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Watercolor Galaxies - Learn to paint 5 beautiful night skies


Watercolor Galaxies - Learn to paint 5 beautiful night skies


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10 Lessons (1h 16m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Materials you'll need

    • 3. Let's have a look at the colors

    • 4. Splattering the stars

    • 5. Painting 1

    • 6. Paitning 2

    • 7. Painting 3

    • 8. Painting 4

    • 9. Painting 5

    • 10. Thank you for watching

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About This Class

 Everyone loves to gaze at the stars, what about creating your own dreamy imaginative starry night using watercolors! 

In this class you’ll learn my process for painting 5 beautiful starry nights using watercolors. Each and every material will specified for everyone to follow, the class will be suitable for beginner and a professional. 

Join me to create your own AURORA!

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Happy Painting

Meet Your Teacher

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Zaneena Nabeel



Hey there! Myself Zaneena Nabeel, an architect by profession and an artist by everything. I'm originally from India, currently based in Dubai. I experiments and enjoys all sorts of medium. For me art is a therapy and I find immense happiness playing with colours.

Since early childhood I loved to draw and paint. when I joined for my architecture studies I totally gave up on art as I got so busy with my studies, but the love for art was growing deep inside me. Once I graduated and moved to Dubai I started investing little of time on art. I started visiting art events and talks and realized the endless world of colours waiting for me. Within no time I took my tools and came back in action and started an Instagram page and here I'm :) 

