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Watercolor Botanical Illustration: Orange tree

teacher avatar Noelia Acebes, Watercolor illustrator

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

12 Lessons (44m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Art Supplies

    • 3. Transferring your Sketch

    • 4. Color Mixing

    • 5. Tips and Tricks

    • 6. First wash of color

    • 7. Painting the Oranges

    • 8. Leaves Painting Process

    • 9. Painting the Orange Blossoms

    • 10. Final Touches

    • 11. Speed Painting

    • 12. Final Thoughts

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About This Class

Are you ready to master watercolor painting?

In this class you'll learn how to approach botanical style with confidence, as well as achieving the most beautiful results while having a fantastic time.

If you are new to watercolor painting, don't worry as I'll show the whole painting process step by step so that we can paint together. I will also share some really useful tips that will make your painting process easier.


The sketches will be provided so that we can focus on having fun with water color.

By the end of this course I hope you’ll master basic watercolor techniques, and also be able to apply them to other subjects. You'll see how after learning the basics and a bit of practice you'll be able to produce a piece of beautiful artwork.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Noelia Acebes

Watercolor illustrator


Hello there, I hope you are ready to learn some fantastic skills!

I've been an art passionate since I was a small kid, but it wasn't till architecture school that I discovered watercolors, and immediately become fascinated by them. I’ve continued using this painting method ever since to express myself, showcase my ideas to clients or just for the sake of creating.

When I paint, I can completely lose the track of time, it’s like a therapy to me, it just makes me happy. I hope we can share this feeling, and of course, the beautiful artwork we will create together.

Let’s start creating, shall we?

