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Watercolor Country Side Landscape Painting

teacher avatar Shreya Gada, Artist

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

8 Lessons (1h 37m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Materials you will need

    • 3. Color swatches

    • 4. Watercolor Techniques

    • 5. Class Project 1- Cloudy Country side landscape

    • 6. Class Project 2- Blue Sky Countryside landscape

    • 7. Class Project 3 Cottage by the trees landscape painting

    • 8. Thank you

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About This Class


Don't you crave to spend your time somewhere where there is complete silence and all you can hear and see are birds chirping or cows gazing or just lands and mountains with different shades of greens? Ahh, even typing that makes me want to be there right away. So I thought why not we all travel to somewhere peaceful through our paintings? 

In this class, we will be learning how to paint three different types of "countryside Landscape"

The class is designed in such a way that beginners, as well as intermediate-level artists, can join. And guess what I have tried to add different subjects and techniques to each landscape. So once you learn how to draw and paint them you will be easily able to paint any landscape of your choice. 

I am so excited to begin this beautiful journey of exploring different countryside landscapes with you all. So come join me I would love to see you in the class. Also Thank you for Joining :)

If you like the class then please leave a review. As it will help the class to reach more students. Thank you :D

Materials required

  • Watercolor Paper ( I would highly recommend using at least 300gms, cold-pressed, 100% cotton watercolor paper) 
  • Watercolors from any brand (don't worry if you don't have the exact shades we will learn how to mix our colors from primary colors)
  • Round brush size 2 as well as mop brush or a larger round brush size 10 or 12
  • Two Jars of water
  • Masking Tape
  • Rough Cloth/ tissue 

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Shreya Gada



Hello beautiful souls,

I am Shreya G from India.

I am a post a graduate in marketing and an artist by everything. I love exploring and playing with different mediums such as Oils, Watercolours, Acrylics, Gouache and sometimes even oil pastels. Although my most favoured medium is watercolours. Playing and experimenting with different colours, mediums and subjects makes me feel alive and happy. Art is like a therapy for my soul as whenever I am painting I tend to forget whats happening around and I am happy in my own little world. I am sure everyone of you will have something or other which would make you feel the same. 