Now I conduct local/... See full profile

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1. Introduction: Hello, everyone. My Samson in an appeal. If you are following me on Instagram, you know my lawful Galaxies Particular Galaxies really helped me to drive at this trial on great and identity off my own for the same reason. Night sky paintings are very special to me as much as I allowed painting them. I enjoy teaching the masterful and today I'm going to teach you how to paint five beautiful night sky paintings Way will be discussing about the materials on each and every technique and detail. I often get asked, How do I manage to get those tiny stars? Well, in this class, you will get to know all those secrets. Each of these five paintings are absolutely weak and they're perfect to go as holiday cards . As you know, Holly star quality approaching just two months away from New Year. So it's a perfect time to join me on pain to your own holiday cuts. I can't wait to paint Galaxies, but you all if you are as excited as I am trying me now, let's get started 2. Materials you'll need : Let's have a quick look at the model. Said you need to follow my class on. Let's begin with the watercolor paper. This is the people that I'm gonna use for today's class. This is arches, rough green paper. It is 1 40 l b on it was 100% cartoon passport. You see, a good quality watercolor paper can always bring a huge difference to your painting. So please go with any paper off. Minimum 1 40 l b andi. I have taken few pieces of the paper here. I just rounded off the edges so that I can use this hospital. Scott's because Holly's are all most approaching. We have just two months for the new year. So I thought I could send this to my friends as holiday cuts. I'm going with the portrait manner. If you want a Squire, are. If you want to go with the landscape manner that is totally up to you, we'll be doing five paintings. So I have five pieces off paper here. So cardio paper into any size that you prefer the only thing that you need to keep in mind . Us. Please go with 100% court on watercolor paper, which is a minimum of 1 40 LP because we'll be using multiple layers of water. So only 100% court and watercolor people can handle the amount of water that we will be playing with on That's it with the paper. Now let's have a look at the brushes that you will need to follow this class as we will be using wet on wet technique. Mostly, you will need a wash brush. If you have a wash breast that's wonderful. Otherwise you can go with the biggest size brush that you have. This is just to apply and even go the water onto your paper, and next to you will need a medium to bigger sized flat brush. This is to apply those Grady in washes. You can always use this brush to apply and even called a water onto your paper. So don't worry. If you don't have a wash brush, we will also be trying some loose strokes. So for that you will need a round brush off, because I strong Russia size number 12 round rash by Princeton irritate cities Next to you will need a smaller size round brush. I'm going with size number six. This is again from Princeton. Hesitate Cities on does have the bridges that you will need, as I mentioned earlier. Don't worry if you don't have a wash for, she can use your bigger sized flat brush to apply and even go the water onto your paper. You don't necessarily need a wash brush, so go with similar sized brushes from any brand that have caught. I have an exclusive session coming up next, where I'm introducing you to all the paintings that were going to do on the color that we're going to use. So have a look at that section toe. Know more about the colors. I will be using a variety of brands on. Also, I will be using some pants, particular asphalt so you can go with either tubed watercolor or pant for the color between where you have carpet you. Despite of the stars and toe, adding the remaining by two details, I will be using a wide quash. This is by artist, as I always mentioned, you don't need to worry at all. If you don't have a wide quash paint, you can use your white acrylic or even your white for the global book perfectly for this class. The stoop here is from the 24 color Garside by Artist Self only I was using this glass train which came in a border. This one is by royal talents. There is a very little pain left in the sporting aside to galaxy paintings. Quite a lot. So, yeah, go ahead with the wide quash if you have got one. Otherwise you can use your white. I could lick. And if you don't have both of them, you can still use your white watercolor on. If you are somebody who don't allow those plateaus, you can just use your by Children and put a few stars here and there. So we discussed about the pains to mix in your pain to you will lead a palette. I will be using the ceramic mixing palette. This one is actually a serving dish. Feel free to go with any kind of palette that you normally use. You will need two jars of water. One has to stay clean on the other one. Estrogen's off the pain from your brush. This high 30 promise I'll clear before we start painting working with clean water is very important to get fresh and vibrant colors, so always go with two jars of water. Whenever you do any watercolor painting, always keep one jar exclusively to rinse off the pain from your brush and other one you can use whenever you need clean water on last but not least, you will need some people tell well on. Then you will need a masking tape to tape down the paper until base. In order to get a clean for sides, Go grab your materials on. In the next video, we'll be looking at the colors exclusively. 3. Let's have a look at the colors: and here's the first painting that will be doing and for the sky I will be using a single color that is Prussian blue. The one I'm using here is from the Branson Lear. You can go with any color off your choice on for the mountains. I will be using Ivory, black, and that is from our philosophy. Don't worry about the brands. You can go with any brand off your choice, so we'll be using black for these two mountains on to article details and to splatter the stars, I will be using a wide quash. So for the first painting, you will only need three colors. Prussian, blue, ivory, black and wide quash means. And here's the second painting. For this form, we will be using two colors Prussian blue and cabal cream. Cabal Green is from the brand to Mr Lowe Machine. If you don't have cabal green green, mix a little of white until took eyes blue and get a base to blue to paint the details at the bottom. You will need ivory plaque on to split of the styles. You will need a wide quash paint. Why, glass and ivory Black is common to all the five paintings that will be doing. You don't need to follow the same clothes that I'm using here. If you want to try different color combination, you have the absolute freedom to do that. On here is about old painting. I'll be going with the pink sky for over 1/3 painting, and for the top portion of the sky, I will be using Violet on. For the bottom part. I will be using quinacrine on True's. These two are from the brunt white nights. Then, for the bottom part, I will be using ivory plaque on also Ah little of boned bumper when I reach towards the bottom part instead of born, Temporary can also use born