Watercolor Effects On Sugar

Tobi Goldspink, Cake Designer and Maker.

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8 Lessons (27m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Tools & Ingredients

    • 3. Preparing Your Canvas

    • 4. Preparing and Testing Colors

    • 5. Techniques: Layering and Blending

    • 6. Planning for Class Project

    • 7. Execution of Class Project

    • 8. Conclusions


Project Description


Class Project: 
The project for this class is to make cake or cupcake toppers using the techniques taught in class.  

Choose the shape(s) of toppers you want to use.  Choose a colour scheme and which techniques you will include from the lesson.   Apply a relevant message to the toppers to fully customize them!

Arrange the toppers on your cake and/or cupcakes and remember to take a photo to upload to the project gallery before you indulge!!!!

Tools and Ingredients.

Fondant and/or Gumpaste

Cutting board, cornstarch or icing sugar (so your pieces don’t stick)

Cookie cutters, fondant cutters or an Exacto knife - for cutting your shapes.  

Foam - for drying your pieces

Food Coloring - your paint

Alcohol or Extract - your water

Cupcakes or Cake - homemade or store bought

Online Resource for Tools and Ingredients
How Sweet is That? http://www.howsweetisthat.ca/

A great online store that ships all over the worlds and has loads of products: including cutters, scalpels, foam, food colourings and extracts and more

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