You can check out my work here https://www.instagram.com/artistshreyagada/ 

I have been painting ever... See full profile

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1. Introduction : Hello everyone, welcome to the class. So in this class we'll be learning how to paint in this tree beautiful countryside landscape using watercolors. First will be studying what materials you will need for this Dillard's. And later on, I'll walk you through all the colors you will need. Though, how you can make TOO our lowest using the colors which you already have. Later, we'll move on to that technique that has been loaning different ways in which we can create different elements of our landscape. We'll be learning how to paint different kinds of clouds, trees bought and so much more. This gases for everyone who was struggling with what the condo and want to aim with this medium. For beginner as well as implemented level, or they can join this class. I have included the print elements in my landscape so that you can learn how to paint them. So hello everyone. I'm sharing or die, an artist from India. You can check out my info on Instagram under the handle, @artistshreyagada So come join me in this class where we'll be learning a very beautiful countryside landscape. I have tried to explain each and everything in a really simple way. So come join me in my very first Skillshare class. 2. Materials you will need : So let me walk you through all the materials you need for this class. You didn't need war to kind of people. You are, I'm using a 100 percent Clark in Cambridge guess and cold pressed. What kind of people in a fibrocytes? Next? You will need what economist? A walk you through each Fellow in the next class. And you need a mixing bended, or mix down your kalos next year to need a few brushes of different size. Pencil and eraser. Masking tape to eight pneumonia be put on all four sides and a board to normal people as well. Then you'll jaws are ortho been foretold fresh supply of water and one to clean non your brushes. And lastly, a rough block audit issue people. So would I be able to eat foods and I'll see you in the next class. 3. Color swatches: Let me swatch all the colors you will need for this class. 41 body. If you don't have exactly this shade, I'll give you the iconic give as. First color is indigo. Now, if you don't have indigo, you can use or shouldn't blue as well. Then I'm scorching ultramarine blue. If you don't have either promoting blue, you can use as well. Next is bent so blue and use bright blue instead off or wins the blue. Then go buy milk boys. This is kind of like a sky blue color. So in case you're wondering, I'm using white knights. Follow. Next up. I'm scorching yellow, green. So if you don't have this collar, you meant always mix a bit of yellow to green and you'll get a lighter version of the same. Next is mean green. If you don't have this shader, just have to add a tiny bit, both being who your yellow and you'll get the exact same shape. Next up. Watched olive green bond, sienna, lemon yellow. I'll go by. Yellow is looking a bit greenish. That's because my band was but 30, but 0 at lemon yellow. Next step I'm swatching set via this. Father is a DACA war. What CNI, if you don't have this, you just have to add a tiny bit lacO pines gray to your bonds Yana angle get sick via next as banked. Or you can say why they chose cadmium orange. So if you don't have this lighter orange, of all, you just have to add a cadmium yellow to your cadmium orange and you'll get exactly the same sheet. Now let me show you how you can create different kinds of gleans. Fourthly, I'm mixing yellow and being equipped abortions. And you'll get a similar shape to make a file add more yellow to word. It will get like a stand one thing. Dina's a second de Coulomb, which you get by mixing blue and yellow in equal or in different proportions. If you add more yellow to your blue, you'll get a lighter green. And if Gulag more eulggayo yellow, you engage your taco green. Seemly, if you all have already pre-mixed green, if you add more yellow to it, it will get labor, if you will add, we'll do it. A trigger. Like means your equity, number of leads, methyl groups and the law, as well as with guilt that now let's try publique on your fitting windows or may give you an insight next week, Daniel, lead and finding the offset BI. So in dieser, don't have said hearing and Newton's law CNOT jaw on March 18, but I'm finding that I'm doing and we'll kinda like, what do you think? Now? Let's create a palpably to create them. I'm just adding a new local by a guy named get it that opening. And next up, I'm mixing or I'm looking for waste fraud, no shadow. So I'm mixing my 89 method, Germany and England that make it a little bit. I know I had a bit of indigo and when I'm last index could eke out the funder, so forth that I'm explaining and get your ends and the together in East who don't pack these two Pylos to get always mixed audiometry. I believe that great little endian, you all, you'll get obese students and black babies die. You don't my nose go back and oops, much more light bulb. So these are the unused between me for this last idea, if you have the exact same sheet I have shown you have your immunity heats and bingo sheets with the basic right, many condos on rate. So without the unknowns in that scene within experience. 4. Watercolor Techniques: So in this plasma that study, the basic techniques which would be using to create and finding the OS critics. Foremost, let's learn how to create a flat wash using the wet on wet. Wet on wet technique is basically applying paint on wet, so nice. So what I'm doing, notice I'm applying even layer of clean water on maybe pull flows and then loading my brush with BIM. And what I do is I start from GAAP and move my rate the bullets don't remember. You'd have to move your brush in red. Like you and I'm just moving my brush from left to right. So flat wash is basically, you'll have even Leo's of all. Let's study how big the old using written right technique and lifting technique. So what then do is I'll apply, won't go on my people. I do a flat wash of blue condo. Once I've applied blue Gallo, I will take up the shoe and Roulette out and just do it, the dabbing motion, this fade. My additional people would grab the color and leaving that space white. I'm making it looks like clouds. Then to give a bit of gap cloud, what I'll do is I'll take ultramarine blue and apply around the white clouds. And with the damp brush, I'll just blend the edges. Same day let's learn how to create different kinds of clouds. So again, I be using wet on wet technique supposed I'll apply clean water on my paper. Then I load my brush McBean. And instead of lifting the column, what I'll do is I leave feel gaps in between by applying the color. And I'll