Watercolor Color Magic: Basics to Level Up Your Color Expression | Charles Yang | Skillshare

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Watercolor Color Magic: Basics to Level Up Your Color Expression

teacher avatar Charles Yang, Artist & Teacher

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

15 Lessons (32m)
    • 1. Intro

    • 2. Class Project

    • 3. Supplies

    • 4. Character: Fox

    • 5. Color Strategies: Intro

    • 6. Color Strategies: One Out Of Many

    • 7. Color Strategies: Semi Rainbow

    • 8. Color Strategies: Dramastically Gradient

    • 9. Color Strategies: Light and Shadow

    • 10. Color Strategies: Atmosphere Color

    • 11. Basic Technique

    • 12. Step 1: Paint Roughly

    • 13. Step 2: Enhance Colors

    • 14. Step 3: Blend and Smooth Colors

    • 15. Final

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About This Class


Let's together play watercolor with a specific style: Color Journey.

The class content will be arranged as following:

  • Basic Technique: Watercolor techniques we need in this style.
  • Color Strategies: 5 color strategies that can enhance the color expression of our painting.
  • Painting Process: Clear painting processes that make you easy to learn this watercolor style.

It will be fun to explore this new watercolor style. So let's get started!

Meet Your Teacher

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Charles Yang

Artist & Teacher


Art is a game of finding interesting restrictions!

I strive to create courses that are inspiring and enjoyable.

Creating is fun and I love to share my experiences with you.

