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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

10 Lessons (1h 42m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Materials Required

    • 3. Values of Color

    • 4. Techniques

    • 5. Painting a Lily Part 1

    • 6. Painting a Lily Part 2

    • 7. Painting an Anemone Part 1

    • 8. Painting an Anemone Part 2

    • 9. Painting an Anemone Part 3

    • 10. Conclusion

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About This Class


Flowers are one of the most beautiful creation of nature that we can see around us and what can be better if you can paint with a free flowing medium like watercolors. There are various methods which will be elaborated through each of the projects which is demonstrated in detail like wet on wet, wet on dry, background washes and more. We will start by discussing the materials, understanding the values of colors, techniques and painting two final projects.


  • Background washes - wet on wet using variegated wash method
  • Painting petals - using controlled humidity method to paint each of the petal area.

Materials required:

  • Arches 300 GSM A4 Size Paper (highly recommended)
  • Any brand of watercolor available with you
  • Silver Black Velvet Brush (Size 4 & size 6)
  • Mop Brush¬†(Size 2)
  • Watercolor Palette
  • Masking tape (1 inch)

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Dhritikana Nath

Watercolor Artist and Instructor


Hello Peeps, I am Dhritikana Nath an artist instructor, teacher, content creator from Delhi (India) and from the time I have started painting landscape was the subject that I did fall in love with. Among landscape painting lights with vibrant colors is my favorite. Overtime I am smitten by the beauty of water, clouds, sea, animals, flowers and everything that is there in Nature. I keep exploring all these subjects with different mediums like watercolor, gouache, markers, soft pastels and more.

I am a strong believer of the idea that anyone can paint if you put an honest effort and for excelling in painting there are only 2 rules practice and frequency of painting. I did start my journey in 2018 and I would say it’s been calming, meditative and even helped me a lot to improv... See full profile