Sina. We just need to mix a little off black into that color to get a taco brown on. These two word ugly tubes are from the brand art philosophy. Then to splatter list hours, I will be using a wide quash paint. Those are the five shades you will need for our third painting. Now let's have a look at the foot one. This is our fourth painting. As you could say, this one is a blue green and a yellow competition, and I will be using two shades of blue over to the top, out of raising fresh in blue on den, ultra marine blue on hooker's green and also lemon yellow. So these are the four shades that I will be using for the sky. You can use any green that you have got to the sap green Viridian Green. Any Greenville book perfect for this painting on for the bottom part on. For that little house I would be using black and phone number. You can always add a color or skip one according to your choice. Now, to splatter the stars and adding all those details, we will need a wide quash means. And here is all the colors you will need for this particular painting. Now let's have a look at the next one, and this is about 50 and final galaxy painting. You will need oppression. Blue When Akron Violet quinacrine Andrus Andi gambled yellow. So those are the four shades you will need for the sky. Now, as you sure to add in the details, you will need ivory plaque, and to splatter the stars, you will need a white quash bait on Here is all the six colors you will need for a final painting. Quickly go grab all the colors and materials you'll need and let's get started. 4. Splattering the stars: indecision. I'm gonna show you how I create those Chinese little stars on. I have a tuba, white wash and whitewater clear here will be trying the same technique using both the tubes on our help. Ease off people trouble here. And also a smaller sized pressure. This a sizable six fresh. I have already painted a quick blue galaxy on a piece of paper. I will be splattering the stars directly onto this obelisk without a little wide Goshen Whitewater clung onto this palette. This one has wide Gosh by artists. I will be using this throughout this class. So there we have white wash. Now I'm gonna squeeze a little whitewater glow to the palate. This one is again from artists. It came on the 24 color set. I included decision, especially because meaning off. You may not be having white quash, Andi. I always keep saying you can get the same result using Whitewater color Aspell. I never say it for the sake Off it while splattering the stars. What matters the most is the consistency of the pain that you're working with. No matter whether it's a click or watercolor or quash, you will get the same Roussel to using any off this media. When I did my first galaxy painting, I never knew about quash. It is very recently, maybe like a year and 1/2 ago. I came to know about quash under. Then I was using white water color to slack to the stars. First, let's try splattering the stars. Using wide quash, I added a few drops of water on. This is the consistency that I'm walking, but it does not do watery. It's it is not guilty, Kaspadu. So I have enough off paint on my brush. Now I'm gonna try splattering this onto the background, which I have their. I always prefer taking the paint on a smaller sized fresh on tap on the brush like this. You could see the star that I got here. That's not to Chinese. I ended up getting a biggest platter. Now comes the trick. I have a piece off paper trouble here. Now I'm just touching my brush on. The people travel to our three times on removing the excess water. Andi, I'm tapping again and I'll show you the sights of my stars. They are too tiny. There is no biggest flat tours. Most of the time you feel like you're consistency is right, but it may not be even if the consistency is right. It all depends on the amount of being that you have on your brush. So always dab it on a paper trouble and remove the excess pain that you have God on your brush this way it can never go wrong. I'm dialing it one more time, Andi. I'm again going to create some stars. Now you could see the size of the stars changed to a much more smaller one. Can you see the sights of the stars? So it all depends on the amount of pain that you have got on your brush For the first Blatter also, I went into the same pain with the same consistency. But then I had a lot of paint on my brush on. I ended up getting bigger stars and when I removed the excess amount of pain for my brush I got a tiny stars. You can see the size of thes stars So consistency is the first thing. If you're consistency is perfect to you will end up getting smaller stars. But if you're not quite sure about the consistency. Always w brush on a paper, travel on. Remove the excess paint from your brush on. You will end up getting this kind of stars. Andi, that's the trick. We will be using the same technique throughout all the paintings that will be doing into these class. Next. I'm going to try the same technique using white watercolor, um, adding a few drops of water on trying to work on a similar consistency which we walked before I have taken enough of paint on my brush. Now I'm removing the excess among the water by dabbing on a people trouble. And now I'm tapping on my small over choosing another brush to create the stars. The sites of the stars are too tiny. Here s a closer look on. This is how you create those tiny stars. Now I'm switching to a detailing brush on. I'm gonna create some bigger stars using this brush. You can also use a wide open to do this, taking a 15 Tony brush on. Just add some random dots here and there. Now you have a sky full off different sized stars. For all the upcoming paintings, we will be splattering the stars first on, then we will be adding biggest house using our detailing brush. When you have these different sized stars, it will add a lot of beauty to your sky. So don't skip this exercise. 5. Painting 1: Let's start with the world first painting. I have a palate on a jar of clean water. Andi, I'm going to take down the paper onto the pace. As you know, we will be using just a single color for the sky. This expression blue. Feel free to go with any color off your choice who don't really need to be using a blue. Maybe you can go but the purple or crimson or any color, which will be the color that you're losing. Squeeze out a generous amount into your palate. Now, using a masking tape to straight down your paper onto a base, just make sure there's no caps in between. As they're using multiple layers of water, There are chances the pain can sleep in through and create a dirty border. Just anything goes across the four sides to make sure there's no cap. Onda have fixed my paper. The first task is to apply and even called the water onto your paper. I'm going the bedroom where technique for my sky, we apply to court of water already. Now I'm switching to my three by four inch wash fresh on using this brush, I'm gonna apply agree in wash off flashing blue. I'll go the doctor Tune on the top on As I come down, I'll make the two lighter. No matter which color you're using, we need to get a doctor to on the top on as you come down, we need to get a lighter tune. Now go ahead and start applying the paint onto the wet paper. Apply ingredient washes much easier with the flat Trish. If you