just lift off paint using the damp brush, which I remember every time you lift off your pink. But the brush clean it off on the tissue or with the word go, so that whenever you are redoing it though, fellow on the brush don't apply on the people. Same the ID3 in different kinds of clouds using this name bet on red technique. So I'll apply Porto foremost. And then I'm ignoring blue color. The same way I'm obliged to our design. Gaps in between. You'll make it look nice. Then our white deals makes McMillan how people use their journeys. So we YOLO uses to have complete or what kind of shape that is forced to use to deploy field brush and ink the body. All feel it, pull it in and then on the box. Now, the next technique is dry brush technique. Soon flood the dry brush technique, UDL graduate Big Apple if that exist on the issue. And then just real pressure on the people, you will see infected with 38. And this is exactly what we want. We can be using this technique. This one we mountains in our forest landscape. They kick you, write your paper and your brush should be tried. So never forget the tap off the excess. Next, let's create flight Boeings and new sky. So I'll create the ACO brush, which has a really good and you just have to look at IDO V-shape for your brush. If you're not comfortable doing it with your brush, you can always use a black pen. Could do the same. Now, let's study how to play the grasses. The body epiblast. Again, ACO brush retires, have good vape, know Neo crash than men. Only a pleasured. Thank you. Begin to kind glue and then just flick it will create a thinner looking strokes. Feel more techniques and re-adapt that this lesson. So we'll know next study what is negative technique made it, the technique is basically not being on the subject, but I don't know to subject. So database. Sure. Your mind's going to take a class like structure. Anymore done with an OEM. Though language I've created unlocked inside and notice board is known as negative peak in thickening. This, we've been using unmoored. And also on the line game. Let's see what happens if we let go or no white people. So splat chain is simply audio mesh theme. Then just dab it with the threshold with your behind. You exceed the beam drops when drop on the beat book. So if you're using it on a wet, the ILO which written draw upon the people would blue. But if you are using it on a dry surface, it was create or dots. Now, if you use a smaller brush should get a smaller splatters. And if you use a larger brush, purely Godard, larger, larger as blacklist. So I hope you all luck TO with the acne spot. This is it. This is all you need to aimed older. She landscapes. 5. Class Project 1- Cloudy Country side landscape : So as we are to do art techniques and color mixing 5, Let's move on to painting the countryside landscape. For that, let's first a blind monster thing on all four sides of the beam for. Whenever you are applying masking theme, make sure that you were pressing it down broccoli and there is no gap between the people and the masking tape. If there's a gap between the people and the theme, though Kylo would flow in. At the end, you won't get the edge. So whenever you apply the tape, just got a new place. They're drawn all the edges so that it is completely stuck to the paper. So once I've applied masking tape on or look for signs by run some gain. We run my finger on the form science of tophi for to make sure that there is no gap between the people and no masking tape. So we have already prepared up paper. Now let's move on to the sketching part. Sketching and Bailey symphony. Or you have good drawer is mountains. So what I've done is I've drawn one mountain on the horizon line. And then on top of that, I'm drawing few more mountains. Just keep on changing the signs of the mountain so that it doesn't look are not true. Unless navel drawn the mountains which we use to draw in the school, like a triangular shape, make it a bird flight and some areas and then some alien make it more pointy. Next up, I draw a line on the ground, and then on that line, I'll draw it. Small montages. Don't buy the slight change in the size of your sketch. And my sketch. Now that is totally fine. Just make sure that the mountains which are in the foreground, would be a logical awareness though mountains mature in the bank loan would be smaller. Next, let's draw the factory type is leading us towards the mountains. So I'll draw two twins. One would be in the foreground and an adult would be bankrupt. Or you can see on those mountain. So the one that I'm drawing right now would be much smaller. And the one which we haven't drew on the foreground would be a lot to us. Please make sure that you are drawing a bit lighter so that even if you have to release those pencil mark that you have drawn already, it would be much more easier. And by using words, it won't damage your people. Sketching is completely done. So let's move on to painting. We'll start from the DOM, been described forest and say I want the full course of my painting to be in the foreground. So what I'm doing, I would just give us more to this guy. So your lung for using concrete color. Those guy, what I've done is I've mixed my indigo and set B are to create this Greek fellow. In case you don't time, you can make all three primary colors. Or you can even use the black color just adding water, Bordeaux, make it look like urine using wet-on-dry Pinckney who are blind the flirt more on this guy. That is, I am applying paint on a dry before. All you have to do with moving from left to right. Start from the top and slowly move your way down. Good. Once we have the sky layer dry. And then let's move on to painting though. Snowy mountains in the background, so forth that again cleared or darker looking grey, black color. You're mixing my ultramarine think indigo and a tiny bit offset your dirt. Believe me, you don't have to make a lot of colored the ugly. I'm just, you know, Albert extra mixing the colors. So like I said earlier, you just have to mix your indigo or disappear, or you can use your Law or ions getting. So let's paint those snowy mountains. So for that I'm using dry brush technique, like I showed you in the technique section. For dry brush technique, all you have to do is load your brush with paint and remove all the excess on your issue. And then just move your brush on the paper. The way I'm doing right now. For get dab your brush on the tissue before you move your brush on the paper. And then the same for all the three mountains in the background. As I'm using cold press more than kind of people, the people, chasm victims. And because of that, this dry brush technique is much more easier. But if you are using some other kind of painful, just make sure that you are adapting off the extra wonder tissue before applying