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1. Introduction: flowers are the most beautiful creation off nature. The love, warmth, beauty and energy which can spread makes them unique. Hey, guys, I am through the corner an artist instructor and sketch 82 from Delhi, India. Many off you might already know me onto the people who are joining me for the first time. I go by the name what color dot illustration dot letter on instagram, and you can find most off my works displayed over there. Welcome to my watercolor florals. Plus, I know most of us love to paint florals. I have Bean also doing it for a few years now, though, this loss is suitable for intermediate to an advanced level artist, but it has to go busters toe. Take care off on the requirements that is needed to create toe beautiful finding paintings we've ago step twice by knowing although materials required understanding the techniques like the background push, then moving on to using control humanity method to paint each of the petals finally, to finally paintings, painting only unpatriotic and animal. Each of the painting is unique in nature. While we think Lily, we will understand how to do variegated background washes on their old heavy washes, then moving on to the full round on the background petals, along with final textures. Under the second painting is all about animal, where we will be going to buy Pretty. Each patty will be being individually and then adding the final layer onto it with some more details. Both the photos are taken from a copyright fever upside. Call us on, Splash on through this whole class, I will be teaching you how to convert or really photo into a painting. As always, there is no need to take the class together. You can always break the class and take it as and when you have time, you can go project by project. Each of the project is unique and not related to each other. Watercolors are my favorite medium toe paint the florals and hope you find the same amount of joy and love which I do enjoy every time I pick up my paints and brushes. So come on, join me and let's discover the unique creation off nature commonly known as flowers 2. Materials Required: So let's discuss what all we need for our painting today. First is the paper I'm taking arches. 100% Corton 300 GSM 1 40 l B As a three people, it's an a four size paper, and you can see the texture of the people. Recognize me over here. That's that's from the people point of view. You could be any ballot off. Your choice, like this is the artful is off the ballot. It has caught a lot of bells, so this can be one off for good options that you can take orders. You can even go for ceramic ballots. Reebok lost a bottle is really important for this painting because I live in the northern side of India on its summer month because off which my people get stride very easily. So this spray bottle comes as a rescue colors. I will go with our Truman in deep, bright violet bright Opara when Dikky Cream, submarine, pollution, blue, red, violet and indigo primarily for completing all my paintings. I'm taking original mission gold colors, but you can go with any color status available with you for bright Oprah. You can also change it with Grimsson Yeah, I know that there will be some change in terms off the color, but that's the closest option that I can Such a shoe for bright. For the brushes. Yes. We do not need all these precious. I would be going ahead with only few of them. Forced is the Devon see gas Ineos size to brush. The next is escorted us ice expression toe. This is six. But I have a very nice step on the top off the brush. And that's one of the reason I love this brush while I paint. If you do not have this kind of brush, you do not need to worry. Go ahead and use immunity. Taylor Brush, then his simple black well, my brush size hate civil black mulberry bush size four Answer. Black velvet brush size six. So this is all I would be using in terms off brushes for my painting today doesn't syriza which I need. This is a need, a bullet razor. You can go ahead with Kenny razor off your choice Pencil. Yes. We need a pencil to draw. And as always, have a keep two jars of water not to jostle water. I always say is very important. One would be for the fresh supply off water, and another would be for washing all the brushes. Therefore, keep two jars, always by our side for your painting. Lastly, I will have all masking forward that I would need for my first painting. If you are not in a very hot climate and you do not have summers, this might not be even required, so you can also take off the step rather than having a mosque included by your side. And then is my tape. This is a mosque in Cape off one inch. I use an absolutely carpenter tape for my masking tape, so it isn't nothing fancy. It'll also go ahead on and use masking tape of financial whatever's available it can be to which it can happen in whatever is available. You can use 3. Values of Color: What is the color value? It ISS mutually the rightness off the darkness off. Thank you for the sex size. We will go head and experiment with two colors. Once Opara and next is our family. There will be a gradual change in the intensity off the colors while you go from the left towards the right. These values are important in separating objects like individual petals in the anemone painting. In order to achieve contrast, it's important to the site on the color proportions. I will stop with saturated version off Opara, then further diluted as I keep painting the square boxes. Though this might not come across really interesting part. But believe me, it did help me a lot during my initial days when I was starting my watercolor journey as you move to the second box had a little more water and value Tokelo, which was all details and then painted completely further. Do the same move. You move across on make the Opara almost transparent in the last box. No touching a bit about what a color has the name always suggest it has something to do with water. This is another law which you can't ignore, create a witness will flow into less a witness, huh? The wetness can be either in the form of water hopping when we touched her brush, which is loaded with pains on a wet surface in gospel. But if you just pick a beautiful color on a dry brush and apply it on a wet people, very little is