have a three by four INGE or warning flood pressure, that works the best. But if you don't have a flat brush it, it's absolutely okay to go with a bigger size round brush. You just need to be a little careful, but you can get a similar result using a nickel sized round brush Aspell. So don't worry if you don't have a flat fresh, I'm quickly fixing the bottom before the background layer dries, because I will be adding more taco tones on the top on. I have a little more time to cope with that part, so let me just fix the border quickly. The lighter to looks fine. We'll need to make though middle area between brighter. I'm going with a little more darker tone off blue, and I'm gonna apply that it will. Here on as I go to the top, I will make the blue even more darker. In order to make this guy look like a night's guy. You need to make the top ocean even more talker on there. We have our sky. Now we'll need to wait for destroy dry. So I waited for good 10 minutes and looks like my background layer has tried. Now it's time to split to some stars. I'm spacing out. Some goulash craned onto my palate. Now I'm going to add a few drops of water to this paint. Not a lot. Just a little of water. I want ethical consistency. I don't want my pain to be to lose on watery, as I mentioned earlier, if you're going with the very loose consistency, you will end up getting big splatters. They won't be able to get tiny stars. I feel the consistency is right now. I'm gonna tap on the smaller brush, using another brush to stop that laptop on greet as many stops as he want. If you feel like there's a lot of water on your brushes, Trapattoni. People travel on. Remove the excess water by new W brush on a paper double. You will just have the right amount of pain. Tony, brush on this way also, you can throw in getting digos platters. Maybe you could try on a sample, please. Off paper. If you're not too confident about the consistency, I'm gonna splatter someone's Charles on. But this I think I'll stop now using the same brush. I'm gonna add some because jars here and there just a trend of media's. Add as many as you want on Now I'm going to add a crescent moon. If you want, you can add a full moon Asper. It's totally up to you. I'm using the same brush, which is size number six round brush. If you want against which to a detailing brush or you can at the moon you single by chel pin So we have the sky stars and the moon. Now it's time to paint the mountains. I'm using Ivory Black does oneness by art philosophy. Let me squeeze out a little of this to my palette. I'm not focusing a lot on the subject. If you want to paint some pine trees or some other subject. Please go ahead with that. So when I splatter the stars, there was thestreet starts, which I didn't like at all. I'm gonna hide that you think mountain so onto the side. I will start with a tall A mountain. My paper is quite long. I went in with the portrait manner on. That's why I'm starting my mountain from here. And also because I wanted to hide those stars which way they're. So if you went in with the landscape manner or a Squire manner, you can decide where you want your mountains to be. Or if you're going with pine trees or some other subject, you can decide how we want. Oh, Adam in on next, I'm gonna add a shot. Amounted here. Add in the mountain however you want to, according to size and the orientation off your paper and I have added an outline. Now I will be filling up the entire remaining area and black and there we are. The last hope is to add some details onto the mountain, just pushing off all the black paint from my brush and I'm taking a little wide quash on my brush on, but this I'm gonna add some details on to the left side off the two mountains were adding the white highlights just on the left side on. We're considering. The light is sitting on the left side of the mountain. If you want to go with the right side that it's absolutely okay, but be consistent if you're going. The right side put off the mountains should have all the highlights on the right side. It shouldn't be like one mountain has, but on the right side and the other one has it on the left side, you have to be consistent. The background black layer hasn't right completely. I'm just having this highlights on top of the black, but it's still a little wet as the Bagram district. But it is much easier for me to blend the color, so I have added on a random strokes on the left side of both the mountains. Now I'm dabbing off excess paint on a paper trouble on dime, trying to blend us again, dabbing the excess paint on my people talk will. I'm trying to blend the white into the black background. I want a small tub land here I don't want the lines to be too sharp. I'm repeating the same on the second shorter mountain, so these are nicely blended into the black background, and it has a nice treaty effect right now. That flat look of the mountains are gone by now, and I'm quite happy with the way both off the mountains are looking now. Using the same wide wash paint, I'm gonna add, a simple Coby ruled at the bottom. The background layer is still a little wet, so make use off the time at a simple Kobe line, which represents your road and then the same way. How we blender that highlights into the mountain. Just blend this line into the background to create a very smooth and subtle effect. We don't want the lines to be too sharp if, if you like, your highlights are very tall. You can go with a bright abortion white, but no too bright. Just make sure the lines you're adding it's nicely blended into the background. They shouldn't be looking too sharp on with that. We're done with our first painting. I'm very happy with the way this one stone tile. Let's quickly remove the masking tape and see How was that looking? I really hope I have got clean borders because this has to go as post cut, and I don't want to cut off the edges. One down. This is looking great on. Let's see the other one. Ah, that is also looking great. Two more to go. If you ever found removing the masking tape difficult, remove it at an angle that will prevent the paper from dropping off on. Also, you can blow dry on top of the painting before you pay off. The masking tape that will loosen the glue on the masking tape will come off clean without dripping off the paper. Andi, I have got all my full sides clean and neat. The painting hasn't dried completely, but I'm happy with the way this went on. Talked. We use just three shapes to finish the entire painting. I hope you all enjoyed it 6. Paitning 2: way had done with her first painting. Now I'm going the 2nd 1 I have my people here. I'm gonna take it down to my base. Fix the people properly without any gaps on for the first painting the bending with one color for the sky We used only Prussian blue and event in with a clearly in wash of Prussian blue on For this painting, I'm going with two shades along with Prussian blue. I'm going to use cabal cream. This one is by sin earlier. It is a nice base tal bluish green. So that will be the second shade that I'm using for the sky. If you don't have global green, you could go in with any color that you are court any kind of basil blue or you can also use your cards. He could mix in a little right and to take wise and get a pay still kind of a blue. Now I'm going to