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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

5 Lessons (17m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Step 1: pencil drawing

    • 3. Step 2: sky

    • 4. Step 3: sea

    • 5. Step 4: boat

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About This Class

My name is Katya. And I have been painting with watercolor for almost 6 years. During this time, I made more than 60 offline workshops. And now I want to share my knowledge with more people. I believe that everyone can paint and I want you to believe in this too!

This lesson is perfect for watercolor artists of all levels.

If you just start painting, then you will learn the "wet on wet" technique and how to paint sea.

If you already paint with watercolor, you will improve knowledge of watercolor techniques and learn how to paint with clean wet brush.

In addition, I will explain you how to:
- draw complex objects;
- use wet on wet technique;
- paint water and small waves;
- paint with clean wet brush;
- add small details with white gouache.

In the end of the lesson, you will get a new watercolor painting. Also you will get the skills that will help you in the further study of watercolor.

You can find reference photo and my paintings in the attached files.


Meet Your Teacher

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Ekaterina Azeeva

watercolor artist


Hello! My name is Katya.

And I have been painting with watercolor for almost 6 years. During this time, I made more than 60 offline workshops. And now I want to share my knowledge with more people. I believe that everyone can paint and I want you to believe in this too!



I live in Saint-Petersburg and this city always inspires me to painting!


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1. Introduction: Hi guys, my name is Kate and I had been painting with watercolor or six years. You can learn more about my creativity on my Instagram page. And this is my nickname. I will be really glad if you subscribe here every day, I shall life of an artist and arrived posts about what a color. And today, I have prepared in your watercolor lesson with CSS, keep for you. We will pay and see at sunset with romantic bought. In this lesson, you will learn how to draw complex objects. How to find in the wet-on-wet technique, how to paint water and small waves. You will learn how to make your painting harmonious in color. The lesson that you wrote yes, in your watercolor painting. And let's get started. 2. Step 1: pencil drawing: I start with a pencil drawings. First, I draw the horizon line, then I move on to drawing them. Bought, since this is a complex object, I first draw a line around reach. I will build the whole board. And this vertical line coincides with the line of the mass. Now I draw the line of contact of their bought with them, whatever. And then I said the shape of them bought two lines on the sides. Since the board is one numbness, we need to draw a small part of their balls on there and display the volume and deep of the BOD from above. Next, creativity begins. I draw their robes that are attached to the mast. I look at the reference and draw those lines that are most noticeable. Somewhere. I compose a lethal and complement the drawing with my own details. It is important not to forget about left folded sale, which looks like a rectangle. And in the last step, I draw a reflection of the rod in the water. Here we need to mirror the pencil drawing on the board. 3. Step 2: sky: Now I turned to watercolor painting. I will feel this guy using wet-on-wet technique. The Dorothy's I most and the entire area of this guy with clean water. While the paper absorbs some of the water, I will mix the right color. Just I mix yellow and orange. Mean this scholar, I paint in the middle of the Skype. Now I mix can agree, don cobalt and orange. I get a dusty purple color with reach near the horizon. I go back to orange again and add a few more strokes with this color. At the top, I band with cobalt color. Moreover, I use them most saturated color on the top. And then I smoothly mix this color, orange. In this way, I get the gradient feeling. Now, we need to draw that clouds I mix can accrete on cobalt and orange again. Now we need a saturated that gray color. Therefore, I use more callbacks. With this color. I make oval strokes on the right. To make the columns transition more interesting, I'll use my fingers to help. It is as if I leave the color of the clouds in the direction I want using my fingertips. A mix. They didn't blue-gray again. And they add some finishing strokes. And the bottom of the clouds. 4. Step 3: sea: We start painting water. Here, the painting technique will be the same as for the sky. We will paint using wet-on-wet technique. The Dorothy's, I read the entire space of this sea water. Don't forget that we have bright bought. So the area with the board should be a lab dry. The fact is there's the watercolor spreads only where the paper is wet. If we leave some of the paper dry, then the color's real not flown there. Now, we need to mirror all that color's almost skies and clouds in the water. I take orange and paint we bid on the left. I add a little can occur in Don, near the horizon. Now I'm mixing can accrue dawn and cobalt. I feel less space on the right. We have this purple color. My paper has already started to dry, so I need to have time to make waves. For this, I use a clean wet brush. I bent horizontal strokes and to remove some of the orange pain, they still leaves. We get light waves on the water. I went the bottom of the painting with water, again. Well-paid but is absorbing water. I mix in giga and violet with this band, I band a live along the horizon. This is a reflection of the forest in the water. It shouldn't blow up and the paper is still wet. Now, I take a dusty, great color and paint over the space on the right. This is a reflection of our clouds. I use cobalt and the bottom of the sheet. And I add a few more strokes next to the board. To search. Now, I take a clean wet brush again and brand of the light waves, I just remove some of the bay and from this sheet using clean wet brush. In the last step, I paint a line of the forest using mixture of wireless anything digger, don't use black as it will give the impression of a valve down to color. It is better to mix a few dust coalesced. This will add some picture sector you're painting with the tip of the brush and make vertical strokes due to reach abandoned tops of the trees. Most importantly, don't make a striped line, since there is a lot of cows in nature. 5. Step 4: boat: Now we'll start painting the main object in our picture. This is the board. I mix yellow with the orange on the palette. I bend over the whole board with this saturated bright color. And three the same color. I build the reflection in the water more, but I make the boundaries of the reflection in the water uneven. I draw long horizontal lines to emphasize small waves in the water. I paint using saturated orange on top of the board. As again, as the same color in a mirror image to the reflection. Now with the great Karla that remains on the palette, I paint the Foldit sale. And not just that, they leave a light space on top of that sale. So we create volume and emphasize that our sale is lit from above. Excuse me, the mixture of violet ending giga. I've been all the lines, all of them must. In reflection, I band the same lines in a mirror image, but they use a jagged broken line. Thank you. A band dock with the space inside the board with the same dark color. And they banned the shadow in the front of the poet with a light gray color. This is a nice, Don't forget to add this color, but the reflection. In the last step, I use white gouache. I use it a band, small highlights on the board. Every bed. So thank you for watching wireless and I really appreciate it interests me as a teacher. Don't forget to subscribe to my Skillshare count here every month, I make new watercolor lesson. Also, I will be really glad to see your paintings in student's project section. I hope to see you soon. Bye.