Watercolor Fun : How to Compose a Beautiful Floral Bouquet | Bley Hack | Skillshare

Watercolor Fun : How to Compose a Beautiful Floral Bouquet

Bley Hack, Watercolor artist and surface designer

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9 Videos (21m)
    • Introduction and Welcome

    • Class Project

    • Materials You Will Need

    • Where to find Inspiration

    • Painting Blooms : 5 Ways

    • Painting Buds and Leaves

    • Vase and Bouquet

    • Finishing Touches

    • Ideas and Thank You


About This Class

Have you always wanted to create vibrant, giftable art, but aren't sure where to start?  Perhaps you love watercolor florals, but consider yourself a beginner.  Please join me, Bley Hack, a professional watercolor artist, to learn how to compose a beautiful bouquet, using painted and cut paper.  This is the perfect class for a beginner!

You will learn:

  • How to paint a variety of botanical blooms, buds, and leaves; the essential ingredients for interesting florals.
  • Ideas for using your skills to create projects that you can gift.

Get started right away creating beautiful paintings, even with a small amount of watercolor knowledge or experience.





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Bley Hack

Watercolor artist and surface designer

Hello, I'm Bley, an artist living in the glorious Midwest. My vibrant and whimsical artwork is done in watercolor, and I am inspired by the fresh florals and vintage charm I spy in my everyday life on a farm. I do freelance work for companies for products ranging from greeting cards, to coffee mugs, to books.

My first watercolor how-to book, Colorways: Watercolor Flowers, will be published December 4, 2018, by QuartoKnows.

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