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Watercolor Bunny: Fun and Easy

teacher avatar Kateryna Loreli, Artist and astrologer

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

8 Lessons (42m)
    • 1. 1. Welcome

    • 2. 2. Supplies

    • 3. 3. Bunny - Part 1

    • 4. 4. Bunny - Part 2

    • 5. 5. Bunny - Part 3

    • 6. 6. Bunny II - Part 1

    • 7. 7. Bunny II - Part 2

    • 8. 8. Final thoughts

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About This Class


Welcome to the Watercolor Bunny: Fun and Easy!

Are you feeling inspiration this days and don’t know what to paint? Or you are a big animal and watercolor lover? I suggest you to take your paints and brushes and to practice in something new.

Even if you have never painted animals with watercolors before, I encourage you to take this challenge. We only learning by doing! No worries, this looks more difficult than it really is :)

In this class you will learn:

  • Wet on wet
  • Wet on dry watercolor technic
  • How to paint fur
  • How to paint simple greenery

I hope you would join me in this class and together we will bring more sweetness and fluffiness into this world!

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Kateryna Loreli

Artist and astrologer



I believe we came into this world to bring beauty, to constantly growing and improve ourselves. We can make every our day more wonderful. We can be better today than yesterday. We can follow our dreams and be free.  Free of rules, square angles and other minds.

People always seem amazed watching artists painting. They think, artists are magicians and were born with brush in hand. Well, artists are magicians indeed. Yet, they worked hard for it. They practice every day. When somebody says to me, he can not draw, I say: “Everyone can draw”. And I am sure of it.

I am here to prove it. And to help everyone who is dreaming to learn how to draw. You just have to practice and be better every day. And together we will make this world even more beauti... See full profile

