Watercolor Fundamentals: Water Control and Shape

Keren Duchan, Doodler, Teacher

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11 Videos (1h 8m)
    • Intro

    • Supplies

    • Adding and Removing Water

    • How Much Water is in Your Brush?

    • Wetness Scale

    • Brush Size and Shape Size

    • Edges and Corners

    • Imagine the Outline

    • Precision

    • Practice

    • Conclusion

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About This Class


This class will teach you two key fundamental watercolor painting skills: Water Control and Shape.

With regards to Water Control, you'll learn:

  1. How to add water and remove water from your paper
  2. How to control how much water you’re putting down in the first place
  3. How to make a "wetness scale" and what it's good for
  4. How brush size is related to the size of the shape you’re painting

With regards to Shape, you'll learn:

  1. How to paint shapes with smooth edges, straight edges, and sharp corners
  2. Why sometimes you might not want to outline your shape and then fill it in, but rather paint the shape in segments.
  3. How to practice precision - painting your shapes exactly where you want them to be, even very close together without them touching.

I’ll walk you through some fun exercises that you can do whenever you have time to dedicate to practicing these fundamental watercolor skills. You get to control how hard or how easy these exercises are. So whether you’re an absolute beginner or have been painting for a while, I think you’ll find this class and these exercises useful.

These water control skills and shape skills might seem deceptively simple but they are key to painting with watercolor. So let's do this!

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Lots of detail that I sped through about wetness levels but the big payoff is the Practice lesson. The practices are terrific. And the wetness level info is good to know.
Awesome lessons, really took me to a new level of practicing watercolor.
Fernando D'Agosto Toledo

The beauty and elegance of simplicity

Great class!, I would specially recommend it to those who: are just starting, want to have a solid foundation (instead of jumping straight away to creating finished pieces) and those familiar with watercolors who want to improve their water control and overall precision in their projects.
Alicia M.

I love Books, Handicrafts and Nature





Keren Duchan

Doodler, Teacher

Hi! I'm Keren. I work mostly with traditional media - pen, ink, and watercolor - processing my work at times using Photoshop. My work is mostly experimental, whimsical, colorful, detailed, abstract, and translates easily to a surface pattern.

I'm here to encourage you to follow your creative path, grow your skills and confidence, and have fun with it!

You can also find me on Instagram and on YouTube. Drop me a message - I'm always happy to hear from students and fellow c...

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