Watercolor Galaxy Painting #3 - Iris Flower [ FREE LINE ART TEMPLATE] | Watercolour Witch Eliza | Skillshare

Watercolor Galaxy Painting #3 - Iris Flower [ FREE LINE ART TEMPLATE]

Watercolour Witch Eliza

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15 Lessons (55m)
    • 1. Class Introduction

    • 2. Materials

    • 3. Before You Start ( Color Mixing )

    • 4. Tracing the Line Art Onto Watercolor Paper

    • 5. Inking the Lines

    • 6. Painting the Background Triangles

    • 7. Correcting the Mistakes

    • 8. Splattering the Stars

    • 9. Painting the Stem

    • 10. Flowers- Painting the First Layer

    • 11. Flowers- Painting the Second Layer

    • 12. Flowers - Paint Along With Me

    • 13. Extra Touches

    • 14. Your Class Project

    • 15. Unlock your Watercolor Gifts


About This Class


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Do you want to learn how to paint this Iris flower with galaxy background , but you don’t have much experience with watercolors?


Hi, I’m Eliza, the Watercolour Witch.

I'm an illustrator and a watercolor art teacher.

I've taught more than 5800 students around the globe on how to watercolor with ease.

I make art tutorial videos so that you can forget stressing out when it comes to creating your own paintings.

My goal for you is to upgrade your painting skills while having fun. So, in this class not only you will be learning how to paint this iris flower with galaxy backgroung, but I’ll be sharing my tips and tricks resources that are designed to support, encourage, and enhance your experience with watercolor.

I created this class for all levels of experience. So if you are a newbie watercolorist, don’t worry, if you take this class  you will have tons of fun with it, moreover I’m here to help if you have any questions.


In the class I’m going to talk about:

  • How to paint the Iris flower from a-z in an understandable way ( even if you don’t have any background in botanical painting)
  • How to create colorful flower petals
  • Demistify some myths about the wet-on-wet technique while show you how to create an effortless galaxy background
  •  Show you how to easily create fun watercolor effects with just a straw
  • Moreover you can practice basic inking techniques with me


While in other classes you need to sketch the project yourself, in this beginner-friendly class I included a downloadable line art template, which takes away the stress of having to produce a sketch before the painting.


There is nothing to risk, here all you need to do is enjoy the painting process!

So it’s time to take action!Grab your brushes and start painting now!

See you in the class!


Class credits: 

All right reserved to © Eliza Stolmar ( Watercolour Witch)

I used Movavi video editor for editing the class

Fonts used: Lora and Playlist

Music used for tracing the line art onto watercolor paper lesson: Coy koi by Anonymus ( https://freepd.com/world.php )

Intro: Landra's dream by Jason Shawhttps://freepd.com/romantic.php )