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1. 1. Welcome: can. Somebody uses acuteness of a little bunnies? They're just adorable. And I think, what a car is perfect to show tenderness and toughness off this creatures. Hi, guys. I'm Katrina and the I will be teaching you how to paint water car bodies. This is spring and painting fantasies just feels like the right thing to do. Also, with this basic technique, you will be able to paint any animal e. I will be showing you wedding red and wet on dry. What to call it technique. Also, you will learn how to paint the creative greenery, which is so trend right now you learn how to brain shadows in more natural way. How to create easy what a car washes how to use as a synthetic brush to create that shirt. So if you're a beginner and have doubts, don't just grab your rushes and pains and trust me by the end of this class, you will have two beautiful illustrations. You can make postcards with them part invitation or just hang them on the world. For example, Bonnie are painted for the last Easter after and into this beautiful stickers. I'm super excited, so go ahead and let's get started 2. 2. Supplies: welcome back. So for this class, you will need just basic supplies. Ah, in this paper, the political play for 300 grams or maybe sketchbook works just fine. And what? Two cars thesis from Russian brand white nights. The Lucas I have here also tubes the Bangkok. But you didn't have to have so many. What cars? Just I like toe work with everything. I have to see all colors because they are slightly different. And here I have brushes from the kolinsky brushes. But if you don't like, I don't use the natural. A synthetic walks, just wine. And here I have my palate with the leftovers from the tubes. Um, they're clean water. A paper towel. I have a played so played for the color mixing. Maybe I don't need it because I have also this fun. Um, I use it regularly. And the tape? Ben sill and razor. So this is it. Let's begin 3. 3. Bunny - Part 1: Let's begin our illustration with loose pencil sketch. Try not to press on the paper so much and don't leave hard lines. What? The color paper do not like a razor so much so maybe you want to make a sketch on the regular office paper and then transferred to the watercolor paper. I just want to define the Sylhet. Where are the ears and I So I'm just getting some watch on the brush. I'm using my round. Colleen's come brush number 12 and I'm applying it on the Seal it off The Bonnie you want your paper wet and shiny, but a white bottles of water to fall on your paper. Now what I have done that I'm just going to get some Naples yellow and makes it with brunt number Somehow. For me, it is easier to use additional piece of paper besides pilot. Maybe it is because off my pellets are always full of different colors, and it could be confusing for the eye and on the white sheet of paper, I can see right away how my colorable looks like on paper. Now I see that this it is too pale and I want to get more number. We're starting with dark spots. The bunny. It's mostly white, but it has some ginger brown spots like this ears and on the size. While the paint is still wet, we can apply darker colors, and they will beautifully bleed into each other. Now I want to add color to the Maazel and again through the years. Keep the paper towel under your walking hand so you can quickly wipe out the brush. When I want to remove some pain, I simply clean my brush, then wipe it out and letting the paper towel saw the excess water. Then the brush simply socks the paint. Now I'm adding the pants gray from my Lucas. What a cause toe the shadows you can makes blue with grey paint. I feel like I want the color more concentrate, so I makes the pants gray with raw number. Remember, they're not afraid. He'll be delicate as we're painting. Gradually, I'm gaining the tone on the darker areas. Some sports. I want to be this pure cream color, so I'm adding clean Naples here a bit more on the Maazel and on the sides. So what I'm doing now is with clean, sharp and wet brush. I want to remove the pain from the ears on the ages, where the body has like a white strip to define the air a little more better with the same cars from the pellet. I'm now adding the shades to the for, and now I'm adding some darker sports toe the nose and under the ears under the house and again defined in the darker areas, ending the cold tones to the shadows. If you feel like you made some areas to dark, you can always repeat our little trick with wet brush. So far, I think Hustler is ready. Let's just leave it dry and I see you in the second thought of this listen. 4. 4. Bunny - Part 2: So now on our paper gets dry and taking the tiniest brush and mixing. Same old amber was great to pay in the eye. I'm leaving a little wide spot for the highlight and were carefully painting the nose. Yes, bang has held this little line off mouse, but you don't want to paint it like that with the simple line, you have to shade it. If you're ago watching this video, then you understand painting is like a makeup or a maker was like painting. It's always about shading lines to get this natural look, while the second layer I'm ending DACA paint the same colors. Yes, you have noticed. I'm using only few colors. Naples yellow raw number and brand number Brian's gray. This contrasts cause combined illustration, and it looks almost finished. I just wanted to take the smallest brush and make something lines. They're like a way now. Here, a little trick. I'm using my small, flat, synthetic brush like a razor. The technique is like fixing mistakes with any red brush on the difference that the first synthetic is more spring Jing. It is more about details, maybe to find highlights or to smoothing the edges 5. 