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Watercolor Dry Brush Makes Your Work Amazing

Comic black rainbow, Cartoon&Anime drawing educator

Watercolor Dry Brush Makes Your Work Amazing

Comic black rainbow, Cartoon&Anime drawing educator

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6 Lessons (27m)
    • 1. Intro

    • 2. Supplies

    • 3. Various watercolor pens movements

    • 4. Paint with dry brush

    • 5. Demonstration Dog

    • 6. Suggestion and thanks

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About This Class


Hey, cuties, I am Comic black rainbow, I am a visual creator, and anime drawing educator.

Watercolor pens are magic tools. A variety of strokes can be painted by them. That’s why we have to understand how to control the movement of the watercolor pen.

In this Skillshare class, you’ll learn how to use watercolor pens to make multiple effects! It is great for beginners who never paint with watercolor or who are not familiar with painting watercolor!!! Or you want to know how the movement I use with watercolor pens, it’s suited for you!!! It’s not difficult so you just take easy, come into the class and learn something back!!!

I will use three common watercolor pens (Round/tip/Flat) to demonstrate various techniques. After you learn those skills, I will demonstrate how to draw a painting with dry brush techniques so that you will know how and when you can use those skills to paint. And I will give you a topic, the topic is Dog. You can paint it with those techniques you learn for this class!!!

In the end, don’t be shy to share your final result and tell us what the techniques you use in your works!!! Share your work in the Project Gallery of this class can inspire others after you finish the practice! 

Again, thank you for watching my class, I can't wait to see your work with the techniques you learn from this class!


Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Comic black rainbow

Cartoon&Anime drawing educator


Hey, cuties!!! Welcome to my skillshare.

I am Comic black rainbow.
I am a visual creator. As a freelancer, I am also a graphic designer and Cartoon & Anime painting educator. My work includes video, graphic design, and painting.
If you are interested in cartoon and anime drawing, you can check my blog for more information and learn something back.

In skillshare, I will share how I draw cartoons and anime with watercolor. You will learn and draw with me. So if you want to learn anime drawing or watercolor, don't miss my classes. I can't wait to see the work you create and share with people. If you have any questions, don't be shy!!!!! Please comment below the class or send me a message through email or social media. 