going to happen. Don't Values is always being a very important part for an artist? Intria. When you see or photo, look for places where there is dark and where there is light. Look for ships that can differentiate them hospital as the places where they can be joined . It's always bean how I do my watercolor paintings if you just put in outline around. But viewership? Suppose a flower that is not the best way to show your florals. The shape of the flower need to be either dark or light. To distinguish itself from the background on, you will own the same. In the first project, which is painting a lily, I repeat the same excise with partner Marion Blue hand you can off. So how I keep hating each of these boxes and make it so the lightest value as I reach the last box. No, no values of always being a very important part for an artist in Rio. When you see your photo, look for places where there is stark and where there is, like look for shapes that can differentiate them as well ass the places where they can be joined. It's always mean how I do my watercolor paintings. If you just put an outline around the particular shape, suppose a flower will never be the best way to show your floors. The shape of the flower needs to be either dark or light to distinguish itself from the background, and you will learn the same in the first project with all what we have discussed. Still, now you need to be careful that every painting or every photo or everything will not have extreme tonal values. So when a photo is taken on a bright, sunny day, there might be a lot off light due to which you will use the white area off the watercolor people with talk values in the shadow areas. In case you attempt any misty seen, it will also have a range of tonal values, but they would be a lot more narrower or lesser compared toa the one we might have won a bright sanity. The finally off the sex size is to help you differentiate the tonal values light, medium and dark. It is very important for an artist. Even if you use a single color can't applied in just one tone, it would look flak so varied the taunts as the way off light hits an object is important aspect to understand in a watercolor painting. This exercise will help you understand how to colors when mixed in 50 50 Proportion creates many other makes us like in this one Opara and our trauma Aryan creates great violet on bright pilot in the middle of the swatch, which is usually not seeing so by varying the proportion off the colors part of pigments, you can go for a variety off mixes. You can try the same thing with many other colors off your choice to see all the ride mixes you can get with each one off them. 4. Techniques: I would be employing the variegated wash mattered where we will use more than one single color toe. Get a seamless land but on awaits office. This can be done either on a wet ordered rice office. But for our painting, we will use wet on wet metal for the background wash. This method is great for the sky has speeded in our watercolor what escaped loss or even as a background wash for your landscape. I used to colors Popara and ultra marine toe paint the bankrupt We will start by applying an even coat off. Wash around the petal. I just draw a rough outline off any metal for a flower with my pencil I will start with Opara Then we want oh ultra Marine on even show you how I create the Hughes off Violet Start from the top left corner Load your brush with some Bopara and tell your board orbit You can even keep a masking tape under your boat But as I wanted to show you how my color flows on the humanity off the paper I will be killed in the board as and when necessary You will not solve how beautifully the color runs on the paper, start adding, some are true marine and mix it with Opara, which is all be there on the paper. Get Ah, Hugh off Violet. I will add a bit more Opara in the mix while you go towards the bottom of the painting, I'm more on two million. Since there is some Opara already on the paper, it might give a mix up our remaining on while it. Once it is done, let's move to the top part off the petal area, where I will add some Opara in light of values, you will see that the water is running on the paper. This is good for background washes, whereas if you go for painting individual petals, your humanity on the paper needs to be way more controlled. - Clean the bottom area with the help of a tissue so that the water doesn't run back on the people while drawing and give a cauliflower effect. This is a good trick for any painting where there are heavy washes and warned. Check how beautifully both the colors blend with each other, creating a seamless beauty, and you will be doing this in the first painting where we will do variegated wash, but with more than four colors in total. Do not worry. I will guide you through the entire process off painting the background for the lily. Go ahead and apply an even coat off wash on the patio area. I will show you how much you meriting ISS required for this battle. We do not need a lot off water. Only a light sheen should be seen on the people. You will see that a slowly cover the whole off the petrol ate here with water. When you see this area off the battle in the light, you will see the whole off the battle area shining just a way it is now he will see. A small party is appearing on the top off. Typically on That's where you need to remove the problem. Harrington, spread it evenly over the I will be using only two colors that iss my Opara and her draw Marine to paint the whole off the battle on I will create more than to use which you right ? No See, on my palette I start by applying the Opara from the bottom off toe battle area in case it is going outside. Just go ahead, use your tissue and take off the ex dropping. So what's the top? Apply the ultra Marie on slowly taken towards the bottom on the middle area off the painting. Now it's time to slowly apply some art. Romanian at the bottom, off the battle. Hate him, you will say. Since we have some Popara already appearing over there, there will be some amount off while it color. Apply some more Opara towards the top off the battle area and you will see that a slowly start more Shing or planning my colors. There are places which I will keep empty on. These are white spaces. Why you keep adding more colors to your petals. I