it on the paper. Next quarter I'll do is I'll take the same color by dial at a lot of war could do it, make it look like though, and then apply that kind of a winner dry brush stroke which we created. So repeat this meme or on the train mountains. It's okay while applying locally follow you or leaving some white gaps, it would look much more natural. Now let's move on to the foreground mountains. So for that, let me boys greet or darker green. So what I'll do is I'll add a bit of a liquid to my green mixture and then I paint the mountain. So to make it look like there are trees all over that mountain. I do with this tapping motion. Like you see me doing your own logo the top of the mountain and just making sure that you are using a branch which has a really good tip so that you will get to know looking strokes. Once I've created the trees on the top of the mountain. Next, either paint below five. So for that, I'm just putting the green color now. And I don't want my land area to look completely flat. So I'll add a per tone brown and mix it with my green in that way the ground and won't look flat and monotonous. You will, as we are walking in small areas, it is okay if you use wet on dry technique. That way you'll get kinda saturation which you are looking for. A drug trial. Much more quick go. That way you'll be able to paint the next layer. Click go. So when that mountain, I will have to wait for it. Don't completely dry before I paint the mountains next. So by that is drying. Let's paint the ground, the ADR, Neil and the cartilage. So far that I mix my own or glean Carlo tool for that, I'll just mix my green, yellow and a tiny bit of brown. Let's paint the land area over there. Just make sure that you are leaving the tiny bit of gap for those roles is passing through the woods, the mountain. So use for that you just have a wide gap in-between. So to make sure that I don't, you know, completely miss out on the white gap and forced draw the border. And then I'm just Finn though, Kylo and the rest of the part. So though that are the y's, I'm sure like you missed out on that because I raised, you know, forget or entertain the idea. So just voiced or not. And I just doesn't look quite right. Next, let's paint on the mountain. So for that, I already darker green color. So I insist either lot of indigo to my green that will make a global don't go and paint them more than the same. The between painted earlier. That is, I, force could eat low strings or ovals, do a mountain that this creates the sports world strokes with the brush. And then just in the same getting gathered all your water. All these keep on changing your feelings as you move from find Mountain Dew, unimodal, that is 38 darker green or like Dublin to be in the mountain. As we started in the honors section. Though, make your green light or you'll have to add yellow. Red is to make it look darker. You will have to add a little dirt. Be any blue, any darker blue, like if you have ocean blue at that, if you have integral, add that. In case you don't have indigo, you can add a tiny bit of Blackboard as well. Also one more important thing, the mountains which are in the background, foot being much more gung-ho and that low as like known to pass through that 30s and they would look much more darker. Where there's the mountains which are in the foreground, or the mountains which are newer to our view point, would be much more light. And right though, as light passes through it and your new product object or subject or rate. So very basic, the mountains which are in the background, would be Goggle. And where there's the mountains which are in the foreground, which B would be much more likely to buy, right? So once that is done, what I'm doing is I'm drawing the tiny, tiny trees around the mountain area so that it looks a bit more natural and it also gives a bit of characteristic to the landscape. So far that all you have to do is just do the tapping motion. Make sure you're using a smaller brush, art brush, which has a really good tip so that you don't end up creating or largest strokes. Next, I'll just be no mountain. It's why it's cleared one more green mixture and they might follow. So via that to clean galleries stay red or blue eyes. I added a tiny bit of brown or whether it they'll make it look like there are large stones or in that area. It's okay if it gets a blended but your green. So while that is drying, let's paint the current age. So to create the yellow, lemon yellow zone and create a Wednesday night, Hello. Good. Now let's paint the foreground font as that area is quite huge. So we'll be using red on red, so forth. That island just read my AVL would lean more bill. And I'll make sure that I've applied even colder war door on the whole part. Next, I create my yellow ocher and aids neural Lord, forced client-side fame. No road. Ilia, I'll spit shown smaller brush and I'll take my only clean Kahlo and aimed on all those old AVL for differentiate. So greens and yellows. As my Paypal is no gullible, easily learned in 201 either though. And I want to put a lot of effort in blending the gallows. All right, So why applying your gleans, just make sure that you're not covering though, Lord ADL, but the green leaving that gap. As you saw you, I started with my light and glean. That is, I started with my own clean. And then normally I move the themes in that area with the non-compete. In watercolors. Make sure that you are moving from light to dark because you cannot leave your lighter color or not. So once I've lived my green, I'm so glad that the clean water bill or well, my slow phase. So don't do that. It's simply just hold your brush with clean water. I'm in the brush or with your hand however you are comfortable. And you can see that it was April, making it look like there are flowers who with it. And that's exactly what you want. Just make sure that your paper is wet. Add the y's, you own this effect. Now I'm just lifting off in the vein than 0, but jazz, no move in node or EVL. Just take the dry brush, lift the band an app on the visual, and repeat the same on. You have liftoff DOB. Now I'm just like I'm just darkening up or down, gleaned through the areas where I feel it's looking a bit flat and I'm just blending it with the damp brush so that it doesn't create a harsh edge. We are almost done with this landscape. We just have to do few more steps. So let's first being the roof of the guard edge. So I just take on CNN. What and why might it in dry, i, o darker brown. I love that and I'm just mixing my indigo and set B0. And then I'll create a larger stones and own the court HAVA the same high-low. Make sure that the stones which are far would be smaller variance the stones which are newer than the current age, would be a larger insights. What next? I'd also add the doors and the windows