Watercolor Daisy Flowers: 3 Floral Projects | Lalitha Ragavan | Skillshare

Watercolor Daisy Flowers: 3 Floral Projects

Lalitha Ragavan, Watercolor Artist & Plant Biologist

Watercolor Daisy Flowers: 3 Floral Projects

Lalitha Ragavan, Watercolor Artist & Plant Biologist

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17 Lessons (1h 28m)
    • 1. 1. Welcoming Spring - An Introduction

    • 2. 2. Supplies

    • 3. 3. Painting Single Color Daisy Flowers

    • 4. 4. Painting Two Color Daisy Flowers

    • 5. 5. Painting Full & Half Daisy Flowers

    • 6. 6. Painting Half-Open Daisy Flowers

    • 7. 7. Painting Upward & Downward Facing Daisy Flowers

    • 8. 8. Painting Daisy Buds

    • 9. 9. Painting Pollen

    • 10. 10. Painting Daisy Leaves

    • 11. 11. Floral Project 1 - Painting Jute Bag

    • 12. 11a. Floral Project 1 - Painting Daisy Flowers

    • 13. 12. Floral Project 2 - Painting Bamboo Basket

    • 14. 12a. Floral Project 2 - Painting Daisy Flowers & Details

    • 15. 13. Floral Project 3 - Painting Big Daisy Flowers

    • 16. 13a. Floral Project 3 - Painting Green Background, Leaves & Details

    • 17. 14. Your Project

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About This Class

Hi! How are you doing? Are you ready for welcoming the Spring? I am in! I have created this class for welcoming the Spring in a rejoicing way :) It's such a colorful and vibrant class. In this class we are going to paint splashy and bright colored daisy flowers and three beautiful floral projects. I am so much excited about the Spring and to share this class with you. Let's start!


Meet Your Teacher

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Lalitha Ragavan

Watercolor Artist & Plant Biologist


Hi! I'm Lalitha Ragavan, a full-time watercolor artist and a Plant Biologist based in Chennai, India. I reside with my husband and two sons in a lively and an energetic city which has a delightful beach called 'Marina', connected with Bay of Bengal. 

I am a self taught artist and magical watercolor is my favorite medium due to it's flexibility, beautiful essence and accidental effects.I conduct workshops on watercolor painting both online and in person.

Basically I am a Plant biologist (Doctorate in Plant Biology) and I love to paint Landscapes mostly. During the start of my art journey I have had initial struggles, like every beginner, to paint even a single perfect picture of small size. But constant efforts and practices helped me to a... See full profile