With love,


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1. Introduction: Hello, everyone. My name is Ray Leah, and welcome to this is culture class on watercolor, botanical fainting. But first, let me introduce myself. I've seen an art fascinated since I was a real kid. But it wasn't till architectures cool that I was introduced into order color. I immediately became fascinated by them and I have been using them. Seems as my main painting method. I use water. Corey illustration. In order to spurs myself showcase my ideas to clients or yes, for the sake of fainting. When I paint, I completely lose track of time. It's like therapy to me, it just makes him happy. I hope I can sure this feeling with you guys while guiding you through the process of botanical illustration. Don't worry. If you're a retainer at the beginning of the course that we will cover all the techniques that were going to be using all the materials and I will give you some are coming. They chunk those police notice that this class won't recovering this kitchen process as as I will provide you with the base your wings. So they didn't just translating to pray for on it started with the fun part, that is what your salary. Then we will follow with the step by step process of water calorie. This beautiful illustration I have here, this is the finished result. The course will finish with a BDO, where I will give you my final thoughts on the whole process and some helpful tips so that you'll be able to continue proving remote circular skills. By the end of this class, you'll be able to approach botanical painting with confidence, and you also learn some really useful tips that you can apply to the rest of your watercolor art. Don't forget to create a perfect as this is the most important part of the glass. With this project, you will be able to put into practice all the skills you're learning and also will help you to trace your progress on watercolor painting. Remember, you can contact me if you have any doubts and in questions or yes to say hi. If you want, you can follow me. Oh needs to round on at nearly a Ferris and use the hashtag. Taylor will alia in order to great our community of watercolor lovers. Also, you can take me on your art I will love to see it and hear my support. Are you ready to start? See you on the next video. 2. Art Supplies: Hello, guys. I'm just you. I will show you the materials that were going to be using on the class. The first thing we will need is watercolor paper and going to be using this one. My concern. But you can use any other type of watercolor paper business specifically ISS 300 grand spurs for a meter on his court. Crist, you will also need some watercolors. I'm going to be using the spotted by Winsor and Newton. I really like these ones because they're very affordable. And quality is a mean scene. You can make your colors here or use a separate product like this one. Do you actually need to have a whole palette? You can yesterday illustration using blue, yellow, red on black. So the primary colors You will also need a glass to put your water in. I recommend to use one made off the last instead of plastic because it's going to be heavier on this way is quite difficult for it to fall down on all the water to spiel. When your paper rules, I need some brushes. I have here some of them, but I'm just going to be using one of the of this illustration and is the one that comes with the ball. It just you show that you don't need to buy a lot of material norther to complete your watercolor illustrations. We will also be using a pencil on a black color pencil for clean our brushes. We will use paper towel and then for fixing mistakes. We can use some Q tips. See you in the next video, where we will start painting by. 3. Transferring your Sketch: Hello there. And welcome to Disney Lesson, where we will learn how to transfer our sketch each of the watercolor paper. We can either sketch directly in our watercolor paper or transfer our sketch from another one. Personally, I recommend the second option. You've to the following recent What? When you're sketch directly E j a watercolour paper, you may get a little bit messy. Maybe you end up having a lot of dark lines that didn't really like and that you are not able to race. Also, maybe have applied a lot of pressure with your pencil and you end up having this marks that cannot be fixed it to. When it sketching, you may need to use a rubber, but let me tell you why this is not a really good idea, especially one dealing with watercolor paper. The friction between the river and the paper will make the outer layer of the paper to shit , therefore altering the paper properties. Also, when using a rubber, some rescue may stay on the paper, and this will also alter the paper properties. Three. When it's getting your hand, would get in contact with the paper on as you know, the skin produces almost all the time. The soils will be observing to the paper, and the more always have in the paper the less water color. It will be able chop sort taking to account that if you're looking for a sketchy by amazing sketch is a must because you wanted to show through your watercolors. If you want to do so, I would recommend to draw directly to the wardrobe or paper, but always with your hands clean on dry. Also, it can be useful to put a little bit of paper under your hands so that those olds I was talking about don't get into the paper. They're trying to use as much the rubber. Or don't you see that all, in my opinion, not using a razor gives your a sketch a more personal touch. That would look really, really good for this class. I provide you with a clean a sketch. This this one. You can no load it from their searched up and then just put your watch circle of paper over it on transfer your drawing using a paper on fast on the window or a light. But if you have one, If you don't feel like drawing. You can guess. Bring the regularly entre would trigger paper the file named printable skate. So now that you have your sketch ready, this tend to start paying t See you on the next video by 4. Color Mixing: Hello and welcome to any radio in this one. We will see how to mix your colors. I'm going to start with the arrange. First I activate the paint with some water and then grab the orange from my wallet. But I find it too bright, so I will mix it with a little bit of general to get a more natural to. Now I'm trying my Kohler in a piece of paper. Yes, to see if it needs some further adjustments. I actually love this or ranch, so I'm going to leave it this way for the first Westrup cooler I want you have a very light or ranch. That's why I'm trying now. To get such a light colder, you just need to wrap a bit of faint with a lot of order. Now I'm creating