apply and even called the water onto the people using my Princeton Wash brush gently apply an even coat of water. Use your bigger size brush If you don't have a wash brush, I'm going to switch to my three by four inch wash brush Andi, I'm going to apply our grating wash of these two colors. The bottom will be cabal cream on the top You will have brushing on the top You could go But the doctor tune off Prussian blue When you reach almost middle of the paper you could go in the cabal cream until almost a middle go in with Prussian blue I'm almost reaching the murder And from here, Abbas, which to Cabal Green I'm gonna take couple crane on my brush and then I need to plan to compile green and crushing blow at the metal The remaining area I'll simply painted cabal cream. We need to make the top but more darker. So once I apply Cabal Creen until the bottom I'll go in with a darker tone off brushing blue on Make the top layer with more darker I applied Cabal Green. Now over here I need to make the blue bit more talker. So I'm just wiping off the cabal green from my brush, ongoing and with Prussian blue on making the middle Darko and two at the top, I'll make it even more talker. You cannot trust the color when the background is vet because once watercolor dries, it tends to feel a little. So I'm not taking a chance. I'm going to make it a little more taco. You need to be a little careful about this. If if we like the color is right. When everything is wet, it will never be right. Once everything drives up, the color tends to fade a little. You will be getting a lighter to man. Everything dries up. So go in with the Darko tone at the beginning itself. If you are looking for a doctor looking sky, I'll just make the top, but more darker than I would be done with this guy. There is a little off paint missing on the left corner. I'm going to fix that on, but that we will be done with our sky. All right, ask eyes down now Let's wait for everything to dry. My Bagram layer has dried. Now let's go ahead and splatter some stars. I'm going with the same technique, which I used earlier. Nothing new. I'm just quizzing out a little off this white wash onto my palate, and then I've Aladdin. Few drops of water into this on. Once I get the consistency right, I'll go ahead and supply to the stars. I'm going to dab my brush on a paper, travel and remove the excess paint if there's any and looks like it's perfecto splatter to stop and greet as many stops as he warned, I'll go in with a little more starts dabbing one of people trouble again. Tapping on my brush, you could see how nice and tiny stars I'm getting. You should have the right amount of paint on your brush. You end up getting those Biggers plateaus when you have excess amount of paint on your brush. Now, using a wide Children, I'm gonna add some big goes to us here and there. I was supposed to the word for my brush, but five must take. I washed it so I didn't want toe eating the white paint again. That's why I went in with a gel pin. You can use the gua sh onto your detailing brush to add Indies, because jars just like how we did in the brilliance painting. If you have a gel pin, you can go directly with the Children because this is much easier if you want to add some shooting stars or a mood, you could do that as well. And there we have a beautiful starry night sky. Now it's time to pain the port. In part, I'm going with a simple mountain with the tiny pine trees on top. Off it, you could go but pine trees or some mountains or a tiny house or any subject off your choice. I'm using the same size number six strong brush, which are used just blood. Oh, my stars and I'm using black color here to paint the mountains at the ladder of profile first. Then I'll Philip this area and black and later I will add in some pine trees on either side . - And now I'm going to add some pine trees on either side. These are not very detailed ones. Very rough shape off pine trees. He's had two tiny, so you don't need to put a lot of effort on this. Add three or four on one side. Don't grow all the pine trees in the same height. Play with the height makes some of them taller and some of them shorter. I'm going with the taller one now. I'm just crumbling the she I'm not putting a lot of effort asked, except to a tiny on. The details won't be visible at all. We we I allowed one more on the side. I'll go with a shorter one and after the silence, which to the right side Finally , I'm going to add a Nadal. Coby ruled here, just like how we added the highlight on the road in the previous painting, I will add a kombi line first. Then I will blend that into the background to get a small time subtle effect. I have added the shape. Now I'm going toe take this out on blend us into the black background on That's it. Guys, we're done with our second painting. I'm gonna quickly peel off the masking t on there. We have our second painting. I'm quite happy with the way the spawn toned out. I hope you all enjoy the task for I'll see you in the next video where we will be trying up in Galaxy night sky 7. Painting 3: we finished two paintings for the 1st 1 We went in with Prussian blue Peter Agre Radiant Prussian blue sky on for the 2nd 1 We used to shades fresh in blue and cabal cream on We painted a greedy into using those two sheets. Now we are going ahead with the code one. I have fixed my paper onto a base and for the sky We're going with Violet and Conacher around Rose To apply the paint, I will be using a round brush this aside Number 12 wrong brush by Princeton 108 cities. Before we start painting, we have to make a quick sketch off road on a mountain. Um, adding a Kobe road to either side of the road. I will be adding mountains on that It was catch. Now I'm gonna add even called the water onto the sky leaving the mountain on the road Acid er's gently apply a thing called the water We will be using but on the technique for this guy as well. Andi, I'm gonna apply Violet on the top portion. Then gradually I will switch to Kanak around Rose. The color that I'm using here is from the brand white nights. I'm gonna take out the pain directly from thes pounds. I'm not to using a palette. Go the brighter to know violet on a plaque that on the top area you can apply the paint however you want to. I'm just applying some loose strokes. In the previous painting, Aspirated a Grady in Bush, we had a clear division between the first and the second color here. I'm just adding the paint have over. I want to. At some areas, I'm making the violet lighter and some media's. I'm making the while a darker go with the very loose style. We want this guy to be more expressive than the previous two paintings. So I have added, while it'll almost middle off the sky. Now I'm switching to Kanak around Rose again. I'm going with the brighter tool on dime, applying that closer to the violet on trying to blend these two colors. If we are using a bigger size brush, it is much easier to blend the color. So go with the biggest wrong brush that they have got. Now blend these colors together, even if it's not perfect, just absolutely fine. We have a Milky Way coming on top of this layer on will also be splattering the style. So it is absolutely OK, even if your background it's not perfectly planted. So we applied clinic around rules close to the while