your choice. Once your wax becomes a bit fluid, come toe the middle off the on the lob behind boarder hospitalists immediately. Try toe. Put your back seal over it so that it just takes the shape. Wait for 3 to 4 minutes before you take it out. Yes, it's or done. 8. Bonus Lesson: we believe Augusto, start with the background preparation. I love to use an immediate mood. You can use anything else that is available with you. Even though archers glue pads have a small cardboard at the back. You can even you start for preparing to slightly measurements off the board Absolutely depends on you. In case you paint small, you can take a smaller boat. If you're being big, go ahead and take a bigger boat like two feet or one feet or three feet. Absolutely depends on you. I have taken a Kralik marking. Now what I like about this mark part is that he doesn't give me a shining background and it should be milky white. Absolutely the color when you're choosing second reason ALS choosing a Craddock is that I keep spoiling. My boats won't now ordinance, so just go over it on paint again. It hardly takes 10 minutes to try and painting Time would be again 4 to 5 minutes. Mutually apply two coats off pain so that the Braunwald from below dozen shine on is not seen at all. What are the other kind of promise that you can use Except this? I have seen many people using drawing boats that are absolutely white. Many off the other have used the table a lot. That is wide or you have a table that is white. You can have your bedsheet. That was for your bed linen, which is white and color for taking off photos. So it absolutely depends on you. What kind off board or what kind of self as you want to choose on one toe, Keep your prompt on. I have a wine board which has to use office once a side of this office is white and the other side of this office is wouldn't. Therefore if I want to place my problems on anyone off this, I can choose my ID Eo like white or wrong. Currently I have taken a small boot which I have. I have pleased the small painting on top offic I am using only the promise that are organic in nature Now what do I mean by organic prompts? Organic problems are the problems with which I have painted. This photo supposedly the colors that I have used like the yellows are pretty bright and you can see it very well. So I will go ahead and use my radio tubes. Or if you have any handmade paints that you use, you can use a small box off that harmony, pain skin and around it, then placing her prompts around your subject. Now placing can be anywhere you can place your Dube's on the left. You can place your brush on the right. You can place your a glass of water that you have used warping this painting on the left. What Cavell and whichever way you want to use, you can use it, but usually it should not be really arranged. Okay, that's what is important enough. Likely we do not want a perfect arrangement. We want our very, very simple way off displaying our things because I go by the rule that the more the simple , the more it is better Ordell's you can say less is always more. There is a new particular rule off lightly. You have to keep arranging and rearranging. Your work has been laws. The promise that you use that's the only rule on you have to keep taking pictures and see that whether you liked arrangement or you do not like the arrangement. The second type of problem that you use for the second category of problem that use this more inorganic in nature. Why I say it is an organic in nature because it is not completely related to the plane thing that you have done like it's not being brush on. It's not a paint or something like that that you have used for doing this painting. Like right now you are seeing me taking adjustment oil a bone or under candle. So this is really not related to the painting that have done. But it goes with the mood off the painting. Why I say it goes with the mood of the painting is it's cold. We're doing a Christmas land own hand. It requires something which is, like warm for candles or anything like this. I have right? No selected a small string for this painting on. I am even picking up the props for my Christmas season like my finds. Then I can even select lives Oregon. Select my particle or bells, and I will arrange them in order that I really like. Whatever you see on the world will come up as a photo, whereas what it was you see outside the board. Eight here will not be there in the photo. Give your painting more realistic feel what you can do is you can take. These are two different lips. You can even put that clip with the painting or ALS. You can also keeper by the side the thought type of arrangement that I usually do. This a mix of organic and inorganic. Why is he a mix of organic and inorganic ists? Because I would be using few things that I have used for my painting. Like my brush, my brush holder, then to pubes off people see on the rest, Otto Brahms are more inorganic in nature, like the pines, which goes with the mood again on that's all I want toe put in and around my painting. For this one, there are two setups that I'm showing, you know, for two different paintings off mine. Do remember that the water that I'm taking for the landowners yellow in color. Where is the water that I have taken for my next practice? More on the Paynes grey side. This is a quick presentation about how you can take your photos using your Flatley's. But do remember that the time of the photo is really important. I always prefer natural light to take my photos guarded and taking the photos in the evening because nothing can replace a proper natural light for any kind of photograph. E. I hope you don't like the bonus hospital. A scan for Dorito benefits off it when you present your painting on any social media platform. 9. Conclusion: nothing more than your hand. Pinkett, Hold the card can express the feeling off belongingness and love to your new and you're ones. I hope you have enjoyed painting this four whole day cards with me on If you are on instagram tag me as what a colored or illustration Dark little. I would be more than happy to share all your paintings on my stories. If you are not on Instagram, you can go ahead and upload your projects on the project Curry love to have a look at each one off them. I am eagerly waiting for a feed bag because it helps me to improve as a teacher as the last , my class can reach out so many more students who have a similar interest in tow. Watercolor at painting handmade holding cards. Thank you. Hand me too soon.