of the cottage with the same dark brown color. Then I take those seams, that piano and being the word, leaving fewer gaps in between, it would make it look like Carthage North is made of both and drying grasses, stones. So to create the grasses, It's quite simple. Aco, smaller brush or a brush which has a good tip. For your brush, add almost 90 degree angle, then just flick. You're obliged to create a grass looking strokes. Rama's step is adding just a few flowers when the lemon yellow color over the grass, this done, you know what, this tiny the games brings though. Painting. It gives a lot of depth and characteristics to your painting. So don't skip this step as and it's gonna look amazing. Orange right? Now I'm just adding few more flowers or the grass with the lemon yellow color. In case your lemon yellow isn't showing up, just add in finding, but don't do it. And it would be much more opaque. And if you don't want to add your flowers and yellow color, you can add it in. Any colleagues who warned. That is also fine. Now let's remove the masking tape. Make sure that your painting is completely dry before you below fjord ape. Also being offered at an angle which is away from the papal so that you don't end up adding it. It's done. I hope you'll enjoy it and I'll see you in the next yes. 6. Class Project 2- Blue Sky Countryside landscape: Hello everyone. Welcome back. Let's move on to our second class project. In this class project, we'll learn how to create those clouds as redness flower meadow in the foreground. Let's first start by applying masking tape on all four sides. Remember to press it don't salary. So there is no gap between the masking tape and the people. When students complete all the Tree Projects, you'll see that I've included a friend. Elements in all the cheese objects, such as different types of clouds, houses from mountains, trees. Now with murder, rule, grasslands. So once you walk out of with all the subjects like how to paint them, you'll be able to paint a landscape looking at the reference picture. All right, so lastly, I'm just pressing it on all four sides to make sure that you guys completely stuck to the paper. Now let's start sketching five. Again, sketching is quite simply flushed out and draw the molecule in the background. Then I3 the horizon line. Below that. Then I almost DO muddled of the horizon line. I will draw the pot be towards the foreground. You'll see that A3 is in the shape of S and it is smaller near the horizon line. And all you can say doesn't matter, we're near the horizon line and as it moves forward, it gets a bit broader. Then I'll just draw some bushes. I've got the final painting on the right hand side. So you can always use that as a reference via sketching it out. Then I study eight, nines Beyond Mountains that as I'm just dividing the whole mountain and blue different APIs and those are the different sections of the farmland. Those AVR not necessarily has to be seen. So some media could be larger, some area could be smaller. That is fine. So we'll just draw some lines over that mountain and connected with each other. Next up, I tried drawing the house on the mountain by typing like Howard looked. So what I'll do is I'm just DO ED snapped off and they lose cartridges on the horizon line. So sometimes you will have to change a few elements in your landscape. By judging how it would look. That is totally fine. You never have to completely follow your reference image or any big beam which you are following. You can always teach fewer elements urine there to make it look even more better. So we'll figure out in making those decisions. Or mistake that for each step. Change view. And I'm just drawing those cartridges on the horizon. Like I always seen when we want to sketch it goes away. The like-kind means that you do that the papal, as well as it is easier to ETAs before you start baking or developing or transmitting, meet your lungs, show up even after you. So you don't want that to happen to a more nice use and white cat when we us catching. All right, so that's it with the sketching Bart. I've already drawn this sketch on it and buy dope. But in case you have drawn a taco sketch, all you have to do is just run it ASR or to your painting to make it look before you want your painting. But now let's first being the sky in your eye been using wet on wet technique. So what I do for us, think of bigger mom and apply our goal of clean water on my sky area. Next, I'll ate comprise both whites and start applying the blue fallow, leaving some gaps in between. If you don't have this color, you can use send it in blue as well. That is fine. As I want. My Spike looked like the clouds are moving really fast. So that's Studies and I'm just drawing the blue strokes in the right direction, making it look like it is quite windy. Then after applying one day of or the blue sheet, I'll just clean up mine and remove all the excess on my tissue and use that app crash at all the edges of the blue colors so that it looks blended. Next up, I use algebra and just applied the condo on the top on this guy. And then I will repeat this step at this, using radars are along the edges to make it look like. Remember one thing, whenever you are doing the out, your people should be evenly wet with water. If there's excess water on the paper, then it would be very hard for you to control the beam then Bordeaux, and effect that has. You'll be put his dry. It would be pretty hard to get the software looking clouds. So make sure that your paper is wet. And also you are using at least a 100 percent orbit, 300 GSM, cold pressed or defend the people at device, it is ready to give credit to achieve this. Now, while I am drawing, Let's move on to painting the full bundle using the same red, dark red thing Nietzsche or so I just fit might be publicly won't go. In this lags, people who walk in lockstep disclosed to enable on the right-hand side and then on the left-hand side, like we did in the last class, that gives me completely but the whole focus on Ada and that the whole part in one goal by Biola, as we want to do multiple step and we want to create a flower meadow in the foreground. There are chances like the people would get dry before we complete all the steps. So I'll just went BAD. Azure dying. Once I've applied the mortal, I'll start the flight though. Blink, follow all new word. Then I switch to my smaller brush and apply olive green color over it. You'll see that I would not use the green Goddard directly. I always mix 23 greens. Can get both so that it looks a bit more. Not true. Then I applied the olive green color on the edges of the mountain. And that way it would look like though the ground level is above the road area, like you could go to the CEO wants be applied, those being handed on the edges. Ground looks a bit