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1. Intro: Hi, Charles. I got his phone time. One in his class. We are going to try a new style using while the color, which is called the Color Journey. We will in several colors trilogies, Ellicott easily improve your mother's family style for me. Trying different styles can nourish mice, perceive a building art and then cover different parts of me. It is just like travel into foreign countries with different cultures. Way feel excited about discovering your things? Got a whole new way back. After that, you can travel to different countries everything. But we can do it the way South pence. If you like this style, they recently class for you. Please join me in lace themselves from you to give it. 2. Class Project: we first taken located a class project. We will visual watercolor painting with this style. In the end or fax, he used us in the main topic. But you can also choose your tap it they take needs telling these class compute also applied to you Other watercolor paintings is well. 3. Supplies: Let's quickly go through all the supplies leading used in this class. The brushes I used our SEPTA goat. I have two sizes who shot 003 Either They were smaller, full of details in the painting. The brand of watercolor I use is hoping lovely. A beautiful colors there. What the color can be upended the villainy on what? The color paper, Cuz you see the parrot I use. It has a lot of region, makes colors. I think it is important to me because I often want to keep some colors in the middle of a painting and a useless later paper towel used for resolving the water in the watercolor brush. We see the water contained I used. Actually, I will use to water contender in the same time wind for watching process in the wind for missing colors. They want to color paper. I use these favorite I don't know what color pet the size in the weight I was showing on the screen. A waterproof tape you used to stick to the ages are watching how the paper it will keep. I am the region. After you finish you about the fallibility, you can hold the European invitees region for safe If you want a friend your painting In the future you have to keep police region Otherwise pass of Rio painting will be plucked Have to friend me now all the supplies we need have been introduced. 4. Character: Fox: the main topic of Lapentti in this crises fax. We were joining a more creative way. These other faxes through by the method we will generator. We can notice that they have special our line ships. They are four steps to draw these kind of facts first, true ownership, which is like a check symbol second to the al Io face, which is a real lightship third tourney. Years after years has been finished, the shape of face should look like a heart fourth to anything else. Basically, we completed fax it this way. As we can see, these factories are joining ships like chase symbols, where we want to draw a shape which looks like a checks in both. We can make it more triangular, square or round. This will change the final of look over fax because the shape of the years are different. We can make it's a ship off tail more similar to the shape of years. In this way, we can make a tax more real. We can also these other ice of fax the ice can beat inside in two ways. Ways to do things and the eyeball. Anything that similar toe over could be used us the other ways to December shape of ice, anything that consumer toe all the ship can be used us eye socket. Now we have learned how to draw a faxing a more creative way. And this is the fact that we are going to use if we want to know how to do any any more, any more, more creative way and use playlist mentality of your you can check out my another class, joining a unique animal character in simple steps. 5. Color Strategies: Intro: in the following sections. We are going to talk about the fight color strategies they are used to in the style to enhance the color expression off your artworks. The followings are these strategies. The first he's one out of many. The second a is Say me Rambo the thirties domestically, creating from light to dark the Fourth East light in shadow of fifties the end atmosphere, color. We will understand them or in the following sections. 6. Color Strategies: One Out Of Many: the 1st 1 used well out of many. It means we choose a group of colors that will be used in new artwork well of lanes very different from others, and it can be used to emphasize some regions in your other work. In this example, the orange ecology is the wife, which is used to emphasize the main character. It is used only on the main character. Yes, we can see the orange color is very different from other colors. We choose the other cars we choose star, including the being tolls. The orangey has high contrast to other colors so we can use it through, emphasized the main character. If we want to use the orange color you other regions besides the main character, you should mix it with other colors and make. It has placed contrast to other colors so we can still maintain the pure orange on the main character has the highest contrast. It will make the main carriage most obvious in the whole other work. These cartridges, in fact, utilizes local strategies off flowers and leaves. In these pictures, they are orange flowers in the green leaves. The old your flowers are the main characters in these pictures. Lives have different kinds of green. Is David kinds of green make leaves moved more beautiful. The reach. The perversion of Oran Jian These pictures less than the one off cream and the law Raji, the only young flowers this color arrangements made flowers pop out in these pictures. So where we used this car strategy, we infect treating the bank characters flower and the less wrong Jesus leaves and that we can use any colors. We like all these kind of flowers in the leaves. 7. Color Strategies: Semi Rainbow: The 2nd 1 is semi Rambo. It means we're ranger positions of colors in our artwork. You remember older the Rambo days. Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple and the same. Remember the part of it, such as arrange yellow, green or yellow Green, blue, purple. The right apart off this picture shows two pairs of the same room boat. If we arranged the positions of colors in our artwork in this kind of order, cars were looking even more beautiful. There's in locating the following example. To understand clearly in this is simple. This article uses to pierce of rainbow push are sure in the right part of this page. Well, ladies, from green to blue and the Diyala is for a red to orange. They are three regions in the left. To a pointed out regency, positions of locals in these regions are already eating red border Leftist region looks tighter concentric circles color changes from inside to outside Amina region. Looks like half of it leaves color. Also, changes from inside to outside the rightist region changed its color from left party. Right, stop! The palace of these three regions are already remember order. They are all saying the rebels well, we used this method. We can first pain, one color, such a brute. And the weekend Penda green collar nearby, One side of love and we can penned a purple color me about the other side of the flu. Then the green group purple. I am bold when we arrange cars in grim boulder. We can make up tricks since that lake and clothes, so they look like a light source so Jim and become more attractive. The Rambo itself is also attractive to Cuba, so it is a reason makes your article even more attractive. 8. Color Strategies: Dramastically Gradient: the third wife is domestically grading from light to talk. It means that where we penned some color ingredient are at work. If the difference in brightness off the two sides of this Grady int he beat, we can make the collar inspiration off our artworks more attractive. In this example who used for her to Penta Grady int These kind of perpetrated very dark colored so wait changes his brightness ingredient. The difference between the two sides can be big. In these picture, they are to house upended ingredient. The purple one has a bigger difference in Britney's off the two sides of this Grady it it is because it is a falcon color. So where we used this message, we just remember to aid one time Carter through our pellet and the use eating our painting . By the way, we used this method we should make Grady and Notched. Steeped in this picture, they are to radiance. Why gentle and Ileana is deep. The general one can make all college oppression bedroom because we can perceive more details about the change of bodies. In other words, we can perceive more colors in the gentle radiant. Therefore, we feel ill pending even more rich 9. Color Strategies: Light and Shadow: the 4th 1 years. Using light and shadow color, it means that we can choose to colors to represent light and shadow, such as the yellow in the purple showing in this page, they can make our work more vivid. This example shows how the light color in the shadow color painting in outwork. The left side of this painting shows the region's whale of shadow color is used the right style. This painting shows the region's well like color you used. They make a least painted become even more three dimensional for the more light and shadow can make our plenty more where we choose lighting shadow color, we should notice two points was that the light color should be the brightest color in the painting. The other is that the shadow colors should be the darkest color in the painting. 10. Color Strategies: Atmosphere Color: the 5th 1 years. Using in the most feel color, you can choose one color tone toe. Resent the atmosphere, your painting satchels, the trooping of colors showing the least page. We will use they almost everywhere in our painting such a silly example showing into this page. They are some regions, sure, below these paintings they are field with animals. Fear colors, regency the intimacy feel colors has sprayed almost everywhere. In this painting, they dominated motion off the spending. They are two ways you can use in the most fear colors. Why you can pendant directory on some regions of your painting, for example, you can pen tipping the Raytheon. The paper, the other is. You can play today with other colors and the use live on your painting. For example, you can play the pink with green do for independently on the paper, paying for most of the cars you used. Your painting county in the most of your colors 11. Basic Technique: the basic. Taking it off is a bought A car style is to panic radiant with sensible speaker color, we will learn how to do it in the following video. In the beginning, we laid out Bharti Observe watercolor, which is sensible city color, who she's orangey in this example. Then we pendulous color on paper for some reason the curve of one side of the regions, because it might be the Arli off kit. Then we watch out brush observed the water elite with paper towels, keeping your brush your little weight, but not too much. Then we usually brushed Robillard Irregular site of the Orange A region this way, the Russian anti due to the original orange so it can penned a lighter orange on the paper . Why we use Lisa Wait a brush to rob other orangey region. Then we just keep doing this in process. We watch our brush and observed the water meet with table tower, and we used these brush rubber irregular side of the organ. Reason. Then a lighter orange can be pain, which is a wayto finally an orange Grady, and that you painted there might be another kind of Grady and we would like to paint we first up insensitive three color on the paper. Then we wash out brush and there was all the word on it with paper tower. Keep your brush a leader weight, but not too much. Then we usually Scrushy to rob her being off this region. This way the Russian diluted the original orange. So each campaign, the lighter orange on the paper. There we just keep doing the same process. We wash our brush, resolved the water. I'll meet with paper towels and then we usually crushed to rubble. Er ring off this region. They will either orange. You can be painted with this away to brush. Finally an orange Grady and independent finding these two kinds of radiant in a basic taking, we have room for least water car style. 12. Step 1: Paint Roughly: No, we have learned stable college strategies. Medicating improve our artwork. Let's a pailin into our painting with color No first step is to repentant rapidly with some colors we choose his cars in the following example are informed demonstration It is not necessary to choose the same colors in your painting You can choose the colors you like In this page, we can see a result in the progress of police. First step the left side. The result off this first step pending your other work roughly the right side The progress of this for a step in this progress we kill babies on colors. These cars are related to the college strategies we have told you about earlier. In the beginning, we adul of folks colored for the main came who she is pre the entire orange. This kind of color is pending the only on the main character we usually scholar toe ever size to the age is still the main character ingredient. As we can see the left side of this page, this car is choosing for the cartridges. About one out of Mahaney, we