have a few recommendations. Watch this last on a bigger screen toe. Understand the subject petal like a laptop. Orinda, stop Use any kind of what color people available with you people, which should be acid free Minimum 300 gs in 1 40 LP 100% Corton for better has holes. You can also go for more than 300 years. Some people like 4 40 or 600 watching the lessons force at any speed you feel comfortable, then come back and attempt a painting at first. Well, it's good to have an overview on the second goal. It helps to paint better both the projects that applauded as an image in the resource section Go ahead and downloaded. For your reference, you will even get the reference image, which I have used for doing these final paintings in the resource section itself. Please download the same. You do not need to take the class together. You can break it into three parts techniques. Painting early on painting animal. This way you do not need to rush and still be able to understand the plus at your speed. Hope you have already painted the pattern. Now hand, you can have a look how beautifully it has all the colors appearing on top off the people. 5. Painting a Lily Part 1: each and every flowers unique and can be painted in many different ways with help off different mediums. But especially, I love the flow off water colors, the colors and the pain movements on the people, mostly using the weight on work. So each off the flowers have been painted using different techniques, which what any do you to use the learnings? Pop this on future lessons in any off your future projects. So let's start with a single. Really, This is not a very difficult drawing. There are two ways of doing it. Either you can trace it on a people from the photo in the resources section, or else you can go ahead with a free hand growing the way I am doing now. There is no single best way to do. Whatever works for you is good to go. I have seen many artists using a light box to trace the photo orders. I have a simple manhood. Take a print off a four size people off the painting that is uploaded on the resource section, or ALS. You can even take the photo print. Just add the graphite on the backside off the a four size sprint with help off the pencil and place it on the watercolor people. Your watercolor people should also be off a four size, then go around the outline of the flower and coddle. You are done just deep in the outline of the flower on the watercolor people. If it's very like in value, - I will adjust the shape and size is off the petals as part of Fordo reference and go with the light graphite months in case it appears dark. Go with the need abilities or to take off the extra graphite months and once done will use are masking fluid toe mass, the borders of the flowers as we opened a background which looks appealing yet it's simple enough so that my lily starts out. I usually apply a bit off watercolor in my mosque include mix so that it is easier for you to have a look. Whenever I am applying. I have added a bit of violet color in my sin alia Masking fluid. You do not need to want any colors, as this technique is just to make it easier for you all to see the masking fluid as the masking fluids are usually transparent in nature. Why is the step important? That is, why are we applying the masking fluid without the mosque? Include? If you were staying in the region, which has a lot of humidity, you can go ahead and paint this, but in my country, that is northern side off India. Right now it is around 40 degrees. Searches on my people drives off very fast. Do you do which I have to keep us pretty bottle by my side. When I don't spray, I might see the colors moving more rapidly, which might end up getting into the flower as we do. Want to preserve the eight years off the flower, use a more brush or plant brush toe, applying even coat off. Wash on the people for the background wash. Now an important aspect is to decide what are the colors that I should use for my background washes. My simple rule is to use the same colors which you are using for your painting. I will go ahead with Opara, bright violet blue suckering, and when I get green, use a masking tape below your boat so that the gravity can do its work campaigns. Flu randomly towards the bottom off the paper. Lord, you more brush with some opera and drop it on the people the way I am doing and do not worry again. There are new rules for painting the background. I usually imagine the colors and want to apply on Drop it randomly on the people on the bright violet sap green and went Eichengreen. Since we have already started the paper, there would be off remix off colors which looks very organic. Toe the eyes off The spectator in case you're people is trying, uses pre bottle do spree in few off the areas. It would help the colors to move automatically While I go towards the bottom of the painting. I would like my doctor values like blue or Van Dyke A green. Another ordinated is hooker stream. If you don't know what happened, I get green. In case you do not have any off the screen, you do not need to worry. Go ahead and use the doctors for you Oughta green. That is a real book with you the top off the people. I would like to keep it more white as I feel it would help the lily to stay in focus. - There are some areas on the top wherever go ahead and add more off Opara and suckering. The colors might differ a bit across France, but usually they are pretty much similar in nature that this properties pigmentation, etcetera, in case you are using artist great pains. - Once you are done, use your tissue to clean off the extra pains that drips at the bottom of the painting. If we do not keep on training these extra pains, it might come back on the painting and give a cauliflower effect, which we want to completely avoid. This is one of the important tips, which I have learned over years off painting on. It just helps you to avoid the mistake or going over the background again and repeating the process. Secondly, Always remember the colors that you see on the people will become one shade lighter as it dries off 6. Painting a Lily Part 2: Once your people has dried completely hand, it's timeto paint the petals of the flowers removed the masking fluid, which we did apply on the borders. This is the safest method for any pig, nor or even intermediate level