it and we blended those two sheets together. Now I'm gonna add rules to the remaining media lead. The mountain asset is I still haven't made the color lighter. I'm going the brighter turn off, Rose. Andi, I'm gonna fill up the entire sky using this color. The background is still back and are making use of the time and trying to blend these Carlos a bit more. Andi, I'm gonna make the why let a little darker at the top as I went in with a brighter tone off both the shades I think this will look brighter even if the background dries. If you have a brighter sky, it will look more beautiful than you paint the Milky Way. So go ahead with the brighter looking sky I'm switching to size number six brush. Andi, I'm gonna take a white water color And using this, I'm gonna create a Milky Way loaded brush with whitewater color or go with a loose devotional wide quash on to create a multi way pattern on the wet background. You can go with a narrow Milky Way or a wider Milky Way. That's all up to you. Just keep dabbing your brush onto the sky with white water color. You have to be a little quick. We need to get this done before the background dries. Just stick white paint on your brush on. Keep dabbing that on the sky. Aunt, Create a Milky Way pattern as the background is. Bet it isn't that difficult to make this pattern relaxed. Feel free. Don't be scared. Just go ahead and apply Dwight back to him. I'm going with a brighter tone of white on making this pattern, but more possible. So we created a rough pattern there. Now we need to blend the outer edges off this pattern into the background. I'm removing the excess pain from my brush, using a people trouble brushes kind of dry now. Now I'm taking my brush in the so club woman around this pattern and trying to blend that into the background. Remember, there is no paint on my brush. Just take your brush in a circle a moment. Keep doing that until you get a blended effect. Learn new brush in a circular moment around the entire pattern. You could see the bottom part is kind of blended into the sky the same thing they have to do for, though. Stop pushing asphalt my background layers to hasn't dried. It is because I'm using 100% courtroom artist great watercolor paper. The normal people's will try out very quickly. I think I will stop it there. I'm kind of happy with the Milky Way. I waited for a couple of minutes on my background has completely dried. Now I'm going to split or some stars I'm squeezing out a little paint onto my palate on dropping in some water on Once the consistency is right I'm gonna splatter by tapping on my smaller brush. This time I'm going with a lot more stars Keep adding under the house, satisfied using the same brush. I'm gonna create some because stars putting some random dots here and there. These because task will give a complete look to your night sky. So don't omit the step. You can also use a wide Children to do the same thing, but that ever skies done Now I'm gonna paint the drawer and the mountains I'm painting the roared and gray I'm adding a little wide wash into Blackwater Group to create a great I had the great release. Now I'm gonna paint entire rule in this great club. Go to medium to lie, to turn off Great. If you go with the dark, agree It will look very dull once we paying the mountains and black So go with a medium to light toe on that same road No, I'm switching toe ivory Black on time painting the mountains on black Give the mountains of very nice outline Andan Philip remaining in black has become down People switch to born Sampur We won't be painting the entire thing in black Now I'm switching to bond number. If you don't have born temper, you can mix a little off Payne's gray or black into bonds. Say not to get a doctor turned off brown. I'll just do the same thing on the right side as well. Then I'll paint remaining and bond number. I'm using burned I'm about to give. The mountains are multi. Look, you can also paint the entire thing in black and just add some white highlights. I'm adding boned number onto the left side. I'll take it a little more down. Once they reach the bottom, I'll switch to black again. I'm doing the same thing on the right side. Adding born number, I added Born number on either side. Now, as I come down, I'm switching to black remaining. I will be painting in black on either side. - Now I'm going with the final details. First, I'm adding some highlights onto these mountains to give it a realistic look. Um, adding some white strokes just on the top and blending that into the background, saying goes to these mountains. Add white highlights either on left or right side. Big consistence. If you're going with the right side on one mountain, continue that for all the other mountains. Once you have added in the lying, blend that into the background on give it a smoother look. You can see now the mountains are looking very nice. Earlier, it didn't have that life. Once we added in the highlights, it has that realistic look and they're done with the mountains. The last task is to add the lane marking on the road. I'm switching to a detail ing brush so that I can get thin lines. The society's number two. You can also do the same thing with BYD Children. If that is easier for you, I'm adding a continuous lying on either side first. Then we will add a daughter line at the center, take your line and the same co asked the road Now our doctor lines at the center, following the cool on . Finally, we're done with our painting. Let me quickly peel off the masking tape. I'm really happy with this one. The sky is a lot more explosive than what I imagined and also the rule and those mountains and really allowing it on. I hope you are allowed. The task will give it a try, either in the same color combination or a different one. 8. Painting 4: So we finished three galaxy paintings. Now we are onto the foot one on this painting. We're trying the watercolor pouring technique, which is a very interesting technique. I have my clean jar water here on this, A size number 12 round brush. For this one, you will need a board, are a magazine or anything that you can fix your paper on. Two. Andi, I'm going to fix my paper onto this board. In this technique, we will have to move the paper around. We might need to tell Tan tone around the board to get the court yourself. So make sure you fix your paper on toe a base, but you can move. Don't fix it on your table because moving the paper around this board gives the best result in this technique. Andi, I have nicely fixed the paper onto the base. No, it's time to prepare the paint. I'm going with four shades crushing blue, ultra marine blue who cause green on lemony alone. You can use any green that you have got to double it in green or sap green or any green. It doesn't matter. I'm adding a few drops of water into these pains and creating all liquid bush in off the paint. I'm doing that for all the colors now switching to green on bond, making a liquid bush in off the green, now switching to ultra marine blue on Prussian blue. So before we start painting, you need to have the liquid bush in the colors that you have to say. I will keep this brush aside and I will use it while we start painting as there's a lot of water on it on, I'm switching to my wash fresh on, I'm going to apply and even called the