Watercolor Dreamcatcher: Step by Step Project | Garima Srivastava | Skillshare

Watercolor Dreamcatcher: Step by Step Project

Garima Srivastava, Artist and Illustrator

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12 Lessons (49m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Supplies

    • 3. Dreamcatcher Study

    • 4. Brush Stroke Practice

    • 5. Drawing

    • 6. Loose Floral Arrangements

    • 7. Feathers

    • 8. Decorative Elements-I

    • 9. Decorative Elements-II

    • 10. Decorating the Hoop

    • 11. Finishing Touches

    • 12. Your Project and Conclusion


About This Class

Learn to paint a beautiful bohemian style watercolor Dreamcatcher with this step by step easy to follow class. 

Dreamcatchers with their mystical elements are a perfect subject to paint with the playful medium of watercolors. Floating feathers, sacred tokens, beads and braids... so many things to stir in some magic.

This class is a follow up to my ‘Watercolor Decorative Feathers:Quick and Easy Painting Technique ‘ and ‘Watercolor Loose Floral : Paint and Explore ‘ classes on Skillshare. If you are new to these Subjects still feel free to join the class as I teach all of the elements in easy to follow instructions.

I have divided the class into portions based on individual elements which makes it easy to keep up.I would explain the composition of a Dreamcatcher, get you to practice basic brush strokes before we start painting the floral and feather elements for your Dreamcatcher.

By the end of this class you’ll not only have a pretty painting of a dreamcatcher  but also  sufficient knowledge to create many more with different decorative combinations. 

Like all of my classes I aim to enable you to think beyond this class project. 

I really hope to see you in the class! 

For list of supplies and colors used check out Your Project—> Resources 

Copyright free Music : Peter Sandberg