Watercolor Cherry Blossoms : 3 Fun and Easy Projects | Garima Srivastava | Skillshare

Watercolor Cherry Blossoms : 3 Fun and Easy Projects

Garima Srivastava, Artist and Illustrator

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12 Lessons (44m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Supplies

    • 3. Brush Stroke Practice

    • 4. Blossoms with Ink and Watercolors-I

    • 5. Blossoms with Ink and Watercolors-II

    • 6. Bookmarks-I

    • 7. Bookmarks-II

    • 8. Greeting Card-I

    • 9. Greeting Card-II

    • 10. Bonus Video

    • 11. Your Project

    • 12. Conclusion

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About This Class

In this class we will paint cherry blossom flowers for 3 fun crafty activities with watercolors.

Spring being just around the corner one can not stop thinking about the cherry blossom trees getting ready for their annual showdown. These trees laden with flowers have been not just a delight for artists but there is rarely anyone who won’t find them magnificent. Their paintings in any medium are always favorite subjects.

So join me in this Skillshare class and we will paint cherry blossoms in easy to follow steps while we create 3 fun projects. This class has been created keeping beginners in mind as I take you through easy steps to understand the brush strokes for the flowers and branches followed by 3 elaborately explained yet fun projects.

After the class you would be able to paint a cherry blossom branch in a few different styles with plenty of confidence. You would learn to play with Ink, create beautiful bookmarks / gift tags and gorgeous Valentine’s Day greeting cards with all of these projects featuring cherry blossoms in different styles.

I hope to see you in my class and let’s have some fun with the blossoms.


Here is a list of colors I used:

Quinacridone gold, Quincasridone magenta, Quincacridone rose, Rose madder, Permanent Carmine,Permanent Alizarin Crimson,Sap green,Burnt Umber,Indigo,Cobalt blue, Lamp black

music: royalty free music by Mandala Dreams http://www.epidemicsound.com