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17 Videos (1h 20m)
    • Trailer

    • Choosing Paint Colours

    • Supplies

    • Mixing Colours on the Palette

    • First Washes

    • 2nd Washes Head

    • Left Eye

    • Left Ear and Nostrils

    • Right Eye

    • Right Ear

    • Head Spots

    • Neck Spots

    • Mane

    • Finishing Touches

    • Acacia Branch

    • Combining Paintings in Photoshop

    • Thank you

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About This Class


Professional artist and teacher Louise De Masi guides you step by step through the painting of this beautiful watercolor Giraffe in this class. 

Watercolor can be a notoriously difficult medium to use but with Louise's guidance and expertise you will discover that painting in watercolor doesn't have to be complicated. In this 1 hour and 20 minute class she will demonstrate some of the techniques that she uses to create her beautiful watercolor paintings that are sold all around the world.

Discover how Louise:

  • Chooses her paint colours
  • Applies washes Blends colours on the paper
  • Works wet on wet
  • Works wet on dry
  • Creates deliberate 'blooms' or 'back runs'
  • Adds detail
  • Combines two paintings to create one in Photoshop

When you enroll in this class you will have access to a line drawing of the Giraffe that you can download so you can paint along with Louise. You will also be able to download some of her progress photos and the final photo of Louise's painting. 

This class is suitable for intermediate painters but beginners will also find it useful. So grab your brushes and start painting!

59 of 59 students recommendSee All

Absolutely fantastic class!! Louise is an exceptional teacher and walks you through every step of the project. Real time demonstrations, helpful narration, thoughtful editing, and no distracting music made this a wonderful class to paint along with - I learned so much. The downloads were incredibly helpful too - multiple reference photos, a line drawing, and pictures of the painting at various stages - fantastic. I cannot express how much I appreciate the quality of this class. Thank you Louise - I will definitely be watching more of your tutorials :)
Poppy S.

Beginner - Australia

AMAZING. Think it may be too advanced for me so will try some of her other classes and work up to this but Louise De Masi explains everything in wonderful detail and show you her entire process including getting the paint water consistency. I am amazed at the quality of this class and look forward to trying it once I get my bearings with a fox or rose. Skillshare is soo worth the cost. Please continue to get amazing classes and teachers like Louise
5 Flavors

Working on getting better

Louise explains everything step-by-step. Highly recommend this class. Especially if you want to paint lovely detailed watercolor paintings.
Char P.

Always Learning





Louise De Masi

Artist - capturing beauty with watercolour


Louise De Masi is a professional watercolour artist and a qualified school teacher from Australia. 

Louise has a Bachelor of Education degree and has worked as a school teacher within Australia. She is co-author of a watercolor painting instruction book by Walter Foster- titled 'The Art of Painting Sea Life in Watercolor'. Her work has been featured in Australian Artist's Palette Magazine, Australian Country Craft Magazine and The Sydney Morning Herald. ...

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