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1. 1. Welcoming Spring - An Introduction: What a harvest on any street. How are you doing? Are you ready for will come in this plane? I mean, I hope created this class for welcoming this plane in a rejoicing. It's such a colorful, on vibrant past In this past, they're going toe paint slash on break colored 80 plus are playing baseball plotter Project Passman. And so what Excited about this plane I'm to share this class with? Let's stop. 2. 2. Supplies: you mean 300 gs? Simple press. Watercolor people's in this ghastly. I'm going to use a variety of Frey blue bring wrong on purple colors have ending the beautiful loss. They don't need any special kind off brushes for this. Girls, you're going to use Maltese on median sense down. Fresh is I don't need some things in Egypt, Benson and a couple hotel. If you leave the dollars, you can use your choice off. People follows on rushes, whatever you have already. 3. 3. Painting Single Color Daisy Flowers: I'm using the Benson to make a tiny circle so they find the center part of her. It would be helpful for me. Then I'm painting the really in close. I'm using its more science rounders. I'm painting the vehicles now. I'm going to use single color to paint this law. I'm going to paint the coda, Help ocean off the little No. And then I'm going toe pain the complementary portion so that if they can be completed, I'm no focusing much on the uniformity off the burdens. So the big himself, smaller sized on someone medium sized as someone more than mediums. Next I completely painting this law by using a single color on its having similar Beloff letters. Now I'm going toe pain, another floor that is going toe how to wells off patterns. But I'm going to use single column for me, as they have done for the grease pit. Um, how Maybe it's tiny cell called by using invention. And then I stopped being dissidents a solution. I'm just a painting. The next double betters, by using the same color are gonna light a tone. I'm not trying to relive all the gats by painting beckons. I name some space here in there 4. 4. Painting Two Color Daisy Flowers: I hope maybe a tiny circle by inserting a pencil, as we have done in the previous. Listen on. Then I start to paint the pitons. How banking this? No. I'm going to use Tuco's once a lizard in concert on their their own Islam in Italy. I'm thinking one off the pedal by using a lizard in crimson on. Then the compliment report. By using the lemonade, you can use your coach. I self honest. Don't pain this fly. No pain. This lot. I'm going to use to candles as they have done. Elio, I'm going to use all the sudden concert on permanent Magenta. I'm painting a battle here right away by using a lizard in Comes in. I'm at the bottom off the pickle. I'm addict under color Forman Magenta. So you can follow this protocol. What? The previous protocol Toe pain, The two colored daisies. I'm not focusing much on the size off the pedals. However, I'm focusing the shape off the weapons 5. 5. Painting Full & Half Daisy Flowers: in this, Liz, Um I'm going to explain you how hoping if one floor on how flus I'm going to baby proof your as we have them in the previous lessons, I'm going to use your single color. Hell, I'm using Lay Low. It stopped alone album pained and I'm a flower. I'm making a tiny cynical by using a pencil on. Then I'm going to paint the patterns. I get that the paper. According to my convenience, I gained a big metal on the bottom portion off the floor. And then gradually, I'm going to reduce the size of the Pickens important Sing. Gradually, I'm reducing the size off the site petals and I'm not going toe paint. Any buttons on the top ocean off the floor Have this flow I painted using the ball off petals on me. But the next hole flown, I'm going to think to wells off bidders. Daisy clothes are having various colors so you can use your choice off colors. Parents. You can follow the reference for here. This is the back decision on you can use water color you wish to paint After completing this world off patterns, I'm going to paint another world off betters just below this. But I'm going to use a like a tonal value off color to paint those patents. 6. 6. Painting Half-Open Daisy Flowers: in the previous. Listen, I explained you how to think half last in this. Listen, I'm going to explain you how they hope under flower in the previous listen. Those floors are completely movement are almost open. But here these was a no. I'm bidding. Opened their awful one. I'm using a single color here. I'm painting the sentence. I'm leaving some gap in between the buttons at the same time, I'm reducing the size off the pitons. When I moved towards the baby, I'm using mittens on dark pools, putting these buttons. But then I stopped. Who paid the other full of petals? I'm going to reduce the Donald. - As I mentioned earlier, I'm using like a tonal than you. Paint this pull off buttons. I'm painting these Britons slightly in India than the previous world. I'm taking another Brady off. How open? The slower here also, I'm going to use meat turns under condones to paint the first well off figures. And then I'm going to use later toe. Make that next full of penance. How long? But I'm going to change the position of dependents 7. 7. Painting Upward & Downward Facing Daisy Flowers: having you wondered about painting class phasing media's dimensions here, I'm going to explain how paint on a four on down more hazing class? No, I'm thinking on a poor people. I'm painting small size fiddles. No, slowly. I'm going to increase the size of the letters when I won't wants the motor. Something on the floor will give the appearance some ofour phasing pushy share. When I paint the door facing flower, I'm going toe paint the big size reporter on the top portion off the floor. At the same time, I'm going to reduce the size off the patterns, and I'm going towards the bottom portion so that it will give the appearance off the number phasing. Oh! 8. 8. Painting Daisy Buds: in this lesson. You're going to see how to paint the ones. I'm going to explain you. How pain For very days or months. No. I'm painting one relating here. I am painting the pedals so closer to each other at the same time, I radiance to the sites off the president's asthma. I'm going to paint the sevens at the bottom portion off the all right. - I'm using submarine on olive green mix to paying this month. I'm not going toe any petals here. I'm just going to show me the sippers. Very in close to the mine. Here. I'm painting two months. Amazing videos, directions. Our They're not fully exposed. Yeah, come on. By the symptoms. All right. 9. 9. Painting Pollen: I didn't need It is the quite interesting part. And you bang Geffner. No, I'm feeling the center part off the floor by using, you know, green color. I learned an Indian boy in my line of rash, and then I started paying the filaments. I'm painting them in your tiny size. I'm being the filaments. I don't The ancient proportion A Selous inside too. I'm nextel. A minimal with the tiny amount. Avoid quashed. I'm going toe paint the woman. Uh All right. A little tiny. Don't soften. Do you understand a potion off a lot on, then I'm going to use when wash our with genital. Hoping to make some we don't ask for. That gives some interesting appearance to your law. 10. 