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16 Videos (1h 16m)
    • Trailer

    • Class Project

    • Supplies

    • Blending

    • Shadows and Highlights

    • Dry Brushing

    • Brush Control

    • Subject Matter

    • Sketching and Composition

    • Selecting Colors

    • The Flower - Part 1

    • The Flower - Part 2

    • The Leaves

    • The Vase

    • Painting The Other Two Flowers

    • Backgrounds

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About This Class


I use watercolor florals a lot in my designs, so I created this class to show you how I paint flowers, and specifically, orchids.  Since it´s not scientific botanical illustration where everything has to be exactly the same as in nature, you can have fun with your creations.  Join me while I show you the basics of blending colors, adding shadows and highlights, and I show you how to add texture and how to gain brush control.  I will also share some tips on sketching and composition, selecting colors and creating backgrounds. And the best part, I will walk you through my whole process of painting one of the orchids, the leaves and stem and the root and you can see a time lapse painting of the rest.  So join me and use my tips and techniques to create your own paintings!

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Wonderful class. Very well explained.
very complete instructions! Talks a little fast.
I just watched through all the videos first to see how the artist works and to see clearly what she is teaching and doing. I have yet to set aside the time to do the painting (I intend to paint my own orchids) but I greatly look forward to doing it. The class was well thought out, well explained and broken down into steps that make sense and are very thorough. I now have a better understanding of how to brake down shapes to draw them with more ease as well as how to add very fine detail, how to properly plan the composition of a painting and how to shade the flowers properly which I always find difficult.
Adrienne Brown

Mixed Media Artist/ Felting Goddess





Sandra Bowers

Illustrator+ Surface Pattern Designer

I'm Sandra Bowers, I'm a Freelance Illustrator, Surface Pattern Designer and Character Sculptor based in BC, Canada. I'm originally from the beautiful Medellin, Colombia, where it's springtime all year round!

I have very big eyes and I love animals, specially dogs. Most of my inspiration comes from nature and animals.

I love mixing traditional and digital media to create detailed, stylized, playful illustrations and patterns for fabrics, stationary and home decor. I also create ...

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