Watercolor Fox - Adding the Element of Texture to your Watercolor Paintings | Louise De Masi | Skillshare

Watercolor Fox - Adding the Element of Texture to your Watercolor Paintings

Louise De Masi, Artist - capturing beauty with watercolour

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10 Videos (49m)
    • 1. Trailer

    • 2. Supplies

    • 3. Fox Body

    • 4. Fox head

    • 5. Fox Eyes

    • 6. Finishing Fox Head

    • 7. Fox Tail

    • 8. Fox Legs

    • 9. Finishing details

    • 10. Thank you & Class Project

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About This Class

Paint a beautiful watercolor fox with professional watercolor artist and teacher Louise De Masi in this 49 minute class.


Louise will guide you through two specific techniques that add the element of texture to simple watercolor washes. She will demonstrate how to paint fur with watercolor, simply and expressively using salt and deliberate 'blooms.'

Discover how Louise:

  • Blends colours on the paper
  • Works wet on wet
  • Applies salt washes 
  • Creates deliberate 'blooms' or 'back runs'
  • Adds detail
  • Simplifies a reference photo

When you enroll in this class you will have access to a line drawing of the fox that you can download so you can paint along with Louise. You will also be able to download 2 progress photos and the final photo of Louise's painting. 

This class is suitable for intermediate painters but beginners will also find it useful.

So grab your brushes and start painting!





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Louise De Masi

Artist - capturing beauty with watercolour


Louise De Masi is a professional watercolour artist and a qualified school teacher from Australia. 

Louise has a Bachelor of Education degree and has worked as a school teacher within Australia. She is co-author of a watercolor painting instruction book by Walter Foster- titled 'The Art of Painting Sea Life in Watercolor'. Her work has been featured in Australian Artist's Palette Magazine, Australian Country Craft Magazine and The Sydney Morning Herald.&...

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