artists. Do not mess up any flower on the borders. Let's start by applying an even coat off. Wash on one off the petals. The trickier is to not have so much off water that my paints move in all directions, and I hardly have any control, whereas I should have the optimum amount of water, which would help me to apply the pains as well as leave somebody spaces. Always remember the paints should not become blue. Move your brush from bottom to the top on from the top towards the bottom. I will use my Opara and a bit off bright wild. Just use about 5% off pride valid while you apply the force there off pains. Once done, just go ahead with some right ballot and apply a small patch. Has I did right now hand you can see and offs off the sea on the photo that is displayed use some Blue had had a bit off blue. I don't the bright followed that we did apply polio. Mine's got a brush has a nice step on the top, which helps me toe have better control compared to any other brushes. But then it's not necessary to own this one. You can go ahead with any brush size off four or six. Let your petal dry completely. This is very necessary step because we don't want our paints to move from one petal toe the next applying and even goto wash can hand open. Once done, just go ahead with a bit of submarine at the bottom, media off the petal while you keep painting the individual petals. I would like to discuss a bit about composition. I could have even selected any other floor, but I did, preferably because this is one off my favorite flowers. So I would ask you to even use the flowers you love. The most has most of the techniques, which we learn here I'm in. The next painting can be applied toe any off the subjects off your choice. Once you are done with the lessons and the class, you can choose your own photo or flower off your choice because that is the one which inspires you the most. Because if you love your subject, it would be much easier to paint it. Flowers, prayer, joy and beauty Hang the projects are what so focused on the same Load your brush with some pride pilot and start making some 10 10 lines. You have to blend these lines good, clean water. Once you come towards the bottom off the petty, you will off soft that I am using my Scott a brush only to do the stick me. Now. If you do not have this, go ahead and use Katie size zero size one. Brush off. Your choice can paint thes thinner lines to meet the borders off the petals. More prominent, apply some pride. Marlet Friends Your brush. Hampton Blank Spot A with the background by using some clean water. - Moving on dude and expecting I will go ahead and apply the safe dictate. Just make some small, small trend lines hand. Take it towards the bottom off the painting. Now, if you see and off soft, the least they will have to beautiful soft lines in the middle. I will apply some bright. Call it on make thes two beautiful lines on, then try to blend it with help off some playing water. Using my blanket pressure, - we did Dr Major. Tee off the techniques, which we will be using through this painting. But while we keep painting this flowers, there are a few important aspect off what color which I want to discuss. Usually, watercolors can be divided into three basic categories. Transparent, semi transparent and opaque colors. I always love to go for transparent color for my glazing technique, But first, let me tell you what is closing. Leasing is a technique where we go over the first layer and paint using any off the transparent colors to arm more life and texture. Toe the flower, although I would love to only use transparent colors because off the properties that make them unique, the light can pass through our transparent color and pouts park from the white people balloon earlier off the paint's, but by any chance, if you like to use semi transparent or opaque colors, make sure you do it in your initial washes so that there is an opportunity to go over it with the transparent watercolors many off you might be even thinking. Why did I use the colors like Oprah? Imply violet, even in the background, wash usually pink, yellow or anyone color menus during the initial layers gives the painting a lot of vibrancy and flow as well. US. Since it is wet on wet so industrial dry as the same color, it would be one shade lighter. Therefore, I will have more opportunity toe work on it if required later. - We are almost on with the petals in the four crown, which I didn't need as more detailed on. Now, I guess it's time to take a small break as we are done with the hardest section for a floral painting. Bricks are also important so that we're not stuck on Get back with a fresh mind. I will start guiding you again when we were working on the background petals. But for everyone who did make it till here, just be happy and satisfied because flowers can not simple. If you want to make it expressive, I'm needed. You all have done a fantastic job still here. Just enjoy a beverage. Condon Get back. - Last three bargain pedals are left, so let's begin with the right one, you can use another technique for smaller areas like this. Just used to brush is one which has painted it applied on the dry surface and then blended , using something water with the help off the blending brush. Why will people is wit? Go ahead and use some flu on top off the upper. Make it big taco hospitalised. Apply some smaller and Tina Airlines with the brush tip on the Web people itself. It would give a soft look, too, though Specter use the same technique to paint the top area off the right petal. - Painting the stem of the flower is the most exciting part for me because it is usually simple and easy. Start by a blind, some submarine and then make it a bit lighter on the left side of the step. The right side needs to be big talker, compared toe the left side. Now, back to our background. Metals know that we are not going toe detail it a lot like the foreground petals or the petals that are closer to us. We will apply and even got off Washington. Apply the Opara. Once done, I will load my brush with some bright ballot and then added on the bottom off the painting the name of the colors. As I always said, the four across brands, you can just apply a bit of blue with your Opara or pink and get O'Shea closer toe, the one which I'm applying by no means you need toe the same shades