lifted, right? So this is exactly what we want. Then I applied a bit DACA Kano on low foreground part. Then next, I'm just blanking clean water first. And then I discovered oil painting. But people or you can even use official. Then I'll take the Endo calotype is I'm taking lemon yellow for yellow. And I, it's plateaus. Those same 50 or whether IAEA understand, I'm doing this wide might be put as still, right? So that follow would lead to a Burke and this is exactly what we want. So once X Blackboard, lemon yellow, I wanted to add a bit more. So what I did is I took the gold color that has a lighter orange and then splat dot, dot as well. So in case you don't have this light orange, I deleted what you have to do that is you just have to are the cadmium yellow to your cadmium orange or yellow to yellow orange to get a lighter version of it. Then I'll just add a bit of olive green color on Udot house to make it look a bit interesting as that email was looking quite scared. So once that's completed during that, I let it dry and write it out destroying I mourn, do the left-hand side of the door, and I repeat the same step. Which week there? On the right side that is, I'll do the same wet-on-wet technique I would, but the people who was then apply the fringe sheets with the ordered. Now view. You can use wet on dry technique as well as be a painting on a small area. It is totally fine if you go for wet on dry. Next, I think an underlying idea behind though, which I'm doing right, null. But what I do is I leave a tiny little gap in between. That would be the raw materials conducted codomain GD. And then leverage a different theme. Or Woodard. Keep your brush tiny. Keep on changing your brush. If you're painting on a smaller IDA OT, if you are doing a virtual feet datable switch on Buddhist Warner Brothers. If you are logging on a larger pod auto, larger idea, john total pick up much like the way I'm doing it. So just be a bit quick why you're doing that? If you will keep your supplies handy, that would be much more easier and quicker. Now you'd be wondering why is it necessary to be a bit quick? Because what become no one's dry do and not do anything more ordered. So you will have to walk with go while the paint is still wet. That's the reason you would have to be a bit quick and fast by working with Warner's guidance. Now we let speed though back in on the mountain. So you're really using the wet on wet technique when it is applied. The fullest. And we'd be using the same technique which we feared old idea that there's a nine different sheets or unique, starting with the weighting night, the soil I'm just adding the window. Gifted awakening can make good night though. And all joy, my deep memorial 4-bit to rit so that it is even more diverse. So when femme side, despite with my product mix of bleeding, I applied that Gallo opec while leaving the house bug, my Dutch. Jonathan just wanted panache. I add up the Gulf, we get a little guided vehicles per gallon. Then I know that AB up being dry off completely the full me aimed origin. So by that DGA is drying. Let's paint the whole four-stage off cottage. That does I'm mixing by getting quite a bit of buoyancy and not the game in light of no. And then I asked now that I know on the quantity Jake and leaving the rules AVR eyes when painting taco button on doodles. Now let's start even though the Datastore my maxkee, so unmixed 0, documenting our design, mixing in the goal and clean connect to bed up to only get NOCl added stock to behave. Reminders and wonder of academic bonding. That does. Dividing the line. Every box. I'd been also add small wishes, adult mumbles. Alia, makes sure that you're painting wishes oh, as they are in the diagonal fact all far away from our viewpoint that we, it would look much most mono, embed to the London, which would be big, I don't know, houses. And in the 1980s, as the friend, they would be uploading of Agile Combat, bigger ones in the background. So you'll run into beating those seem step that is advocating aid being bushes, Ananda houses. And in the foreground there's windows in the background. You can see I'm using a smaller brush and just doing the mapping motion. I do the same thing. You could eat the bushes. Just that islands escape and unchanging my giddy guy node that design make a light dough and a dongle. Don't give up but DOF depth to the grasses. So I leave Yo-Yo for a bit. So just enjoy and see the way I'm moving by a price on changing my condo. And I will see you in a few minutes. Yeah, I'm creating the same wishes, but I egos and night opening follow. And I lose my thing good to blank then a good bit. Now, they go bush in the fall. Bush. Toys. Using this mapping motion bike, it would be a bait DO, DO times more low on debug, dot at the end. Then as the bush flies away, the hard edge or local. So what I'll do is I'll take that light green and no, it with the background. I'm just applying becoming pregnant then that interest stake or DHAP, but I learned it with the ground. So via almost done with this being in, we just have to pay build road though how we should move windows and doors. And also fuel stems of the flowers. Aggregated in the foreground. So let's first start by painting. No rule. I'll be painting it with the yellow ocher color or color which when mixed earlier that there's a mixture of lemon yellow or yellow ocher and burnt sienna. And the complete tool with the same color. Then let's paint the roof door I'm creating or darker brown. That design mixing a bit of indigo to my bones, Vienna to make it look darker. And then I'll paint the same fellow on the roof area. Most of the houses. Hi. Now let's do the final step. I promised this is the final one. Let's create this time of the flowers which we can create it or LEO. So just load your brush with aim and hold your brush at an angle which is almost 90 degree and create the stem looking like thin strokes. Uses Marla brush or a brush which has a good and you'll be easily able to create a stroke using that brush. And that's it. So once you're painting has completely dry below film masking tape at an angle which is away from the people so that you don't end up adding your APL. And this is how it looks once you peel off your masking tape. So this is though, a second project. Now let's move on to the last and final project. And yeah, I'll see you guys in the next class. 