1. Class Introduction: Do you want to learn how to paint this virus? Flower with galaxy background, but you don't have much experience with water colors. Are you constantly struggling with wet on wet technique? Hi, I'm Eliza, the voter color, which I'm an illustrator and the voter color our teacher. I've told more than 5800 students around the globe on how the water calorific ease. I make our tutorial videos so that you can forget stressing out when it comes to creating your own paintings. I created this class for all levels off experience. So if you are a newbie voter colorist, don't worry. If you take this class, you will have tones off family did. Moreover, I'm here toe have. If you have any questions in this class, I'm going to talk about how to paint the Irish flubber in an understandable they. Even if you don't have any background in both Danica painting, I'm going to talk about how to create these colorful flower patters. With these, I will also de mystify some. It's about the Vettel but painting technique, and I will show you how to create an effortless galaxy background. We'll also learn how to easily create farm watercolor effects with just a stroll. Moreover, you can practise basic inking techniques with me in the class, vile. In other classes, you need to sketch the project yourself. In this beginner friendly class, I included downloadable liner template which were take away the stress off having to produce a sketch before the painting. There is nothing to risk here. All you need to do is enjoy the painting process. So it's time to take action. Grab your brushes and start painting. Now, please make sure to read about all the giveaway terms and conditions here. Don't forget to follow me here on scare share because I'm going toe announce the veena here . 2. Materials: do is for this painting you would need the lineup printed out watercolor paper, voter color palette, watercolor brushes, people towers, the jar off water, a stro for the blow painting fancier and then a razor for tracing the lines. Waterproof black pens for inking the lines. And though it's not required if you want, you can use a fight and the Gordon jelly pan for the embellishments. 3. Before You Start ( Color Mixing ): all right, so in this video, I'm going to talk about a bit off color mixing and some other important details. So first, let's check out this line at this liner doesn't have any in catches or anything. It's just the in cow climb. If you come for days to the final painting, you can see that the line hatches here, here and here are seen. It's visible, so I don't recommend you to escape the inking, but, well, it's your personal taste if you want to Ink or not, I preferred the ink lines and dots. Toby Seen comfort to the empty? Why not? Okay, let's move on to another important topic. The Stroh. The stroke you will need for the blow painting. This is the blow painting. I like to use a stroll, which you can bend so that you can easier control the direction off this blow vines for the blow painting. It's extremely important that your pains are that actually both off this try. Angers are created with the veteran, that technique a lot off wet water and a lot off that paint. If it's not that you will have difficulties toe blow, the paint of a like that. But what to do If you don't have any Stroh's or tubes, which with which you can blow the pains? Well, you can blow it by yourself. Without the stroll, the result will be like this. It's quite OK, but comfort to the stros blow lines. It's not that beautiful, but well, anyways, you can use it if you don't have any straw. How to do that, you blow it richer like that. All right, so let's go to the interesting part. The core mixing. As I've said before, if you are a beginner who have, ah, limited color palette or, if you are an advanced watercolorist, want tohave an extra challenge. Color mixing is your resolution. So for cooler mixing, or you need tohave six colors of arm yellow and the cold yellow of arm blue and the court blue of arm red and the cold red. But what does actually warm and cold mean well in color to your E? Warm colors are tend to be like fire, like the sun, it imitates form or you are feeling formed by warm colors. I mean, why the court colors are like water on court frees. So it emitted scored feelings you As you can see, this is the farm yellow and this is the cold yellow Can you see the difference? Warm yellow is going towards the oranges while this school yellow is going towards the greenish hues. So all you need are the six colors for start. But in the specific painting, I mixed out some colors to show you how you can greed them from simple colors. So let's start so first s you can see the I re spectres are consists off some purplish violent colors. Exactly. This one. This is actually san earlier scuba violet color for the steaming I used Hansa Yellow from San Petersburg bag nights and Orange Lake for San Petersburg. Bright nights. So for mixing these violets and these purpose what you need to know, you need bread and you need blues. It's it looks like the purple, but it's a big, more infants, so I but the bitter falter Can you see? I mixed up the very similar purple color like this one. So now turning toe violet, I went a bit more blue. Can you see how it's going towards the violet scale? A bit more falter to light and up theories are violet color. All right, so for the steamer, I use a yellow and in orange. Here we have the yellow. It's very vibrant. You don't need to do anything with that, but let's turn it toe orange by ending some red. Okay, I wanted more interns, so I put read more read so he reserved orange off course. When you are painting it, I would recommend you to use generous amount off pains because it's very annoying if you run out off mixed pains when you are in the middle of the painting process. So I would use a Keramik ball or anything to mix your colors when you are painting. So let's see the stump. The stamp causes free colors for the yellow green, a used look as it's my green and for the deep, dark green I used San Petersburg. Right now it's greener of color. Vie for the most green. I use Sun Petersburg right nights, olive green color. So now let's see how we can do this. Yellow is green. You need the yellow, and you put a tiny bit off blew into the yellow. Okay, so here is our yellow green, so have to turn it into that most green color. I put a bit more blue in it, and I add bit more farm yellow. And if you want to turn it even Dr Green, then you need to add even more blues. Okay, so this is a very rich, dark green you can't use. All right, so now let's move on to the galaxy. Patter the galaxy pattern cause it's free colors first, this is the Cem light yellow green color, which we spoke about when I painted the stump. The 2nd 1 is this very light blue. So for this, like blue, I used shrink ahora Damn Cuba, Turkey's. It's actually quite difficult toe. Recreate this some color, but let's give it a try. So first blue, then I at some vital watercolors, because this structure is quite creaming at the opaque. And then in the end, I add very, very bit off greenish yellow, just really just a hint of green shadow. All right, so that's it. It's kind of similar to each other. Now let's move on to the dark Deep blue, which I used for this galaxy butter. It's actually son Petersburg right nights being it's called Indigo. So if you want to recreate it, you need a very, very dark blue color like these. All I did here is that I used a lot off pigment to create this dark, rich color. But if you're pains, are not that reaching pigments? I recommend you to put some black in the blue so that it will be darker. All right, that's it. Let's move on to the painting. 