5. Bunny - Part 3: our bunnies ready? I'm really happy with the result On the ones I've got inspiration It is hard to stop And this body felt a bit lonely And this empty space around And the Gerges first greenery behind the window. So I'm gonna go with pure improvised green leaves. This is really easy. Just makes your greens me. It is sub green number 6 to 3 from Mongo and Megyn Yellow. I'm taking my synthetic brush. Number four was fine. Tip for this leaves. I'm starting with Stan and just putting the pressure to the brush and then come up. So this is the whole trick. Just changing the pressure and the angle off rush. I'm not painting a specific type of greenery. I am just painting. What in my mind I picture a leaf to look like Just improvise. See where your hand will leads you all. You have a good the reference picture behind your window as well To make the natural look, Let's your greenery be unique. Let it be in perfect. I really love this shade of green. It has this sense of spring exactly what we need up to the long Winter Way. Way illustration I'm taking the magenta to make the flower. Nothing specific. You don't need a special reference on this. You want to just make some colorful splashes? Let the pain bleed in abstract way again. Nothing specific. Just a hint off some floor and some sports here and there between the leaves to give a magenta color support looks amazing . I'm really happy with this greenery. Very fun and easy technique and definitely makes our illustration will. 6. 6. Bunny II - Part 1: welcome back in this class. I wanted to show you two different race off painting in the first, repented the money and then edit details the classical way. But in this second illustration, I want to start from the background, So I refilled my job off water. After the first illustration, I'm going to go and prepare the area around the Bonny with some clean water. I'm picking up some magenta and do fuel strokes around the seal. It a rare used, pure colors from the palette. But this magenta from my new Lucas, where the cars is so loving. I want this washes to look like a flower, but not specific in abstract way. The technique is already similar to us. We're just painting with that brush on the red surface, almost without control off the paint, but with its own beauty. So we have been to only around to it. I'm getting blue pants great to the shadows, and when the pain gets have been dry, I'm smoothing the edges because the body has for and other one sharp edges. You know, sometimes the dying could be too sharp. It is good for some styles, like four card for instance. But when we're painting the nature living creatures, it is go to soften lines. It makes our painting to look more realistic. Otherwise, you're objects could to look like cut out from surface. The other important thing is to not overdo the shadow stage, make some touches with school darker car here and there. I did it under the ears, a bit under the Paul and under the teal to show the Debs. If I do the shadow around the whole Suitt, it would looks like not very good again, like cut out Bonnie. So make dark strokes just in few places. When they finish the first layer, I carefully prepared the inside to it. The reason I do it now because I wanted carefully line off Magenta Wash and the Carters from values for not to mix into the background. There is a thing to keep in mind what is not completely white when you're looking at the white object, using all these colors that influence it it. In our case there are Magenta Lou, all the shades of violet. I'm using the same colors from the first illustration. Neighbors, yellow and raw number for the creamy sports on the Bonnie I define ears. Paulison dolls Here is a bit off vibe out to define the head. - Some doctor, Amber to the ears and very light makes off amber with Brian's Cray for the shadows on the timing, the advantage off using pellet that you always can take the car that has been already used on this illustration. So it will looks like the whole harmonic peace. In the end, - I feel like I want to make sure of small contrast so I can do it now when the first there against dry, I'm eating the pain toe the same areas where they did it earlier With this illustration, I waas trying to focus on using the water and just adding washes to color to make a kind off flower petals effect instead of making it too literal and detailed. So you can see that I'm just using the tip of my brush to sort of drag Sam that watch around and then dropped bits off color wherever I want to 7. 7. Bunny II - Part 2: guys, we are on the finish line now. I need my smallest Kalinsky brush. It could be any brush by your school or synthetic. It just happened that these babies, my fair, it for the nose and I mixing the same cars off already used. It's more intense armor over the violet. They're coming. Mistake is to use pure black for details. But if you see harder, there is no black, so I don't recommend to use it. All right, With little brush, I'm adding in some little hairs or for indications around the eye. It creates this natural effect and gives texture continued with picturing, I'm taking my flat synthetic brush. It has to be dry. So first I'm checking it on the piece of paper and then was sort off 11 moments. I'm applying it around the nose with us on the pulse. Maybe you won't see the immediate result, but this little details will make a difference in the end. Details. My favorite part on the stage. You can pull out some weak parts. Sometimes it could be the simply spending in one layer, but smart details would make it stunning. Also, it's a responsible stage because you don't want toe or duo your piece. That's why my advice is to look on your illustration through the mirror or to make a picture on your smartphone. This is really helpful to see what parts you may need to fix or where to add more texture. Also will be very good to leave your walk for 10 15 minutes and go make yourself a cup of tea and then a look on your artwork with fresh eyes. I also look where I want to add more shadows, maybe soften some edges. - And of course, we were missing mouths and whiskers. I wanted this illustration to be soft and tender, yet I feel like I want more contrast. What colors becomes lighter when they guessed right. So I took extra dark while it for the shadows behind the Bonnie again Onley in a few spots , - and we have completed the second illustration. Look how adorable it is. It would be a great motive for the postcard or world creation 8. 8. Final thoughts: so guys, this is it. Congratulations. I hope this class will help you to feel more confident with what the colors remember. The main thing is to enjoy the process. Thank you so much for joining me. I would love to see your project. So please share your art into the project section or take me on the instagram. If you like this class, please leave of you. And if you have any questions, just let me know I would be happy to leave. He begs for your artworks. Thanks again for watching hope to see in the future classes.