or colors, and every time I even apply right valets, it's usually on mix of Oprah and bright ballot. That's how I love to keep the shades in line with each other again. There is no perfect way. I just look at the color harmony and apply it. Go ahead and paint the too small lines for the middle of the lily, and it will be with the darker value. But on weapon toe, give us softer look mark very lightly by our lining. A few areas with the mix of bright ballot and Opara as it is completely white on the top of the painting, - go ahead and draw the last petty on final details. If necessary, we will gently peel off the tape once the paper is completely dry and let's do a quick recap off water. We did loan in our painting till now, 7. Painting an Anemone Part 1: I have taken my a four size paper on did tape it down formally onto a drawing board, then open up the reference image for drawing. You can go ahead and trace it or draw the way I am doing. I will leave it up to you which method you want to follow. Right now, we will draw for select the top medal of the People on Let's draw an oval around it. Start drawing the statements. You might detail it now as I am doing, or else you can go head on, detail the statements later. When we are painting the flowers, there will be two rows of statements while you see from the bottom where us. If you watch from the top, there will be only a few statements on the top. Once done with the statements, let's start drawing the broad flower petals again. You will see that the broader ones appears towards the bottom on just two. A very rough sketch. This can be again adjusted. When we start with a final painting, - there are a few details which needs to be added because sometimes we are left with all few smaller petals around the steams I don't think I have much over here. Toe. Explain only one point. You have a print orphan, a four size paper. You can evenly divide the watercolor paper into grits on, then start drawing. That would be way more easier compared to a few. Take a reference photo and then try to draw it While you draw this. I want to stress a bit about the watercolor people that you are using. Both. The painting we are doing today requires heavy washes, so it means minimum 300 years and 100% Corton Asset. Three more made core press paper. I cannot stress more on the importance of the people because as a big Norby one, don't try and save. If you really want to see if go head, go for cheaper brushes and go for smaller watercolor sets. Orchestrate. But do not try to save one paper because you can never achieve the same effect, which you will see when I will complete this painting with a cheaper paper in your hand. If you are not using, ah, 100% gotten 300 years and as a three people you might end up getting some patches, not an even distribution off colors. A few off the places will drive faster compared to the others under colors might also dry. Giving up a look. These are few after disadvantages which I have faced during my initial yours off painting on I would request you not to see it all on People go for quality people and you will see the magic happening. We are almost are done with the drawing on. I will see you in the next lesson. Very well. Start with the painting the animal. 8. Painting an Anemone Part 2: This is the second part of the painting animal where we will me, the paints and brushes stunts. Everything is wet on wet, and I myself totally enjoyed this process. This Lear is nature, Lee the base on the expression for your final painting. The speed off the video is 1.7 x, and you always have the option to in just the speed from the top right corner. If you are on a mobile app or ALS, if you are on my iPad or the stop just at just the speed from the bottom left corner. The rule for painting any battle he is always keep your reference image handy as it is locked up, and I could not get a print. So I'm using the reference image on my phone where I have saved it using my dove insee gas . A new, more brush size, too. But again, as I said, this is not mandate tree. To use a more brush toe again, apply water. Go with any brush that is available with you. Spread the water evenly so that there are no white spaces, and once done, we were see the color mixing on some magic happening. I will start with my direct ballot and then apply my bright while it with a mix up our trauma any minute. Ultramarine is a warm Kahlo and you will see the beauty. Once you were done with the company painting to leave some white spaces, I will go toe the ordinate between now and let my first battle dry completely. My ordinary battle, which I did choose, is a bit darker. So I will used the red violet at the bottom and then go ahead with the mixture off our Germany bright ballot on towards the bottom. It is more a pollution. The area near the middle of the flower where there are a lot of statements will be darker compared to when I moved towards the outer layer off the petals. The process is not a protective and we will keep painting all the petals in the same manner by just alternating. The colors are a bit aspect of photo. There is hardly any hint off red ballot or in case you do not have followed. You can go for other options like crimson Rose matter. But this collar just gives the flower in other dimension on warmth. Always remember to leave some white spaces because that's the trick, which will make your painting more attractive because the petals just just cento them will be darker and shade on. Hence, the differentiation between the petals will be unique even for my thought. Better, I will go ahead and apply my rate pilot first for the time to make so bright violet on our trauma lee the whole off. These petals are based on wet on wet drama. There are times where I don't go about painting slowly because what colors are kind of a reversible, so it's good to think off. So the photo and then apply the pains. Here comes an interesting part where we will go hand, apply the web pains force directly near the statement, contend with the blending brush, spread it on the entire battle area, since the settlers antill Cento, the one we did paint last as a habit, I believe a white small space so that the colors don't move into each other. Petals on the top off the people have more light falling on it and hence used the lightest rally off Red Violet are