10. Painting Daisy Leaves: by using William Green on sharply. I'm painting the Cipel's under I'm going to paint the Stones for the loss. - Yeah , I'm using medians. I, some brush to paint believes. Also, I'm using sadly knowledge Kleenex to paint them by giving gentle pressure. I'm creating the leave straws. You would have seen the leaves off the lazy plus. Yes, I'm not peculiar in structure, but it's quite interesting toe pain them. It's better you practice these news before giving into your final painting. It's not quite difficult to paint these leaves as it appears. Just hold a brush, gently give a gentle pressure. I pull out the fresh forward. So that even gave the least rules. I'm changing the size on position on shaves off the leaves. However, I'm following the same kind of these draws 11. 11. Floral Project 1 - Painting Jute Bag: I'm going to use a piece of ghosts. Plot to pain the Drew back, I hope. What this ghost block from the medical store? I got into a peace offer size. It's like a stretch in the ghost. Create some holes and interesting. If it's by using your Habbush, I'm meeting the ghost growth by keeping over the people. I want a plane too much off water. At the same time, I'm trying toe with the group. I'm using the rush of agency. It's completely wait now, but you sing your flan brush. I'm gently playing the guns mentioned the hell That's bargain. A local branch. Gina, Amanda, go in the place on bourbon in the locker. Can you sarosi in a hospital? I'm not playing the palace gently. I'm one like one I'm not playing the fellas in exist. I name some space in between the Boston so that it will create some interesting event. I'm kind of playing the colors. Let it dry, at least for another. It's completed right now on. I'm going to remove the Gosplan. The more the plot gently, it will see the beautiful. On the interesting pattern, it exactly looks like a drew back. I love my brush with Bon Sienna in a lighter tone. Unkind defined, they just off the due back at the same time. I'm tryingto are some colors through the more weight. I just appear here and there. - I'd like to actually hangings on beach to my Juba, so I'm doing it here. You can use your own choice of colors to paint the hangings on beads. 12. 11a. Floral Project 1 - Painting Daisy Flowers: I'm making tiny circles to define the center port up. Know what I want to paint my daisies? I'm going to hollow the same over a month. And I think the daisies, what we have on the decision. And then I'm going to miss permanent orange paint the daisies. I'm in the plan of training proof Los all hope under floors and watch him. Yeah, - after painting the petals. No, I'm putting up the center part off the floor by using alot going on. Then I'll be thinking any elements by using Indian on. Then I will be adding all inside a painting. The Poland. I'm going to use the mix off. Nominal on weight. - Uh , no, - I'm using you. Only go to mate sometimes. Don't understand about off. Not under not be using. Wait till it will think to make some way. Daughters, You can use white wash away Jenny hoping to make somewhere Dunn's. - Yeah , by using all your green on some green. Next, I'm painting the stocks from the nurse. I'm going to use the same makes for bathing. Police asked 13. 12. Floral Project 2 - Painting Bamboo Basket: I'm maybe a basket opened by you Think now I'm really the Sophie's off the basket on then adding Burgundian locker on the bonds under a tiny amount. Bandit, I have seen the light source is coming from the website, so I the right side. Sometimes it's so interesting. It's completing kind. No, and I'm making some markings being the bamboo basket. I want you to remember how the mammals fix our collective each other. This thing I'm going to make the lithe. I'm going to Philip each petition one by going to use the same set off colors to the left of magicians. I'm learning bargaining. What partition? And then I'll be adding on CNN. According to the light source, I'm adding the cardinals. I manage like a tournament on the left side, off the master on Belle Capital values on the right side of the past. Not painting one petition, no paint that doesn't petitions Very immediately. They didn't find any time you get out of their positions the pain right straight off your doctor. Tonal values like burnt sienna on man breast pain. The left side off the bastard I'm using, like the tonal values, like movingly in the orca on Mancienne. In the place of I'm using the mix of being a go on mindlessly, I'm making some darker line under each partition that it'll give the appearance off Western bamboo streaks on basket. - Uh , no. 14. 12a. Floral Project 2 - Painting Daisy Flowers & Details: I'm making any circles by using the pencil that I want to paint the daisies. I'm going to use two colors when Mr Loder quest on the other one is lilac to paint these single colored daisies. I'm going to infuse full flows off opened the flowers on Don't facing close a port facing plus on young bucks to this basket. No, I'm painting some class that they are partially hidden inside the basket. I'm talking out of the basket, The other hope Ocean. Along with the flaws. I'm going to infuse some use. I'm floral stops Aspen over. - I'm using the makes off pollen grain and some clean to pay the florist strokes. As for Leicester pain the leaves, I'm making the league's rules. As we have done in the practice session. - I'm feeling of the center portion off the block by using a nuclear London. I'm adding tiny filaments by using in the cool on. Then I'm painting the Poland's by using the mix off Wake Wash on lemon yellow. Yeah, no 15. 13. Floral Project 3 - Painting Big Daisy Flowers: for this project. I'm going toe paint the lazy class fast on going toe are some green Bible 100 years I'm going toe painful daisy close with this product. The odds seem awful. Feels someone is hopeful. Also, I'm going to paint single color floors under cover floors. You can use your own choice off colors to paint these daisies. 16. 13a. Floral Project 3 - Painting Green Background, Leaves & Details: I'm making the surface and all the daisies. I'm minding the colors like a lingering sound green lemonade I'm using, like the tonal Manu off the colors. You being here because I'm going toe pain. The league's over. These bring back home. I'm just dropping down sometime in droplets of water to create some interesting effect. All right? Yeah. - I'm using all in green stop cream on the signaling on Caroline. Bring toe pain. The leaves. I'm doing the big strokes asked me how down in the practice session. I'm like I'm hearing the leaves to the beanbag. Oh, so that it will kill some bushy appearance along with the leaves. I'm minding some prudence strokes Aspen. - All right, - I'm using, you know, being to paint the central part of the farm. I've been using indigo to paint the tiny bullets talks on. Then I'll be painting the Poland, but using the mix off Wake Wash and Lemon 17. 14. Your Project: then you want what you like. Do you know how powerful lady Not in your garden. You've got thinking. If not, it is in nearby morning conflict, some different in ages. Thank him. Shabo are being mentally happy on the expected to see the products in your product detection. Let me know your views about this. Interesting. How about a home happy painting?