usually scar to pop out of the main carriage. Then we add the shadow color to release pending who she is. My hero. Valdez. We use it to parents and regions off this painting, such as in the eyes or nose off this fax. We use these colors not only on the main character but also on the background. One thing we can noticing that corners and the sun changes of the paper are pending, the wisdom discarded. In this way we can make audiences small frogs. Sound is pending. In other words, we can capture the attention of audiences by pendant talking color at the coldness and ages of your paper. This car is choosing for the cars villages about lighting shadow. Then we had a background color. Tothis futures Holler that blue is the color is used only on the paper. It is better to make it very different. Founder folks car, which is the pretty and orange we used down the main character. In this way, we can make love make your move obvious, because the color on the main character very different found the one on the bacon. Then we had a lighter color toe. This painting crew trees in, but there's a long yellow we use Ito brighten up some regions in the painting we can, pending these color more on the main character in the background. He became mega audiences. More folks on the main character, his college choose them for the cartridges about light and shadow. Then we keep it in some koalas, which are similar to the baker. Wrong color. Such us. The three cards show it to this page. These cars in the background color choosen for the cartridge about one out of me. The brilliant orange on the main character is the what. The heroism brew. Compost, green, cobalt green and lavender, Alamein E. They come together to make the main carriage more obvious in their trusty. Finally, we can at animus view colors, which you are really in the pink in the show pink and all these page we're pedaling in the summer. Empty regions they bring out of the atmosphere of your painting. We might depends on other colors on these pink regions. Later, they can make the final colors of your painting a little biased to pushing the animal's fear. You want to create Now we have finished the first step Panda Rafi, we utilized three cartridges. We have told it about you. Who you are. One Autumn Mahaney. Light and shadow in the end atmosphere. Carter. In the following section we were at the Morty Feels to your painting. There will also be related to some college villages we have learned earlier. 13. Step 2: Enhance Colors: after we have upended our painting roughly, we are going to add a more details to eat. That is we were you Hensler car inspirational by local astrology that we have learned earlier. The left side of this page is the result of these steps. We were used to cart strategies in our painting. One college strategy is the same irritable. We were in the sun colors to our painting these Eddie the colors and in the original painted the colors were for the nation. There will be arranged in Boulder. The rember order is red, orange, yellow, green, blue in the purple. These cultural images will be used folks college, Bakewell color and the similar cars off base. The other college Trinity is domestically grating from light to talk. We will make look, radiance. We already have plenty. His car treated you well, folks. Sound a shadow in Libya's uni We will you stay me Rambo? All the folks car way have upended in these pictures. Will the arrow points to the folks scholar we have used. We were at the two cars which are similar treat Why is more ready to eat? Preaching the color of his left side. The other is more yellow tweets, which is the color out right side. The three cars come together for Rambold The following video. We'll show how to do it in detail. We first pin the more ready color on all pending. - Then we pendant the original folks Qatar right after eat. Finally, we depend in the more, you know color right after the three cars for radiant in a lay. Are you remember older or a regions who you have been painted with folks? Color should apply the same process. Then we smooth Grady off Shadow column We started from the tackiest in my room. Violate? Who should the shadow? Carla, we have a choosing. Then we keep hating water toe. Make this color lighter table Repeating these processes We can get a smooth, radiant in my row Value or regions have been painted with shadow card Should apply this in process. Then we were used to me ramble on a big run color in a similar car, really a rose point to other colors. We might already panned out in our favor to use the color strategy about statement Rambo Too lame. We just painted the year. Similar colors nearby them in Boulder The following media will show how to do it in detail . We are going to pay the cars in Reinbold we first depend a lemon due to our pending then we penthouse with some Bruto Our then we penned a kobo green to our pending finally repented composed going toe A painting or a regions who you have been painted with back one color and they similar colors should've violence in process. Now we have been used to the second step in hands colors we have used to college strategies We should say Mirador domestic are equating fun like to talk in the following section we will finish our painting with the last step. 14. Step 3: Blend and Smooth Colors: after we having Hansel a car expression all pending. You finally come toe last step. We were blend colors in this moose. The radiance we already penned in all painting left side of this picture is a result of the step we blend because we have used totally to create a new cars and the penalties colors to the places we like on the paper we can, hence the richness of colored off all pending, depending new colors. This new colors are created by pointing the colors we have already used early. In these ways, we can maintain the hammering your colors, while any new colors to our painting. The right side of Lee's picture shows all the cars we have already used a leave each connection off two colors will present appointing off these two colors. We will feel the shell painting after least step 15. Final: thank you for attending these classes. The Christ Project is to pay the painting with the style we have learned earlier. The men technique we need to use it to pending Grady int with some colors we choose. The cars we choose are based on the several car strategies we have learned earlier. The simple in this class uses the fax lament topic, but you can choose the topic of your life in your panties. You've used English classes. Good to you. I would be very grateful if you can leave your review to me and the feel free to a skein question. See you next time.