water onto the paper. The trick is very simple. Take your board and start adding the paint onto the back to back ground and keep tilting and moving your paper around to create beautiful blend. I'm starting with Prussian blue. There's no order. It depends on the colors that you're using. I'm adding, pushing blue on the top, you could see the painters blending into the wet background, creating a nice bleed. Now I'm switching to ultra marine blue, adding that closer to Prussian blue. I'm not really painting. I'm just adding the paint onto the wet background. Now, switching to who goes green, adding that closer toe ultra marine blue. You can see how the paint is floating down. Keep adding really good paint into the BET, background and and child the process on towards the bottom. I am using lemon yellow, and I'm turning the board around and adding the you know from the other side so that the yellow will float into the green and create a nice neon cream. At that marching point, you're only to follow the same way I have applied the pain. If you want to add some blue or green at the bottom, you could do that because none of these clasp introduce Mahdi mix. So it was absolutely fine to go and with any order you follow. The green and the blue has nicely mixed into each other. Well done with a lot more green and added to over here. So go with the intrusion. There is no rule. Keep adding the paint onto the bet background and till the paper to create a nice blend. Keep building toe all the sights so that the Carlos a well mixed. If you're trying a different color company should make sure the colors doesn't create Ahmadi competition. So always try Ah, blending technique on a sample piece of paper first before you go in with the final piece. No, I'm adding a little of Dhaka blue at the top. I want to see their to be a bit more attacker. I'm building the people down and trying to make start with the background, turning the paper around, tilting on, trying to mix that well. So this technique is quite nice to paint, not own lights and vibrant nights. Guys, the brush strokes won't be visible. You get a clean blend off the colors. You can experiment with any clothes. Very well. You want to. You can apply the color. I feel like there is a lot of you know at the bottom. So I'm just making the CDR a little greener. Keep shaking your board on. Tilt it towards all the direction the colors will float and create a nice planned. I guarantee a great result. The skin. I will go wrong, but you have to use the right colors. Go with the colors which creates a vibrant competition. You can always try Blue, purple, Andi crimson are carmine. That gives a great result I went in with these colors because we tried a pink sky in the previous painting. So I thought, I'll go with a green and yellow one, and I'm quite happy with the way the sky turned out. I got a nice blend of green, yellow and blue. You will need to wait for quite a longer time for this to dry on. The sky has beautifully dried. The colors look so vibrant you could see the colors and nicely blended into each other. There is no brushstrokes are likely patches, and I'm blowing this area where the yellow and the green has planted very well on. Now it's time to splatter all the stars. Maybe I'll show you a closer look of the sky. Here you go. You could see the nice blended colors. Ah, just looking library Jaspal. All right, let's go in with the stars. I'm switching to my other pilot where I have white wash mint. It's cuisine a little off green, adding few metres of water on getting the right consistency, removing the excess paint of there's any on time already, this plateau tap tap stuff, agreed, asked many styles. Okay, if you don't want stars, you could leave the sky. Lassiter's I never Get Tongue with the stars. I lied some more. Now I'm adding those because towers and now I'm adding a shooting stars. Maybe I'll add Do off them one there and one at the top. And there we have our sky full of stars. Now I'm gonna add a tiny house here. You can just follow my pencil sketch all you can go with any subject off your choice. I thought I'll go with house because we painted enough off mountains and pine trees and it's high time we should try a different subject. You can always look for Google pictures like really Life Nights guy. For the graph on, there are so many subjects that you can paint. I added three windows on the left side and the door on the right side. We will be leaving them. Acid is we won't be adding any paint onto that. I will be using ivory, black and boned number to paint the house. I'm gonna add ivory plaque onto the left side on as I progress towards the right side, I will go with born number. Same goes to the other piece if you want to switch to her detailing brush. You can go with that because the house is very tiny on Differ. Not able to paint it with a medium sized purse with door detailing brush. Just like how I'm leaving those windows. Libya windows. Asper Don't paint on it. We have one of the window here. Now I'm gonna paint the other side and black just 1/2 off it. On the rest. We will be painting in bond. Camper. I'm switching to born temper and painting the remaining inborn number for the roof. Aspell I will be using born temper. Don't forget to leave that door now. Similarly, I'm gonna paint in left side. I fall critically. The window I kept saying, and I'm the one who made the blunder. But be careful. Leave your windows and doors. Lassiter's that will give a beautiful look to your house. I'm switching to black and I'm painting the ground in black e have been to the entire ground and black. Now I'm gonna create little ups and downs throughout the top line off this ground. This is too great. That grassy look to the ground You can do the same thing on the other side asked for now, going back to the house, we have the roof left. I'm adding that Germany on the top and then I'm gonna fill up the entire roof and bond to add in the final touches, I'm switching to white Onda matting few lines using whitewash, pained just to give it the complete look. You can also use the wind chill pin. Finally, I'm switching to black and adding some tiny boards on we had done with our food painting. I'm really, really happy with this one. The skies looking really great. I'm quite worried about peeling off the masking tape because we used quite a lot of water and paint. I don't know if I have got a clean border. Anyway, let's give it a goal on there. We have our final painting. Luckily, psychotically involvement All four sides. I'm really dancing here. Give it a try with the same color combination or a different color competition. I'm very sure you're going to love it. 9. Painting 5: way finished full paintings and we are on to the fifth on the final one on this one. I'm gonna try a wet on dry technique on all the four other paintings we went in with a bet on. But so I have nicely fixed my paper onto a base on I'm going with a round brush. Sykes number 12 for the sky. I'm using four colors from the brand white nights. So let's begin. As I mentioned, I'm going with the veteran dry skies. So I'm not gonna apply a red coat of water onto the paper. I'm going with Prussian blue for the top area. I will be applying the pain directly onto the dry paper. I'm going with a very bright oh, off brushing