4. Tracing the Line Art Onto Watercolor Paper: tracing the lines. First, put the Leinart facing towards the voter color paper. They them together so the papers won't slide where you trace with your pants. Here goto a bright, sunny window and put the papers on the glass. With the voter polar paper facing towards us, can you see the lines shining through the voter color paper? Now all you need to do is to trace the Leinart feet capacity for victory drink pants here. 5. Inking the Lines: inking the lines. So now that you trace the liners or you need to do is thinking the lines, I start with the voter proof black micron sacra pan. I think out the outer lines off the iris flower. The only part, I don't think, are those to try Angers in the background. I know inking is study us, and I admit inking is not the most exciting part. However, I wouldn't re comments Keep thinking, because the hatch lines there give you such an additional beauty. In the end, I think off this as an inking practice sooner or later knowing how to ink. We're coming handy if you really want to develop your art scares. So when I'm finished with the outlining, I move on to the final parts and creating various textures on various parts off the flower textures were make your painting even more interesting. You don't need to strictly follow the way I created the textures. Feel free to use your imagination. You can use lies, dotes, hatch lines and other forms to fill out the blank areas I attached and I was Flubber. Full Off Inc textures in the class resources toe inspire you in the thinking process Or you can simply Kobe How are in the iris flower here in this flat? Sir, be creative. You can't really make mistakes in this part. Off the painting process with the textures Let your imagination soar high. - So now I field up quite a lot off empty areas with think textures. I hope you enjoyed thinking too. See you in the next lesson where we finally dive deeply into watercolor painting. 6. Painting the Background Triangles: painting the galaxy Try Angers, so I use this free colors yellow, green, life blue and die blue. I'm starting with dampening the triangles with clean water loaded on my brush. I may use Vettel but technique here, so it's important that the paper is wet enough. See how it's shining from the voter. I start with the yellow green. I did a bit here and there and see how beautifully it's spreading on the wet surface. I can't in you with the light blue. And then finally I feel love the empty areas with the dark blue paint. I paint around the edges as where with the tire blew some greens and lie blues. He ran there, and now the already for the blow painting blow air into the stroll so that the air blowing through the two were created. Splashy effect on the pains. Be sure to work fast. The paint's need to be that I devised the air can't blow the pains of a rotate the direction off the stroh so that the paint can run into various directions. I put some extra pains to those areas where the pigments were blown away. I continue with the other parts off the try anger with the very same technique I used before. If you mistakenly blow the paint into the wrong direction, use a paper cover to mop up the excess paint and to clear up that little mistake. So now that it's ready, we can move on to the next triangle. Read the surface first. They used the colors. So many watercolorist fear off the vet on that technique because off the lack off control it creates wet on that technique, meaning you put that pains on the vet watercolor paper. But I found successful in dealing with Bet on a bet is that I only dampened that area. Very van, the veteran with effect to take place on my paper. As you can see, the pains only spread in the inside of the tri anger. Why, since I only moist on the inside area off the try anger so outside the try anger you are in control. Where do you want to spread the paint? And inside the try anger. The voter is in control, and it creates these beautiful blooms uncontrollably. Then again, I used the strove for blow painting the try anger. When you are finished, be sure to let it completely dry 7. Correcting the Mistakes: correcting the mistakes. Paint splatter inevitably, asi blow paint with the stroll. So in this lesson, I show you how I corrected this pain blood here First I did my brush in clean water, and I gently start to scratch the blood surface. I move up the excess water and see the blood faded away quite a bit. Now it's faded enough, so when I paying the flowers betters later on, you won't see the blood under the layers off the flowers colors. Be careful, though, to not overdo the scratching as it can injured the texture off your watercolor paper. 8. Splattering the Stars: spluttering the stars. You will need the Fight Inc. Provide water color load a generous amount off voter and fight color on your brash with the hap with another brash gently start to put your brush so that it will start to splatter. Those white star dotes on your artwork. I hold my brush around four inches from the paper. The background pains are not completely dried yet, so you can see the white color, sings into the paper and formed this milky effect. If you don't like this murky haze, affect you better wait until your background has 100 person dried so that divide color can't sink into the paper and bland. With those background colors, you can manually draw the stars to buy painting little dots randomly on the background. As you see here, the background has completely dried, so the story effect here became much more sharper. And not that hes in your key forget like on the semi dried background again, I painting some star dots here and there, and we are now finished with the stars 9. Painting the Stem: painting the stem for painting the stock off the flower. First, you would need a May green paint. You can mix it by adding yellow toe a green paint. You paint this yellow green loosely on the stem, and those