Watercolor Galaxy Painting #2 - Manga Portrait with Northern Lights + Free Line Art Template | Watercolour Witch Eliza | Skillshare

Watercolor Galaxy Painting #2 - Manga Portrait with Northern Lights + Free Line Art Template

Watercolour Witch Eliza, GIVEAWAY: Win Metallic Watercolor Paints

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11 Lessons (29m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Tools

    • 3. Tracing the Line Art

    • 4. Inking the Line Art

    • 5. Getting Ready for Painting

    • 6. Painting the Night Sky

    • 7. Painting the Hair

    • 8. Painting the Skin

    • 9. Misty Mountains

    • 10. Clothes and Accessories

    • 11. You are Finished - What's Next?


About This Class

This class in inspired by the greek goddess of the dawn, Aurora.

Take this class  if you like fantasy/ magical coloring books, but never dared to paint a stylized portrait with watercolors.

In this Skillshare class you can download  my Aurora lineart template, so you don’t need to struggle with drawing a portrait, all you need to do is grab your brushes and paint with me.

I’ll walk you through:

  • How to paint a stunning galaxy night sky with northern lights
  • Portrait painting essentials : mix your own skin colors
  • Where to put the shadows and highlights to make the portrait more outstanding
  • My easy method for painting beautiful, flowy hairs
  • How to paint misty mountains and illustrate depth and distance in the background
  • My secrets on how to ink like a pro
  • How to transfer the linework onto watercolor paper
  • All along the class in an easy to follow and fun way

 In the end of the class you will turn the lineart into this watercolor painting.


I do believe coloring should be fun and not something you worries over and over.

Not something that makes you even more frustrated and anxious.

So come, take my class and discover the true joy of painting!


Ohh, and if all the below mentioned reasons are not enough for you, have I mentioned that  in the end you will have your own Aurora watercolor painting, which you can hang on your wall and brag about your friends ;)



Let’s meet in the class!

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