blue as this is my top area and I need this area to be much darker. You can keep relating the 21 off the color at some media, you could go with a darko tune and at some area, you can makes another water on to bring it down to a lighter tool. We wonder more expressive and dramatic sky, So don't go with the same tune everywhere. Um adding more water on bringing the tune toe a lighter value. You could see I went in with the doctor Doom first. Then I added water on Brought down the tone toe a lighter one. I'm going to switch to the second shade on in a similar way I'm gonna apply my quinacrine on Why let I'm loading my brush foot quinacrine on Why let on? I'm gonna apply that closer to the blue on blending them together It's a very nice violet Go with a similar way How we apply the Prussian blue play with different tones off While a task for you don't need to worry a lot about the blending if there is some wide caps or partisan between, that is absolutely fine. In fact, those patches will are a lot of beauty to you hoping to. So don't be scared. Go in a very free and casual way on. Apply your pain wherever you want. Toe. You could see I went in with a very brighter tone off blue and violet and in between I added water on some media's. You could see a lighter violet on the lighter blue. Now I'm switching to panic alone. Rose in a similar way. I'm gonna apply this color as well, applying the rules closer to Violet on blending them together. The best part about doing of a don't dry skies that you get a beautiful and bright sky in the first wash itself. I have seen people doing multiple layers on top off the base layer to get a brighter looking sky. The only thing is that you need to be a little quick when you apply your paint onto your paper as they're applying the paint on a dry sofas, you don't have a lot of time and planting. But on why? Don't bet. Technique. You have the flexibility toe. Relax A but and between you apply your paint, but on why don't dry as you don't have that flexible time, you have to be quick. Now I'm switching to yellow. The rest of the area I will be painting in yellow. First, I need to apply yellow and blend that with the Kanak around Cruz. There you will get a nice or in shed and the remaining I will paint em yellow, blend the yellow and rose very well so that you get a nice orange at that junction. think I'll go with a little more red toe that I have some more orange in between. How got enough orange there. Now I'm gonna fill up the remaining in yellow, so we applied paint onto the entire sky. If you want to blend any colors or if you want to apply a taco tuned, this is the time because the background is still wet. You have a little more time toe. Apply your taco tombs. I'm making this a little more oranges as I have enough off yellow at the border on blending that into the rate on, then into the low, as I said earlier, don't worry, if you don't have a plea and smooth planet, that is absolutely OK. And now I'm gonna make the violet and the blue but more docker as I want this guy to be a lot more explosive when I splatter the stars. So, the top area I wanted to be a little more Tucker. I'm going in with Violet now on. After this, I've allowed a dark abortion of pressure blew over the top. If you're happy with the colors that you have card on your people, you don't need to make them more intense. You can leave it there now. I will add the Prussian blue and finish it off quickly. I just did my brushing water and I'm blending the violet on depression blue together Looks like other sky is done before the sky Drugs we need to add Oh, shining stars So I'm switching to a smaller brush Onda musing Why? Toward the color Now I'm gonna create those little faded circles on the sky which will eventually tone and two shining stars We already tried this technique so I will show few off them in real time and the rest of the marble toe in time lapse because I'll be adding quite a lot of them on You might get bored, so I have added 34 off them there. No, I'm adding more. You cannot ask money as you want. Make sure you're adding them at random areas not too close to each other. Just recuperation a circular movement and create those tiny white circles. Wait for your background to dry on after that. With this plateau some stars skies kind of dried. I'm going ahead with splattering Dr. Tap on greed yours stars. So now you know how to create those Chinese stars. If there's excess off paint on your brush, you stab it on a people travel on, then splatter. That way you will get these kind of tiny stars. That's a move on. And then I will. Are those pickles jars? Now? Add those bigger stars at random areas and also on top of the white patches, we added. You can see the Chinese charters are starting to come up. Pick those white patches on add adult at the center. On there you have your shiny stars and there we have over sky. Now I'm gonna add some pine trees on either side, just like how we did on our second painting. I'm going. But similar ones, which is not so detailed, add pine trees on either side, which is off different heights. I'm going with a tall one first. As you could see, he does not so detailed. That's a very rough she feel free to go with any other subject off your choice. I have added one tree. Now I'm going with the 2nd 1 As I said earlier, go with different heights. Don't paint them in the same height. I'm not drawing the entire tree. All just add half off it and the remaining I'll just fill up the black. I'm adding another tree here. You could say I'm not putting a lot of effort. I'm just scribbling the shape off a pine tree. You could also do the same way. Are. If you're a perfectionist, you can go in with a much more detailed one. These are very tiny, and it won't be backed with the boot. That's why I'm going with a very rough shape. Same way I'm gonna add some trees on the left side. As for and now I'm adding little ups and downs to give it a grassy look. The world this lying just like how we have the solitary on the right side. I'm adding one on the left side. Asphalt on with that. We're done with our painting. If you want to add more interns pine trees and make it look like a forest, you could do that. I'm just riding for you at the bottom. Now I'm gonna peel off the masking deep and I hope I have got a clean border because this is the last painting for the other four I got clean borders and they are ready to go as postcards on this is the only one left so far. It looks good. We have two more sides to go. Andi, That won us looking okay to on the last one. Great. All of those four sites are looking perfect on Dhere. A summer final painting. And I hope you all enjoyed all the five paintings. 10. Thank you for watching: way made it to the end. Thank you so much for watching. I'm really grateful to each off. You always find the time to watch my classes. We tried five different nights. Guys on all of these are going to my friends as holiday cards. If you like these paintings to give to try this a very easy Andi, I'm quite sure you all will get a beautiful result. And if you're trying to spendings pleased, upload them to the project. Calorie! I was allowed to see them. If you like my class, please leave a feedback for me. It will help my class reach more students. Thanks again for watching and happy painting.