remaining hospitalists, right while it toe painted. The colors will be really transparent. Hand lighter in value. When I do, apply them on the petals. Blend all the colors well with help off your Castillo more brush or ALS, the other blending brush that you have kicked by your side. I see that the better, which is just after Santo. My first one, which I did paint, is dry Nall on. Therefore, we will start with the second battle now just under Cento the 1st 1 and applying even coat off wash and then start with the red violet. You can even makes a bit off the rif you want in the red violet for the spectral. But I would prefer that you go ahead and use only the red violet I'm then apply omits off right wallet on ultramarine to paint Neil the steam while I do apply my bride while it makes an ultramarine just around the first battle where there's white spaces which I did leave polio, we will see that the first petal looks more interesting and it would give the expression off leading and wants T speckles. While I did my first sketch, it was completely Geof, and when I start my watercolors. I do like to make it a bit more detail high manning One more line now for the current battle, you might be getting confused between so little petals. Don't worry, just go anywhere you want to. The process of color application remains the scene as all the other petals we will keep alternating between three main colors. Red ballot. Bright pilot on ultramarine. You guys are now capable enough to paint the rest of the petals off, solving the way I'm dropping the colors. I will leave you to observe and follow rather than give any further instructions. But wherever necessary will be back. They don't many areas where I will wash my brush and whatever painters left on the brush. I will art art on the people. You can always do this, or else you can even have a pool off lighter value and then add it on the people. When you see the thought pattern from the left, it doesn't look much layered, so I will go ahead and at some indigo along the edges on photo, blending it with my blending brush or a clean brush to give finished. I need to make my bottom layer off the petal more darker in value. And hence I'm using mostly in the go with our mix off Bright violet and I will add it on a dry people if you have solved and that blended with the clean brush. - OK , guys, now is the time we need to start painting the statements. It is again going to be very interesting because Asper the photo. They are oval in shape and I want to even apply the light effect on it. So go head. Use your size four or 10 brush making over shape on drop a line in between. Before you do that, just make a few statements with flat wash of indigo in a lighter value. There will be at least two rolls off statements, and it's going to be a bit tiring. Process. I will ask you to go about this slowly. The only aspect off painting botanicals is having patients can be steady wherever you think I need a break, do not hesitate and take it as we are painting everything in breaks like individual petals are statements, so no need to do all off it. At one go. I usually complete my own botanical paintings in two days because the first day is all about applying the first wash. On the second day, I had all the details. My never turned back on the second day. I always have a fresh mind, and hence I'm bound toe ad. More value to the painting. - There are a few tips which I want to give to every level off Arturs to love, to pay botanicals. It's from my own experience, son Experimentation. The Fosters Used to Prince It's a very handy process for anyone who is not confident enough to pain. Just take a print off the photo off the floor. You want to paint, scribbled a graphite mark on the back off the photo and then trace it on a what color. People with time once you understand more on proportions creates, try to draw it. Forced because drawing is the foundation off any artist, it helps to understand more on composition. In this class, we're not touching more on composition or how to go about painting a composition, or how many flowers are good for a composition, whether it be a even number of flour or whether it should be on what number of flowers, How we should place it on a great all of that. I would take you through in one of my future classes as a big number. I was always afraid. Toe apply pains to my people. And to be frank, it took me at least tell you to get over it. Do not worry while applying the paints as we are working wet on wet on, the pains are going to drive one shade lighter. The thought aspect. ISS. Keep two jars of water. It would come to your rescue when you need fresh supply of water. The fourth would be once we are more experienced in what colors. It's a common mistake to incorporate too many techniques. One single paint. If you see both the paintings, he really or an animal in the months different approaches. Because in the lily we started with a bang Wrong. Later on painting the flower where us the animal we started with the petals itself. It's kind off. You need to understand what technique works best for the subject or the floor You did choose to big. Lastly, I would ask you do not get guided away by only one type of technique. Either be wet on wet or wait. Don't drive. Both of them are important towards completion off any painting. - When we are towards the top it off the flower, we can see partially the statements appearing and just paint off you often in Dhaka. Color within because on bright violet mix, you can either apply a light wash off, do for the middle of the floor or is complete the whole of the statement area and then do it. I leave it up to you how you want to approach it. - It's time to add a bit off bright pilot on the top eight here just in the middle of the flower and then blended with help off your blending brush orders. You can even clean your brush and then start lending the areas. We are done with the spot off the painting and I go meet you in the next lesson where we will had for the details toe the petals of the flower toe. The statement, as well as to the middle area off the floor 9. Painting an Anemone Part 3: young guy. So we are starting with the final part. I know this might have pain. Really. Landy process for you because we started with the sketch than Lear, one for each of the petals, moving