Watercolor Botanical Illustration: The Essentials

Katya Rozz, Watercolor Artist & Pattern Designer

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11 Videos (44m)
    • Introduction

    • Class Project

    • Tools

    • Watercolor Techniques: Wet on Wet

    • Watercolor Techniques: Dry on Wet

    • Pencil Drawing

    • Color Palette

    • Watercolor Painting: First Layer

    • Watercolor Painting: Volume

    • Watercolor Painting: Details

    • Final Thoughts

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About This Class


In this 44 minute class we will create a Monstera leaf illustration and talk about the basics of creating botanical illustrations with watercolors. The class is project-based and interactive. You're welcome to post your questions, comments and work in progress at absolutely every step.

The class covers following topics: 

1. Main watercolor techniques used in botanical illustration: wet on wet, dry in wet and lifting.

2. The basics of botanical pencil drawing. 

3. Choosing a color scheme for your future illustration. The differences between different shades of green.

4. Step-by-step demonstration of watercolor painting of a Monstera plant leaf.

The goal of this class was to simplify the process of creating botanical illustrations and show the logic and the sequence of actions which are behind this. 

Tag me in your works on instagram @katyarozz !

See you in the class,


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very good class, really well explained and also covers some basics of watercolor than can be difficult by visually good examples
This is a great class for watercolor painters. I learned a lot.
Linda Smith

I love art.

This was a great class! I been painting for half a year now, and picked up loads of tips on both especially light and color, in addition to brush techniques!





Katya Rozz

Watercolor Artist & Pattern Designer

Hello, my name is Katya. I'm an artist and surface pattern designer, living in Israel.

You can find my works in progress in my Instagram account and my pattern portfolio here on my website.

Usually, I derive inspiration from flora and fauna, people, colors and beautiful surroundings.

I've started learning watercolors two years ago and I paint/draw almost every day since then. I believe that I'm only at the beginning of my watercolor jour...

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