the color I will use for the shadows too. Great. This color. I'm just starting a bit of black into the mix. I like to leave a black sport on a corner of my palette and create my cello tone in the middle. This way you have the complete orange spectrum in the same place. Now I'm going with a green. I'm following the same steps that were their rent. So first activated the colder second, grabbing the colder and third, creating the shadow tones. If you don't have the same pilot I do. This makes a match with the colors we have till you get the desired result for the flowers . I'm is going to use our very like, you know, to give the major. I'm doing this by revenue yellow on adding a lot of water into the mix. I hope this video was of some help and see you in the next one by 5. Tips and Tricks: hello and welcome to anybody where I will show you some basic techniques that we're going to be using later. How trump light him on botanical things. I will also show you some tips and tricks. I used to a boat harsh lines or fix me sakes. I'm going to draw some discourse. Year two refers your memory in watercolor painting techniques. In the first square, I'm going to apply a very light wash of paint. For doing this, you can either Portela of water in trick or mixed or going with a what brush. Being able to control thing watercolour washes is very important us. It is the key for shadowing on adding detail in our painting. In the next two squared, I'm applying the color with way less water on it so that you can see the difference. In result just by burying their mantra for truth and the next two square, I'm going to do a radiant off color with this technique cold color lettering. This technique lets us get the most detailed results. I started with a very light wash, important as we did in the 1st 2 square. Then I might, in a second layer often a slightly dark agree on the border. Half as I don't want to have any harsh lines and then going over them with likely, and it's like they would rush. This will create a blurry effect between the corners. I'm repeating this process with increasingly darker washes. Their more washes you out, so to say and more layers, the more realistic it will look on. The more time it will take for this technique is important. To leave your painting driving of age. Take into account that the first fire will dry more quickly as a paper will absorb more water. Just speed up the process. You can use a blow dry your between sticks for this is square. I'm going to apply a different take that concerts on apply holder color on what paper. So in this case, we're inoculating are painting. Driving to wash is how you start applying a layer border. We vote any court. Did I go buried with some light women You load is that if pigments move around the water, agreed a very organic detect. Notice how the color stays always inside a part of the paper that's quit. I'm then adding layers off worker breed. But this time, as you can see, I'm not able to control as much wear. My colors are staying. This sickening were bites in this detailed but more organic results. My paintings. I usually like to stay on it so I will let the Wichard color washes the right, but not completely, as I find this makes the blurring processes here. No, I'm going to apply these techniques in jelly beans. First ice catch. Ever see believe, as they once were, going to find another administration. Then I painted completely with a very light wash of corner. I left your duties as it helps me to break the ice and start painting for the next step, I had to sum them nature using a darker wash in this wash. I just want to add very general details, my young, that you went over the lines of this case aside, estate you can use fix that going over with a Q tip or a piece of clean. This works because a Q tip will have serving in water, which contains the colder. So if you're a stroke is already dry, you won't be able to fix it as you can see some pigment will stay in the paper, especially if they're people was completely dry. So you get paper was previously what mistakes are going to be a weight easier to fix. I continue adding another rush of court. First ones had already dry Well, this one I'm leaving a seem white line on the middle worthy mid group IHS, this is not very realistic but I really liked effect on focusing the shadows on the veins of the leaf to our dimension. Then I'm going over there just to blur them as I showed you before. I am now going to add a couple of washes without letting demonstration dry so that you can see the difference on bristled. You continue adding layers. I'm letting them dry. You live until we get our resulting Argenis one for this leave on the bottom. I used around seven years off course. The more you add, the more realistic it would look now that we're old on the same page, we can start with the illustration. See you in the next video by 6. First wash of color: Hello and welcome to you and your radio. After transferring over a sketch, we want to lay a very seen wash of colder. This means other your paint. We want our colors to barely show through this, like you're easy is useful to understand where the limits off each element are. So where their lips begin, where the background is unworthy Orantes part. Basically, we just want to do this, not to make mistakes and maybe pain to the background instead of relief. For this reason, we're going to use ah, highly valued watercolor. This means that our mix is going to have a lot of water because we want a watercolor to be really, really light. By the end of the process, your illustration should look like these. Now we're gonna really start with our watercolor paintings. See you on the next video by 7. Painting the Oranges: welcome Cheney realism where we will learn how to paint. There are envious. Here. You can see me mixing my colors and making some final changes. You can check how I do this on the previous video called Color Mixing. The painting process is based on having the layers of paint one after the other. We want to make sure that it brush is not occurring too much water. So that's why you can see me always chicken the color in a separate piece of paper so that I can see exactly what's the final cooler. I'm going to be applying to my illustration. I did not make any mistakes. You can see that I'm always leaving. There's a little circle without paint. That's because that's where the highlight off our orange is, in other words, is where the light is shed in our own image. So we want to live that area way lighter than the rest of the orange, as I don't want to have any harsh line. I'm didn't going through the edges with a clean slightly what brush then I'm just making sure that the whole layer is seamless and yearly, for that's why I'm