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Watercolor Character Design | Anyone Can Paint with Watercolor

teacher avatar Sasmita Panda, Artist & Illustrator

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

9 Lessons (38m)

    • 2. SUPPLIES

    • 3. BODY



    • 6. FLOWER


    • 8. FINAL TOUCH

    • 9. THANK YOU

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About This Class


Hello, welcome to the Character Design with Watercolor Course. This is helpful for beginners as well as intermediate level artists to create character illustration and paint with the watercolor medium. Character design will help to enhance your skills and to come up with new color ideas for your character. You are also free to add different objects within the scene to make the painting more creative.

What you will learn:

  • Taking inspiration from a character
  • Creating a Character illustration (Tracing)
  • Adding different elements to your painting
  • Painting the character with favorite colors of your choice
  • Creating Skin tones
  • Applying colors for hair
  • Watercolor Painting as a medium for Character Design

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Sasmita Panda

Artist & Illustrator


My name is Sasmita Panda.I am a professional Watercolor Artist & Illustrator. I have almost 8 years of teaching experience in Old Masters Painting Style and Indian Traditional Painting techniques. I mostly work with Watercolor, Acrylic, and Oil mediums. I also love to paint botanical, animals, birds, nature and portraits.

Painting is a form of your inner expression. 

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1. INTRODUCTION: I'm So Smith Article An artist, An illustrator I have been doing character design and technical illustration with watercolor. In this tutorial, I was we knew how to paint a Replicator. You know it very well. That's respite from a laden even start from scratch with simple pencil sketch and prosecutor. I have provided the list of materials used in the colors. Who will be using for this painting? Whether you are a beginner wondering how to paint a character or an intimidator dish, want lunch creativity? Then you can paint along with me excited. It's starting. See you in the next listen. 2. SUPPLIES: So for the spending, I have meant some old colors which I'm gonna use here. I have to. Congress is the shot. The natural process number number four. You can use any basis which you have moved up for. Bigger areas using number eight members and first model her deals using number for press. Okay. The paper And using these 100% garden for this paper. One for bill. But keeping down the paper using masking tape, one glass of plain water and some piece of paper I have given the pencil sketches your reference. So you can Donald and Pinkola me. 3. BODY: I have under They're playing the best court off a local in Mancina. In this third apart, I have applied Mancina and some bad portions that I'm suing you during the ideas using bone Sina and felt a local with people of the I. Now then I'm repeating the colors which we used a space court Now a playing team later bomb Sana underneath the hair Junjie and piss is deserved about ideas. Here I am sucking the ages using your damn bra's always append ages after applying each girl earlier. If you live hard ages, it will not look good. He had using a mix of gambles and low and scholastic that is a light but in just said here and now something extra GIs using damn bliss under leader Nicolas are playing born Sana to clear the set of the English against obtaining the ages. My damn bris on lepen using the orange is set to play your skin texture. Now something its edges here on solar, a very standard like untangled. Also the same mix. Orange is set here in the palm and fingers using born sina and something. It's just No. - Four lives using Scarlett Lick Yeah, and now I am removing. The color isn't a piece of paper is I want a paint off the business on the lives. Let it dry completely. After drying again, applying Scalia click on lives, leaving some spaces for highlights. A north almost working like Mancina using Remember, kinda defined the shape of I friend . Remember for Iris living a small portion highlight using what did he born seen us and feeling It's just using the same Bonsignore for dark areas off Nick you're using ordinances said. Don't defined that good areas off these potions. Now it's obtaining edges with Damra's. - Now a playing Mancina defined the finger sis and some audience mix on bomb beneath the doctors applying, Mancina appeared said up from the knitted again . John Birt for ideas using twins regular for our use. Now remember what I Bruce against Scarlett Lick for lives you're applying oranges mix again , watered Eban saying on notes. Remember our ideas and I Boose failed Scarlett like on both cheeks to give it a pink slip 4. DRESS AND HAIR: Now I'm jumping birds, making the Hedman for this. I am using Phil buried into color using the same village Danu Color for the dress. Also it first. I'm always taken 10 colors and gradually increasing color consistency with each layer. - Now I'm waiting the head with plain water before applying colors for hers. I'm going to apply different colors. So in the word surfaced, the colors blend smoothly with each other. - Here , applying faints days, burnt sienna. It leaks a bouncy nine friends script like football color. Here he was in France. Great to make Stranz. They're using little purple pains, inborn scene and color. 5. JEWELLERY AND TOP: Okay, You're applying a local for Julie's making this really little faster, as these are the repeated steps did using same did in you, which I have used in darkness. I used the evidence for the book. Complaint also is in. Remember in Junior for that, Grady's had using audience mix and gone. But now something just with dampers now using religion glow and buried in you for this gemstone. Okay, now I am getting the second layer on top for this. I'm using a mix of civilian broken Vidin. I'm applying this color all over the top except some places for the highlights. Undressed when the surface is still bread applying another ladder Cerulean blue over it upturned. Drawing this layer I will apply another two layers off cerulean blue. The lively gets that despite legend. 6. FLOWER: for I have given a very fair friends gray color for protests at the center, a little bit of gambles and gum boots and for stay or too receptive. Now I'm giving a second layer on Brittles using fails living small ladies for highlights. Now, using your dot mix of subject what stems? 7. CUSHION , TABLE AND MAGIC LAMP: for making the person on the table. I'm waiting the surface with plain mortar and applying a layer of failed goes murder over it. Now, using a purple color, which is a mix of pro smart aleck and ultramarine blue, you can use a needed in blue color guard making the weapon now using a local color. But magically is the best good lifting. Zangana rushed to make my legs on the land playing music and go to schools where the look on Bush now applying some orange wigs and dormer on lap and something its edges. Okay, now I am jumping first. A cushion in that blank was murdered over it against some Remember on the lam. Give it oil, look to the table, using a local over it, - repeating the same process and the question with the same. Those murder left in purple with a little bit thicker consistency in the first, now playing a mix of or insert in Rome but on the table for several parts. Remember, whenever I am saying orange mix, there's a mix up gambles and scallop click here. I'm not using any direct orange color for this motives and table using Mancina color for making the plans and Grushin using Rose, Madder Lake and a little bit of luck in it. - They're applying your that, except was made a lick on Grushin living some pleasures for highlight. 8. FINAL TOUCH: So for the final high legs amusing Winsor and Newton quite close, straight out do for the I, then strong agility. Some portion of the flower and non magic lamp also. 9. THANK YOU: Okay, so this is our final pending. You can see how this systems are so beautiful. I totally enjoyed the process of this painting. I hope you like this to your right to scrape on statements, to process to get this painting. So if you really big clear are intermediate level, don't any problem. You enjoy this. So please don't forget to do. I am excited to see you lives for us. So we never we upload new glasses and said you get notifications in the next plan. Still unhappy painting instead.