7. Class Project 3 Cottage by the trees landscape painting : Hello everyone, Welcome back. In the last and the final project of this class, I'm so happy you all major allele. If I had some Jews when as my favorite, I will definitely choose this one. I just love the albedo Cloud though, flying birds in the sky, the cartilages and the details which we are going to do in the grassland, in the foreground. And bunch, we combined all these elements together. It's just looking phenomenon by the end. So just get excited to learn this one. Back first. Let's start by applying masking tape on all four sides of the paper. Your I'm using 100 percent cotton and 300 GSM cold pressed watercolor people. You can use any brand or what you're going to be equal. Just make sure that it is a 100 percent cotton and at least 300 GSM, so that the sky part which we are going to do wet on wet, would be much more easier for you. Now once I've applied masking tape on all four sides, move on to the sketching part. Again. Sketching, I've kept it quite simple. You just have to draw simple lines. 24 started draw a horizon line just below though half of my people. And on that line, I'll be creating two mountains. Create few wishes on the horizon line all the way through. Now let's create the reward, which is the eating the woods, the mountain. So while start almost at the midpoint of my horizon line and create a sheep. Remember, narrower at the O horizon line and broader in the foreground. Then I'll create the cartilage. On the right-hand side of the rule. Like I always say, draw your sketch a bit lighter so that it is easier for you to ease it off before you start painting. And also your answer among doesn't show up once you have completed your painting. So always draw it light. I'm drawing a bit darker so that you all can see it. But I would highly recommend you to sketch your painting. Like other thing what I wanted to tell you is if you're watching the class for the very first time, then don't paint along with me. That is, just watch the class completely. And when you want to paint, rewatch the glass and then being along with me because there are chances like I sometimes keep changing few things. So once you are titled with what I have, at the end, it will be much more easier for you to paint, because that's what I do whenever I registered for the class. I've forced to watch it. But oil concentration and then I rewatch it by lumping him. I hope this will help us with. So now let's start with the painting part. So there's been books guy forced you or we'll be using wet on wet technique. So what I'll do is I'll take a small brush and apply even layer of being ordered all around the sky. If you could see, I have drawn few pencil marks on the sky area that this I've just drawn those clouds. That way. I know that I don't want to blue color blue that the two key if the oligos a little bit of fluid that, but just draw that line to that. Or you'll have an idea about where your Cloud is and where you want the white area in the sky. Then I'm mixing a bit of cobalt, turquoise and when so blue together and started applying the blue color on this guy, leaving the white gap, which we do. Oh Leo. Next what I'll do is I clean my brush completely and the damn brush, I'll just lift off the paint around the edges of the cloud. You'll make it look like soft blending between dark clouds and the sky area. Next, I returned to my smaller brush and ego, darker blue, that design directly they convinced of blue and applying the darker color on the top of my sky. So don't worry if the galleries flowing a lot and you're not able to leave that small, small whitespace on the top. I show you how you can do the lifting technique to create the clouds as well. But try to leave the gap as much as possible. Then I'm just repeating the step that is adding the ALU and Eradicating cholera, use the damp brush around the edges to make it look like. Now once you are satisfied that the blue color of the sky, Let's create the shadow of the clouds font that I used create and looking. Euler followed that design, mixing ultramarine paint and a bit of indigo. And I'd apply or very light value of that color on the flowers. And then just using the NAM brush to blend it all together. Next, what I'll do is as a scoping issue and try to lift off a few of the blue alone, no-go cloud so that it looks much more natural as my blue color has sustaining property. But still, I'm not able to, you know, completely lifted off the pain from the people. So make sure that you are leaving the white gap before this technique would only help, then you only have two left go few of the pains in between. But if you want to paint the clouds with this technique, especially when your blue color has the steaming property. So I'm pretty satisfied with the way my clouds are looking. So I let it dry and while that is drying, let's paint the mountain. I'll mix my green and blue together as I want my green to be. I know that studies and I riding and I just give a flat wash of green all over the month it remember, don't leave no Bush on batch because we'll be painting back AT out with the lighter green cut up. The mountain behind that mic. Your I'm mixing the front limbs is IVR, tiny, darker green on some part of the mountain. And like putting on an undefined so that it doesn't look flat. And make sure that each color looks blended and there are no harsh edges. Also venule feel like you're stuck in a painting or you don't know what to do next. Just stand, move behind and absorb your bean thing for the Y from a distance. And you would instantly know what to do next. Like, believe me, I've done this so many times and it has always helped. If you're still feeling like you don't know that brings you are probably tired and exhausted. So just let it be and come with a fresh mind like few hours after that or maybe next day and then you would be easily able to complete that. Alright, so next what I'll do is I'll take olive green color. And in that below the horizon line, as I warned that ocean to be a little lighter so that when we in the whole landscape will be able to see that even though it is far away from our viewpoint. Then let's move on to painting. They're focused on Asia. So to be in the left side of the rule will be using the wet-on-wet technique. So I'm applying a model with those moral mop brush. And then I'll start applying different greens for style, start with olives green. Then I move on to a darker green. As my paper is wet, my being this red, I'm easily able to blend the greens together and I'm not getting the harsh edges. But whenever you are blending these colors, make sure that you're not blending in a such a way that it looks like a complete flat wash. If you would see, I'm still able to see different shades of green in that area. So just lightly blend in a way that follow whichever side by side looks blended. Somehow vile painting that I painted the road, IDA with the green color. So I'm just left. The lean fellow using the dam. And then I'll stand ending the right-hand side of the road in the same way, but how we paint it, go next site that is using different shades of greens and blending it altogether. Yarn on the right-hand side, I'm using recommend dry technique. So I've used by