onto statements and then adding some more colors to the middle part of the flower. You want my hunger tired, but this is the last leg, and I can guarantee if you can follow all the steps, the outcome is going to be really beautiful. Let's start by painting some of the ideas, which is left and white for the petals as they are more detail, and we will be covering smaller a year torn by tone. I am using my escort a brush you can use any minute detail. A brush or smaller brush, which can be easily usedto cover these ideas. No need to go for a very fine Deb or ah, specific kind off a brush. Go with whatever you have available in hand. - There are many times when I don't play with my tonal values, and I am a former believable, whichever medium you use. In case you want to create an impact, you need to alter the values like I'm doing now, adding some mix up in the go and bright violet on the wet paper. Go ahead and add shorter, smaller lines just about the statement where you are absolving it from the bottom, making it more tick in a few 80 years and joining them this way again. We are ordering the donor values within the filament off the statement. So the complete filament on the enter is called us. The statement on the floor not going much into the biological terms. Just keep painting it on once you are done, then we will go ahead with our blending brush on blended with the mid lot of flour while you keep painting the flour I want to touch. Opened upon animal. They vary a lot by species and reaching. They derive their words from Greek, which means with flour. They are certain street species, and some hybrid by cultivators to animals are distributed throughout the world. Part occurs commonly in woodland and meadows off, not temperature zone. The usually occur and use, which ranges from valid toe pink, white red on a few more as well as different animals, have different growing requirement. Anyone is a very beautiful flower. And seriously, I could not stop myself from sharing a few facts about this one, adding some lighter tones to a few off the areas which were left and white. Don't make sure while you are the scholar, the artist in eight years, which are in darker value, should be completely try or else the colors will move into each other. Now it's, Ah, the time when people start painting the textures off the flower. This is going to be very interesting, so there will be shorter and smaller lines in the circle. As for us, there will be many parlor rose off the same till we reach the middle again. Do remember we're observing the flower from the bottom, so we will have more rows in the lower half compared to the top half. - Now , I will, such as you take a break because we have been working continuously till now, and I don't want you to feel exhausted, come back with a fresh mind. I did choose a really small battle area on before this one because we do not want to commit any mistakes. So let's go with 3 to 4 lines branching out while you go towards the top radio off the paper. Once done, blend with some clean water, just a big on the top area moving. So the next battle now on the trick remains the same. I have done this technique with a free hand. If you are not very confident, just go ahead and make some like the fight months and paint over it to lock this painting. You have observed that I have kept a tissue under my hand because I did not want to smile any off the ideas. This is a good habit. In case you are drawing florals or any other landscape painting. They work in layers and oneto, a wide marks, off brushes or pains, or anything that could spoil any part off your painting. Now the process is again very repetitive, and people choose into which four petals and keep painting them. I will just allow you don't get soaked in the process and keep understanding how the brush movements as well as the line formation happens. I will pop up variable. I would like to give any further information to them. You can just keep painting when you are choosing a very large battle a video, it might get difficult toe paint. Longer lights draw these lines, you sing up, and so, but they should be really light so that once we apply the pain, so with them it should not be seen. Load your brush with a bright, violated ultra 1,000,000 or abide Valentyn in Deco and 10 paint. Over these unverified months, which you did put many off, you might find branching off picked off on my simple rulers branch. Every line that originates from this statement into two or three for the branches on those for the dungeons should have maximum one or two branches. Now these are basically adding the picture toe your petal. It's not doing anything else. Therefore, while you come towards the end off the better make it a bit lighter compared toa while it originates near the statement. I know and understand completely that this whole painting might have bean a long process for you. But believe me, you will enjoy it if you do not try to paint everything in one go because this lord off working Borden completing each off these projects so take necessary and required pricks. I have Bean emphasizing a lot on the brakes because that really gives you a new and fresh mind toe. Come back to your painting. I'm happy that you all did make up to here on. We will do a quick recap off. What? All we did understand throughout the whole of the animal painting in the three let last lessons. 10. Conclusion: I hope you did enjoy painting along with me. I genuinely tried to break the entire subject into easy, actionable steps, but nonetheless, Watercolor does need a lot of practice. Florals are one off my favorite subjects to paint. And that's one of the reasons I wanted to share all my secrets with you guys. In case you do feel that I have bean off some help to understand or subject like what color florals. I would request you to leave me or feet back. Ask. It is a great source off motivation for any teacher teaching any subject. Lastly, do not forget toe upload the projects in the project gallery. I would love to go through each one off them. And in case you happen to be on social media like Instagram knew, Tommy has watercolor illustration dot leto. I would love to feature you on my stories as well as give my valuable feedback kinds a lot for your time. I'm taking my class, gets bean or pleasure, Stay safe and see you soon, guys