Watercolor Christmas Cookies

Daniela Mellen, Artist & Author

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15 Lessons (1h 48m)
    • 1. INTRO

    • 2. Class Supplies

    • 3. Using the Template

    • 4. Lesson #1 Chocolate Dipped Sugar Cookie

    • 5. Lesson #2 Kolache

    • 6. Lesson #3 Candy & Chocolate Chip Cookie

    • 7. Lesson #4 Wreath Cookie

    • 8. Lesson #5 Stained Glass Star

    • 9. Lesson #6 Pinwheel Cookie

    • 10. Lesson #7 Checkerboard Cookie

    • 11. Lesson #8 Bon-Bon

    • 12. Lesson #9 Gingerbread Man

    • 13. Lesson #10 Holly & Berry Cookie

    • 14. Bonus Class Snowman Thumbprint Cookie

    • 15. Watercolor Christmas Cookies Class Wrap Up

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About This Class

About This Class

Learn to paint 10 different Christmas Cookies with watercolors using basic techniques and supplies. These illustrations are designed for practice work, greeting card illustrations, and additions to your art journal.

This class includes a downloadable Class Supply List and a downloadable Christmas Cookies Template for making stencils, the first step in your paintings.

There are 10 lessons for various cookies: A Chocolate Dipped Cookie, A Kolache, A Candy and Chocolate Chip Cookie, A Frosted Wreath Cookie, A Stained Glass Star Cookie, A Pinwheel Cookie, A Checkerboard Cookie, A Bon-Bon, a Gingerbread Man, and A Holly & Berry Cookie.

Beginners and practiced watercolorists will enjoy the class, as lessons vary from the simple and most basic to intermediate in skill level.

Techniques include: sketching, using liquid frisket, wet-on-wet watercolor, wet-on-dry watercolor, creating a cast shadow, and shading.

I also show some variations to some of the original cookies, so that you can tailor the illustrations to your own style.

Included is a BONUS LESSON for a Snowman Thumbprint Cookie.

This class is designed so you can watch each lesson or just ones that appeal to you. I hope you are inspired to create your own Christmas Cookie using the techniques from class and then post your artwork in the Class Project Section.