Watercolor Blending Techniques

Taniya Varshney, Artist & Designer

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7 Lessons (46m)
    • 1. Watercolor Blending Intro

    • 2. Supplies Needed

    • 3. Flat Wash, Ombre Effect & Pigment Mixing

    • 4. Wet in Wet, Dry on Wet and Lifting Techniques

    • 5. Creating Blooms and Bleeds

    • 6. Learning from Examples

    • 7. Final Explorations


About This Class


This is the Watercolor Workout Series, where I will be sharing a series of classes about the absolutely necessary techniques for finding success with your watercolor paintings. 

As the name suggests, this is a watercolor workout. So essentially we are going to train our hands to move swiftly on the paper to create beautiful watermarks. Our eyes to find inspiration and study several examples of successes and failures and our minds to feel how water makes poetry on paper when we paint. 

These exercises will strengthen your watercolor skills and techniques to ultimately make these part of your muscle memory. You will practice numerous techniques and apply them to several watercolor studies.


We are going to tackle watercolor from the ground up and talk about how to make different kinds of watermarks including a flat wash, soft edge / ombre effect, mixing different pigments, painting loose with wet in wet techniques, dry on wet techniques, lifting pigment to create textures, scumbling or dry brushing and layering. We will also talk about some cool watercolor blending effects which some artists fret to be mistakes but can make beautiful and interesting watermarks on their own like the blooms effect or the bleed effect.

Finally we will create several pieces of explorations where we will combine 2 or more of these techniques to enable ourselves to build that watercolor muscle memory.

My name is Taniya, and I am a watercolor painter and designer. When I am not taking care of my 2 toddlers and husband you can find me paint and explore life with watercolor and other water based media. 

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