Let me add some color... See full profile

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1. Intro: What? There is not only a way to Joe. What a cover weight of dry brush. Thank you. I'm coming. Grim boat. I'm a visual crater and and may join Educator. I think you already know how to Joe. What other with dry brush. But how many ways you use it. So I gonna show you many different techniques to Joe. What a color waves dry brush in this class. It is great for beginners who never panned with what colors or who is not familiar with pending what colors? It is not difficult to you. So you can just take indeed come into this cough and then something back. Okay, so in the end, I will demonstrate how to pent up handing we've dry brush techniques. So lot you can Then how and when to use those skills. When you pent after you Listen, those skills the projector you can practice is last Joe off. Panty with Dr Brush is the topic s dog. So you can pen. It's with any techniques you love from lacy class. Okay, prepare Elizabeth lies. Watch the videos and create your work 2. Supplies: before it costs. We have to prepare those kind of things first I want her. Usually I prepare to Gauss is off water and I will put the watercolor pants in here first. And after a lot, I will put in here a lot. The water will now 32 March and tissue. And off these paper I can test the collar. And this is what I call the paper. And what color pants I will put Leibrandt and size off watercolor pants, aim, project and results. So you will know what the brand and size off, what Allah pans I use and what the other, those kind of things you have to prepare first and then we can go the next video. 3. Various watercolor pens movements: now you can see on my hand is the three watercolor pants leases late one laces wrong one, and this is tip one. Now we can try different movement with them. First we try love, keep one after salty water, it will be shop. Usually we use cheap brushes to draw the lines because you can see it is so easy to control . The think needs off life loan ax is wrong pants. You can see it ISS After soaking in water. Le Pen's become little wronged, but it is not suit both for joining Wise because LeBron is too thick. But don't worry, you still need. It's because it's can do a lot off dry brushes. Effect. You will. Let s in next video. And now in here, you can see the lines are so think so. It is suit both for big area graffiti. The last the one is flat, one I used to love later. What the color pants is kind of big solo of fact is more obviously, the flight brushes also can do lodge gravity, but there are corners around. It's so when you draw a large area, it is not flexible or rum brushes It is also a group an to read calligraphy, So lay out the of fax drone by the late wrong and keep brush. 4. Paint with dry brush: Now I want to show you how to upend while the cutter with dry brush and now we have to make it dry and the bastard brush we can use to Joel Dry brush is wrong. Brush No first dry brush techniques. I want to show you is solely wash solely. Wash means you can call her a cover, and after it's dry, you can cover a cover again asked her Losec. Oh, layer dry. You can cover a collar again. You have to mack. Sure the last. A cover already dried so you can cover another collar on it. It's easy and dry, and you cover a color on its. The cover will spreading out. Okay, we finished its lacy's solly Wash. The second dry brush techniques ISS wipe dry brush. First, though, we have to make our water Kalapana like this this way to Joe. What 1/4 will hurt low other Qala pan. So if you want to use in these way to Joe, I don't recommend that you use the expensive what to call the pants because it is so hurt. Now you can see the effect is the toe misty because the water is not so much is, dress quickly may stay of fact again. Lacy's a wipe dry brush. The third is scribbled dry brush. The difference between wiped dry brush and scribbled dry brush is the movement we jaw. You will notice that when I Joe with wife dry brush, the movement is innocent direction. But when I Joe wave scribble dry brush, the movement is Rendon. Solo Affect are different Now we cover its waves. Second collar. The benefits off dry brush is look. Cover dry so quickly, so we don't need to spend a lot off time waiting for It's dry, the fourth as press dry brush. Now we need to dry while the call a pan and stem or Qatar on its it is kind of like a spot dry brush, but they're still different. Press dry brush is like you press the collar on packer wave while the calla pan, just like you use stamp but not pressed so hard. Price Likely, it is not easy to control how much color will be on low pecker, so sometimes you need to press many times. It's a lot. The little color would be on Petr. Okay, the fifth is spot dry brush at the first time. We better Mac while the color pants loose. Stan Little cover. Hold low water Kalapana vertically, Just like a You write Chinese curricula free and thought on watercolor paper. I like the fact it is like stuff day at the malls. If the water is too much, you can thought to another paper until the brush dryer. Okay, now they are the techniques off dry brush. They are useful watercolor techniques for painting and more hair or plant. After you learn those skills, you can try to use land on your creation. But I want to that do you understand deeply. In the next video, I will demonstrate how to use those techniques in illustrations. 5. Demonstration Dog: after you learn the five techniques off dry brush, I hope you can practice ads. So I give you look. Topic is talk. So I demonstrate how I draw a dog way off lows techniques off dry brush and this tunnel dog I choose esque corgi. You don't need to choose the same kind off dog with me. You can choose whatever you want. The kind off, doc. So you can practice joy Any kindof dogs, We're flows dry brush techniques. Now we Jola Pasic cover and the color I use is gross yellow and earth yellow. After Ellerbe asic collar is dry. We can Joel a second layer. The second there are used little dark earth, yellow and the way I Joe s scribbled dry brush. Okay. And in here I used the way to Joe s price dry brush. After we finished the second layer, we can What a meaning for its dry After it's dry. I want to use wrong to Jola Dark hair. He here we can use press dry brush, a little sport, try brush and the cover is not dark enough. So I stand more bronc other you now I want to Joe the Cokie eyes, nose and mouth. So I use TP brush. I have to Joe the eyes carefully because if I do something wrong with black color, it will be so hard to modify ends. That's why at the first time I joke cookie eyes with a lot of water, so the color will be not so dark. If I do something wrong, maybe I can modify its hisley. And after making sure it ISS rights position, you can Joe. It's with dark black off course. If you are confident, you can just draw its with black color. - Okay . And now you can see a juror. Mouth is too dark, so people is dry. I have a soft water with tissue and now you can see the mouth cover is lighter and I can modify its and I add more red color. It's Tom in here at your little shadow under look tall, so it will be a three dimensional. Now I use earth yellow to Joe. The light thigh hair only docks. I I use more chroma, you know, And in here we need to mac more shadow under Kirky head. So lots it would be three dimensional. And in here. If your hair is the one side, I will draw its with white dry brush. But if the hair is go any direction, I will use scribble. Dry brush Now in here, you stalker Braun with spot dry brush and you can see in here Low hair is so dark. Be silent eyes. In the years only light site I drove Akala Braun with scribbled drug bush. But be carefully. Don't U s too hard. Otherwise, Lucado will be so dark we can add more yellow to Mac. It's more the earth after we finish a little hair. Now we can Jola detail and modify details. Details. Here I want to add more black color. Um, corgi it eyes and mouth. In the end, I want to Mac the cookie head isf three dimensional. So I use tip brush to add a shadow older cookie hat and the way I Joe s press drug brush. Okay. And now we're finished ads. After you understand the way to do away of low skills Now, your term I can't wait to see your dog illustration. 6. Suggestion and thanks: Congratulations. Now you already know how to Joe Water problem with so many Try brush techniques, right? You can pet a dog illustration with both skills. Now, as after you finish your work Don't be tried to share to your family or your friends or your maid If you put your works um, Instagram, please take me coming back. Rambo and skill share. You also can text seo share projects. All the chairs Toby featured off Wilshere block off course. Don't be shy to share your final results in Project Harry Enlace Clough Toe in supply Your cough May I'm so happy you watch lease costs and learn something from it If you I want to know about my works or look about panting you can check My fast book is the grand and YouTube I also read Ah, block about and my joys You can check it. Call me back Grambo, Don't call in the end. Thank you for watching my class. I cannot wait to see your beautiful dogs. Diligence J shit