going through any legal sport that maybe a little bit darker or a little bit lighter, so that once again it looks any more realistic, more natural. I'm now going to follow the same process with other orange, making sure to leave a lighter area where I want my highlight to be. Now I'm introducing the tiniest bit of black in to my color mix to make a slightly darker cooler that I will use in this following layer. Don't forget to try to renew cooler in a piece of paper before applying it to your illustration, as our in black can be, sometimes a little bit tricky. I'm repeating the produces steps over and over to I feel that my orange house enough time mentioned. If you feel you have made a mistake, maybe there was a little water on your brush or you're close to dark. You can use a Q tip as I'm doing here to race that the little part of your painting. So in this way, too cute, it will absorb the water and act as a new razor. - Now I met in a darker sport where the bottom of the ranch is. I continue adding some darker shadows to give more dimension. Then I go through the edges with a clean brush, as I showed you before using this technique, we get a blurred effect that it will make our orange look more natural. Now for the final step, I'm going to start adding some texture to the oranges to achieve a realistic one. I met in little dark dots all over D fruit. Please keep in mind that the pain is highly diluted in water. As you're looking quite harsh, I like to top a paper toll over it so that it can absorb a part of the water. I repeated process a couple of times till I'm happy with the result. - So that's all for this video. I, over your own views are looking really bright and beautiful, securing the next one where we learn how to paint the leaves. 8. Leaves Painting Process: welcome to new video lesson in this one will be able to see the street painting of the leaves. I'm just repeating the process I showed you previously dio inevitably make sure you leave your leaves dry before moving to the next one. A trick that I do said I didn't have to wait for every leaves to dry these to paint leaves that are in attaching Children. So once I finished painting one leaf, I moved to another one that's not touching a previous one in any point. I make this so that the lives don't fuse with each other, so just say if we paint leaves that are in contact, the water color on the leaves will mix, making it very difficult to difference. Yet between the two elements. Now I live you with the speak painting process so that you can see how I applied a water cooler. The video is coming turn, and I hope you have endured it and to see you in the next one, where we will learn how to paint the flowers 9. Painting the Orange Blossoms: welcome to these video lesson. This one will cover the painting process off the orange blossoms. As you know, orange blossoms are mostly white and sometimes percent it slightly yellowish tone. That's why we want to be really careful when applying Dick over, making sure that they content on water in a water cooper solution is really high. I start adding a very light yellow layer, skipping the center of the petals as I want them to stay white. Then I continue adding layers off increasingly darker. Agree where I want a shadows to be so basically in the inner part of the flowers in the edges of the pedals. On In the point where the flower meets this 10 I recommend you wrap the smallest amount with your rush for these and sticks as we want to work with almost transpiring players to get as much detail as we can. To achieve this, you can always stop your brush in a piece of paper before going into the illustration. Now you can continue out in layers of paint. Do you feel your flowers look beautiful? As you can see, I executed or a piece of paper tool every time I feel there is too much water or paint on my paper right now. I feel like my flowers are looking really sticking out. I'm happy with the results. So that will be enough for this part of the painting. I hope you have in your glass. See you in the next one where we will at the last finishing touches. 10. Final Touches: Welcome to the last video lesson. This one will cover their final touches off demonstration. This time we will change our brush for a black color fancy. You can use a regular pencil if you don't have one. However, I personally prefer using Michael Pencil as we fight a K Their material pants heels are made of reflects light. So if after finishing genocide to hang the picture in the wall on direct light kids it the lions you made which have referred pencil may shine. I also prefer using coloured pencils for this final step instead of water. Cold, as I feel, is easier to the role. The smallest details like this time using this material. What color? Maybe a little bit difficult to control me. Such small areas, Of course. Give your painting is figured that line? Maybe it's suppose you want to use your watercolor. You can do as your police. I'm also adding some light shadows where I feel it's necessary Off course. If you're ready to loving your fainting, you're gonna skip this step. - After this, a step are illustration is finished and looking amazing. I hope you have enjoyed the process and I'll see in the next video well, give my final thoughts on some comments on the process 11. Speed Painting: 12. Final Thoughts: Hello there. First of all, congratulations on finishing this A skill shirt class. I hope you have had a great time. I sterility. I hope I was able to show you some of it to mix I use and to teach you some tips and tricks like color mixing, color layering or mistake fixing. If you haven't started, you're pretty. It already. I highly recommend you to do so as the only way for learning how to use watercolor is actually using them. Also, you'll be missing the funniest part of the class. Once you finish your project, feel free to share it with fast on this blood for or instagram with the hashtag paint. With Julia, you can also follow me there at Noelia Harris River finally saying goodbye I would love to share with you some final advise Please notice that this video is that I have load are 80 did so you cannot actually see how much time I spend doing an illustration You have to know that is waiting the time that the one that you see on the Beeb here's so don't worry if it takes you hours or even days to complete your project is the normal scene, especially when you're starting with water cooler. So this is the end of the class. Thank you for watching. I will love if you go to complete a Google form that I left Link in the description. Ask. This was my first disclosure glass on. I'm sure I made some mistakes that I will love to be able to fix for the next class. Thank you very much. I hope I see you there by