Don Berwick as well as read gone dry doing the same thing. So that I can show you that at this point, he ate the same thing using different techniques. So you can choose any technique which you walk on for a bit. Jazz desiring novae, it is coming off the get-go. Now why didn't know Josh spot is drying. Next beam though you would add the H cavea. So unmixed my own CMO and Namibia. Same folder as well as the content. Your I want my left-hand side of the road to be a bit darker. So I'll apply the color photos and then I'll clean off my brush. And with that same yellow but the water that way, the left part would look darker and the right part would look like this as I'm doing because I want to create the shadow of the line on the ground that studies and I'm creating a taco. Then using the same Carlo. I know cordage. In some part. I'll do a bit like Roberta's in some part I use the same color but the taco value to the garbage. I also paint the roof area with the same color because anyways, we'll be painting darker brown color or whether it will be able to be on the top of the light that better. My unstack was done. I think try. Let's start keeping those games on the line. Epo for style or winning gone. Green dot doesn't mix that diamond that goes into group. There might be color and start creating those bushes on the horizon line. Then the endomysium, which we see, we'll be in the same way and we become negating the bush. Oops, I just noticed that. So drop off water on my sky. I would have dropped it by cleaning my brush. So what I do is I'll take a damp brush and dry blending it. And once I've done that, I'll just grab a tissue and Dr. Dorf. And I think it looks like a doubt been worked out on this guy. Doesn't look bad and that's fine. So let's continue creating the bushes on the horizon. So the reason I want to keep that light yellow, olive green, allo Adobe or does because I want to make it look like there are like a color bushes before that. And then you will see the Docker bushes behind those bush. So when start this done, I agree. The bushes near the house with the same getting ILO. Then I'll just add a bit of olive green on the left-hand side of the ground because I want to make it look a bit lifted. So I'll add color on the edges of the round part and then blended with newer damn brush, nato. I'll start painting the bushes with different shades of green. So Palestine stocked with their light green, which is yellowish green. And I'll start creating the bushes. The one which are in front of us would be a bit larger and as we moved behind, it would get smaller insights. This is the only thing which you have built a kid. Why you are aiming to push that studies? And I'll just draw a few lines in the background because we are not able to feel LEC, the shape of the bushes. Red is in the foreground, will create the shape of the bushes. Then I repeat the same step using the Docker Kahlo clean. Make sure that you're not covering though oil light apart which you created. Or LEO, we want the door to have different shades of green. That way you'll be able to see like different portions of the line. And it would look a bit 3D and dimensional. All until ways that eating the Bush's just take arbitrage much have a good tip. And you'll get tapping motion. And you would be create. Then repeating the same step on the right then site of the line. I'm hoping you're not getting bored doing the same steps. In fact, I find these staling part sought to predict the gods. That to me you will see all walk which you have put all Leo would come all together and it's going to look beautiful. So you just have to have a lot of patients walk on your painting slowly and steadily. So I'm just repeating this heme steps. And I'm slowly adding a bit of depth and dimension by creating new pushes off. If you feel like it's quite repetitive, you plan or speed up this video. A 1.5 x or gouache speed. Also, I wanted to say that once you have watched all the grounds purity, and we'll post it on the class project below. That way you would know that how much you have known and when to implement what you have learned. It was registered in your mind. And by the way, you are painting something else, you wouldn't know how to do it because you haven't learned the technique of how to think less object. So I would, I knew that the magnitude boom, being older d protects and was doing in your project can be and I would love to see your creations. So I'm good with that. So I'm almost done with the Bush bag for now. Once that gets done, That's move on to painting no roof, Ada. So I'd be painting with a darker brown follow. What I do is I add a bit of indigo to my set B, OK, and make it DuckDuckGo. And I did that on the roof. Then I'll add the same condo, ADI yellow and just add a bit of color in that area. Now, let's create the trees around no houses. So floss, what I do is I create or DACA status mixing my green and indigo. And with the help of small brush, I create a, we're looking kind of trees of different sizes around the house. Oh, I think I create one more tree and unsatisfied with the Harvard does looking right now. But you can funnier if those same kindof tree in the background. But just make sure that you are making it smaller. Then I create a bit of shadow of those trees around the houses near the roof area. So I just take the same yellow color but 0. And creatinine and vended with the data via all your voice done with this pain, I'd feel more bushes, Neal a doll house, as well as in the foreground. Then let's though windows and the doors to the house. And we'll also add fuel bullets in this guy. So it is quite simple brush because a good, like I showed you and the techniques, you just have to find our shape with your brush. If you're not comfortable doing it with your brush, you can always use your black pen. It will make the birds in the sky. So lastly, let's add a bit of shadow off the bushes on good old. So I create this even by looking at our design yada, bit of indigo to my ultramarine and bank and make it a very watery. And just make sure that you're not copying goal. And we are done. So Lectio painting completely dry before you really off your masking tape at an angle which is away from the paper. Do it slowly so that you don't tear up your paper. Lastly, thank you for investing your time and joining this class. I hope you'll enjoy it. And you learned a little bit about what the condo, and you are a little bit confident with this medium as well. 8. Thank you: So thank you for joining me in this glass. I hope you enjoyed learning the street, beautiful countryside landscape, but me. Now, I cannot wait to see what you please do. Share your paintings in the class project. I would love to see them. So thank you once again for watching and I'll see you guys really soon in the next class.