leaves leave some white spaces to then I continue with the most green. It's darker than the main green I used previously. I did my brush in clean water and blend the green a bit. Use lose and soft brush strokes when you paying the most green over the yellow is green. I positioned these darker green towards the bottom, left part off the leaves. Understand the bottom left side will be the shadowy side. That's why I paint the darker tones here. The upper right side, the opposite side. We'll be the part where the sun shines, understand? So I tried to leave the upper right areas as light colored as it's possible. Then I continue with a deep, dark green, I painting it to the bottom left sides in orderto hands, the shadows. Don't be afraid to use such dark greens. It were creates such a lovely color contrast with the light greens. Later, all I blend the greens together with my brush. Finally, I paint vibrant yellow on the upper right sides off the stem and the leaves. I used this yellow as a highlight. I blend the yellow here and there with the greens. So we are finished here. Let the stump completely dry. 10. Flowers- Painting the First Layer: painting the flowers First layer for the first brush. I dump in the patters with a brush. Did they clean voter? I start with the purple color. I pain the purple all over the better, though I leave a bit off white space on the top off the fetters, I continue Vitor Violet color. I paint the violet on the top off the patters and blended with the purpose I paying the bottom patters the same way as I did before. Okay, so I put some light blue paint on the top off the batter's. I blend the blue vida violet and the purpose. Then I continue with an orange color. I paint it on the bottom off the batters, and I blended Dravid. The purpose. Since it's the first color earlier, you don't need tohave a tow, vibrant colors. Here. It's okay if your colors are pale at this stage now, I moved on to painting the steam on. I use orange at the bottom and yellow on the top off the steam asses. I blend the oranges and the yellows in tow. Each other. I put intense, vibrant colors on the steam in. As for the steam, it will be the final layer. Then I paint some light green on the Seper. I blended with some yellows, I paying the bottom off the sea poppers we Clyde green and the tops with the yellow. I blend the yellow green a little bit into the bottom. Off the patters, I put some. They are green streaks on the sea pers. Now I move on to painting the flower. Bad serves the purple, then the violet and the bit off orange at the bottom. Now that I finished with the first brush, I let it completely dry before I would move onto, painting the next layer off the batter's. 11. Flowers- Painting the Second Layer: painting the flowers betters second layer. In this lesson, you are going to learn about the heretical part off painting the second layer. I speeded up the video because in the next lesson you were paint along with me. So I filmed the whole painting process in real time so that you can easily follow me by. You are painting first. I'm going to use a Perper paint minimal amount off water and a lot off pigment was loaded on my brush so the paint fears try. But as you can see, this purple color is very vibrant. I follow the links lines and I paint these lines as if they were some kind off tricks or branches off a tree. I paint them as a dance for rest a lot off weeks growing from the center line. If you have aqua happens, yes, you can use a purple. Acquire a panacea instead off the water color. Okay, so I'm continuing with the flower bad. I just follow the links lines with my brush. That's it door. Now, as the purple paint has dried, I can t new vita violet color a little water and the lot off pigment is in my brush. I am creating a forest just like with the purple pains before. But there is one difference. I paint less streaks with the violet comfort toe, the teak than streaks off the purple, color on the flower. Bad I following the inclines with the violet pain. Lastly, I did my brush in clean water and I smudged the colors. A beat at the bottom off, the better so that the bottom we look like as if it seems shadows. All right, see you in the next lesson where you can paint along with me area time. 12. Flowers - Paint Along With Me: flower betters playing along with me in the previous lesson, you've got to know the heretic apart. So now is the time to grab your brushes to paint along with me. This video is in real time speed SUVs. See, I'm working with creek loose brush strokes. I advise you to let overwhelm yourself, analyzing every tiny little details. But instead, my advice is to try enjoying the whole painting process apart from using too much water for the breast strokes. You country go wrong at this stage of the painting. And what if you really used way too much water for your breast strokes? Easy. All you need to do is mop up the excess water from your paintbrush and continue painting. That's it all. So don't forget. First the purple car, then the violet color. After they dried, blend the violence on the purple bit together, and then you let them dry. That's all. All right, you are not finished with the flower batters. Please let the painting completely dry before you start embellishing it 13. Extra Touches: extra catches. This step is not required. But since gelatinous can create such a pretty effect, I would recommend you to try this out if you have jelly pans at home. So first I lose the draw. The outlines off the iris flower we divide Japan. - Then I throw some dots on the stamen with the Gordon jelly pan. I loosely drove the outlines off the flower. A swell with the Gordon Japan. Dan, I can't in you withdrawing starships like this. I throw some tiny little Gordo stars on the background pains. So now we are finished. Let's take a look how it shimmers in the sunshine. Isn't it pretty? 14. Your Class Project: your class project. Congrats. You are finished watching this class. So now all you need to do is painting along with me. Your class project is to paint this iris flower after me. If you have any questions regarding the painting process, please feel free to ask me in the community section. I'm more than happy to help you. Or so please don't forget toe upload your class project in the project gallery as well. So now grab your brushes and your palate and start painting. 15. Unlock your Watercolor Gifts: thanks for watching this class as a token off my gratitude. Let me give some gifts for you. Instantly download about coloring pages. Voter culo related articles on Leah Handpicked people know about my secret tips and tricks toe Upgrade your voter color scares free access toe or scare share painting classes for 60 days and much, much more. All you need to do is to sign up to my art newsletter toe instantly. I look your gifts.